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Community Evaluation Report

Table of Content


Introduction to Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood plans are referred to as the city wide comprehensive plan. The plan make use of general outline and intends at offering the land use based deliverables that includes future land use map, capital facilities planning, community based opportunities, identification of the areas related with key opportunities (Fabricius and et.al., 2013). In the present report in-depth investigation has been done in relation with the Moulton Neighbourhood development plan. This  has been devised by Moulton Neighbourhood plan Steering Group that is being led by Moulton Parish Council in consultation with the community at local level. The present study would cover the aspect such as community profile, engagement of community, methods of engagement as well as evaluation of engagement.


Community Profile

Moulton is large village that possess 3500 people within the centre of Northamptonshire. This is being situated certain four miles north east of the country town of Northampton. This is close to the centre of England. There is presence of certain 1500 homes within the community. The oldest one is in the central figure of the eight road system that is built of the rich dark honey coloured local stone (Groves and Hinton, 2013). The oldest part the village is being designated as area of conservation and possess distinctive higher raised pathways and possess various thatched cottages that are dating back hundreds of years.

The village is having stronger spirit within the community. Along with this it is warm friendly place where one can reside. There is greater range of facilities in the community, groups as well activities which can be enjoyed by the residents. Such to a greater extent are regulated by the Parish Council Churches as well as voluntary based firms. It has four pubs along with working Men's club, thriving church communities as well as greater number of clubs and businesses (Hart, 2013). Every year in the month of May a week longer programme of the events is organized under the title that is Moulton Village festival. At the end of the summer a music event that is referred to as Party within the Park also takes place. Moulton Neighbourhood development plan is being led by Moulton Parish council. Within September 2013 Moulton Parish Council has made security of funding that is £17,000, £10,000 funded by the means of National Lottery through big lottery fund. Along within £7,000 funded from the foundation of community development that assist in accomplishment of Neighbourhood development plan related with the particular exceptional; community. The Moulton neighbourhood development plan (MNDP) is considered as the planning document that would assist in attainment of vision for Moulton till 2029. This is considered as the new approach of the government towards planning that aims at offering the local people grater say regarding the things that are going on within their area. Such is set out in Localism act that has emerged in the force within April 2012. The MNDP offers vision associated with Moulton for future course of time. Along with this it is setting out clear policies in order facilities in realizing the particular vision (Mockford and et.al., 2012). Such policies are in relation to national planning policy that is set out within National planning Policy Framework. This generally confirms with the strategic policies of the development plan which is being adopted. The MNDP is being developed through greater consultation with the residents of Moulton as well as others having the interest in the community. The plan offer greater opportunity to the local people towards keeping control on the areas where development needs to be done and affect it for the sake of providing advantages to the community.

The MNDP related with the development of the community as well as its surroundings a place wherein the people enjoys to live, work as well as visit. Further it is also making sure leisure, facilities within the community as well as infrastructure in order to make sure the needs are being fulfilled in an effective manner (Netto and et.al., 2010). It is laying the foundation for aspirations related with Moulton as well as its immediate surroundings to be the better place. Neighbourhood development plan is providing description of the area it is serving and the list of alterations, developments as well as improvements which local residents, community and the voluntary groups and service offer are likely to view.

Community Engagement

The development of Moulton neighbourhood development plan has been generated on the behalf of people who are living in Moulton. This has been devised from the views that is attained from the local people as well as organization by the means of wide range of consultation methods that is comprised of following:

  • Resident surveys
  • Business surveys
  • Survey of all the local groups as well as businesses (Posey and et.al., 2010)
  • Meetings on continuous basis of the MNDP steering group
  • Feedback from MNDP open days
  • Exhibitions

A greater amount of information related with the background has informed the development of particular neighbourhood development plan (NDP). This assist in providing support to the data that has been determined in the evidence base.

A consultation statement that details the procedure of consultation to date is being developed for the sake of accompanying the NDP. The evidence based has been enumerated in the manner stated as under:

Consultation statement summary

It makes recognition of the outcomes related with the earlier consultations that has been conducted. Further it laid emphasis on the strengths of living within Moulton. The manner in which greater assets of the region are being made. In addition this it make an attempt towards making determination of the practical, achievable steps that can be considered in order to address the concerns which have been enhanced to a significant level. Along with this it also acknowledges certain kind of issues that are of higher complexity and there is lack of possibility attached with no immediate actions. However the plan demonstrates the time where in it can be resolved in an effective manner (Ritchie and et.al., 2013). There is greater importance that the issues that are not resolved are not being forgotten to a greater extent. The MNDP offers greater mechanism in order to keep on the agenda. It seeks at capitalizing the strengths of the community at local level and exceptional skills, knowledge of the one who are residing as well as working in it. The important developments have already been established in the motion through local, voluntary as well as other firms. It makes sure that greater number of individuals, groups as well as agencies have taken the responsibility in the direction for ensuring the execution of the practical measure in order to resolve the issues that are being raised.

