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Unit 19 Marketing Essentials BTEC Level 5

Table of Content



Marketing is one of the essential processes in order to maintain the relation with the customers. The selling and marketing both are the differed process to each other. Marketing will be helpful in order to promoting profitability and productivity of products and services. As per this context, marketing plan of My destination is need to be drawn. In this way it can be said that the company is need to growth their activities and the units in the UK. This is needed to be done in order to cope up with the market leader as National express. The marketing performance of the enterprise is needed to be compared with the functioning of National Express, marketing mix approaches etc. In addition to this, marketing plan will be formulated in order to achieve the desire objectives. This kind of activities will be helpful in order to have national wide expansion.


P1 Statement on the fundamental and duty merchandising functions.

To Marketing Officer

From Marketing Manager

Date- 17- 12- 2018

Subject: Marketing functions- Key responsibilities

Goal and National Express has been assessed viably in this report. In addition, by breaking down interior and outer condition, the promoting plan has been defined that will help in development and advancement of association adequately and effectively.

The advancing division of Your objective expect essential parts remembering the true objective to upgrade the execution of affiliation. It not simply manage in growing the execution and productivity of the association yet furthermore helps in delivering high grounds (Homburg and et.al., 2014). Advancing condition moreover accept critical part and effects Marketing frameworks of the affiliation.

Defining and overseeing brand: Marketing capacity part is to characterize the brand of the association adequately and productively. The part and obligation of Marketing capacity of Your Destination is to deal with their image picture productively (Engelen, Lackhoff and Schmidt, 2013). The Marketing capacity break down the encompassing condition, society taste and inclination and afterward proposed procedures on which the administration advances its item and administrations.

Embark crusade administration for promoting activity: Marketing capacities obligation is to direct showcasing effort with a specific end goal to impart and exchange data of hierarchical items and administrations to the clients (Menz and Scheef, 2014). The Marketing components, for example, inquire about, procedure, arranging and strategies gives viable help to the showcasing administration of Your Destination keeping in mind the end goal to lead crusading exercises which helps in advancement of items and administrations

Establishing inner written communication: It is critical and basic for disassociation to set up interior written communicating in the organist. The explanation and public exposure of data is faultfinding to be transmitted to workers of the organization (Ryan, 2016). The Merchandising capacity of Your Goal is allotted with the obligations and duty to verbalize basic and critical data to representative, so the individual have adequate of learning about the exercises of the association with success and productively.

Maintaining Marketing: It is imperative for the association to keep up its corporate picture successfully by growing great Marketing and filling in as media contact. The Marketing capacity of Your Destination is in charge of creating powerful Marketing by starting great showcasing system before media. This will help being developed of notoriety and generosity of the association.

Organizing business sector and client inquire about: Conducting business sector and client examine is the part assigned to the Marketing branch of the association (Gunawan, 2015). As per this unique situation, the Marketing capacity and branch of the association is in charge of investigating and recognizing the necessities and desire of the clients with the goal that data can be gained and showcasing systems can be defined viably.

Product Designing and Development: Product outlining and improvement is yet another promoting capacity performed by the showcasing administration of the association (Wasan and Tripathi, 2016). As per this specific circumstance, the part of showcasing capacity of Your Destination is to advance item planning and improvement with the goal that new and imaginative items can be conveys to the clients of the nation.

Financing: Financing is the vital and basic capacity performed by the showcasing division of the association. The promoting office and capacity of Your Destination is in charge of keeping up money related position of the association successfully and productively.

P2 Determine the character and duty of marketing purpose to the enlarge organizational activities

To Marketing Officer

From Marketing Manager

Date- 17th may 2018

Showcasing is the essential piece of the affiliation and is the strategy for propelling stock and ventures made and made by the affiliation. Promoting should be seen as business thinking, in that the nearness of any business depends after satisfying customer needs and needs (Grãdinaru, Toma and Marinescu, 2016). Without showcasing, customer would not prepared to get information about the things and organizations conveyed by the affiliation. The parts and obligations of Marketing limit impacts and effects distinctive business practices from numerous points of view. It not simply propels advancement and change of the affiliation, yet moreover help in change of general proficiency of the affiliation. According to this one of a kind circumstance, how the parts and obligations of showcasing limit of My Destination interrelates with its other various leveled practices cleared up underneath:

Operation administration and promoting administration: The marketing bureau of My Destination should work intimately with the activity division to guarantee that sufficient innovative work is intended to fulfill present and future client needs. The products and enterprises outlined will profit the clients and enhance the fulfillment of client viably and productively. Marketing administration and task administration help in increment in client unwaveringness and fulfillment. Consumer loyalty is essential for mark picture. In the event that clients are not happy with the items and administrations of the association then it will corrupt the association esteem and friends needs to confront low deals turnover (Ismail, Mubarack and Thulkifly, 2015). Further, the promoting administration of the association works with tasks bureau of the organization so the volume of request created by marketing can be met inside the time plan required for conveyance. Along these lines, promoting administration of the association work side by side with the activity division so the business can enhance its efficiency and productivity all the while. Along these lines, it infers that the Marketing administration will help in development and improvement of association viably and productively by collaborating with the task administration of the association.

