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A Short Guide on Writing a Literature Review for Dissertation

12 Dec 2023

10 minutes


Do you want to write a perfect literature review for a dissertation but are facing issues? If, for any reason, your answer is yes, then you need to relax. Every other scholar goes through this same phase while writing their dissertation. The main reason behind this is the need to have adequate knowledge of how to write a literature review for dissertation. Being a beginner, it becomes difficult, but when you know the writing process, it is easy. Well, if you are someone who has to write a literature review but does not know how to start it, then we are here. This blog will provide you with a brief on what a literature review is, its writing issues, and tips for writing it. So, if you are curious to read about it, move to the first section and understand what it is. 

What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a search or an evaluation of a current source on the topic. It helps a writer to know different methods, theories and research processes already done. So, to write a dissertation literature review, examining the present research is essential. Also, writers get to know a gap they can fill in their writing. Hence, perfect literature summarises the points and evaluates and synthesises the ideas to give a clear picture of the topic. Thus, this is a short definition of a literature review for dissertation. 

Moving further, we will be discussing some of the common challenges that scholars face while writing a literature review that they must avoid. 

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Problems to Avoid While Writing a Literature Review

Writing a literature review is an integral and crucial part of the dissertation. Hence, a writer must know what they have to write and what not. Especially knowing what problems to avoid while writing a literature review for a dissertation is equally essential. Therefore, in the below section, you will read about some of them.

Rely on Low Quality Sources: 

One of the most common mistakes that scholars make while writing a literature review is to rely on sources of low quality. Being a student doing this is common as they need help to identify the correct sources. As all the scholars depend on the internet, they believe everything there is reliable. However, this is not true, which is why they failed to complete their literature review effectively. So, many students need our assistance to complete their dissertations. Not only this, they also take different assignment writing help from us. 

Issues with Literature Review Structure: 

Most students do not know the correct dissertation literature review structureTherefore, without having zero knowledge of this, one cannot craft it perfectly. One can structure their literature review depending on their theme, variables and the field of research. Also, if you feel any issues, you can get help from our experts. They are experienced and know how to structure a literature review for a dissertation. 

Irrelevant Content: 

While doing research for literature reviews, scholars go through various sources and collect information. During this process, they gather a lot of data which is irrelevant. So. always ensure that your sources are relevant to the dissertation topic. Hence, if you want to know how to write a dissertation literature reviewcheck the sources carefully. It will help you to write a relevant content. 

These are some common problems you must avoid while writing a dissertation literature review. There are many scholars who make this mistake often and end up losing their grades. Also, it is another reason they take our academic writing services. As we have experienced experts with us, they assist scholars with their dissertation literature review. 

Well, in the next segment of this blog, you will read a few rules for writing a literature review for a dissertation. 

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Rules to Write a Literature Review in Dissertation

Writing, in general, is a challenging task when you are a student and becomes more complex when the paper is a dissertation. So, to overcome this problem, students even get help from a dissertation outline generatorHowever, we are always here to provide you with academic assistance. That is why, through this section, we want to shed some light on the rules of writing a literature review for a dissertation. So, if you are a student who also faces writing issues, read the points below. 

Do Extensive Research: 

When you are writing a literature review for a dissertation, always find a source related to your research objectives or questions. Research is vital in writing; with it, a writer can define the answers correctly. We know for most students, doing the research process takes a lot of work, and they avoid it. But, if you are wondering how to write a literature review for dissertation perfectly, you have to do research. 

Select and Evaluate the Source: 

While doing research, always select relevant sources and then examine them carefully. There are a few things that you need to check while doing this process, which include:

  • Understand the questions addressed by the author
  • What are the concepts and the way they are defined?
  • Know the results and conclusion closely
  • How does it relate to your literature?
  • What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the research?

So, to write any dissertation literature review, you must carefully evaluate the above points while researching. 

Identify Gaps:

When you organise research and evaluate different sources, you may find weaknesses. So, it allows you to fill that gap in your dissertation literature. Hence, try to find that gap in other sources and show how your research and existing knowledge can answer that. So, while writing a literature review for a dissertation, fill that gap in the current literature. 

Assemble the Text and Write: 

Put all your source's text carefully when you are sure all the data is relevant and valuable. After this, start writing your literature review. Start from the introduction, briefly provide background information, and then come the body part, where you must carefully define all the methods and strategies. After this comes the end part, the conclusion, where a writer must effectively conclude all the points. 

So, these are some of the rules or tips you must follow while writing a dissertation literature review. Still, you can contact us if you need help writing or the dissertation literature review structure. Our experts can provide you with professional guidance to write your literature review. 

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In the above sections, we provide some insight into problems while writing a literature review. Apart from this, you have also seen some of the rules for writing it effectively. Still, after reading these points, if you want to know how to write a literature review for a dissertationthen we are here. We have a team of expert writers, all PhD scholars, who have written multiple dissertation literature reviews. They know different topics, which helps them to write a perfect literature review. Also, you can get all the assistance within your budget. Besides this, you can enjoy other freebies, which you can check on our website. So, if you are facing any challenges, you can get help from our writers. 

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