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Project Management Analysis of Continental Consulting Ltd

University: Bedford College

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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Explaining about Project aims and objectives
  • Background of research
  • Project management plan that covers various aspects
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Any types of data disseminated on a computer refers to as digital technology. It helps in enhancing the creativity level along with it helps in distribution of data. One of the best example of digital technology is cloud technology. It is a technology which deliver  several computing services  like storage, networking, software, intelligence and many more through the internet service(“the cloud”). This helps to offer faster innovation and economics of scale. This report is based on continental consulting limited company, it is a research consultancy company headed by Maxio  Bindas as a CEO of the company. This presented report gives the brief about the aims and objectives of the project. Additionally, this project management plan is also mentioned which covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources. Gantt charts and work breakdown structure are also discussed here. Lastly, various methods are also include in this report to gather relevant data  toward the project.

P1 Project aims and objectives

The aim of every business organization is to accomplish the given task and objectives in a efficient and effective manner. This is possible only if the company thinks about and implement some innovative structures and technology. In order to achieve the target goal on the specified time period the best technology is cloud technology. This technology relies upon sharing of data in order to achieve coherence and along with this it helps in minimizing IT cost. Additionally it helps in meeting the unpredictable demand. It is very much helpful in sharing and transferring of information from one individual to other. In simple language, it is a technology through which the resources are acquired from network based tools and application.

Continental consulting limited company, has taken into consideration the cloud technology in order to upgrade and renovate the company facilities so that the company can give a stiff competition in the market.

Topic: “The role of digital technology in enhancing small business”

Background of research:

Continental consultancy limited is a business and research consultancy, this company has adopted the new innovation technology named “cloud technology” so as to upgrade and renovate the facilities in order to sustain in market.  Mario Bindas who is the owner of the company under whom there were 22 expert consultants and researcher. The owner at the time procured with latest technology equipment but with the passage of time the technology used by the company got obsolete. This was one of the reason which made the owner felt about to upgrade the use of IT technology ( like “cloud technology”) so as to maximize the company capabilities.

Research Aim:

The aim of this research is “to determine the effectiveness of cloud technology in achieving business growth”. A case study on  Continental consultancy limited.

Research objectives:

  • To determine the significance of cloud technology.
  • To study the basic concept of cloud technology.
  • To analyse the challenges faced by the Continental consultancy limited in achieving growth.

Research questions:

  1. What is the role of cloud technology in upgrading Continental consultancy limited?
  2. What all are the major challenges faced by the Continental consultancy limited to achieve the growth in the market?
  3. What all are the basic concept of cloud technology?

P2 Make a project management  plan that covers various aspects

Project management plan

The process of management in which planning, organising, initiating, executing and controlling all the functions are performed for a specific project. The main focus of  project management is to effectively manage the  resources towards the objective of the company. Here the organisation is Continental Consulting Ltd which is a business consultancy group which is trying to maintaining the potential of engineering people  in company. Here the weakness of the company is addressed as less effective in up gradation of their technology and the organisation is trying to implement all the possible solution that can solve this problem. So it is important for Continental Consulting Ltd to make an effective project plan in which all the issues and aspects of company can be efficiently solved. The company is applying cloud technology in there business so that they can grow and innovate themselves .  There are various aspects that helps in making an effective management of project are as follows.

Cost- The amount of money which is needed  for establishing all the equipment which are needed to setup the cloud technology for Continental Consulting Ltd is considered as its cost

Scope-The range of view is known as scope. In the context of the company scope for the  business process  is to the future possibility in the advancement of the technology that can aid business to grow. The expansion of business in the various location can also be done which helps  the Continental Consulting Ltd to reach to  the far customer.

Time- The company have to make the deadline or limit of time in which they can setup all there equipment all over the places around. In Continental Consulting Ltd the company have to decide time frame of each and every task so that the management of time can be done and focus could be given to different process of working also.

Quality- Before installing all the equipment and machinery regarding the cloud technology the quality manager should ensure the proper quality of management. If in Continental Consulting Ltd, the overall quality is matching the standards of the company or not. If not then delivery of the product can be rejected by quality department of the company.

Communication- Effective communication is always needed which helps in maintaining the connection with the different employees working in various department of Continental Consulting Ltd. As this helps in resolving all the issues and conflict arises during the working process. The issues could be related to technological functioning,behaviour of employee etc.

Risk- The chances of loosing the value of something is known as risk. In the context of organisation the risk is in the form of data security and environmental effects in like rain, snowfall which can harm and damage the machinery and equipment at  the particular location. So the company needs to also install safety equipment which can make there machinery safe and secure from these threats.

Resources – The infrastructure of the company should be sound which helps in proper management of the function. The resources that is the funds should be allotted in the proper time   implementation of the machinery could be done easily. In Continental Consulting Ltd the resources are in the form information and machines so they should be timely allotted for effective project management. 





Q1. Are you familiar with the concept of cloud technology?

A. Yes

B. No



Q4. What are the main problems Continental Consulting Ltd. can face after implementation of cloud technology?

A. Budgetary control

B. Risk of uncertainty

C. Loss of security data and information

Q5. Do you think cloud computing will aid Continental Consulting Limited in enhancing its customer base?

A. Yes

B. No

Q6. What are the best ways to face challenges arise due to implementation of cloud technology in business?

A. Arrange proper funds

B. Training and Development

C. Recruit high skilled and expert IT officer

Q7. Does technologies upgraded after implementation of cloud technology in business is beneficial for Continental Consulting Limited?

A. Yes

B. No

Q8. Does cloud technology give opportunity to Continental Consulting Limited to win competitive advantage at market-place?

A. Yes

B. No

Q9. Give any suggestion related to determining the importance of Cloud Clouding within an enterprise?

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