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Marketing Principles - British Airways

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. What are the overall marketing strategy British Airways and Air Canada?
  2. What are the marketing programs and Strategies that help ethical manner?
  3. What are marketing concepts and principles with 7Ps, marketing research?
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Airways


The airline industry is a crucial part of the transportation sector, responsible for transporting cargo and passengers via air on scheduled routes (Pomering, 2018). Its core function is to move people and luggage between destinations, offering services at set prices. Marketing plays a vital role in this industry, helping airlines attract customers and provide a positive experience. This assignment focuses on British Airways, the UK's flag carrier airline established in 1974 and headquartered at Waterside. It delves into various aspects essential for airline businesses, including marketing concepts, strategies, principles, and methods crucial for achieving organizational objectives and ensuring operational efficiency.


a) Key marketing concepts and terminology which are applicable to the British Airways.

Marketing defines as a system which is used by a company for increasing profit as well as satisfied customers expectations or requirements (Pereira, 2017). Every business needs to plan effective marketing strategies that begins with the analysis of customers needs and implement effective plan for the development of goods and services which is required for the fulfilment of consumers requirement. Several concepts as well as terminologies of marketing are essential to be implemented within a company that helps in gaining huge growth and success of business. In the context of British Airways, few marketing concepts can be discussed below:

  • Product strategy: Product can be termed as an essential component of all businesses but in the context of British Airways, many types of services are given by the company which involves first economic class, car hire as well as hotel and flight combination (Mekonnen, 2018). The main goods and services of British Airways is to provide air flights to its clients who want to travel as well as it facilitates intangible services which becomes an important part of products that they sold.
  • Branding strategy: It is associated with the planning of long term objectives for the development of a specific brand successfully by attaining the objectives and goals of company. Adequate strategy related to the branding directly influence the environment of a business and customers requirements that effect the competitiveness and sustainability of a company. In the context of British Airways, mainly four kinds of branding decisions that involves name selection, brand positioning, sponsorship and development as well. In the positioning of a specific brand in front of customers requires beliefs, values as well as attitudes which assists in effective position of their goods and services within the market appropriately. In the name selection, company select attractive and unique name of their brand and protect them from their rivals (Loo, 2018). In the sponsorship of a brand development, company British Airways choose several choices like licencing, private brand, co-branding and manufacturing that helps in improving the company’s growth and success proportion. Whereas, brand development contains new brand, line extension, brand extension, multi brands etc. basically in which develop a new product or market that results in taking highly competitive edge in the market successfully. Within the context of British Airways, among all kind of branding strategy a company emphasised on the brand development to create huge market share as well as expand it at a large scale for that purpose they sets effective and appropriate goals which beings more flexibility in their operations that is required for getting more market shares along with the large base of customers and competitive leading position within the market.
  • Promotional strategy: British Airways facilitates many services to their customers and it is famous for providing numerous schemes like vouchers as well as coupons which gives discount facility to its customers (Kyambalesa, 2017). They emphasise on giving discount voucher codes to their customers even they are not the member of club but they require to do a registration process once a time. As the company provides attractive rewards and benefits as well for holiday packages at a cheap rate as well as rented cars in order to make customers loyalty and feel satisfied or happy.

b) Marketing strategies and programs that helped British Airways to accomplish their objectives. Were these objectives accomplished in an ethical manner?

  • All businesses require to be implemented some effective principles as well as strategies for attaining the objectives and goals of organisations (Hult, 2017). In the context of British Airways, few strategies are made for setting organisational goals which can be discussed below:
  • The company BA investing in efficient and flexible new aircraft even in the duration of economic downturn.
  • British Airways launched several new goods and services which involves new business class seat on the long haul flights and restyled first cabin for increasing customers touch points.
  • Emphasised on reducing workers on entire terminal which will help BA to minimise their overall costs.
  • British Airways planned growth strategy of their operations and consider as an effective responsibility towards the corporate strategy that is essential for a business organisation.
  • Company plans to develop its key presence at a global level and creates positive as well as strong image within the marketplace of United Kingdom and across the worldwide.
  • The British Airways focus on mileage functions of businesses and improve profits by making third party engineering and new online business presence which is done through e-ticketing to provide attractive cooperate packages for travellers and regular customers.

Yes, all the above strategies and principles of marketing assists in attaining organisational objectives ethically that has been viewed from the outcomes like: British Airways termed as a leading company in facilitating low cost airlines products and services which assists in getting high profit margin. Moreover, it is focused on key sectors like flight frequency on board food facility, offered tailored plans as well as equipment’s which aids in improving its client base as well as brand image in the marketplace (Hughson, 2017). In addition, accomplishing objectives by developing environmental infrastructure, support crew members by providing efficiency programmes as well as manage an informational flow of operation by giving correct information to their customers which has been successfully implemented or adopted.

c) Some marketing concepts and principles that exercised in British Airway’s daily operations.

