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Marketing Strategy of Travelodge

University: GSM London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MCOM4040
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explaining the overview of the organisation
  • Advantages and disadvantages of an organisation
  • Elaborate the planning a marketing strategy
Answer :
Organization Selected : Travelodge


Marketing is defined as a term with activity or set of institutions and process in order to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offerings that has value to the customers and society to a large extent. Thus, communication is termed as a task where or more than one person is required in order to interact with each other in a successful manner. It is also known as sending and receiving information between many people. In this report, Travelodge has been taken into consideration. It is a private company that carries out its operation in the hotels and the hospitality industry throughout the United Kingdom.

Thus, in this reported product and product orientations of Travelodge have been explained. Further, a legal and technological factor that impacts business operations along with internal environmental factors has been discussed. In addition to this, the following assignment also highlights communication campaigns that has been used by Travelodge in order to increase their brand recognition has been discussed in detail.


Travelodge is the second largest hotel brand in UK and is based on number of hotels and number of rooms operated. It was founded in 1985. They leas, franchise, manage and own over 540 hotels and more than 40000 rooms throughout UK, spain and Ireland.they mainly operate in attractive midscale and also in economy sector of the hotel market. They are also positioned as low cost operator that offers standarised , modern guest rooms at very low price that are easily affordable by visitors.


Describing product and product orientations and its advantages and disadvantages of each.

Product is termed as the idea or method or service that has been created in order to serve people and help them satisfying their wants (Ateke and Kalu, 2016).

Product orientation is termed as the business approach in which the company makes or supplies whatever is the only focus of management attention. Thus, if Travelodge adopt this approach may not focus on needs and requirements of customers but only concentrate on producing good and high quality product. They believe that customers may automatically attract towards them if they offer them best goods and services. Thus, its advantages and disadvantages has been discussed as per below context-

Advantage of product orientation

Quality- this is the main advantage for Travelodge if they adopt product orientation. Thus, it may helps them in focusing on quality of the product or service offered by them rather than customers. This focus may help them later in terms of producing product with specification.

Economies of scale- this is also the advantage for Travelodge as it helps in developing business method in easiest manner. This involves factors that help in reducing cost of producing item as production number is increased.

Disadvantages of product orientation

Missed opportunities- if the cited company builds superior product or service, customers want as the company has. But people demand not only the best things. Therefore, this will cost opportunities in order to exploit this. many marketers sell their benefits in terms of products rather than features in order to capitalize feelings and emotions of customers (Belch, Belch and Powell, 2014).

Narrow branding- if Travelodge do not develop brand with message of benefits or with clear image. Therefore, particular business must has a brand in order to send message in subjective manner then the cited company may choose the position in marketplace in order to introduce new products with that particular image carried on by them.

b. Identifying and discussing marketing orientation adopted by Travelodge.

The term market orientation is referred to as philosophy of business where their focus is on identifying needs and desires of customers and also in satisfying those needs. If Travelodge is a successful market-oriented company than they may discover and try to meet the needs of customers thorugh product mix. Thus, the marketing orientation that has been adopted by Travelodge has been discussed as per below context.

Travlelodge launched 26 million Euros multimnedia campaign that includes advertisement of TV that features their own staff for first time. Thus, they are launching premium rooms. The success of these premium rooms will be determined through sales of room and also through customer satisfaction. Hence, this makes sure that Travelodge is delivering what customers actually accept from them in terms of services (Davari and Strutton, 2014).


Identifying and discussing one legal factor and one technological factor that impact business operations of Travelodge and also buying behavior of consumers.

Technological factors- Travelodge has been set up a booking system in an easy and understandable manner and a mobile compatible page that is designed in a special manner. This helps the cited company to place multiple add ions tactically in the last attempt to gain maximum profit from customers. This also includes breakfast and dinner, Wi-Fi, early check-in, etc.

Legal factor- Travelodge must be able to pay staff minimum wage. Legal factor means the amount of money that is paid to the staff. The company Travelodge employs people of major age. The staff is also concerned with their ability in order to work and also other things entitled such as holiday pack, sick pay, and pensions.

Identify and explain two internal environmental factors that is considered as strengths and weakness of Travelodge business operations.


Travelodge has affordable room rates.

They are very committed in their sustainability campaign. Thus, this adds appeal to the environmentally conscious customers and also helps in giving competitive edge among other budget and also luxurious hotels (Dileep and Mathew, 2017).


The major weakness of Travelodge is that they do not equip customers having whole range of products. They are basic and not fantastic in terms of decorating and aesthetics.

