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Unit 3 Digital Marketing Assignment Level 4


“The impact of digital marketing on Organisational Performance”. A case study on 4Com Plc Communication.”


Overview of the Research

Digital marketing refer as marketing of goods and services by using digital channels in order to reach with desired customers. Tools and techniques that are representing digital technologies plays crucial role in development of status of not only company but also economy of nations also gets affected positively (Laudon and Laudon, 2015)s. Modern era is a time period of hi-tech people whom are busy with their digital tools and technologies because this type of tools are useful in making like more easy and comfortable. In the era of digital marketing, business rivalry is very high in industry and each little and moderate size firms are using digitalisation in their firm. Main objective behind using digital technologies is to produce higher featured products and services in order to satisfy needs and wants of customers in market place. Business environment got modernise and it requires use of latest tools and technologies for ensuring higher profitability and larger market share in industry. Major utilisation of digitalisation is that this function provides a proper and suitable direction to business operations. 4Com Plc Communication is selected organisation for this specific research dissertation, this firm deals in providing communication facilities to clients. Fundamental aim of association is to expand their business by serving extraordinary quality services in market in order to satisfy needs and wants of customers.

Background of the Research

Present time is mostly effected by digital technologies as these tools plays very important role in improvising business operations at wider arena of network. Organisation which is named as 4Com Plc communication that provides focus upon catering necessities and wants of consumers by adequately analysed market situations and demands. This was established in 1999 with the aim of enhancing quality of communication services in country. Firm is having a prominent amount of employees whom are contributing their valuable contribution in accomplishment of organisational performance so that venture can attain all targets in limited period of time (McAfee and et. al., 2012). Digitalisation provides adequate workflow to operational actions in order to allow automatic capabilities to business actions and procedures. 4Com Plc is running their business functions in telecommunication industry main area of serving is SMS, calling from mobile phone, mobile data etc. an organisation which is dealing on large scale are having great contribution in economic growth of country and quite well in dealing business operations in another country.

Significance of the Research

This presented research module is based upon influence of digital technologies on organisational performance. Main objective of conducting this research program is to analyse impact of digital marketing at workplace as these tools and techniques provide aids in enhancing functionality of organisation and this function of accepting digital marketing improvises productivity of firm. When any association plans to apply digital techniques in their corporation, they have to face many problems and issues which is called as obstacle and hurdle in the way of installing technologies in working atmosphere (Mosco, 2014). In order to employing all technologies in efficient manner then management of company provide important and relevant training sessions to their manpower so that workforce could accept novel technologies in most efficient manner. This research is developed for enhancing skills and knowledge of learner at marketplace. More utilisation of digital tools and technologies in business is to enhance level of production function for serving good quality product and services by developing innovative idea and tools at workplace. Greater sales volume represents higher profitability of corporation and this increased sale amount has direct influence of growth and success of association.

Research Aim

This is a most important part of a research project as it provides adequate direction to investigation function then the entire research program revolves around this aim. This section makes enhancement in skills and talents of researcher and then learner could get required and desired outcome (Haight, Quan-Haase and Corbett, 2014). Essential aim of this current research is to analyse impact of digital technologies upon organisation operations of 4Com Plc. Main aim of this research program is to analysing implication of digitalisation on business functions. A case study of 4Com Plc.

Research Objective

This is described as results that are sought by investigator at the end of investigation program in order to finalise that what learner has to achieve at the end of this research. These research objectives are available in the form of small and understandable format which are closely relate with problem of case (Brynjolfsson and McAfee, 2012). The research objectives are described as follows:

  • To recognise necessities of influence of digitalisation on organisational performance.
  • To evaluate the issues that are found after implementing digitalisation in organisational performance.
  • To examine how digital techniques impacts business operations of 4Com Plc.
  • To analyse ways through which organisation can improve organisational performance in market.
  • To identify the challenges faced by organisation after implementing digitalisation.

