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Understanding Marketing and Events


Marketing is an essential process for each and every organisation to communicate with the target audience for the products and services(Ryan, 2016). It has a large significance as per the modern marketing concept which emphasise on the product development according to the customer's needs. Social peoples gathering for a particular reason can be termed as a event which is a traditional method of marketing, in which a seller sales their products to customers which are presented in the event. Event marketing is focused only on sales and it has not any relevancy with the product development and customer satisfaction. This report is having focus on the Glastonbury festival where more than 200,000 peoples comes to attend the event, it was started in 1970 with 1,500 attendees. The present report is containing details on the Glastonbury event, SWOT analysis on the scope and impact of the marketing of the event is available in this assignment. Marketing mix is an essential element to develop a event for marketing event and it can increase the effectiveness of the Glastonbury Festival. Segmentation, targeting and positioning can helps to the event organisers to make more better section in their festival to arrange marketing accordingly.


Explanation on how special events are defined and classified

Special events are based on the some special activities which can be relevant with the traditions, culture, sports and business activities(Dwyer and Wickens, 2011). Most of the festivals are having a fix time duration in which the organisers are providing all the facilities for the visitors, participants and guests which are invited or not invited by them. These special events are based on their popularity so it is essential for the organisers to maintain the public interest in tit to manage the popularity of the festivals. These festivals can be classified in these sections which are:

  • Traditions: Some of the festivals are related with the traditions which has a spiritual significance also for the attendees. Most of the old courtesy are organising the traditional festivals in which they are conveying their traditional values in their future generations.  
  • Culture: Cultural are also related with the traditional but it has a inclusion of the new trends which has a influenced by the modern era(Hall, 2010). These are having mixed type of festival in which a person can enjoy their traditional and cultural values.
  • Sports: Some of the festival are based on the sports to increase the attraction of peoples on their local sport. Many countries are organising sports festivals which has a focus on a particular festival which have to played in the rules which are decided by the by the organising committee.  
  • Business Activities: Most of the festivals are having business activities which helps to the local business entities to take their participation in the festivals(Chadwick and Burton, 2011). These types of festivals are having focus on the sales of the products so many local businessmen take participate in this to advertise and marketing of their products and services. It helps to them to grow up their business and increases the number of peoples which know their name and work.

According to the City of Toronto (2017), these special events can be classified on the basis of the length, frequency, number of venues and attendance. So here an category according to the criteria decided by the City of Toronto.

  • Category A: In this a festival duration can be one day to one month and number of attendance have to cross 200,000.
  • Category B: Duration up to one month and number of venues can be five. 20,000 to 200,000 peoples have to be attend in this type of eve festivals. Hogmanay festival is which celebrated in the Hindenburg and more than 80,000 peoples are having participant in this(Cruceru and Moise, 2014).
  • Category C: Time period is limited to five days and number of peoples in between 10,000 to 50,000.
  • Category D: It has a length up to 3 days and number of attendance have to be under in the 10,000. according to the criteria Notting Hill Carnival in the London can be covered in this category.


(a.) The role of marketing mix in developing an event marketing strategy and it's application on Glastonbury Festival

The marketing mix is helpful to make an effective marketing of the products and services(Brafu-Insaidoo, 2011). It has a different factors e.g. product, price, promotions, places, process, physical evidence and peoples, these all are helpful to make an effective marketing plan for an event. An explanation is given under here for marketing mix and it's roles;

  • Product: An event can be a consider as a over all product so organisers which are organising an event have analyse the demands of the target audience. It helps to the event developer to develop more effective event for their target audience. So it is essential to analyse the demands of the target audience. Survey of the participants method can be sued by the event managers to know about the expectations of the target market.  
  • Price: It is a most valuable part for a event developer, they have to set a price which is suitable for their target market. So the marketing teams have to analyse the financial condition and purchase power of their targeted visitors. It is an essential part for the developer to manage the number of peoples in the event. So they have to set price which are effective for both in which they can make profit for the developer as well.
  • Place: It is related to the place where a event can be organise, it have to be convenient and in the public reach. Otherwise organisers have to provide vehicle facilities to provide a convenience a in the transportation of their visitors(Castronovo and Huang, 2012). One more thing, they have to select right place to sale out their event tickets as well so they have to choose those places where their target audience are having a reach.
  • Promotions:  It is an essential part for the event manager to use an suitable medium to advertise the events. In this section an event planner having various options e.g. print media and electronic media, social media etc. By using of these medium they can easily promote their programmes in their target market to attract peoples towards them. In this part they have to analyse the suitable medium to promotions. Social media is contemporary method which is most suitable for the event managers to make promotions of their events. They can post videos and [photos and as well as they can sale tickets and passes also by Facebook.
  • Peoples: It is related to the peoples which are engaged in the activities, organising of the event and volunteers which are working in the advertising and promotions have to be professionals because they have direct connection with the audience(Kozinets and et. al., 2010). Event developer has to use localities in the event management process because they are having a knowledge of the taste of the upcoming attendees. So they can make better development as per the expatiations of them. Volunteers which are included in the marketing process have to know the local language and trends of the local peoples by which they can make better communication with them.
  • Process: It is related to the process which is related to develop event, so this factor can be used by the event developers to use step by step process to develop event programmes. They can start their works from the basic and foundation work. By this they can make increase the effectiveness to provide satisfaction to the attendees.
  • Physical Evidence: It is related to the presentation of the event for their target audience so an event developer have to make perfect presentation of the event by which they can attract to the target peoples (Rogers and Davidson, 2015). In which they can make decisions up on the colour, theme, lights, decoration and facilities, these all are having a potential to attract the target audience. So this is a part which is essential to take make a lead on the audience to stay in the event.