Financial administration and marketing administration: The money related administration of My Destination works side by side with the Marketing administration of the association to guarantee that there is sufficient spending plan accessible to meets the promoting and special needs of the produces products and enterprises (Mišič and Podnar, 2017). Marketing brought about copious sum and reserve of the association. The money related administration of the association needs to guarantee that there is sufficient spending plan accessible in the association that guide in development and improvement of the association. Consequently, both Marketing and back offices are interrelated with each other keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the market position of the association and increment the benefit and profitability of the organization viably and productively. For instance, back branch of My Destination proposes spending plan for Marketing exercises which will be embraced in one year. It incorporates all the cost related with promoting, for example, publicizing cost, battling costs, and so on. Marketing office makes a plan of the cost and spending which will be required for them to direct the special exercises and draft it to the fund division. Back branch of association in the wake of examining the monetary allowance; give the financial backing to the promoting division with the goal that they can pass on their marketing exercises.

Human Resource administration and Marketing Management: The boost office should work closely with the human asset disposal to guarantee that fitting power and staffing levels are set up to look into and grow new item content and fitting creative act targets (Wolfe, Silmon and Miller, 2016). The advance administration of My Destination works side by side with Human asset disposal to enhance the ratio and benefit of the organization. The parts and responsibility of Marketing administration is to beforehand the ware and endeavor created by the association and the part and obligations of Human Resource Management of the association is to keep their representatives persuaded and fulfilled. As per this unique situation, the human asset division plan particular arrangements and methodology that advances inspiration and fulfillment of the representatives working in the association. Hence, if representatives are fulfilled at that point will perform proficiently and work perseveringly keeping in mind the end goal to achieve authoritative objectives and targets (Mare, 2015). In this way, it suggests that marketing administration and human asset administration works at the same time so business can blossom and association expands its profitability and productivity viably and effectively.

Marketing strategy

P3 Description on the marketing mix to compare My Destination approach to that of National Express.

Promoting blend is a champion among the most well known Marketing terms. It is a key or operational bit of a promoting plan (Elves, 2016). It is contained 7P's that assistance with portraying the Marketing system of My Destination in practical and viable way. It includes Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Process and People. The relationship of relationship on Marketing mix approach is delineated underneath:

  • Item: The thing methodology of the Marketing mix approach realized by My Destination isn't exactly the same as its adversary i.e. The National Express. The consequences of private individual contract to current level transportation workplaces gave by My Destination requires a couple of upgrades remembering the true objective to expand high ground. Further, with a particular true objective to develop the relationship in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Aberdeen organization need to manufacture their thing sections so that the concentrated on customers needs and want can be fulfilled effectively and capably (Vargas-Hernández and Jimenez, 2016). The thing framework is all the more wide and covers more customers of the National Express. Appropriately, remembering the true objective to fight with the National Express, organization must upgrade their things areas.
  • Value: The method of reasoning of My Destination is to give fruitful and capable organization at sensible cost. Customers nowadays needs great nature of things and organizations at sensible cost. The cost of organizations offered by National Express is changes from the idea of organizations. Consequently, it construes that the elevating organization needs to refresh their esteem strategy with the objective that they can expand high ground satisfactorily and capably (Deshpande, and et.al., 2017). With a particular true objective to broaden its market in the need territories, My Destination needs to improve their esteem strategy effectively, which helps in customer interest and upkeep profitably.
  • Place: The focal office of My Destination is masterminded at London, from where the give their associations to their clients. The place game plan of the connection helps in increment in game plans and favorable circumstances tastefully and effectively (Homburg and et.al., 2016). Place is for the most part called channel, development, or focus person. It is the instrument through which things and additionally benefits are moved from the maker/expert relationship to the client or purchaser. The place technique for the National Express isn't much practical as it has constrained branches. In this way, if association of My Destination rotate around their place technique attractively, by then they can extend high ground adequately and competently.
  • Advancement: The headway framework is to a great degree essential for My Destination. It chooses the improvement and progression of the affiliation effectively and adequately. It was perceived that headway technique of My Destination is adequately perfect to pull in more customers and addition their customer base (Engelen, Lackhoff and Schmidt, 2016). Regardless, it isn't adequately sufficient to offer competition to The National Express. Consequently, it gathers that the exceptional philosophy of the association ought to be redesignd and balanced so the high ground can be get suitably and beneficially.
  • Physical Evidence: Physical Environment is the earth in which the things and organizations is passed on by the affiliations. My Destination set up its office in London from where they offer there things and organizations to the clients and customers. The essential office of National Express is in like manner settled in London, thus giving firm competition to My Destination (Wirtz, Tuzovic and Kuppelwieser, 2016). From this it can be grasped that advancing organization of My Destination needs to change their physical affirmation framework by broadening their business and organizations effectively and capably.
  • Individuals: People are generally human help used in an affiliation that work with a particular true objective to accomplish legitimate goals suitably and successfully. From the examination, it was perceived that the work of My Destination is less when appeared differently in relation to the work used in The National Express (Ryan, 2016). Further, there is absence of gifted work perceived in My Destination. Along these lines, the organization of the affiliation needs to improve their work suitably, with the objective that their business can accomplish destinations and moreover get the high ground satisfactorily and gainfully.
  • Process: Process is the genuine frameworks, instruments, and stream of activities by which the organization is passed on. To grow the improvement and headway, an affiliation must have smooth and all around specially fitted process. It covers all the various leveled practices from acquisition to packaging. The technique of My Destination isn't adequately beneficial to offer contention to the National Express (Gunawan, 2015). With slight upgrades in movement organizations and transportation workplaces, My Destination can improve its method framework satisfactorily and capably.