Research Questions

This is explained as the format of statement which are depend upon a specific query which researcher wants in context of addressing research issue and problem. This portion of dissertation is interconnected with research objectives as these are prepared on the bases of issues that are related with problem. Some fundamental questions are listed as follows:

  • What are the necessities of implementing digitalisation in an organisation ?
  • What are the issues that are found after implementing digitalisation in organisational performance ?
  • How to examine digital techniques impacts business operations of 4Com Plc ?
  • What are the ways through which organisation can improve organisational performance in market ?
  • What are the challenges faced by organisation after implementing digitalisation ?


Identifying the need of digital marketing in small and medium business enterprises

Nowadays business associations are making increments in business operations in order to gain and obtain higher amount of profit by handling larger pool of consumers. In perspectiv4e of marketing's era, techniques are most important part of any business firm. Without having assistance of technologies, a firm could not survive in highly competitive environment technological infrastructure that a company has effects almost every component of organisational performance and this type of action impacts efficiency and productivity of corporation. According to the view of (Buckingham, 2013) there are many tools and technologies that boost up efficiency and growth of firm whether it is large, small and moderate. These techniques allows venture to grow and always avail entire tools and technologies better than competitors. The identification of need of digital marketing in small and medium business enterprise are as follows:

  • Communication: If a corporation carries tools and technologies that are efficient in establishing communication with consumers because this kind of technologies are helpful in maintaining healthier and strong bond with corporations then all targets could be attained in longer duration of time. Communication with consumers is efficiently handling by corporation by taking help0 of digital tools and technologies. For example, if a company want to address many consumers at the same time then corporation can use social media and various online platform that are using by loads of number of people. There are various tools that can be utilised by association for establishing efficient and regular interaction with consumers.
  • It brings efficiency in operations: If digital tools and technologies are applied in business association in most effective manner then company can make decrements in cost and along with efficient could be increased and this type of action is helpful in attaining all targets in limited period of time that is a primary goal of each and every kind of association because digitalisation provides guidance to organisational performance that in what manner it will be conducted and by taking this chart in consideration employees can meet deadlines and firm is to be able in catering all desires, wants and needs of clients in highest satisfactory level (Cook, 2017). There are various tools that can be implied in organisation to enhance performance level of 4Com PLC and these tools are inventory management, employees portal etc. inventory management tools is helpful in managing entire records and calculation of all transactions of stock along with that which is having by venture in warehouses.
  • Secure environment: Digitisation provides security in atmosphere of organisation so that a carefree attitude develops in association so that corporation can promote stress free working in corporation. For example, if venture installs cloud storage then management can keep their data in cloud and can provide sufficient security to financial data and if any person from higher authority wants to access this data then by getting password he/she can access from anywhere. There are various tools and technologies that can be availed in context to this are computers, internet and security devices like jammers (Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee, 2014).

Impact of digital marketing and its impact on organisational performance

Digital tools and technologies are having great impact in functionality of organisation directly. There are various tools and technologies that have their crucial role in development and growth of corporation. Employers can utilise digitalisation in 4Com PLC by hiring those candidates whom are efficient in applying digitalisation for attainment of all objectives and goals. If company implies digital learning platform in very effectively then employees are capable in handling wide number of customers at a time and would be efficient in solving all queries of clients in marketplace in relevant time. This type of act6ion is helpful in enhancing and creating brand image of corporation and reputation. Firm can manage all resources and stock by applying digital tools and technologies. There are many functions that are operated by an organisations like production, inventory control, customer relationship management etc. Digital tools and marketing aids in adding some additional features that make all these operation functions much simpler and easier along with reducing cost and extra expenses in order to bring efficiencies in business operations. By employing digitalisation in operations of a business reduce working hour of company and also make decrements in stress and also increases enthusiasm and energy of workers (Colombo, Croce and Grilli, 2013).

