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Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Function in Travelodge

University: Imperial College London

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Organization Selected : Travelodge


Marketing is a essential tool and technique used by every business to promote their products and services in the market for attracting more & more customers. It is very useful organization in hospitality industry as its growing day by day. The present report is in context to Travelodge, UK which is a leading hotel chain. The report will identify various roles of marketing function in the company along with its interrelation with other function in the organization. The ways in which hospitality organizations use elements of the marketing mix will be also analysed in this study. Furthermore, a basic marketing plan for achieving marketing objectives will be also developed in this report.

LO1 – Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing function

Hospitality Organisation: A hospitality organisation is a business or company that provides effective services related to accommodation, leisure, food and tourism. It aims at developing a healthy and good relationship between guest and host.

Brief description: Travelodge was established in 1985, it currently has 500 hotel partners in UK, 11 hotels in Ireland and 5 hotels in Spain. The company provides rooms or accommodation facilities to people, its aims in offering superior and budget stay to travellers in various locations. The company serves around 17 million customers every year. The hotels also have bar cafe and restaurants which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with varied cuisines.

Roles & Responsibilities

How is it executed in the selected Organisation Making strategies

The Marketing department will make the Marketing procedure for the organization that will assist the organization with gaining a superior understanding of achieving goals and objectives.. It will assist the organization with identifying the better market positions and achieve the more extensive number of customers (De Mooij, 2018).The vital activities helps the organization to deal with its activities so the organization can make the adjustment whenever required by the organization in the tasks and elements of the organization. Likewise, this will assist the Travelodge, UK with making the appropriate utilization of the resources accessible.

Statistical surveying

The Marketing department of Travelodge, UK will direct a statistical surveying which will assist the organization with gaining a superior thought of the necessities , needs or demands of the customers or the purchasers of the Travelodge, UK. Other than this, the statistical surveying will assist the organization with identifying its quality and shortcomings in its framework. This will enable the organization to roll out the important improvements in its tasks and make arrangements to do the capacities (Benz and Tanner, 2017). Aside from this, it will give the Travelodge, UK a short thought of its rivals and their estimates that can influence the organization's piece of the overall industry.

Product Development

Based on the information got from the market investigation, the Marketing division can manage the creation branch of Travelodge, UK to build up an Product or the administration that can meet the customer's necessity in most reasonable and suitable way. This will assist, Travelodge, UK with launching the reasonable products or services such as rooms that will assist the organization with satisfying the requests and needs of the customers. (Stead and Hastings, 2018). It is the duty of Marketing department to give the exact data to the better improvement of the Product or administrations.


The Marketing will assume an exceptionally significant job in the administration of process of company. In addition, organize with alternate departments like sales, fund and so on to have a superior offer of information and do the tasks. Other than this, it act as a channel between the customer's and the organization by taking criticisms and surveys about Product or administration. They will likewise utilize the different mediums like TV ads, web based and print media to have a superior thought regarding the necessities and requests of customers, and make them mindful about another Product or administration by Travelodge, UK.

Discussing roles and responsibilities of marketing and their relation to the wider organisational context

The marketing function inside an organization or businesses isn't separated inside an association, Hence, it is basic to investigate and see how advertising is connected with different elements of Travelodge, UK. There are different capacities performed by the picked association, for example, IT, Human resource, Customer administrations, Accounting and Production. The interrelationship among marketing and other function inside Travelodge, UK is examined underneath –

  • Human resource management - Human resource management is in charge of enrolling, preparing, association and overseeing workers inside an organization. It performs different exercises, for example, enlistment, choice and preparing, proficient improvement of the workers and so forth. It likewise deals with lawful approaches and controls identified with representatives working in the organization. In this manner, a marketing administrator takes help from HR division when there is need of a marketing official in Travelodge, UK. This aides in building up a solid marketing group to accomplish authoritative objectives and targets
  • IT (Internet and sites) – Internet is a one of the most essential component in present business condition; there is IT department in every last association. IT capacities incorporates executing new innovation, taking care of organization's sites and so forth. With the assistance of IT department Travelodge, UK advances its services successfully online through Websites and other technological instruments that helps in providing data to the customers effortlessly which is a noteworthy motivation behind advertising function too.
  • Accounting and Finance – The accounting department has a major responsibility of gathering raw material and developing strong relationship with suppliers. The function of this department is not limited to purchasing raw materials. They also needs to identify best suppliers, develop innovative ideas and these activities are executed with the help of marketing managers.
  • Sales: The Marketing division of the Travelodge, UK will take the appropriate method to convey the offers of the products or services that will be produced by the organization (Massingham and Pomering, 2017). Ordinarily, they will help the business division by sorting out the occasion, building up a effective campaign or giving the coupon or offers to advance the offers of the Products or the administrations by Travelodge, UK. Other than this, they will take the requests and furnish the business division with the plan to complete or stop the generation and offers of the organization.

The roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing environment

A Marketing manager plays vital roles and responsibilities in marketing environment, he or she needs to work internally and externally for the organisation. The various roles of a marketing manager in Travelodge can be described as below -

  • They are responsible for analysing and monitoring business or marketing environment such as factors that can influence the functions & activities of the business.
  • They perform market research.
  • They are liable for increasing customer satisfaction, customer value along and customer loyalty.
  • Marketing managers design and manage integrated marketing communication.

Significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within a selected hospitality organization.

Food and Beverages with marketing – The food and beverages department in hotels of Travelodge is responsible for maintaining quality of food items, its costing, management and monitoring of bars, restaurants, pubs etc. This department is very big and essential but it can not work without the help of other functions or areas of the organisation. Marketing department of the hotels helps to promote food and beverages offered to the customers which helps in attracting them.

Room division with marketing – Room division is also a important part of every hotel organisation that helps to offer accommodations to visitors or guests. Marketing assist Travelodge to promote various types of rooms offered by the hotels along with features of the rooms such as bathtub, mini bar, balcony etc.

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Reservation and Marketing – Reservation is a kind of sales for hotels, Travelodge promote the methods of reserving or booking rooms with the helps of marketing department. These methods includes Online bookings, vouchers and websites etc.

LO2 Marketing mix elements of Travelodge and Trailfinders

Marketing mix approach enables each sort of business to structure a viable Marketing to design with the end goal to draw in customers and increment the offers of an Product or service (Altieri and et.al., 2018). It focus on every single component or factor of Marketing mix with the end goal to advance their Products through great marketing systems. Marketing Mix incorporates 7 P's which are principle components of this methodology. The components of Marketing mix or 7 P's are depicted as beneath -



Trailfinders Tourism company


Product for Travelodge is its rooms, accommodation, lunch, dinner etc.

Product of Trailfinders is tourism services and holiday packages.


Price of Travelodge is low to high which can be afforded by every segment of customers

It is comparatively highly than Travelodge. This organisation has more costly tour packages which are not affordable by every person.


Travelodge has is hotel chain all over the UK and it is now expanding in other countries such as Ireland and Spain

It is also a travel company of United Kingdom. It has 31 travel centres in UK and 3 in Ireland.


Travelodge uses various types of promotions online as well as offline such as direct marketing through social media etc.

Different promotional strategies like discounting offers on packages and adventure trips with group of people are planned by this company.


The representatives of Travelodge, UK assumes an essential job from the development to the offer of different outcomes of the organization. Employees are recruited and selected for various departments such as room services, management, food and beverages department etc.

On the other hand Trailfinders consists different staffs in each office it has, these offices are managed by several managers and tourist guides to achieve business goals.


The Travelodge, UK focus on giving successful after selling services to the customer so they manufacture great business association with their organization. Travelodge provides accommodation services by collaborating with different hotels.

This organisation has consistent delivering process. It provides consistent services to their clients. The company focus on providing attractive rooms, services such as spa, laundry etc to the customers.

Physical evidence

Travelodge has various hotels all around the UK and expanding in Ireland & Spain, these hotels offers quality accommodation services to its customers.

Trailfinders Tourism company is also all around the nation.

Evaluate the tactics used in the marketing in order to achieve the objectives

Direct marketing

Direct marketing to people helps in making a vital impression on people. It is important to impress the customer to hold them for the lifetime. Arranging Marketing in the Hotel business is as yet a strong power in securing customers. The business is all about administration and it is majorly by way to communications and feedback. This will help the tour operator company in achieving its business objectives.

