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Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Law

Top 5 Reasons for Pursuing a Career in the Legal Field

04 Jul 2023


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Law is a system of rules that are created to regulate the behavior of a person, company, the government at the center and states, and any other entity. It serves as a mediator of relationships between individuals, corporations, and government. Professionals working in this field implement, protect, and develop the understanding of these relationships.

A legal career is rationally intriguing, monetarily gratifying and can be highly satisfying for those who seek to work to address issues of social injustice and promote equity and morality. Moreover, it is incredibly challenging and rewarding. If you are considering to pursue a degree in this field, then you need no convincing. However, if you do, then here are top five reasons to get legal education.

1. Offers both theoretical and practical knowledge

As the legal field is very diverse and covers a wide range of subject areas, there is a lot of theory that students need to learn rigorously. However, it is also a reasonably defined profession as it includes vocational training too. Students get a chance to attend mock courtroom, take part in moot competitions and the Pro Bono Societies that give them a real insight of what it's like to practice law.

2. The theory has real-life application

Other than learning from course books, law students spend a lot of time reading the real-life cases. While trawling through them, they understand how the theory is applied to practical terms. Unlike many courses, law scholars are left in no doubt as to whether the knowledge they are acquiring will have real-life application or not.

3. Studying law instills a variety of skills in students

Legal education comes with many challenges, but they are all worth taking as you will graduate university equipped with the competencies for a whole host of professional paths. When you read a vast amount of information, analyze the case studies, and then distill it into something manageable, you are imparted with research and strong critical and analytical skills. You also acquire communication and presentation skills by taking part in mooting competitions, offering legal advice to people.

4. Legal sector is the most profitable

In the current job market, legal sector is considered to be the most profitable and leads to enormous revenues and increasing salaries. There has been a constant boost in the profits and incomes of the lawyers in the past few years. A survey conducted in 2016 found that the average annual wages of lawyers were $139,880, which was more than the salaries of any other profession.

5. Provides a chance to work for the society

Law professionals are viewed as individuals who have an ability to transform the social outlook towards various issues. Pursuing a degree in this field can provide you with a huge chance to work for the society and solve its legal matters. However, you will be required to put hard work, dedication, and lifetime commitment in order to fight against social injustice.

The legal profession covers a significant part of everyday life, and it provides an excellent stimulus for those who are keen to get an idea of the legal framework in which we all live. You should keep in mind that law school is an investment in your future, and the decision to pursue law as a career is not the one to be made in haste. This course demands a substantial investment of time, energy, and finances. So, you must take an early and active role in your career planning as it will help you decide whether law school is for you or not.

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