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Facilities Operations Management

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Analysis of Facilities Operations Management

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Facilities operations management is a process of managing and controlling procedures, human resource and assets in relation to a building or hotel property (Slack and Brandon-Jones, 2018). Facilities manager is a person responsible for monitoring and controlling the activities in relation to running and maintenance of hotel building. This report is based upon the facilities and responsibilities in relation to a newly built hotel in UK. This report will explore the various responsibilities of a facilities manager towards staff, operations and customers. Also, it will take into account the health and safety, environmental and legal compliances that need to be considered by hotel management. Besides this, it will give an insight into the effective control systems for processing the information and effective systems for building management. Lastly, it will include the analysis of criteria that is used for evaluating quality and effectiveness of hotel operations.

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1.1 Responsibilities as a facilities manager towards staff

Facilities manager is a person who is in-charge and head of a building and is responsible for making sure that the hotel and its amenities meet the needs of people working in it. He ensures that all the security, maintenance and work facilities are in accordance with developing a healthy and sound atmosphere for the workforce involved in executing operations related to hotel. The responsibilities of facilities manager towards staffFacilities Operations Management are described below:-

Effective working and management: Facilities manager is responsible for selecting or recruiting skilled, talented and potential individuals for undertaking various activities in relation to newly opened hotel. It is required by him to ensure that the finance in relation to manpower appointment and management is allocated in the beginning of year so that there is no glitches in operations or day-to-day working of hotel (Slack and Brandon-Jones, 2018). Also, it is his responsibility to make sure that activities are smoothly carried and grievances are adequately addressed under his supervision.

Clear job descriptions: Facilities manager is responsible for ensuring that all the workers and personnel associated with operations and management of newly built hotel have knowledge about their duties and job role. The authority, responsibility and accountability of staff should be clearly specified so that there is no mismanagement during hotel operations.

Employee engagement and development:It is the responsibility of facilities manager to take into account the views and opinions of employees in necessary activities and decision making in relation to management of hotel. This assists in generation of unique and innovative ideas for running the hotel and carrying out operations according to budgetary planning.

Training & Development:Facilities manager should arrange training facilities so as to equip the staff with required skills and operations for carrying out activities and daily management of hotel operations. This helps in motivating workforce to perform more productively for progress of hotel in near future.

1.2 Responsibilities as a facilities manager for operational aspects of building

Facility Manager is a professional who looks after the overall activities in relation to running of hotel. The responsibilities of facilities manager in relation to operational aspects of building are as follows:-

Legal compliance:Facilities manager is responsible for getting all types of certificates and necessary licenses for running of hotel without any statutory intervention. Also, it is required to ensure that all of these are renewed within a timely manner as soon as the period for its effectiveness expires.

Maintenance of emergency equipments:It is required that hotel should be equipped with necessary and effective equipments which can help in prevention or mitigation of emergency situations like fire within hotel premises (Zhou and et. al., 2014). For this, facilities manager is responsible for installing fire extinguishers and evacuation programmes to ensure safety and security of people.

Building operations and management:All the legal standards associated with hotel operations should be complied with across the premises to avoid any intervention from government or statutory body. Furthermore, hotel should have proper notice, signage and display.

Auditing:Facilities manager is responsible for ensuring that statutory audit, both internal external, are being organised within timely manner in hotel.

1.3 Responsibilities as a facilities manager towards customers using facility

For every organisation, the primal-facie element of consideration is customers for which it is running business. In relation to newly built hotel, Facilities manager is responsible for ensuring that needs and requirements of customers are taken into account and they are provided services in accordance with their demands. The responsibilities of facilities manager towards customers are described below:-

Service Management:It is essential that customers are provided the best services at a feasible cost so as to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the amenities available within hotel premises. This assists in increasing their loyalty towards entity and retaining them for a long duration of time.

Providing best deals:It is imperative that hotel management focus upon satisfying the customers by way of lucrative deals or offers so that they can be easily attracted towards enterprise and are willing to stay connected with hotel in long run. When customers feel content with amenities, they promote the hotel by word of mouth publicity which will help in growth and development of hotel.

Customer Satisfaction: It is required that facilities manager takes into account the needs and preferences of people and develop amenities that are in accordance with their tastes. Also, improvisations and modifications should be brought in services being provided within hotel premises so that customers feel content and can be retained for a long period (Xu and Li, 2016). Also, their grievances should be properly addressed. Furthermore, it should be ensured that they have access to healthy environment with proper adherence to hygiene standards along with safety and security measures. This will imply lesser customer complaints and widespread acceptability from them.