This marketing principles can be used by the Glastonbury Festival organisers to make decisions on the product, price, place, promotions, peoples, process and physical evidence to customize their festival as per the demands and expectations  of the peoples which are regularly comes in the events.

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(b.) Marketing strategies and resources which can be used in the event planning and implementation

1.Marketing Strategies

It helps in promoting the event to target the audience. Event marketing is a process of developing a exhibit, display as well as presentation to promote a product, services or organisation in the person engagement. Events can occur online as well as offline. STP analysis is a marketing process which includes three steps: market segmentation, targeting as well as positioning. In this process, segment of the market to be done and analyse specific needs of consumer (De Mooij, 2013). They have to use proper marketing strategy which directly engage the consumers and encourage them to participate in the evolution of brand.

Segmentation: It is a process of dividing a consumer as well as business market by existing and potential consumers which is based on some type of shared characteristics. Event segmentation is a process by which people can do continuous stream of activity into the meaningful events. Event should be segmented which appears to be automatic as well as ongoing component of human perception. According to the case study, Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place near Pilton, Somerset. This event segmented on the basis of music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts. They have to do proper marketing mix in a proper manner (Raj, Walters and Rashid, 2012). Group consumers can be done into four segments like homogeneous, heterogeneous, economic upside as well as operational. They have to do proper segmentation which helps in targeting as well as better positioning of events.  

Targeting: According to the events, they have to do proper target which includes size, expected growth, competitive position, cost to reach as well as compatibility. These are three approaches which helps in targeting the consumers. Event company have to do proper promotions of events so that they can attract large number of consumers and by that they can target their consumers which helps in attaining maximum profits. They have to use appropriate strategy so that they can target the consumers. The event firms have to adjust their marketing mix for every segment which are targeted so that they can ensure that each segment is satisfied with the offering which they are providing to consumers (Wang and Pizam, 2011). It is better that the event firm have to target specific segment with the proper solution so that they can attain the success in the competitive market.

Positioning: The final stage is positioning which helps in developing a strategic marketing plan so that they can analyse the target market and on the basis of that they can identify where the competitors of that event company is positioned and which attribute are important for analysing the consumers that which segment they like and on the basis of that they have to target and segment consumers. Product positioning refers to the place an offering occupies in the customers mind on important attributes, relative to competitive offerings. Marketing is an organic process which involve understanding the capabilities and resources, analysing the attractive market opportunities as well as executing the campaigns to earn more revenue (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010).

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2.Monitoring and Control

It is related to the monitoring of marketing strategies and control on them to achieve marketing objectives. Some points are here to monitor and evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring means to monitor or look over on those plans which are made. It means that the plans are actually executing or not. In the Glastonbury, the management takes some necessary steps for making the  event successful.

Divide teams: They divide the teams and allotted them their specify work. All the teams are going to work in their fields and the management start getting the report from them, so the inconvenience or failure chances of concert got reduced. Also, it reduces the work load on a individual. The work division makes the event successful (Lee and Kotler, 2011).

Feedback: They also can take feedback from the visitors so they can work on all the things which are going wrong in the festival.  They categorise each event according to the space and popularity. A feed back can be taken in the form of writing by giving them forms or also by orally.

CCTV cameras: Also they set up CCTV cameras on all over the field. So, they can get proper report of everything. CCTV cameras also helps them to cover all the footage which is going on outside of the festival place. It can help them for settle down all the types of miss management.

After examine the things the management should have to implement them or evaluate all the things and have to work on those things. Evaluation task can be done after dividing all the teams. All the teams have to do their own respective duties for making the event more successful (Ryan, 2016). The event developers can evaluate their marketing strategies on the basis of their objectives, target number of the attendance and revenues.

Risk Management: The risk management means by examines all the risk and after that implement them in a effective manner. So, the chances of risk got reduced. It is the duty of the management and their basic task is to sort out all the risks associated with the events. The main risk which is related to these events are the failure of events. Or an inconvenience etc. So, the management target is to reduce this  risk and made the concert successful. Some other aspects are:

  • Target market: Target market means the target audiences which are going to come there and enjoy the event. So they can only be achieve, if the organisers users innovative ideas and new themes for the event (Rogers and Davidson, 2015). Then this risk of target market get decline and function becomes successful.
  • Branding: It means a brand establishment. Since Glastonbury Festival is old event from last 77 years so it is already a brand. If, they are not going to work according to their name establishment their value in the market got disturbed and their popularity decreases. It also affects on the number of visitors.


The above concluded report is having focus on the understanding of the event marketing, it has focus on the Glastonbury Festival which is a five day event organized in the UK. Extended marketing mix can help to the event developers to develop an effective event for their audience. So they have to use this marketing tool to manage all the effectiveness in their programmes to provide a satisfaction to their attendees. Segmentation, targetting and positioning can also help them to manage the audience attraction according to their interest.


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