Scope and application of digital marketing in business operations of 4Com PLC

4Com PLC is a medium organization that are running their organisational performance with in the nation. It is operates their work into software as well as information marketing sector. The institution consistently support new and developed ways to serve its customers effective. for this, they are continuously executive new working process in order to improved and quicker delivery of its services to their potential customers. Digital marketing assist in developing several structure to evolve its business operations that are explained as follows:

  • A encompassing communication : In current business environment, communication is very improved by each and every firm and this has only possible by net and several connected devices like smart phones, laptops etc. and which immunodeficiency institutions to achieve operational efficiency at work place as well as employees productivity. Cloud engineering are also state used by enterprises firm for strong as well as effective communication and storage information. There are continuous changes in processing speeds and store capacity of computers that should be lead to gain improvement of new communication engineering. Future of technologies is very demand able and management executives that work place (Berman, 2012).
  • Resource Management : Digitalisation is having impact upon environmental change and this type of behaviour makes changes in resource management and performance of employees. Professionals are being deployed everywhere in all over the world to resolve problems that are associated to work and production process as well.
  • Savings in Labour: Instillation of digital tools and technologies also requires high cost and expenses that is not affordable for every organisation but in case of 4Com PLC then this venture is having adequate financial resources to execute employment of digital tools and technologies. This business organisation is using automation and automated procedure of learning and in this context association is doing well. Youngsters are more energise for taking programming and coding as their career fields. Around 25 million programmers are working globally.

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Ways to develop business operations at market place

It is required from a company to grow well all operational and non-operational activities should be managed in appropriate manner. The thing which makes a company different from its rivals, it is ability of handling all operations along with dealing huge consumers in order to sale products and services. 4Com PLC is large enterprise in service sector which is keep looking for opportunities to expand its business operations. There are various operations of implementation which are done to achieved goals. These activities include conducting training and development program for new and old employees. Manpower is a human resource that is responsible and those personnel whom do all activities so effectiveness and efficiency of workers should be enhanced and maintained (Onetti and et. al., 2012). This type of action makes reduction in idle time and this type of behaviour is also develops brand image of 4Com Plc in the eyes of customers in market (Beetham and Sharpe, 2013).



This is a set of methods that researcher applies in order to conduct research program in most effectual manner. This section deals with multiple processes of research that are concerned with elaborating several stages that according to methods of research. These methodologies are helpful in conducting investigation program in most effective manner. Theses methodologies are comprised various tools like surveys, questionnaire, interviews, scheduling, publishing research which are aidful in gathering more accurate data which could helped out efficient decision making in 4Com Plc. Research methodologies takes help of various techniques, for example; theoretical model, phases and quantitative procedures. This helps in collecting data and information accurately for giving best conclusion to the problems. There are qualitative and quantitative ways for research methodology. This segment comprised as many tools that are aidful in performing distinct sort of operations in investigation function. This part of research is comprised many parts that are having their impact upon investigation in order to achieve effectual outcomes (Peltier, Zhao and Schibrowsky, 2012). Research methodology is important part of research which will help an investigator by providing valid and appropriate data regarding the study. For this section, research onion framework will be used by researcher which includes some layers are determined as under:

Research philosophy

This section deals with differentiated kind of source and their skills and knowledge. This can be elaborated as a procedure of collecting and recording data which is closely connected with research. It is sectioned in two parts like interpretive and positivism. In this, positivism philosophy will be used in this study that will highly required for an investigator in getting valid conclusion. Positivism philosophy will also essential for investigator by providing relevant and reliable data regarding the topic. On the other hand, interpretivisim philosophy is not appropriate for research because it will take more time and cost of an enterprise.



· Positivism philosophy relies on quantitative information that positivists believe is more reliable or accurate than qualitative research.

· Positivism philosophy applies a well-defined structure during studies as well as discussions.

· Some scholars accept that since positivists think everything can be measured as well as calculated, they tend to be inflexible.

· Extremely structured research design imposes pre-arranged limits or boundaries to investigation.


Research approaches

This method is related with analysis of different objectives of data that are present in numerical format. It aids investigator to make calculations of numerical data of research which contains hard complications in respect to find out more accurate outcome that provide aid in effective decision making. In this, inductive approach, non numerical information applied so that outputs of numerical evaluation can be substantiated. For the research topic, deductive approach is used because it provide accurate and in-depth information in order to conduct investigation activities (Clarkson and et. al., 2013). Main reason behind selecting this approach as it will give accurate and valid information about the current study.

