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Foundation of Nursing Practice

University: Bedford College

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  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Give two considerations that can effectively shape the health as well as well-being care in the Australian community.
  • State the essential influencers that cause impact on the role of registered care nurse.
  • Encourage the nurses and other staff to actively explore culture issue with patients as well as cautions against stereotyping.
Answer :
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Foundation of nursing is covering the skills needed for clinical practices, from nursing interventions to maternity, neonatal, paediatric, geriatric, mental health and community healthcare. This is associated with the four areas such as promoting health as well as well-being, preventing illness, restoring health and care of drying. There is promoting well-being and health is referring to the client receiving the health services may not sick and is just increasing the quality of life. In the essay, this is including two considerations that can effectively shape the health as well as well-being care in the Australian community. This is also including these impacts on the role of the register nurses in Australia (Trad et. al., (2019)).


There are such influences that can effectively shape health care in contemporary Australian society. These are including the choices that a person can make whether smoke, immunized as well as drink alcohol and these can take a healthy diet as well as can effectively undertake day-to-day physical activity. The healthcare prevention and promotions, effective care and timely treatment are generally important contributor to good health care. The impact of border social aspects on well-being outcomes has led to a renewed appreciation of how human wellness is penetrating to the social environment. There are several aspects which is consider education, social support as well as power act to strengthen and undermine the well-being of individual and communities. It is only because of their powerful as well as inherent effects that such welfare determining factors are also called social determinants of welfare (Calzone et. al., (2018)).

There ate cultural diversity and linguistic perspectives are the two key influences which shaped healthcare and healthcare access in contemporary Australia. One of the cultural diversity factors is affect Australians as well as especially the delivery of healthcare. Australia is a multicultural nation for most of its history. There are Anglo-Australians are become a part of history from about two centuries. The Australian diversity continues to expand as people from several ethnicities as well as countries immigrate to Australia which are associated with the person from non-English speaking regions of the nation. This is resulted in a wide variety of cultures as well as associated linguistic diversity that need healthcare delivered to them in the most effective manner. The cultural competence initiatives have helped increase the provision of health services to communities in Australia (Sands & Aunger, (2020)). The cultural diversity is a guide for health professionals presents health as well as socio-cultural information on multicultural communities. This is assist in the encourage the nurses and other staff to actively explore culture issue with patients as well as cautions against stereotyping. The population of minorities has been rising for the last couple of years necessitating the need for cultural awareness in the health sector. The general health life of many Australians has improved over time. The safe as well as equitable provision of health services is the main aim of cultural competencies. The linguistic needs of patients of other minority cultures in Australia are inadequately catered for which hinders healthcare delivery. There are socio-economic aspects are significant determinants of health as well as well-being in Australia. There are some people from socio-economic groups are at greater risk of poor health, have higher rates of illness, disability as well as death, and live shorter lives than those from higher groups. It is evaluated that the group of patients with a relatively homogenous health status to evaluate the degree to which use of the Australian hospital system is affected by socio-economic status (Henderson et. al., (2018)).

There such influences have shaped contemporary healthcare access. These such social determinants are commonly referred as important aspect which cause the health care disparities, evaluate the size of the well-being gap in between several aspects of groups is important. There are several surveys are conducted in Australia which is compared with other countries which is used for the identification of the support from social care services. The Australians are also evaluated that their physical and mental health and the absence of sleep in between a possible barrier to a healthy lifestyle (Miller et. al., (2019)). The health of the Australian system also drives health care inequalities by favouring those with higher incomes. These are living in rural as well as remote areas live shorter lives, suffer from higher levels of disease as well as injury and have poorer access to and use of health services than people living in the metropolitan area. The contrast in between the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders and their non-indigenous count parts on all health care as well as well-being statics remains the stark with an assessed gap of approx. about 17 years in between non-Indigenous and Indigenous life beliefs. The socioeconomic difficulties are the problem that socioeconomics tackles as well as the aspect that have negative influences on the individual's economic activities. This is a major issue with Australia is that the economy is largely dependent upon natural resources (McIntyre et. al., (2019)). These problems are associated with chronic stress and increase the vulnerability to a higher risk of health care behaviours and chronic illness. There are about 20% of people are residing within the lowest socioeconomic regions are about 1.6 times likely than the 20% within the Australia. These are the highest socioeconomic area who have the two or more chronic illness condition which include cardiac illness as well as diabetes (Arkin et. al., (2022)).    

There is each aspect impacts on the role of a registered nurse. The primary role of a nurse is to be a caregiver for patients by managing their physical needs, preventing illness and treating health conditions there are several aspects such as diet, gender, genes as well as exercise which are assisting in the prediction of the life span of the individual living in Australia. These factors are currently determined and evidencing critical to identifying the durability of a person. This is because of the healthcare's social determinants, including access to food, occupation, stable housing and childcare. As a registered nurse, I need effective advocacy which assists in the improves the quality of patient care and enriches the nursing profession. This assists in increasing nurses' relationship with the patient and assists me in the develop an understanding of the patient needs and requirements. I use this to fulfil my core role of a caregiver as well as drives policies changes. I play a vital role in creating a culture of safety within the clinical work area by maintaining an open line of communication with other healthcare team members. The cultural safety effect on nurses' well-being, job satisfaction as well as burn out which are overall impact on the safety of the patient (Chamberlain et. al., (2019)). My role as care nurses, is the overcome the social determinants of health cannot be modest and the nurses are an important people in the promoting the well-being in a direct as well as indirect way. These ways can be aiding in preventing the disorders as well as injury while also serving as an advocate for the effective care. Nursing informatics can improve communication between health professionals by providing them with more accurate information about patients and their treatment. I use social media platforms for connecting patients with other patients at the same care facility or receiving guidance toward the same health goals, social media can assist in building a network of people supporting each other toward better health. I am also working with community-based agencies on the initiative that can assist in the change at the local level as well as these influence policies makers on the conscripting of laws that can make social determinants a priority for the community. In relation to public support, I also have the power to drive change both among well-ness care professionals and community citizens. I can significantly increase their voices and can advocates for the particular interventions of social determinants of health care. The socioeconomic status is assessed by income, education or occupation, is linked to a wide range of health problems. These health problems are including cardiovascular disease, hypertension as well as diabetes. The registered nurses assess client resources, weaknesses and strength, coping behaviour and the environment to optimize the problem solving and self-care abilities of the client and family (Bates, Bader & Galbraith, (2020)).  

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From the above discussion it has been concluded that there are several studies which can decrease the influences of social determinants of well-being. There is some indication across the essay to includes the influences of social determinants of the well-being. These are essential influencers that cause impact on the role of registered care nurse. This is also including that there are some particular influences that can effectively shape the wellness as well as healthcare in contemporary Australian society. There are two aspects that have, over the year, shaped the Australia health care system and their impact will persist in the future.

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