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Pestle and Swot Analysis in Marketing Planning


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Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing plays vital role in terms of boosting the sales and promotion levels of organisation (Moons and et. al., 2010). There are type of marketing tools are used in organisational context to explore and boost the sales and marketing functions in business and wider context. This report is prepared to analyse to analysing the marketing tools which are used by associations and large organisations to emerge the sales graph of organisation. There is a marketing techniques such as PESTLE and SWOT analysis is done of McDonald. Importance of the promotional mix in the production of promotional material and the effectiveness of three methods are also defined in this context.


1.1 Use of PESTLE and SWOT analysis in marketing planning

Marketing Tool

Tools are basically considered as a techniques and the methods which helps to consolidate and summarise the task and project parallel to organisational goals and objectives. In business context the marketing tool is a method to enhance the popularity of goods and services in existing and new market. This is the approach which is used by managers in order to manage the flow of operations and management. Mainly it remain associated with building the effective marketing technique and sales graph (Martin, Campbell and Harmsen, 2014). More over the information and details remain associated with analysing the internal and external marketing environment and identifying the possible market to sell the good and services of organisation. These are considered as the material which not only assist the marketing functions but also improve the brand image of organisation. Basically, marketing techniques are being used by organisation subject to deriving the marketing options and strategies.

Marketing techniques align the operations and management of business in single format. These tools help to interconnect the organisation with its clients and the customers. More over the information remain aligned with emphasizing goods and services. Innovations and product development are the essential aspect in terms of creating the scope of market area and segmentation. PESTLE and SWOT analysis are the main techniques which are used as a marketing tool to explore the marketing operations and functions.

PESTLE Analysis

this is one of the analytical tool which helps to analyse the essential elements which remain associated with creating plans and the strategies for better understanding of current marketing plan. This is one of the strategic analysis technique which assist the managers and analyst to make business and marketing plans. There is strategic framework for understanding the external affect the external and internal environment of business. There is an impact of macro environment upon business and functional activities are also analysed in this marketing tool and techniques. This analysis technique can be understand by the following example of McDonald's PESTLE analysis.

McDonald's is one of the largest fast food corporation organisation which has a large customer market in internal market. Its cooperative marketing techniques and strategies are the only sources of boosting the marketing structure of organisation at next level. In other ways it is considered that the organisation is very concerned with its marketing techniques and strategies which are used to explore the business functions and operations. There are type of business operations and global business expanding techniques and strategies are adopted by McDonald to boost the structure of marketing and sales graph in domestic and in international market (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013).


McDonald's is the only fast food industry in the world which is able to correlate its business and operations in international market with more effective and efficient manner. There is a diverse effect fall upon McDonald subject to exploring the business operations and marking operations in global context. This mainly associated with analysing the effect of different marketing technique and the political policies to explore and boost the operations and management of organisation. There is an impact and effect of government rules and regulations upon business activities are define in this context. Managers and analyst have to bear the side effects and challenges while preparing the strategies and plans for better executions for plans and strategies. Impact of macro environment upon general business environment and governmental activities and plans are also defined in this context and are evaluated with the help of deriving polices and strategies (Cleverley, 2017). There are some significant changes and the plans evaluated in organisational context to explore the operations and management of business for better execution and plans for effective operations and evaluation. There are some key aspects are defined below in terms of political analysis of McDonald's

  • there are type of strategies and plans are made by considering the increasing international trade agreements and opportunities (Linoff and Berry, 2011). More over the information and detial
  • There are also some elements remain avoided in terms of tax reforms and pending works and reforms are analysed in more professional and effective manner. This is the only aspect which remains associated with exploring the business operations and the management.
  • Evolving the public health and policies are also analysed in terms of managing the marketing functions and managing the sales and promotions.
  • This is the analysis which also effect the price the related to health policies.

There is a vast opportunities found in wider context subject to boost the level of business and organisations. There are type of strategies and plans considered in organisational context to elaborating the operations to enhance supply chain. Building the market leader in fast food industry are also analysed subject to reforms practices and the techniques to lessen the effect of taxation on the business expect violating the laws and legislations. Impact of taxation and the business are analysed in terms of health policies are the main aspects covered in thi

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