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Six Greatest Discoveries

Six Greatest Discoveries and Inventions of the Year 2017

20 Nov 2023


Table of Content

In the year 2017, we witnessed a large number of innovations and discoveries in the scientific community across the areas of astronomy, medical science, biotechnology, and other fields of science. These important scientific achievements are set to make our lives safer and more comfortable. Let's have a look at the biggest events in the scientific field this year:

Earth-like planets in the space

Our hopes for a life outside the Earth got a little closer when a team of astronomers at NASA unveiled evidence for planets orbiting one of the closest stars to the Sun. They have found not just one but seven planets similar to Earth that revolve around a tiny star called Trappist-1 which is about 40 light years away. There is a possibility for extraterrestrial life on these planets. And, it has been assumed that their physical geography and environment is similar to the Earth.

Artificial womb to nurture preemies

In April 2017, a team of physicians at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia invented a human uterus like device that can nurture a baby younger than thirty-seven weeks. The experiment was first carried out on a premature lamb that lived for four weeks inside that machine and grew up as a healthy baby. This invention is going to get a huge success in treating premature babies.

A tool to repair DNA in embryos

Chinese scientists have invented a gene-editing tool that can eliminate specific disease-causing mutations in the DNA of human embryos. This technology can help in preventing babies from inheriting genetic diseases. But, it has also raised ethical concerns about the potential to effectively design children—and alter the genetic heritage of human beings.

A fourth state of matter discovered

Science classes taught us the three states of matter, i.e., solid, liquid, and gas. But for the first time, scientists have successfully discovered a new form of matter called “time crystals.” These particles have a strange atomic structure that puts them in perpetual motion without energy. That may sound abstract, but researchers say that these crystals can revolutionize the way we store and transfer information in quantum computing.

First human-pig hybrid created in lab

It was the first time in the world that researchers successfully created an embryo that consisted a part of human and swine together. Scientists hope that this process will one day help in growing human organs inside animals for transplant.

Creation of metallic hydrogen

In January 2017, scientists created metallic hydrogen by applying almost five million atmospheres of pressure to liquid hydrogen. It is the first time that a solid state of hydrogen has existed in a metallic state on Earth. In its solid form, hydrogen can act as the best superconductor and can revolutionize everything from energy storage to rocketry.

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