The cited company also lack in providing customers with facilities of wide range and also services to customers are limited due to lack of room service.

They are not ideal for large parties or families due to lack of space.

This is the biggest threat that may affect the brand image of Travelodge.


Explain the concept of positioning and its importance in planning a marketing strategy for Travelodge.

Positioning refers to a marketing concept that overviews what a business should do to merchandise its product or service to its consumers. It is the procedure of recognizing an appropriate market for their product, service, or brand. Travelodge’s good positioning strategy will make a product unique and makes the buyers consider using it as a distinct advantage to them. Apart from this, it enables a product and the company to tackle bad situations more easily. Further, it refers to a strategic procedure that includes marketing the product in a certain way to create an identity (Fernández-Cavia, Marchiori, and Cantoni, 2017).

Importance :

Product positioning considers as a part of the wider marketing philosophy, and it is also concerned with recognizing superior features of commodities and aligning them with consumers more effectively. This philosophy makes the whole Travelodge brand market-oriented.

It has also been discovered that, brand positioning also makes it easier for buyers to buy from the company. This is because they want easy decisions and Travelodge’s brand positioning will trigger a quick response from the target audience.

Through brand positioning, more meaningful promotional programme can be designed.

Travelodge will be able attract different types of consumers as they differ in terms of their expectations from the product.

Discuss one (1) positioning strategy that Travelodge could adopt in positioning themselves.


in this strategy the firm pays attention on defining and communicating the product benefits, unique characteristics, features that the product provides to the targeted market. Emphasizes on various product benefits is done by the organisation under this strategy. Features of the commodity include; availability, durability, economy and reliability can be illustrated in this kind of product positioning. Through this it can be stated that, Travelodge can make use of this strategy by paying attention on communicating its rooms and service’s benefits to the customers. Its hotel’s unique characteristics will attract their targeted consumers. Nowadays, people prefer valuable and quality-based service with affordable prices. Hence, to accomplish this company can offer durable, economical and reliable products and services to its potential as well as existing customers. Company can also do this by offering new services or improving the performance, price or quality of current services. Further, it has been proved that this tactic will assist Travelodge to enter new market in the future, attaining business objectives, selling more to present buyers or wining business from competitors (Irimiás and Volo, 2018).

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Identify and describe Travelodge’s product and service offerings, the processes they go through to deliver their products/services to the customers and the physical environment of Travelodge.

The company, Travelodge was founded in 1985 and is the 2nd largest hotel brand in the UK based on range of hotels and number of rooms operated. The firm lease, franchise and manage and own around 540 hotels and more than 40,000 rooms through out UK.

Operated highlights

18 million customers approximately are welcomed by Travelodge.

Upgraded hotels & great serving driving average TripAdvisor scores 4 stars.

In 2016, 19 new rooms were opened and 15 new hotels are anticipated to be open in 2017.

Food and beverages sales upto14% driven by the upgraded food & drinks offer.

Constant acceleration of new development pipeline.

The company’s main focus is on new style rooms, which were designed based on customer research. The rooms offer king size bed produced by Sleepeez (Johnson, 2010).

Reach customers through

In April a mobile app was launched by Travelodge which was downloaded by 180,000 times. Apart from this, an advertisement was conducted with the message That’s Travelodgicals, that drove awareness of the rooms transformation programme, endorsing direct online bookings by 12%. Furthermore, in companies marketing strategy, a big role is played by radio. In addition, it make use of advertising through social media to reach its customers, for example, the company has recently launched a video campaign with name That’s Travelodgical. If you are worried about online homework help from experts. Contact our experts.


From the entire coursework 1 it has been concluded that, marketing and communication means using various marketing channels and techniques. These marketing channels basically concentrate on any way a business communicates an information or message to its targeted market. Further, this can be done by advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, promotion, communication, and so on. This coursework discusses about Travelodge hotel limited company that owns hotels and hospitality across UK. The organisation leased, franchised and manage 558 hotels across UK, Spain and Ireland. The report further covers, product and services offered by the hotel and also promotion strategy use by the company. Further, it stated one legal factor and technological factor that could be considered as strengths and weaknesses. Processes that company go through to deliver their potential customers is advertising through social media and internet. In addition, the company aims at becoming favourite hotel for value. It seeks to offer unbeatable value in leisure and business travel with attractive modernised bedrooms with eco-friendly environment. Therefore, all these characteristics company offer seems that Travelodge is the ideal choice for customers.

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