  • Numerous concepts, strategies as well as principles which are exercised by BA for achieving organisational goals or objectives and improve the level of profitability (Hartsfield, 2017). It includes segmentation, targeting, positioning, 7Ps, market research and so on. some of all principles are discussed as follows:
  • STP strategy: Within the airline industry, the company British Airways is leading their position within the market in comparison of their rivals because they formulate appropriate and effective strategies for promoting their brand image at a local and international level. For increasing the commitment and confidence, BA has developed strategies which is customer friendly (Felix, 2017). For the purpose of making comfortable journey a company has developed effective strategies for bring advancement in a draft as well as manage the ticket expenses. As these strategies are treated as most effective and useful strategies.

Segmentation: It refers to an activity which is used for dividing overall market into small parts or sub-markets on the basis of several characteristics. Within the context of British Airways, it can be diversified into mainly for categories that are as follows:

  • Demographic: British Airways have segmented their market on the behalf of several variables which is based on different demographics such as income group, age, education, gender and so forth. As the company launched their products and services at effective pricing strategies in order to attract large number of customers segment along with the low price’s airlines.
  • Psychographic: It is associated with the segmentation of customers lifestyle and attitudes. Within the context of British Airways, it has segmented its customer base on the basis of means of travel whether it is for either leisure or organisation. The company have facilitated superior quality of food, seating facility as well as drinking facility along with the friendly on board employees for making loyal customer regarding the company brand value.
  • Geographic: In this category, mainly clients or consumers are segmented on the behalf of region and density as British Airways have segmented local flights in UK and Europe. For example, domestic as well as international flights are effectively scheduled in that kind of region where people highly prefer air transports (Chitty, 2019).
  • Behavioural:  It is associated with the perception and behaviour of people which consists different thoughts as well as ideas. Within the context of British Airways, the market is segmented on the behalf of how people accept products and services, what type of benefits they are needed as well as how they make loyal towards the brand and so on.
  • Targeting: In order to sale product and services a firm BA choose specific segment of customer which can be given many things such as may brings with single market and product, many markets with the different range of products and so forth (Armstrong, 2018). In the context of British Airways, the company concentrate on the single market as it provides for types of service packages to the different customer segments. As the company deals in various product and services such as economy, first class, premium economy as well as executive in order to target numerous sections of segmentation. For targeting citizens, a company target mainly primary market which preferred high class services that is targeted by British Airways through following expansion strategies towards its short haul market as it have emphasised on increasing the attention of different sets of consumers.
  • Positioning: It is termed as a last step of STP strategies that shows a clear view about the selection of marketing mix which is more suitable for the segmentation of target market. For the accomplishment of huge market growth, the company British Airways needs to be positioned their product and services within the market place in an effective manner as the company doesn’t promote themselves by providing cheapest flights that their rivals do (Sun, 2017). This is focused on metropolitan areas where company honour work and live as well as successfully positioned their brand in front of their customer. This also facilitate good quality of product and services as well as positioned in an achievable manner.

7Ps of British Airways:

Basis elements



The company British Airways has provided high quality of goods and services that have fulfilled the customers requirements. As it facilitates reasonable flights tickets which satisfy the demands of customers with having best services which is provided in flights such as Wi-Fi, fresh food and drinks and so on.


British Airways diversify the range of prices according to the advantages of different services that are varied according to the needs and requirements of customers. For example, the company BA has segmented their market on the basis of tickets fair charges and services as well as clients paid value according to the quality and class of services that is provided as extra services to those people who pays additional charges or amount.


It is closely associated with the distribution of goods and services which assists in accomplishment the objectives that is related to the approach of customers. As British Airways, sell their goods and services via medium of internet which reduces the expenses of retailers (Rao-Nicholson, 2017).


The company British Airways has exercised several promotional concepts and strategies like advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing as well as public relations by setting specific prices for their all products and services. In addition, some other promotional tools are including magazines as well as sponsorship events.


The success factor of an organisation is wholly depending upon the personnel as products and services are in used by people only. As British Airways creates or builds positive employee relations which involves the more interactions with the customers. It is also necessary to hire as well as train correct candidate for the right job with effective delivery of goods and services to their customers.


It is associated with the performance of goods and services that is impacted by the processes as well as systems for the purpose of minimising costs. As British Airways has developed effective distribution system and processes as well which make sure that operational activities of business operation work in a successful manner.

Physical evidence

It is required to make sure that products and services are provided that are innovative and unique in nature as well as facilitate with the better quality. Within the context of British Airways, the company has provided superior quality of products and excellent services to the customers as this will help in providing appropriate strategies at domestic and international flights level as well.

4) Conclusion and recommendations

From the above report it has been summarised that marketing is essential for all business organisation to sale more products and services which returns reliable and valuable outcomes. It has been analysed that several marketing concepts as well as theories that assists in getting competitive edge within the market which helps in attaining the organisational objective effectively. Also, it has been viewed that firms needs effective interrelationship among all departments along with the marketing divisions which aids in knowing market trends, customers expectations as well as adequate achievement of organisational objectives within the specified time frame with the customer satisfaction. Moreover, discussed about some strategies such as STP and 7Ps which consists a clear idea about many elements which a firm have and requires to be developed in some sections.

There are few recommendations for British Airways towards the marketing functions as well as accomplishment of objectives in a specified and adequate way. These are discussed below:

  • British Airways should require to be developed their marketing practices and strategies
  • for maintaining a leading position within the market.
  • The company should suggest to be followed the strategic intents in order to get huge market success and improve profitability.

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