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NU3S03 Nursing Practices

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: NU3S03
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Provide effective recount on patient aetiology and role of nurse in providing care approach to the patients.
  • Evaluate and analyse nurse recommendation for patient and impact of Ramadan patient health management.
  • What are the service require by the nurse during patient discharge and home care.
Answer :
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Nursing practise is primarily the underpinned value which are locomote by the nurses to provide the effective care to the patients. Nursing practices aids the care provider with wide strategies which support patient to provide enriched satisfaction during the care. The prime role of the nurse here is to enhance the health outcomes of patient while providing them quality of care and make them aware about the self-management approaches. Role of impressive nursing practise is to promote health of patients while having effective communication with their family members to provide them patient oriented or holistic care. The report will carry the role of nurse in providing care to Aamira who has been diagnosed with diabetes. However, Aamira is admitted to the medical ward due to shortness of breath she is going through along with the persistent cough and swelling on her lower legs. The report will cover the effective recount on patient aetiology and role of nurse in providing care approach to the patients. The report will also cover the effective management approach and approaches required during discharge of patient to home (Sacre & et. al., (2021)).


Aetiology primarily the cause or origin of the disease where the study is being done for having proper analysis of disease inspection. In context to the patient, she has been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is chronic health condition which primarily affects the body ability to convert the food into energy. Insulin is hormone secreted by the pancreas which helps the glucose generated by food to get into the cells. In many cases body don't make insulin or looses ability to utilize it. However, the cause behind the Aamira health condition is primarily hypertension, post traumatic stress and smoking. Through the studies it has been found that people with high blood pressure are in high risk of the insulin resistance (Thompson, 2019). The individuals with the hypertension are at more risk for developing the diabetes due to enhance pressure in blood vessels. High blood pressure might damage the cells of inner lining of arteries. It might not result as direct cause of the diabetes but it result in enhancing the risk of developing diabetes in the patient. Although, cigarette smoking is infectious to health condition as it contains harmful substance like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and many more. These substance effect is primarily seen in body through damage it cause to the tissues or displaces the oxygen movement in blood. These substances harm the body cells while causing the inflammation which might also creates the state where the cells stop responding to the insulin. These individuals are at high risk of development of diabetes. However, the Aamira is also examine with prolonged chronic stress as patient is widowed. The sudden death of Aamira husband might lead to deeper stress which  effects is seen in patients hormones irregularities. Due to post traumatic stress hormones like cortisol work as the antagonist which resist the effective production of insulin in patients body. These over stress in individuals also alters their lifestyle whose effects is primarily seen on diet as unhealthy meals enhance the patient risk due to consumption of high fat diet, calories and cholesterol. Significantly, above mentioned conditions are the cause of Aamira health condition (Ventura & et. al., (2018)).

Initial health history of the Aamira when she has admitted to the hospital is she was facing the shortness of breath, a persistent cough and swelling on her legs primarily. Patient is also going through with urinary tract infection as she is facing the bladder obstruction. It is been determined as patient is facing the nocturia which is the condition where the individuals cant sleep accurately due to active urination in night time. After having the proper analysis of Aamira, the general practitioner has also underlined that patient is at proper risk of developing the early heart failure. However, Aamira is a diabetic patient over time the high blood sugar level in patient can damage the blood vessels and nerves which can effect heart in subsequent manner. High blood pressure increases the force of blood into the blood which might can damage the artery walls and heart muscle stiffer. This eventually when not treated on time might lead to trouble with fluid retention and eventually might cause the risk of heart failure in them (Jeyaraman & et. al., (2019)).

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Nurse need to planned overall patient admission or hospital stays in effective manner as to provide patient long-term care and satisfaction. Nurse must need to ensure that positive environment must be created while enhancing the essential communicative relationship with patient. Nurse must need to ensure that they must communicate with patient in simple language to make sure that it must not impact the patient outcome in negative manner. When the patient feel dissatisfied, anxious or frustrated it must create lack of trust or dissatisfaction with the medical care. Nurse should make sure to identify or analyse the accurate data which is required for the treatment. The data about the patient must be collected by nurse either from the Aamira and local Sudanese community who look on patients for meals through which patient eating pattern or ongoing allergies can be examine. The data must also be fetch out about the patient from niece who lives in Melbourne who visit the patient 3 times per year. While having patient admission in hospital nurse should make sure that they must help the patient to adjust in hospital environment effectively while orienting patient about the hospital routine in simple language (Considine & et. al., (2018)).