Methods Of Engagement

The Moulton neighbourhood makes utilization of the questionnaires as a method of consultation in order to collect the opinions of the residents that are residing in Moulton area. The major benefit that is attached with the utilization of technique of questionnaire as method of consultation is that it offers the respondents with the time to think responses relating with their answers. Questionnaire offers the respondents with the opportunity to think regarding the issue or possess the opportunity to possess greater investigation to have better understanding with respect to specific issue, to write in full answers to open as well as close questions. On the other hand the disadvantage of self completion questionnaires is that an instruction within the question for the respondents towards giving their initial expression that cannot be enforced and cannot be promoted in comparison with face to face interview (Stocker, 2014). Though self completion questionnaire can be considered as have negative impact on the people as there is no follow up in order to make determination of whether or not respondents have been interpreted something or requirement of clarification, for the sake of giving their opinions in order to enhance the community. Possessing access to varied kind of the tools of involvement is being respected. This can be challenge in terms of gaining insight to the facts of individual through requesting them towards providing the answer to the questions that are direct questions like use of the questionnaires that are considered as positivist science.

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The Moulton Neighbourhood plan of Parish council have assisted through making utilization of the several methods related with the technique of consultation for the sake of gathering public thoughts in order to motivate the residents in order to get involved within the activity associated with the neighbourhood planning. For example, organizing a focus group meetings or public meetings (Fabricius and et.al., 2013). The focus offers opportunity towards informal communication among the group of individual in relation to particular subject matter. This is for the sake of understanding the reasons beside their opinions in order to bring improvement in the community wherein they reside without exerting any kind of pressure over the participants for getting a consensus.

The aim of the focus group is the ideal approach in order to access the experiences, points of opinions, beliefs, needs and concerns up to six individuals that are experiencing similar kind of issues. The method of making use of focus group is considered suitable while the participants are feeling comfortable towards sharing their experiences without being judged or discriminated by the other individuals within the group.

Focus cannot be always considered suitable for use. Focus group discussion can be insufficient towards attaining better understanding with respect to the experiences of the participants. As the people are engaged within the discussion such possess varied opinions that are creating greater challenge that are attached with the utilization of the approach relating with the focus group (Groves and Hinton, 2013). For example, the outcomes can be biased by the members who possess confidence in sharing their opinions to a significant level.

Other tool that can be effective in bringing enhancement in the method of consultation utilized within Neighbourhood plan  can be organization of the public meeting. This is considered as the social gatherings that can be accessible by everyone for attending. Public meeting is serving several purpose when making utilization of the consultation method for discovering various objectives.

Evaluation of Engagement

This plan has been beneficial for both houses and population as well. From the development plan it is found that it requires additional capacity so that plan be successfully completely. From the above report it can be evaluated that housing in Moulton has been expanded in very short time duration but facilities still are not increased to that extent. It is required new development plan so that facilities can be improved soon. On other hand it can be evaluated that it is favourable for the protecting environment (Netto and et.al., 2010). It is essential for the plan that  to retain distinct village character, they need to ensure that it provides benefits to community. The objective of neighbourhood development plan is to avoid physical coalescence with urban area. Another objective of the plan was to provide housing which can meet with the needs of community. This objective has been achieved successfully and it has meet with the needs of diverse and growing community.

From the evaluation of engagement results has been found that as village will grow then there would be requirement of taking initiatives. For controlling over the traffic there is required to improve car parking facilities and highway improvements.  Authorities are needed to pay attention on development of safer routes so that plan can accomplish its objective. From the evaluation of engagement it is analysed that Moulton is currently facing the issue of inadequate parking issues. When students will get raised then college and schools will face the problem of parking. From the engagement of community, results has been found that in the conservation area there would require adding new local green space for development of green space. It is needed to pay close attention non senior citizens within Parish. That includes village car scheme, housebound support and development of other social activities. During the consultation with community several key issues have been raised. One of the major issue is found that housing in Moulton is expanding with a very fast speed and as per its expansion facilities have not been increased, there is significant gap in provision.

From the engagement with community it has been resulted that new housing may be beneficial for resolving difficulties such as provision of land for community, infrastructure issue etc. Another issue has been raised during consultation with community is that protection of heritage is very important for both listed and non-listed buildings. It has been analysed that  conservation and promotion of the heritage assets will be beneficial for environment to great extent  (Mockford and et.al., 2012). From the engagement it has found that neighbourhood plan is encouraging local business and recognizing them their contribution significantly. Which is good for the community because it will support in improving facilities in the village. It is encouraging local enterprises so that jobs opportunity will get raised and that can help in making local economy stronger. This engagement has raised many of the issues currently faced by the place and development needs has been identified. It is found that providing capital and on-going revenues steam to funding will be beneficial and will enhance facilities.


It can be concluded from the present investigation that development in the designated area need careful consideration and there is requirement to make sure that the proposal makes positive contribution towards the local character as well as distinctiveness  as this is being advised within NPPF. Permission with respect to planning is being granted for the sake of bringing development in the Moulton conservation area. This is being provided that they preserve as well as bring enhancement in the character of the specific region. The proposal regarding development would be assessed for the purpose of making sure that they do not affect the open spaces, street scenes as well as views to greater extent.


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