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1.4 Impact of employers (owners) and/or funding agencies upon facilities operations

Facilities operationswithin hotel premises should be carried out in accordance with legal as well as statutory requirements and standards. When a skilled and knowledgeable facilities manager is appointed by employers, it helps in ensuring that the running and management of hotel operations is being carried out in an effective manner (Slack and Brandon-Jones, 2018). Also, owners make sure that facilities manager looks after all the necessary activities and procedures of enterprise and monitors operations so that there is no breach of rules and regulations set in association with hotel industry. When all compliances are met by staff and management, the funding agencies are satisfied with hotel. This happens because adhering to laws makes sure that funding agencies do not have to incur any expense or compensation in relation to legal breaches and proceedings or to keep the hotel in running state freeing it from statutory constraints and hassles.


2.1 UK statutory regulations affecting facilities operations

Legal regulations and procedures in UK are way too strict in relation to facilities operations. There are various laws passed by government for effective and ethical facilities operations. Some of these are as follows:-

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999

As per this law, it is required that employers do an adequate and sufficient assessment of risks in relation to health and safety of employees while they are at work. Here, special consideration is required to be given to young individuals and pregnant women.

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

As per these regulations, it is essential for facilities managers to make sure that the workstations are clean, suitably ventilated, adequately lit, comfortable, properly organised so that employees have access to a healthy environment while working (Mahadevan, 2015).

Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992

Manual handling is the process by which transportation or carrying of load is done by way of hands or human body force. Here, movement of load refers to pushing, moving, carrying, pulling, lifting, putting down etc.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, 1998

According to this, it is the responsibility of employers to make sure that all equipments used in operations within premises, like tools, vehicles, manufacturing plant, are safe to be used by employees (Nielsen, Sarasoja and Galamba, 2016). Also, it is to be ensured that such equipments are properly maintained in a safe environment and its use is under supervision of technical professional.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations, 1992

It is the duty of managers to keep a check upon the Personal Protective Equipments like gloves, masks used by employees. It is required that these are suitable for putting into use instantly.

Other than these statutory regulations, it is also required that hotel possesses valid license and certificates which ensure that staff and management are specialised to carry out hotel operations. Also, rules and regulations associated with Alcohol provision and consumption within premises, sound and music rules, security of customers and training of workforce should be complied with.

2.2 Health, safety and environmental measures that must be implemented in facilities operations in UK

It is required by hotel properties and facilities to ensure that these are in accordance with legal requirements and statutory standards. In relation to this, there are strict norms in UK that must be adhered to, by hotels operating across the country. Acts and regulations such as Health and Safety Act, 1974 and Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulation, 1992 lay down the rules that govern functioning and management of hotel and facilities operations (Park, Jeong Kim and McCleary, 2014). It is required by hotel management to ensure that there are timely pest control procedures which assists in prevention or control of cockroaches, termites and other sorts of pests. This will help in keeping a clean and hygienic premises for workforce as well as customers. Also, entities must organise health camps so as to equip employees with information about health and safety measures and ensure generation of maximum productivity at work. Besides this, it is required by statute to conduct timely audits so that loopholes and matters requiring concern get ascertained and can be dealt effectively in a timely manner. Furthermore, prior to making food for customers, it should be ensured that materials used for preparation passes all test in relation to health, quality and safety. This assists in maintaining a hygienic environment along with taking proper safety and security measures.

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2.3 Documentation for compliance with statutory regulations and health, safety and environmental issues in UK

Proper maintenance of MIS and Performance Reports is done at each and every facility in relation to hotel operations so as to ensure that the status and information about various activities being carried out within premises is taken into account and adequately documented. A number of registers and documents are required to be maintained by staff and management in compliance with statutory laws and regulations in UK. Some of these documentations are:-

License for operations of hotel property: This is associated with fire control measures, building operation and other necessary licenses required by law.

Certifications and licenses: This is in accordance with standards and regulations in relation to preparation and serving of food within hotel premises. This should be in adherence to UK Hygiene and Food Safety Act (Park and Kim, 2014).

Certification in relation to health and safety:As per this, it is required by hotel staff and management to maintain a clean, hygienic and healthy environment for stay, food along with working condition of employees. Also, consideration has to be given to essential elements of hotel property like housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance and technical alignment. Also, hotel should possess Certification in relation Green and Clean environment and Health and Safety Act, 1974.Operations and Maintenance checklist:


3.1 Effective systems for processing information and maintain communications at hotel

Hotel Operations comprises of a number of day to day activities. These activities and procedures can take place only when there is an effective communication between staff, management and customers. Some technical devices and equipments that can be used to carry out interaction is by way of walkie-talkie or other such tool. These can help in delivering necessary information in relation to hotel operations to people associated with enterprise. Also, there are other effective measures like e-mails, social media, telephones, mobile applications and websites which assists in communicating relevant and accurate data about entity to team members or public. Furthermore, Management Information System(MIS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and Performance Management System are some of the ways for gaining and processing relevant information (Schwarz, Hall and Shibli, 2015).

