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Roles And Responsibilities of the Marketing Function Within Jurys Inn

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Organization Selected : Jurys Inn


Marketing is referred to be an essential consideration of almost all sorts of organizations and it plays a contributory role in the business. The current is hereby entitled as Hospitality Marketing essentials which are mainly to depict the importance of activities like promotion and advertisements to further trigger the process of sales. This ultimately serves to consideration of enhancing the overall profitability of the enterprise to a great extent (Bowie et. al., 2016). The present report has thereby covered some such significant aspects of marketing with a special context of a well-known hospitality firm in the UK named Jurys Inn to enlighten the readers about its undertaken marketing functions. This also described the interrelationship among the marketing as well as other departments of hospitality enterprises. Jurys Inn is a privately-owned establishment that is currently operating in a total of 43 distinct locations with approximately 2500 employees. It is 137 years old and has been felicitated with several awards.

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LO1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function within Jurys Inn

This is to discourse upon the vital role and responsibilities of Jurys Inn marketing department where it duly assists in the promotion of their business for a timely attainment of their undertaken goals and objectives. It is known to create a predominant image of the brand to positively represent the company to its audiences in the market.

Roles and responsibilities

How is it executed in Jurys Inn

Market Research

This is referred to be the foremost role of marketing that consists of some prime responsibility of collecting valid and reliable information about the targeted set of market (Jauhari and Bharwani, 2017). It is done to ascertain the factual needs and demands of the customers in the market to further assess the information for developing effective and need base products. In Jurys Inn, this role is being performed by the marketing team in terms of understanding the realistic demands in the market to take accordant steps.

Product/ Service management

This role is carried out once after targeting the consumers in the market to further set the prices of the formulated products or services. It hereby includes correctly responding to the determined requirements of the customers and keeping the product updated. In the cited firm as well, the service management is done by the team to comply by the above identified needs and demands of the targeted marketplace.

Promotional channels

This is yet another most vital role of marketing department in Jurys Inn with a prime responsibility of choosing from some smart choices of promoting the launched goods and services (Kandampully Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). It is for example to choose from the traditional or digital means of advertising to attract a large set of consumers.


This refers to the process of setting price where Jurys Inn need to select the most suitable strategy of pricing. It is because in case they set the most- highest or lowest costs of their newly launched service, they may suffer from huge amount of loss.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing relating to a wider organisational context

This is basically to state the relationship of above stated roles and responsibilities of marketing functions to a wider organisational context. Herein, one can relate the marketing purposes to other existent departments of the hospitality firm like Jurys Inn (Koritos and et. al., 2018). Below are some other key organisational departments that relates to the roles and responsibilities of marketing-

  • Product management- This being a different department of the quoted entity relates to the function of managing products and services. Despite of being an administrative department of Jurys Inn, the workers employed in it are responsible to look upon the operations of guest reservation, etc. Such close interaction with the customers helps them in acknowledging as well as fulfilling their needs by together informing the same to the marketing team.
  • Purchasing and accounts- This is yet another operational department of Jurys Inn that is mainly responsible to ensure a satisfactory formation of budget and other financial considerations (Leung, Xue and Bai, 2015). Employees working in it are required to coordinate with the marketing personnel’s and set a definite budget for the activities to be undertaken by them.
  • Selling and distribution- This is the most closely related department of Jurys Inn that looks upon the marketing functions with a prime agenda of coordinating with the department which is accountable for promoting the goods and services.

Analysing the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing environment



How do they Relate to each other and to the Marketing environment

1. Undertaking advanced strategies to promote the goods and services

Technical team

This relates to the social factor of the environment that is mainly concerned about undertaking such measures that directly meet out the actual needs of the customers. This is for instance to develop some effective digital media strategies to interact with the customers with a foremost responsibility of the technical team to make it possible.

2. Setting prices

Budget team

This being another vital concern of both marketing and budgetary team insists on referring to the fluctuating economic factors in the market (Perera and Perera, 2018). In whose accordance, the price of goods and services are needed to be set by the chosen enterprise.

3. Implementing policies

HR team

HR being a significant part of the organisation is required to look upon the legal as well as political factors of the market and set accordant policies and practices onto the firm. Likewise, for marketing department as well, HR sets effective policies and practices with a mandatory outlook of performing the same. This is because of continual changes in the market that mandates the HR professionals to stay UpToDate and relevantly apply them at the workplace. This is for instance in context to the hiring of marketing professionals in Jurys Inn and allocate their expected wages.

