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MKT230 Qualitative Research Report - Mudgee

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3532
  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: MKT230
  • Downloads: 486
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Identify and analyse the values of different market segments and generate the best media in order to communicate with each segment.
  • Discuss and understand the associations people have with the region and barriers in visiting tourism places.
  • Conduct a research on local area of the tourism target market and identify what attracts the tourism.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mudgee


Regional tourism refers to a tourism which is mainly focused on a particular region. It has also been said that regional tourism is not only the movement of individual person but also about their expectation and imagination about what they are going to experience while traveling. Furthermore, a tourism regiondefine as a geographicalarea which is generally selected by a tourism bureau or governmental organization who have similar environmental as well as cultural characteristics (Armstrong and et. al., 2018). In the present research, Mudgee is chosen as the base destination place on the basis of which whole project is going to be conducted. Mudgee is a place within the Central west of New South Wales, Australia. It is commonly known for their colonial buildings as well as famous for their production of wine which influences the overall economy of the country. It is a well known for the views and food festival conducted on an annual basis attracts large number of tourists towards them. In the present research, various sections are going to be covered where target market are going to be identified. Apart from this, a description on research problem is included in this research along with the methods used by the researcher in order to collect the information about the topic.

Research Objectives

1. Identify three target markets for a region:

  • The values of these segments
  • best media to use to communicate with each segment

2. Identify what attracts tourists to their region

3. Understand the associations people have with the region and barriers for visiting


The present investigation is going to provide detailed information on the popular tourism destination named as Mudgee, which is popular across the world for its wine production and food festivals. Here, the overall investigation has been carried out on the basis of three main objectives (Baker and Saren, 2016). The first objective discusses about three main target market for Mudgee. In this, the main target market for this tourist destination are middle to high class people(on the basis of income), 18-35 years age( according to age) and the people who love to visit nature oriented places. Along with this, it can be further said that social media, newspaper etc. will going to be adopted by investigator inform each of the segmented market zone about Mudgee and its popularity. It has also been said that regional tourism is not only the movement of individual person but also about their expectation and imagination about what they are going to experience while traveling.

The another objective of this research provides exploration on the specific zone or areas which attracts to targeted tourist towards the chosen destination that is Mudgee. In this, it has been explored that Mudgee is becoming popular day by day this is because Mudgee region tourism is doing marketing of the overall visiting places in such a manner that attracts customers a lot towards it (Bentley, Daskalova and White, 2017). The main things or places which attracts tourist towards region is its wine production, food festival, scenery, mining area, Port Macquarie, national park, Bryron Bay etc. Effective marketing initiative taken by this region directly develops knowledge pf the localize as well as other targeted people about the popular places which ultimately influences their interest to at least visit these places once in their life. The overall success of this region could be acknowledged by exploring the overall revenue generated by tourism sector of Mudgee from international as well as domestic visitor that is approx $28.5 billion, influences or attracts $35.1 million travelers who stays at the destination themselves for at least one night (Mudgee Region Tourism claims bronze medal at Australian Tourism Awards, 2018). All of this can be considered as the achievement gained by marketing team of Mudgee region Tourism.

Understand the associations people have with the region and barriers for visiting

In addition to this, the next objective of this research provides detailed discussion on barrier which are faced by visitors while visits the Mudgee. From this, the main barrier faced by visitors while visiting this place is its low popularity among people (Boddy, 2016). In addition to this, the respective place is not having higher number of adventurous places that directly demotivates every visitor to make decision of visiting this place. Along with this, it can be said that people also finds distance as the main barrier that could influence them to not visit the particular destination. All of them becomes main reason which might influences people to not visit the place.

Problem background

The present investigation is conducted in order to examine the main reason behind the low tourist rate within Mudgee. Along with this, it has also been analyzed that the background of the research is to identify the barrier which affects the overall number of tourist.

Research design

Research design is termed as the essential part of every investigation which clearly describes that how investigation is going to carry out with the usage of right plan (Deepak and Jeyakumar, 2019). It also states that the overall planned investigation is piratically feasible for all. With reference to the present investigation, in order to conduct present investigation, researcher will definitely require both the primary and secondary form of data collection method in order to identify required information in rightful manner. In primary method, investigator will make use of focus group method whereas in secondary form investigator will gather information from books and online articles for gathering maximum information within the provided time frame.

Apart from this, there are two main methods by which gathered data can be easily analyzed by investigator. These methods are qualitative and quantitative form of data analysis methods. Qualitative method states that overall gathered information is analyses on the basis of human based perception whereas quantitative method states that whole data is analyzed with the usage of mathematical and statistical formula. For present study, investigator will use qualitative method for analyzing overall gathered information in detailed manner. It can be said that overall method used by the investigator is to ensure that they will find out feasible outcome for their project in rightful manner (Kaynak and Herbig, 2014).


In order to conclude the whole research in an effective manner, it is required by the investigator to adopt various data collection method. This as a result will assist in order to collect authentic and appropriate data and information so that whole research will be completed in an effective manner. In the present research, investigator use qualitative method for collecting information so that the overall research will be completed in an effective and appropriate way.

Main approaches for collecting qualitative data as well as there description.

There are ample number of ways through which researcher will be able to collect authentic information and data so that they can produce favorable outcome. Some of the most essential approaches used by researcher in order to collect qualitative data includes in-depth analysis, observation, focus group and so on (Laufs and Schwens, 2014). Detail description of these methods are going to be discussed as follows:

In-depth analysis: It has been said that in-depth analysis refers to a method or approach used by researcher in order to collect information in more detail and descriptive manner. Under this method, investigator consider various different methods and compare them in order to enhance their knowledge in detail manner. It has been said that In-depth analyses is generally conducted by the researcher in order to know about the issue, problem and phenomenon in a detail manner so that favorable outcome will be produced. In this context, investigation does not emphasis on a single method and collect ample number of information and then compare it in order to conclude the research effectively (Li, 2016).

Observation: Apart from in depth analysis, researcher adopt observational method for designing a positive and favorable outcome. Observational research define as a qualitative research method where the main target respondents are being observed, noticed and analyzed by the investigator within their real life setting. It is the method which is generally used by researcher when the data collection process like survey questionnaire, interview and other methods are not adequate and effective in order to produce results. It has also been said that there are ample number of observation method such as participation and non-participation observation.

Focus group: It is said that discussion which is included in the focus group is with the help of collecting individual from same experience and background on a specific topic. Focus group is the type of qualitative researchin which questions are generally asked about their beliefs, perceptions, opinion, attitudes or ideas. Main reason behind opting this method of qualitative research is to provide data and information in order to improve, modify or develop goods and services which is target to the key group customers (McQuarrie, 2015).

In the present research, investigator adopt focus group in order to collect information and data which are authentic. This as a result assist in order to conduct the research effectively and in best manner.

Process for conducting an online focus group, strategies and techniques which help in improving the participation.

In order to conduct the whole research in an effective manner, investigator adopt online focus group method which includes several steps going to be discussed as follows:

Step 1: Set goals- It is very important for the researcher to define clear idea about what they are going to conduct and what is the main target they want to achieve with the help of this method (Möller and Halinen, 2018).

Step 2: Make sure everything is clear- It is essential for a research to have complete knowledge about the type of targeted people, research questions they want to ask from the research, clear aim and objective on the basis of which effective questions are formulated and many more.

Step 3: Selecting right kind of participant- In order to examine the views and thoughts of individual with the help of focus group, it is essential for the researcher to identify participants from the large number of population. Along with this, it is also very essential for the researcher to select individuals to have some basic knowledge about

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