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HLSC122 Team working in Nursing

University: Brooklands College

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1809
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: HLSC122
  • Downloads: 418
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Discuss in detail why Nurses require to establish an effective and open communication to build a strong inter relationship between the team members.
  • Provide some intervention which helped team members to improve their performance and enhance their knowledge to provide better care to patients.
  • What are the benefits of having effective nursing team in the context of patients.
Answer :
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Teamwork in nursing is defined as group of nurses, who work collaboratively to emphasize on patient's requirements in order to provide quality of care. Nursing team utilises every individual team member’s specific skills and strength in order to promote effective and high-quality care to patient. The main aim behind this concept is to promote positive health results of patients. In nursing, teamwork minimises the chances of medical error and builds an employee cohesion. An effective teamwork is reliable to develop a happier and healthier working environment. Nursing team works on five specific principles: mutual trust, effective communication, shared goals, measurable processes and outcomes and clear roles. The healthcare experts agree that teamwork skills and effective communication play a pivotal role in delivery quality health care. In this report, there is a brief discussion on the factors which influence performance of the team in nursing. This essay highlights interventions required to improve skills and knowledge of nursing team in order to meet with the health requirements of patients. Assignment Help Services can help understand and effectively implement these concepts in academic and professional contexts.


An effective nursing teamwork foster open communication, shared decision-making in order to reach quality healthcare and mutual respect. Nursing team adopt a patient centred approach in order prioritise health requirements of patients. In nursing, team members require to ask questions, put their opinion and ideas forward and discuss effective solution with the purpose to meet with patient's health requirements. An effective utilise member's unique strengths to reach optimal patient health care. All the team members work together to reach a common goal of the team which increase their work satisfaction (Campbell, Layne, Scott and Wei, 2020). An effective nursing team communicate effectively with every member of the team, with other members of the medical staff, and with patients and their families, improve skills in leadership and collaboration, continuously improve knowledge of medication, procedures, and patient care, educate patients and their families to improve patient's health, stay highly organized throughout the day and develop a beneficial bedside manner. As nursing is a gruelling job, every individual nurse wants to work in a healthy and happy environment. An effective teamwork offers several advantages: higher job satisfaction for nurses, lower job turnover rate, improved engagement in workplace, better communication among nursing team staffs and improved patient satisfaction (Barton, Bruce and Schreiber, 2018).

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The ultimate goal of building an effective nursing team is to improve patient outcome. Team utilises member's specific skills to adopt a patient centred approach which enhance patient experience. It is very necessary to make every team member feel comfortable so they can share their ideas with others in order to contribute to improve patient's outcome and resolve health issues of the patient. Every team member requires to focus on achieving a common goal rather than making individual's benefits (Wong and et. al., 2021). Effective communication is required to develop transparency among the nursing staffs so they can share the information easily. Better communication make nurses feel that they are not out of the loop and contributing to reach a shared goal of the team. Team members establish an effective communication so feedback can be given and taken in constructive ways to make benefits for everyone. Team members learn from each when they work together. In order to build an effective nursing team, nurses start communicate with other and learn how they can express themselves clearly in front of each other. Transparency and clarity play a significant role to build an effective team (Abdullah and Chan, 2018). Every team member requires to be aware of their roles and responsibilities in order to perform better.

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There are some interventions which aim to develop an effective team and improve performance of the team. This improvement is very essential to have better outcome. In order to increase the effectiveness of the team, team members identify and adopt an evidence-based approach. Team members must have provided appropriate training sessions to develop team strategies in order to meet with patient's health requirements. Strategical tools help to improve the performance of the team and echinacea patient compliance. Organisational design is also considered as an important intervention as it stimulates functioning and processes of the team. The evidences show that training sessions play a pivotal role to improve the skills and provide an evidence based knowledge to team members (Carson and et. al., 2018). Nursing teamwork is very essential to offer care to patients and hence pre-eminent in healthcare settings. Lack of teamwork is observed as primary cause of vulnerability for safety and care of the patients. Therefore, improvement of the team need to be prioritised.  It is found that the interventions can improve the performance and outcome of the team. Many practitioners and scholars observed a number of interventions in the light of the promising impacts of interventions of nursing team on the performance of the team as well as quality of care delivery. A study was performed with the intension to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions on team performance (Salinas and et. al., 2019). The study found several interventions such as inter professional training, crew resource management, quality of evidences and types of team. For example, in the year 2016, Hughes introduced an analysis which shows that the effective teamwork is related to the organisational performance. Interventions have potential to improve team work and patient's outcome. In 2014, O'Dea performed a study and observed that crew resource management training has potential impact on behaviours and knowledge of nursing team members (Colman, Patera and Hebbar, 2019).

This research paper aimed to evaluate the factors which has potential impact on teamwork among registered nurses and enrolled nurses. Quantitative and qualitative information were gathered in the year 2018. the nursing teamwork survey was completed by two hundred and forty-eight nurses. In this study, sixteen nurses were participated and shred their experiences (Kerfoot, 2019). The results found that enrolled nurses and registered nurses have clarity of their own roles and responsibilities in order to work collaboratively to reach a common goal. It has been observed that performance of the team can be improved with mutual support for workload, effective communication, better delegation practices, shared mental model to perform fundamental nursing care tasks and building a strong interpersonal relationship. In order to foster positive delegation in clinical practices, educators and nurse’s managers require to work together with the support of appropriate training which increase collective orientation in nursing teams, mutual trust and backup behaviours (Roh, Kim, Park and Ahn, 2020).

Both the studies found the evidences there are some potential factors which impacts on performance of teamwork in nursing. The studies found that appropriate training and effective communication helps team members to reach patient's desired goals. Building an effective team in nursing helps to minimise the chances patients re hospitalisation (Rosengarten, 2022). Building an effective nursing team is also helpful to decrease the mortality rate of the patients.  


During my nursing practice, I have gone through various evidence-based articles and gathered the data. Evidences helped me to improve my skills as a team member so I can contribute to reach a common goal of team. I learnt how to interact with other team members to share relevant information’s. I developed the skills of coordination and communication which helped me to work effectively and efficiently. During my nursing practices, I implemented the interventions to improve my performance to deliver better patient care. I developed skills to work collaboratively with other professional which helped to minimise the stress level. This experience helped me to meet with the patient's requirements and deliver quality of care. The study was helpful to increase my knowledge and skills to develop strategies in order to resolve patient's health related issues.


From the above discussion, it has been observed that an effective nursing team is essential to increase patient's compliance, reduce medical errors and improve mortality rate of patients. It is also helpful to increase job satisfaction and productivity of staffs. Nurses require to establish an effective and open communication to build a strong inter relationship between the team members. In this essay there are some intervention which helped team members to improve their performance and enhance their knowledge to provide better care to patients.

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