Search engine optimization and E-mail Marketing

This is also an effective technique which is very helpful in reaching clients. It is one of the best advance marketing techniques in this innovative world. Everybody is attracted and involved to the web so company can contact easily with people. (D'silva and Michael, 2017).. It is critical to have increased sales and along these lines email advertising is essential to hold existing customers and make new ones. This can be done by way of Promoting the best offers to customers through messages and achieving business objectives. We provide the best online programming assignment help in the UK from experts. Contact Now.

Powerful advertising: Advertising assumes a crucial job regarding attracting people to product and administrations and about image as well. In the marketing process a successful advertising must be done before product appropriation to tell focused on customers going to new product and administrations.

Target customer: This stage uncover going to the focused on customer to whom company want to offer organization products and administrations. It portrays going to organization statistic profile, for example, age, sexual orientation and so on for whom company are building up organization product and how much time of customers company will focus too.



Aim of the plan: Travelodge is planning to introduce superior and luxurious 1000 rooms.

Executive summary: This marketing plan is prepared for Travelodge. The company is planning to introduce superior and luxurious 1000 rooms. This organisation is operating in United states whose headquarter is in California. Organisation is planning to achieve its by aim by offering new rooms on discounts and various promotional campaigns will be carried for the same.



Travelodge has made an approach of declaration with the end goal to show their duty to the security of their customers. By utilizing Travelodge Hotels, their site, their devoted phone reservations line and any line or some other administration of Travelodge Hotels Ltd, the customer is concurring and giving their agree to the better laid out in the announcement issued in the security arrangement expressing that they will dependably deal with data in consistence with the Data Protection Act (1998). In april 2011, Travelodge conducted the UK's First spending lodging service apprenticeship program for education. The plan, is a most optimized plan of attack course into administration and furnishes.


UK tourism has weathered the twofold plunge subsidence however 18% less individuals are holidaying abroad than before the downturn, another examination appears. The quantity of excursions taken by Britons abroad has declined by 12.6 million, from 69.4 million to 56.8 million somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2011, as per the examination by Travelodge. This implies 5.9 million occasions and treks have left the market by and large when the quantity of residential occasions and outings are figured in

Social Factors

Travelodge is viewed as an pleasantly satisfactory lodging with respect to its services and channel, in spite of the fact that there are many blended audits from that site and different locales, such as, trip advisor (Serrat, 2017). The utilization of online networking can help draw in customers yet in addition put a few customers off as one negative audit can have a greater impact than 10 positives joined. Travelodge has given its £15 million media arranging and purchasing record to Interpublic's Initiative UK as a major aspect of its £223 million image speculation program. Activity has been entrusted with managing the media preparing of a noteworthy crusade which will dispatch in spring 2014.


When making a web based booking, in the same way as other booking sites, Travelodge have strategically put numerous additional products in a last endeavor to acquire benefit from the booking customer, these incorporate breakfast and supper, Wi-Fi, early check in and furthermore a few Hotels offer pet offices.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation – Travel lodge should focus on online customers such as travellers who are more profitable for the company as they are in much need of accommodation services. It can help in increasing sales. Company is planning of opening 1000 new rooms which will be possible by segregating customers on the basis age of people

Targeting – Travelodge needs to target customers ranging 20 to 45 years old and couples who can be potential customers for the company.

Positioning – The Travelodge needs to make sure its hotels are in the best market, services can be offered in various tourists destinations such as London, China and other places in different countries.

Tactically applies the use of the 7Ps and includes measures for monitoring and evaluation to achieve overall marketing objectives.

Marketing is the most important part of any firm, Company need to ensure that customer must be content with product and administrations. It gives company that methodology in which company can make focus on organisation’s customer n appropriate promoting plan gives company to have the capacity to reach to be focused on customers and drastically enhance achievement of association. Organisation will use the marketing mix strategies for measuring and controlling in following way.

Product: Company is coming with new luxurious rooms which can be enjoyed by every class of person.

Place: Organisation is opening this new rooms in two different cities of United Kingdom.

Price: It is in the marketing plan of the company to launch new rooms at affordable prices so that it can be enjoyed by every class of people.

Promotion: It is being done by social media platforms and publicity by offering discounts and vouchers.


The above report concluded that Marketing is very useful for each and every organization, it helps n attracting more customers to a business. The study determined various roles and responsibilities of the Marketing function in Travelodge, UK. It also described its interrelation with other functions in the company. This report also included marketing mix elements of the organization along with its comparison with Marks and Spencer. Furthermore, the report described a marketing plan for Travelodge to achieve its objectives.

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