Analysing the significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within Jurys Inn

There is a huge significance in the interrelated functions of marketing and other organisational departments. Below referred is the association between marketing and other vital departments of Jurys Inn-

  • Research and development (R&D) department- This is characterised as another most closely related department with that to the marketing division of the cited entity. A good affiliation among both of these departments is evident to lead in giving contending benefits to the enterprise. It is on considering the fact where the R&D section comes up with the most innovative ideas to be implemented for marketing goods (Tresidder, 2015). This is for example on implementing one of the most innovative ideas of introducing a vegan menu in the hotels of Jurys Inn after determining a rising demand of environmentally conscious people. It can thereby lead to give the most happening opportunity to the marketing team to work upon its promotion and enhance the base of consumers.
  • Production department- This is another most important operational department in Jurys Inn that often seems to have a disputed relationship with marketing subdivision. It is because both of them are discretely concerned about the achievement of their individual target. Although, a close association among these 2 departments is important for continual enhancement of the establishment. This necessitates a friendly interaction among both the divisions to together fulfil the identified needs and requirements of the customers.

Critically analysing the key elements of marketing function and its interrelationship with other functional units within Jurys Inn

This is to relate the key elements of marketing function with that to the functional units of Jurys Inn. Herein, Jurys Inn being in hospitality involves several numbers of departments that links to its marketing division, as well-

  • Food & Beverages- This is highly dependent on the marketing function of the quoted enterprise where best food is required to be served to the consumers. For this purpose, it is significant to know their choices and accordingly design the menu and promote it to the guests and users. Herein, Jurys Inn can refer launching an online interactive medium, in which the users can directly check the menu and food tariffs, etc., for ordering the food of their own choice.
  • Accommodation and lodging services- It is on referring to the fact in whose accordance, a guest’s interest towards booking a room in hotel varies to a great extent (Bhasin, 2018). There exists a huge list of choices, on whose basis, a guest tends to select a room in the hotel. Marketing hereby corelates with this department by propagating the services to the such customers, whose requirements can be easily fulfilled by the Jurys Inn.

LO2 Comparing the ways in which Jurys Inn and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

Evaluate different tactics applied by Jurys Inn to demonstrate the way in which business objectives are achieved

This is to describe such effective strategies that can be undertaken by Jurys Inn to attain their overall business goals and objectives. It involves-

  • Improved distribution system- This not only intends to met out the marketing objectives of the hotel but together targets at the achievement of overall organizational goals. An improved system of distribution is expected to enhance the exposure of Jurys Inn’s room inventory (Kim, Vogt and Knutson, 2015). This is also apparent to make easy and reasonable connection with that to the top providers of hospitality industry that involves tour related services and food and beverages, etc. It also makes it simple for the hotel to connect with the guests from anywhere in the globe. It together simplifies the process of decision making with assistance of several reporting tools.
  • Effective promotional strategies- This is basically to deal with more web-based measures of promoting the goods and services rather applying the traditional means of advertising. Jurys Inn is hereby known to make a proactive use of social media to reach a large set of customers by together making a progressive use of content marketing.

LO3 Basic marketing plan for Travelodge to meet marketing objectives

Executive summary

This section depicts a marketing plan of Travelodge where it being a budget hotel is now planning to launch a boutique hotel, consisting of premium economy rooms, also entitled as “SuperRooms” for its clients and users. Below is a detailed description of its newly launched services that has also encompassed its targeted set of market and some strategies to attract them in greater numbers.

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Function in Travelodge
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Company overview

Travelodge is basically a privately- owned company which operates all over the UK (Gae, 2017). With a foundation of near around 33 years, it is now positioned as the 2nd largest budget hotel in UK and the 3rd largest chain of hotels in terms of bedrooms in its hotels that are more than 32, 600.

Marketing situation analysis

Internal analysis

This is basically to carry out an internal assessment of Travelodge which will be done using a famous tool called SWOT and is as referred below-

  • It has a huge opportunity of growing its presence by expanding into newer set of markets that has yet not been exposed by Travelodge.
  • A rising competition in this sector is known to be a threatening aspect for Travelodge where many of its contenders are practising several effective measures to enlarge their respective base of consumers.
  • This is for instance on considering the use of social media marketing (SMM) which is less effectively used by Travelodge.


The above report is based on the marketing essentials of a chosen hospitality firm of UK and comprises 3 vital parts. The foremost section has summarized the role played by marketing in an origination, along with its correlation with other organizational departments. It has been followed by a comparison among 2 hospitality entities to relate their ways of applying the 7P’s of marketing mix for attaining their overall business goals. Lastly, both basic and coherent marketing plan has been depicted to meet the undertaken objectives of marketing by Jurys Inn. In which, some effective strategies of marketing like STP has been applied. Also, it has concluded the analytical outcomes of the firm with assistance of certain applicable models.

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