3.2 Identification of control systems required for effective facilities operations for hotel

The control systems that are required to be installed or implemented within the hotel in order to ensure effective facilities operations are:-

Budgeting:This is the aspect which determines the finance allocated to various facilities associated with running and functioning of hotel. This is maintained so as to put a control on expenses.

Accounting and Auditing: This aspect is related to maintenance of proper performance records of hotel. Also, it is required that enterprise conducts timely audit procedures.

Purchase and Sales compliances: This is in accordance with statutory requirements and demands proper audit of purchase and sales activities by way of invoices, bills and other necessary documents to support authenticated procedures (Robinson and et. al., 2016).

Operational and Maintenance Procedures and controls:These are the control systems that keep a check upon various operations conducted and facilities rendered within hotel premises.

3.3 Systems needed as a facilities manager to support effective building management

For effective building management, there are various systems that are required to be installed by facility manager, which are:-

Fire Alarm System: These are the systems which assist in times of emergency situations in relation to fire within hotel premises. This can be referred to as fire control and evacuation programmes (Liu, Schuckert and Law, 2015).

Plumbing systems: This takes into accounts all the activities and procedures in relation to plumbing within hotel. Such systems ensure proper and timely maintenance of water and sanitary related operations.

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CCTV and monitoring system:This is a type of security system that keeps a check upon day to day activities and operations of hotel. Also, this assists in monitoring and observing each step within the procedures being followed in hotel in detail and track the functions performed by various employees within organisational context. Closed Circuit Television more commonly known as CCTV or video surveillance is a method by which all incidents taking place are kept a check upon by way of cameras (Gannon, Roper and Doherty, 2015).

HVAC System: This is a control system by which hotel management takes care of air conditioning processes across hotel premises.

Other necessary control systems:These comprise of various other essential elements of hotel like Power systems, illumination system, magnetic card and access system, lifts and escalators.


4.1 Appropriate criteria to evaluate quality and effectiveness of facilities operations at hotel

It is essential for facility manager to set an effective criteria that would evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the facilities operations at the hotel. Such criteria are described below:

Setting targets, objectives and plans: This is essential as it helps in monitoring and controlling the practices, processes and tasks that are carried out within the premises of hotel. This assists in effectively executing the changes in organisational context that are related with bringing improvements in quality and enhancement of productivity and performance (Fried, 2015). It will be an automated process which will not require any kind of manual intervention and will consist of various devices and equipments that are existing within the premises of hotel.

Training and developmental programsfor staff: For any organisation, the most important asset is human resource. It is required by management to ensure that there is proper handling and maintenance of staff present within entity (El Haddad, 2015). In relation to newly opened hotel, it is required by facilities manager to impart training opportunities to staff so that they can inculcate such skills, knowledge and competence to effectively run and operate the hotel. Also, this will keep the staff informed about various necessary activities and elements that are part of hotel industry.

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Development of Vision, Mission and Standards for facilities operations: It is required by company to set an effective and strong vision and mission statement so as to encourage the whole staff towards performing their duties in productive manner. Also, it is required that these should be in accordance with aligning the behaviour of all employees towards achievement of organisational goals and objectives along with looking forward to progress of company in near future. This will help in keeping track of facilities operations within hotel.

4.2 Implementation of evaluation and review procedures to analyse quality and effectiveness of facilities operations at hotel

The evaluation and review procedures that could be installed within the facilities operations at hotel are:-

Review and evaluation of trainings organized for staff within hotel: It is essential that management looks after the results of training and development programmes. A review of these procedures helps in ascertaining whether the objective for which training was imparted has been accomplished or not (Davis and et. al., 2018). Furthermore, it helps in determining whether the staff is equipped with necessary skills and knowledge about operations mechanism and other necessary activities carried within the premises of hotel.

Operations and Maintenance checklist:This checklist consists of a number of procedures and techniques that need to be assessed and reviewed in a timely manner. Complying with necessary processes ensure that all necessary operations and functions are being carried effectively within organisational context.


From the above report, it has been concluded that it is essential to effectively carry out the operations and functions of hotel while being in accordance with legal and statutory compliances. Also, it has been assessed that there are various operating procedures and standards that govern the working in relation to hotel. Besides this, it has been evaluated that facilities manager is a person appointed by owner who is responsible for supervising facilities operations and other regulatory compliances within the premises of hotel. Also, it has been concluded that hotel management and staff have to abide by various laws in relation to health, security, food, safety and maintenance components of enterprise. In addition to this, it has been assessed that an organisation needs to maintain various check systems and procedures for effective working and operations.


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