Research choice

There are many kind of research programs are present which aids management in conducting investigation function by investigator. It is a liability of researcher to select an most authentic method so that investigation could get completed in selected time duration with most appropriate results. Research methods are sorted in two types in order to carry out investigation like qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Quantitative research is a type of research which will help an investigator in accumulation of quantitative information regarding the topic. Researcher has considered quantitative investigation in order to carry out this investigation. This type of research help a researcher by providing information in form of hard facts and numbers. This research provides more authentic outcome by taking support of various theories, hypothesis and various type of assumptions.

Data collection techniques

There are different types of data collection techniques such as postal, telephone, survey, questionnaire, observation, case study etc. All these are essential but according to current study, questionnaire and survey will be used by researcher. As it will support them by providing valid and reliable data about the topic. (Aral, Dellarocas and Godes, 2013).


Sampling is a process of finding statistical study which is used in select, manipulate and make decision on subset data points after making judgement of various patterns and trends from larger size data that was collected through research program. Sampling means selection of those respondents whom are targeted in order to collect relevant data. Sampling relies on random numbers and probabilities. The sample size is 40 respondents who are given their views and opinions regarding company goods and services.

Research Design

Research design is defined as dealing with many tools and technologies that provide aids in collection and analysis of data which is to be used in order to measure distinct values of data to resolve many research issues. Research design comprises many objectives collection several type of data, process of data analysis, liabilities and probable outcomes. In this research design section, there are about three type of structures like exploratory, descriptive and casual or research design. When researcher wants to consider exploratory research design then it means he/she is taking assistance of qualitative research procedure (Vigdor, Ladd and Martinez, 2014). In the current research, exploratory design is used by researcher in order to analyse issues and problems which has not been studied in clear manner.

Methods of data collection:

There are two kind of method of data collection for example, primary data collection method and secondary data gathering approach.

Primary data collection:

This sections relies upon several mathematical formulas that are helpful in calculation that are conducting in various format. This method belongs to qualitative research, methods of correlation and regression, mean, mode, median and many other methods.

Secondary data collection methods:

This section is related with gathering data from already published books and journals. This section is defined as use of research papers of another investigator who conducted investigation in order to find relevant outcomes for solving research problem and learner is using other journals and research papers in context of getting relevant outcome (Collins and Halverson, 2018).

Both primary and secondary research method are used for collecting and gathering data and information while conducting research.

Ethical Issue

Ethical consideration is very important in performing research program because effectiveness of objectives depend upon it. Ethics are some norms and standards that are employed in research in order to make investigation in right or wrong format. Main aim of identifying ethical considerations are to determine various consideration which are imagined in research format in order to elaborate several issues that are raised at the time of research conduction.

Research strategy

It is important section as it help researcher to select an effective strategy to carry out the research activities in systematic manner. Thus, it is crucial for investigator to adopt appropriate strategy that may help them in executing research activities in order to attain positive and reliable outcomes. Mainly, research strategy included different approaches such as interviews, survey and many more that help in effectively undertaking research activities. Foprt

Research limitation

This section also play as an important role in research activities in which researcher is responsible for determining the limitation that may faced by the investigator at the time of undertaking research activities. Under this research, limitation is related with the time and cost that required while completing the research work. Due to less time and fund, researcher face issue at the time performing research task. For overcoming from all the limitation, investigator prepare a plan that includes all the activities perform in the research. With the assistance of this, investigator can easily attain positive outcomes at the end of the research.

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It is important for researcher to set appropriate adequate budget to execute research activities. In this, researcher analyse the entire activities and aspects of research in order to make an effective budget that help in effectively completing the research activities in systematic manner. For completing this research, investigator required around £ 100000 for completing this research.



This is a final phase of any research project that uses qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary research which reflects outcome of research program whether positive and negative. This helps in collecting data and information from different sources to provide accurate solutions to problems. This also assist in providing characteristics of research. Researcher is able in concluding all research results in most efficient manner by analysing outcome and issues that are related with research objective. This phase of research aids in reaching final outcome and application of these outcome in business operations in most effective way.