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After assembling the comfortable environment and collecting database for ongoing medicines, nurse should take patient physical examination which will assist the physician in creating the care plan for the treatment. Prior having patient assessment nurse need to analyse the patient actions accurately to analyse the swelling location or severity in patients leg and feet. Nurse need to analyse cause of persistent cough in patient while analysing the breathing rate through effective equipments to provide them accurate care for the condition. Nurse need to guide patient the actions through which persistent cough can be controlled by providing them specific resource which will flex out consistent cough from the body. Nurse need to easily inform patient to prevent the usage of smoking as it enhance the risk of depleting health in patient. As smoking lead to reduction in blood flow which enhance the chance of infection in patient and it further associated with stroke or organ damages. Nurse also need to guide patient to have the control on cholesterol level will provide support to patient in controlling her blood sugar level. Diabetes alter the nerves of feet which might lead to tingling or loss of sensation in patient feet as already the patient is going through with the enlarged swelling. Nurse also need to maintain the effective relationship with patient to make sure that nurse don't feel overstressed during the care treatment as it might reduce patient outcome (Jeyaraman & et. al., (2019)).

Nurse should make sure that to have the effective conversation with Aamira to provide them to make them feel satisfied. Nurse need to actively listen to patient opinions without providing them judgments as it might reduce their willingness to communicate. Nurse need to encourage Aamira regularly to talk in relax manner for whatever they are feeling. When communicating with patient then they should make sure that they must have the eye contact with patient while conveying the sense fo warmth or empathy. Nurse also need to create the environment related to patient choices or culture to make them feel connected and motivated for the treatment. To create the effective relationship with the patient nurse need to provide proper time to Aamira to built up trust and when patient is sharing information they need to make sure  to document it. To built the effective communication nurse need to incorporate accurate guidelines to Aamira in easy manner to encourage patient to implement it to have enhanced quality treatment (Virdun & et. al., (2020)).

Impact of Ramadan on the Aamira health is significant at keeping fast can either cause disruption in glucose homeostasis and when not analyse on time might also lead to serious consequences in patient. During  Ramadan the fast may last for around 11 to 19 hours where the drinking and eating is obligated which might steer dehydration in Aamira. The diabetic patient need to regularly monitor the their glucose count through  self-monitoring device to make them aware about their own health condition effectively. The Aamira need to alter their care plan during the Ramadan fasting as there is variation in eating pattern of patient due to fasting instance.  Nurse need to provide the guideline to Aamira for her daily calorie count between the suhoor and the iftar meal in effective manner to make meal rich I fibre which will aid patient health in productive manner. Nurse should even guide Aamira to incorporate the effective drinking patten to protect the patient from  being dehydrated.

Management care for the Aamira is need to be provided by nurse to encourage patient for safe physical action to provide them way to manage their health in effective manner.  They need to manage blood sugar level by having adequate meal and staying active. Aamira must need to incorporate healthy eating to control enhance diabetes episode.  A diet high in fat, calories and cholesterol enhance their risk of diabetes and this poor diet might also lead to development another associated risk. Aamira need to skip the sugary diets, choose whole grain products over refined grains and need to avoid full-fat dairy products, Aamira need to alter their lifestyle changes to reduce the impact of diabetes on health. She need to incorporate daily exercise be it simple walk or yoga it will support Aamira to bring down their blood sugar level and modulate the enhanced weight gain. This approach  will also support Aamira in reducing their stress. Patient is need to be guided to stop smoking and regularly visit doctors for check-up (Khan, Uddin,  & Srinivasan, (2018)).

Hospital discharge is symbolise as the one of the important action which are been taken by nurse to promote patient healing while delivering them quality care. An effective discharge procedure is important action to promote patient recovery wile encouraging patient for regular follow-ups. Before discharging the patient, nurse should provide patient the clear understanding of the condition that Aamira is going on with and approaches need to incorporate by her at home. Nurse need to arrange the wheelchair and ambulance for Aamira for their  proper execution from the care setting to home. Nurse need to make sure that accurate discharge details are beings filled in the form while having the assessment of alteration in medicines done and stake details for the patient treatment. Nurse should need to inform Aamira niece and local Sundanese community before hand (Neto & et. al., (2022)).

Nurse need to guide patient to timely take the medicines of diabetes and other on-going health problems to enhance well-being of patient in effective manner. The nurse need to guide patient about effective use of self-monitoring devices to have the accurate data for sugar level. Aamira need to incorporate regular exercise in her daily routines to boost up her mood and it will also support them to enhance their metabolic rate. Nurse need to provide the patient the care plan which will support the patient to mange their diabetes in day-to day life. Need to guided with  insulin dosage  and make them aware about the negative signs which need to be reported as soon as it occur (Mogre & et. al., (2019)).

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From the above report the role of nursing practise in diabetic patient is being concluded. Report covers patient information, their initial history and nursing care for patient during their admission. Report will also cover the nurse recommendation for patient and impact of Ramadan patient health management. Report will also cover service require by the nurse during patient discharge and home care. 


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