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Legal Argument Writing

How to Write a First-Rate Legal Argument for Your Law Coursework?

22 Aug 2022


James was standing there in the lawsuit and waiting to hear from the defence. When he heard something, he objected, saying “Objection! My Lord!” for which the reply he got was, “Complete your legal argument before you utter another word!” He was left shocked. After a minute, he woke up all sweating.

Oh, poor James he was dreaming about getting his legal argument for his law coursework rejected. This is a common scenario for students who are pursuing legal education. They face stress and anxiety for writing their coursework which includes legal argument, detailed case studies, and many other things.

If you are a law student facing such issues, you can consult the experts of Instant Assignment Help who provide the bestlaw coursework helpto students. However, if you are willing to write your legal argument, then this article will really help you. But, before that, let's first understand what a legal argument is.

A legal argument is a statement or a set of statements that one uses in order to convince people that one's opinion about something is absolutely correct. This is assigned as an assignment task for students to improve their skills and make them learn how to put their opinions in a convincing manner.

Types of Legal Arguments:

There are five main types of legal arguments: Text, Intent, Precedent, Tradition, and Policy.


This is the use of legal texts, such as a constitution, statutes, regulations, and court rules. There are three different categories of text in legal arguments.

  • Plain Text- This relies on the simple meaning of words.
  • Canons of Construction- This relies on the interpretation of simple words.
  • Intertextuality- This relies partially on the simple meaning of the text and partially on the interpretation of the text.


This is based on the original contributors of the text. It includes the framers of the constitution or the legislators who drafted the statute.


This is based on previous cases. It involves analyzing and distinguishing the client’s case from the precedent cases.


This is based on traditions. In some cases, the tradition of the country, society and organization are considered while making any judgement.


This is based on the underlying purpose of the law. While the other four types are about analyzing from the past. This law is based on predicting how these policies can create, unlike consequences in the future.

After getting an idea of what a legal argument is and what are its types, let’s have a look at how to write one.

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1.Make a Plan

Make a systematic plan on how to write a legal argument. What is to be written and in how much time. For this, you can use IRAC method. It is an acronym in which:

  • I stands for Issue - Few details about the issue
  • R stands for rule - Rules to follow
  • A stands for application - Application references of the rules
  • C stands for the conclusion - A brief idea about the conclusion

2.Make a Research Plan

Once you are ready with your plan, start your work on research. Researching for your law assignment is not very easy. Follow these steps for a better approach:

  • Preliminary Analysis-Analyze the data and materials provided to you properly.
  • Prepare a research strategy-Now, based on what data you have, you should be able to know what to state in your legal issue.
  • Prepare a record of your actions, sources, and results-Keeping a clear record of all your research activities is very important to arrive at the results and confirm sources of different facts.
  • How to know when to stop researching-You can stop researching once you reach your time or budget limit or when you start getting the same information or no new information.
  • Have clear citation -Once you are done with researching, make a note of all the citations and try to do more research and update with better sources.

3.Make Thorough Notes

Making notes for your legal argument is very crucial. Here are three things to keep in mind while making notes:

  • What are you taking notes for-Keep in mind the purpose for which you are taking these notes and make them accordingly.
  • What are you taking notes on-Never scribble your notes anywhere. Maintain a proper record of all these notes, as they will help in concluding. Keep a separate file or book for taking notes.
  • Where to use-While taking some notes, if you are sure where you will be using it, write it down as well. So, the next time you come across this point, you will know where to use that point.

4.Make the First Draft

Prepare a first draft from all your research. Follow the order of a legal argument:

  • A statement of conclusion
  • A statement of the rule that supports the conclusion
  • Proof of rule through citation of authority
  • Application of rule’s elements to facts

5.Prepare the Final Draft

Review the final draft. Check for any errors and resolve them if found. Confirm your tone through the document, and it is all ready to go.

This article is about legal arguments, its types, and how to write a good one. It includes the step-by-step guide on how to write a good legal argument. However, if you are still not able to draft the law coursework on your ow, then you should consider the coursework help services offered by Instant Assignment Help. We have the best professionals on board who have in-depth knowledge of the subject and years of experience in writing academic papers. With their assistance, you would get a paper that would let you have and edge over your peers!

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