Under this research, both secondary and primary sources are taken for gathering adequate amount of information. This would help in analysing the impact of digital marketing on performance of 4Com Plc Communication in both positive and negative manner. Here, through articles taken under literature review, it has evaluated that there is a high digital marketing need in both small and medium enterprises. This would help in enlarging their pool of customers by developing various activities. It includes development in communication system, bring efficiencies in operations, secure environment and more. In addition to this, globalisation also give benefits to 4Com Plc in developing its functions such as production, inventory control, reducing wastages and more. While, by taking feedback of potential customers, employees and stakeholders, it has analysed that companies dealing in production sector, require more to digitalise their business. This would help them in optimising resources and produces services more effectively. It also also interpreted from feedback of respondents that they are much in favour with statement that 4Com Plc must needs to bring digital technologies in business. It includes digital tools like cloud computing, electronic appliances, web storage terminals etc. This, would help in providing highly innovative services to its customers. It will also aid in enhancing customer services, reducing production cost as well as increasing efficiencies in inventory management.


It has been concluding that each and every type of business associations are in need of applying digital tools and technologies in order to make improvements in business performance along with increasing productivity of firm. To implement this purpose of digitalisation should be properly conveyed to all staff member of corporation so that they get to know what they have to do for attaining association's objective. Tools and technologies that are utilised in digitalisation are having vast impact upon functionality of organisation in positive manner as it enhance productivity of association along with making improvisation in performance of staff members and this type of action has its role in organisational growth and success. Digitalisation is directly linked with revenues and sales volumes of corporations because both of that are achieved when implication of all these technologies are happened in very skilful manner and digitalisation provides direction to business objectives by telling what has to do and in which timme frame because this type of concept that are implied in organisation reduces time consumption of activities. Main objective of employing latest and innovative tools and technologies in corporation is to enhance market share and growth level of 4Com PLC in industry and also helpful in availing all competitive advantages. Large size business organisations are have their great contribution in economic growth and success of country and venture also generates employment opportunities for those who have efficient skills and talents and virtue to perform organisational performance in most profitable manner by hitting all goals in shorter time period without hampering functionality of corporation.


Digitalisation is helpful not only for small scale organisation but also it aids large corporations by making improvements and additions in operational activities. The associations has its vast contribution in society and has long way ahead and plays crucial role in development, growth and success of economy and nation. Digitalisation can be availed through technolo0gical development, marketing transfer and inter-firm linkage in the light of dimensions of global competition and its negative fall outs as well as positive opportunities, to small and medium scale industries entrepreneurs through seminars and work shop, at the local level. Large soze associations are having their vast contribution in growth and revenue generation of country and developments in this type of organisations bring efficiencies in working of corporation by making huge amount of profit. It is required from association that they analyse market situations and complexities and them apply digital tools and technologies so that corporation could attain all tagetes in limited period of time by serving efficient quality goods and services to consumers. It is a major requirement of higher authority of corporation that they should employ best tools and then provide appropriate training and development program to employees so that their skills could meet level of technological requirements in order to bring and maintain efficiency level of staff members and corporation both. This type of action aids in enhancing performance and productivity of corporation for serving better quality to clients. It is also recommended to researcher to collect data and information effectively and efficiently. Also they should treat respondent in proper manner.


As per the above analysis it has been identified that methodologies that has been used in this project assist me in analysing appropriate information in order to get desired outcomes. These kind of research practices and approaches aid me in enhancing my research skills with the help of different investigation practices. While conducting this research, I found several issues which are funds, lack of resources and time consuming practices. But despite this, I perform my role well by utilizing primary and secondary resources in effective manner. In order to getting desired outcomes on this topic, I have used questionnaire that help me in analysing view point and opinion of individuals on specific topic. Secondary resources help me in gathering information related to predetermined resources through which I have been gathered databased on historical perspective.

Alternative methodologies

This research is based on a specific topic as impact of digital marketing practices upon business performance for which it is required to gather appropriate information through different sources. Major part of this research is based on data collection approach for which questionnaire method has been implemented. This a most effective approach that aid in determining views and opinions of different respondents on a specific topic. For its alternative, Interview method can be used which also aid in determining primary information. Main reason behind implementing questionnaire approach is that it is a cost and time effective approach that provide desired outcomes in limited time period. Interview method requires a specific time duration in which interviewer can ask some relevant questions to participants in order to analysing their opinions.


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