Marketing Plan

P4 Description on the formulation of marketing plan for the nationwide expansion of My Destination

The Marketing design of My Destination can be made by breaking down inner and outside condition and division, focusing on and situating which is given underneath:

Inward Analysis: Internal examination of My Destination should be possible through SWOT investigation:

  • Strengths: The quality of My Destination is powerful nature of administrations, effective client base and great hierarchical notoriety in the market.
  • Weaknesses: The shortcomings of association is wasteful aspects in administrations, absence of consumer loyalty, absence of talented labor and restricted items and administrations (Grãdinaru, Toma and Marinescu, 2016). These shortcomings prompt downgrade of development and advancement of association.
  • Opportunities: There are different open doors accessible to the administration of My Destination, for example, increment in labor aptitudes by giving them viable preparing and advancement and enhancing the administrations of the association adequately and effectively.
  • Threats: The real risk is rivalry and the huge cost arranged administrations (Wasan and Tripathi, 2014). These dangers goes about as a test for the administration of My Destination and give opportunities to change over these dangers into circumstances and give benchmark to enhance their execution.
  • External Analysis:

The outside examination of the affiliation ought to be conceivable with the help of PESTLE indicate which is given underneath:

Political: The political factor impacts the productivity of My Destination from numerous points of view. Due to dynamic authoritative courses of action of United Kingdom and differences in charges, organization regularly changes their frameworks remembering the true objective to adjust up to current circumstance (Ismail, Mubarack and Thulkifly, 2015).

Financial: of late the fiscal province of United Kingdom defied rescission and swelling because of intervention of European Union. This impact on the customers purchase control and My Destination needs to go up against crush in their arrangements a couple of times.

Social: The social parts made out of customers and societal tastes and tendencies. The taste and tendencies of customers are changing rapidly which impacts the organization of My Destination to predictable updates in the things and organizations to address the issues of customer effectively and gainfully (Mišič and Podnar, 2017).

Mechanical: Management of My Destination uses distinctive inventive apparatus, for instance, pilots and PC contraptions that guide in change in their execution and organizations enough and successfully.

Lawful: The organization of My Destination requires following the laws and institution which are proposed by the council of United Kingdom, for instance, customer prosperity and security, work rights laws et cetera. This will incite increase being developed and progression of the affiliation satisfactorily and capably.

Condition: the earth impacts the improvement and progression of affiliation sufficiently and gainfully (Wolfe, Silmon and Miller, 2014). It is required for the relationship to work in like way to anchor the earth. The association works remembering the ultimate objective to decrease the carbon impressions from nature enough and profitably.

The Marketing design can be made after inside and outside examination with the help of division, concentrating on and arranging model which is depicted underneath:

Division: The divided customers are generally folks and females of age at least 20. The organizations can be given to support them transportation suitably and successfully.

Focusing on: The concentrated on customers are outfitted with specific transportation organizations which will be conceivable and accessible and that advances improvement and change of relationship in the meantime.

Situating: The thing arranging help in apportioning specific things to particular customers. The purpose of arranging is to sort the sorts of things and organizations to the divided customers sufficiently and adequately (Mare, 2015). The organization of My Destination must sort their things with the objective that each thing will fulfill the prerequisites of divided customers.


Based on the above report it can be concluded that marketing is very important for organisation in order to sustain in the competitive environment. The selling and marketing both are the differed process to each other. The marketing performance of the enterprise is needed to be compared with the functioning of National Express, marketing mix approaches etc. Marketing will be helpful in order to promoting profitability and productivity of products and services. In addition to this, internal and external environment, marketing plan and marketing strategies has been formulated in order to have growth and development of business enterprise in effectively and efficiently.


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