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Working Ethically Features

University: University of Oxford

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the importance of ethics.
  • Explain the professional code of ethics.
Answer :


Ethics in a broader term means moral principles that are responsible for governing an individual's behaviour while performing a certain activity. Working ethically refers to working with utmost honesty and diligence. It is very crucial that individuals work in a manner which is rightfully accepted during a course of action. It is all about being fair with people, process and methods used to achieve a certain objective. The following report is based on practices of ethical working within various situations. These situations help to identify the meaning behind ethics and its importance within the decision-making process. These also explains the influence of cultural and environmental issues on business ethics. The report includes a demonstration of understanding of personal skills required to ensure dignity while treating the people. A detailed examination of equality and diversity issue is also briefly discussed. The main features of professional code of conduct are mentioned as well that are necessary for working ethically. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!


Working in a care home for elderly requires to delicately handle situation around the patients and members to enhance the quality of service. It is imperative that the staff of the care home be properly trained and understand the importance of working ethically and treating all the patients in a fair manner. As per the scenario, the employees of the care home are required to be briefed about the professional code of conduct, ethical decision-making and fair and equal treatment. The importance of ethics in decision-making is as follows:

Compliance: It is essential that the decision-making of the employees fulfil the code of ethics as well as the values of the Care home. This is crucial to ensure an appropriate system of quality care for the patients. The employees also must undertake consideration of the legal requirement required to be fulfilled by the Care home. In this manner, the staff as well as the manager could ensure compliance of values in their decision-making.

Promotion of Good: The agenda of decision-making must be towards ensuring the promotion of good. This means, that by the decisions taken by the employees on individual as well as a group level, it is imperative that it does not impose any harm to the patients, colleagues or the external stakeholders, for instance, the families of the patients. They must make it certain that their decision minimizes risks and harms and promote safety and good.

Responsibility: It must be taken into account of the employees that their decisions fulfil their responsibilities which they have towards the patients. This might mean giving them timely medication, enhancement in sanity and cleanliness and so forth. Ethics in decision-making would help the staff of the care home to fulfil their responsibility with utmost honesty and consistency.

Preservation of Rights: The utmost objective of decision-making in the care home is to protect and preserve the rights of the patients within the organisation. Ethics in the decision-making of the employees also must promote the preservation of rights of the manager, staff and internal and external stakeholders of the care home.

Trust: The most important aspect upon which the sustainability of the care home depends is trust. It is of vital importance that patients in the care home trust the employees and the treatment they are receiving. Ethics in decision-making would encourage the staff to be honest and transparent with the patients about the treatment, medication and their consequences.

The patients in the Care Home are required to be treated with utmost dignity. This means that employees must give an equal and fair treatment while taking into consideration their individuality and rights. There are certain skills which must be understood and possessed by the staff of the care home. These are mentioned below:

Effective Communication Skills: The care givers or the staff of the care home must understand the importance of effective communication. This skill would help them understand the needs of the patients, as well as would be able to take proper care of them. Moreover, communication skills would be necessary to communicate with patients of various cultures and it also ensure a consistent and smooth running of operations. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Active Listening: This skill is another imperative skill to be understood and possessed by the staff of the care home. Active listening would allow them to clearly understand the instructions given to them by the seniors. Moreover, it would also help them to understand the needs of the patients so that they care for them in a better way.

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Organisational Skills: There are many activities that needs to be managed on daily basis by the staff. Effective organisation skills would allow them to effectively manage the procedures, medication and time schedule of their patients which would result in giving a better care to the patients.

There are certain code of conducts required to be fulfilled by the care givers of the Care Home for elderly. These are necessary to ensure proper and equal care of the patients in the organisation. These professional code of conduct are described as under:

Non-Discrimination: It is imperative that all the patients present in the organisation are treated fairly and equally without any discrimination on any ground like caste, creed, gender, income and so forth. This code of conduct would allow the staff of care home to understand the importance of a fair and equal treatment required to be given to each patient. Shortcoming while following this professional code of conduct would be lack of training and induction programmes required to promote this code. Thus, manager of the care home must focus on emphasizing on following this code and must encourage the non-discriminatory practices within the company.

Right to confidentiality: Another code of conduct that must be considered by the staff is protecting the right to confidentiality of the patients. This means that under no circumstances must the private information of the patients be spread to any personnel without the patient's permission. This code is necessary to be strictly followed by the employees in order to ensure the fairness in their treatment. Moreover, this would help the staff in earning trust of the employees which is equally important for enhancement in service quality. The lack of proper organisation of confidential documentation might serve as a shortcoming for the staff to follow this code. To eliminate the chances, proper organisation of the private information of the patients must be treated as a priority. Automated system could also be use to ensure increase in the safety of such information.

Honesty and Transparency: It is imperative that the employees work with honesty and transparency. The information about the seriousness of the issues regarding the patients must be honestly communicated to the patient as well as their peer group. In addition, the techniques, methods and treatments and their consequences must be transparently discussed with the patient before undergoing the treatment. Lack of interest, carelessness or negative intention are the main barriers and shortcoming for the people within the organisation towards establishing honesty and transparency. Manager must undertake a close watch and monitor the work of employees to ensure this code is ethically followed. don't worry get online coursework help from UK's leading assignment helpers.


The conclusion drawn from the content is that ethics, in a broad sense, entails adhering to moral principles that guide an individual's behavior when engaged in various activities. Working ethically is synonymous with conducting oneself with honesty and diligence, emphasizing the importance of acting in a manner that is socially acceptable. This involves being fair with people, processes, and methods used to attain specific objectives. The report underscores the significance of ethical practices in different situations, shedding light on the essence of ethics and its role in the decision-making process. Furthermore, it highlights the impact of cultural and environmental factors on business ethics, indicating that these factors can shape ethical considerations. The report also demonstrates the importance of personal skills in maintaining dignity when interacting with others, as well as the need for addressing issues related to equality and diversity. Lastly, the report emphasizes the key features of a professional code of conduct as essential elements for ensuring ethical work practices. In sum, the content underscores the centrality of ethics in guiding behavior, particularly in professional and business contexts, and emphasizes the multifaceted aspects of ethical decision-making.

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