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Marketing Principle And Practice


Marketing is a vital strategy for both profit-driven and nonprofit organizations. It encompasses a wide range of activities such as conducting research, designing and developing products, promoting them, and providing customer service. Key components of marketing include the marketing mix, customer retention, research and development, and promotional strategies. Tesco, a multinational corporation, operates in the grocery and general merchandise sectors and is the world's third-largest retailer (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012).


1.1 Use of Marketing concepts  and key terminologies in Tesco

Marketing concepts are used by companies in order to promote the products of company. These  are different concepts by which goals and objectives of firm can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers stated and unstated needs and wants. Tesco is  the  public limited company which is  engaged in the grocery and general merchandise retail business. It has 6902 stores and revenue of 54,455 billion pounds (Donovan and Henley,  2010). The company has adopted effective marketing strategies in which it has involved 3 marketing concepts . The concepts which Tesco use are:

Production concept- it is the concept of marketing in which consumers prefers products that are widely available and inexpensive. It is more operation oriented than any other concept. The company has adopted this concept as it enable the managers of Tesco to achieve higher volume with low cost and intensive distribution strategy. By adoption of this concept,Tesco aims to maximize its profitability by increased economies of scale. Tesco compares needs of consumers with need to increase the output.

Selling concept- In this concept it is clearly mentioned that the customers will buy products only if Tesco aggressively promotes or sell its products. As, in this present world, only selling is not the tool by which company can sell its product but marketing is also needed as well. It is the concept in which customers of Tesco does not buy products unless they are not supposed or persuaded to do so through selling efforts by company. So the company should use effective selling strategies to influence its customers (Lefebvre, 2012).

Marketing concept- it is the concept which has been used by Tesco which focuses on needs and wants of targets and delivering value better than its competitors like Primark and Asda. It involves making huge efforts in marketing of its products so that customers can get attracted and buy products and services of Tesco.

The said company Tesco, has adopted these 3 concepts of marketing. Consumers of Tesco prefers those products which are of good quality and also of innovative features. The company have adopted various attractive methods of selling its products to its customers  with effective marketing strategies (Hagberg and Kjellberg, 2010). Company wants its customers to prefer their brand only. There are 4 Ps of marketing :

  • product
  • price
  • place
  • people.

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1.2 Buying decisions of customers under various situations

Buyer decision process is the decision making process used by customers regarding market transactions before, during or after the purchase being done of any goods and services. The consumers want the companies to understand about their needs and wants and render products and services accordingly. As goal and objective of every company is to satisfy its customers, so it is necessary for the company to adoption of marketing strategies that will attract the customers. There are many factors by buying behaviour of buyers can be influenced. Costumers of Tesco  can make their decisions under various situations like: locally, internationally, online and offline. Decisions under various categories are:

Local marketplace: local market is a market which includes local market area presenting the particular city. Consumers are sometimes, not want to purchase products and services from an international brand or online. So they prefer going for  shopping in local marketplace (Luca and Suggs,  2013). The factors they consider while purchasing goods and services and which affect the buying decision  are as:

1.whether the particular product is of good quality or made up of certified materials. They do not want to purchase the materials which do not offer good quality. Customers of tesco wants it to offer good organic and healthy food products so as it will not affect their health. Also, in local market, buying behaviour is also influenced by the gesture of the workers, as if their behaviour is not appealable then customers will not prefer the cited company.

Internationally : international consumer markets are described as all the individuals and house holds international markets who buy or acquire goods and services for personal consumption (Lefebvre, 2011). Buyer behaviour in international market is influenced by buyer decision process. There are many factors which affects customers of Tesco, internationally:

Customers can be affected by cultural, social and personal characteristics. The customers of tesco can according to their cultures prefer products of company. It means they prefer goods and services that match up their culture and social environment. Also, customer can also affect their buying behaviour by personal reasons. It means they will prefer those products in which they have any personal interest.

Online versus offline: Now a days consumers prefers online shopping. It is easier for them to overcome large amount of options. Online shopping is easy for the customers as they have more options of the products of tesco. The customers wants products at reasonable prices along with good quality products. Customers prefers online shopping when they do not have good options for store. While offline shopping is preferable when they do not have good options online (Wood, 2012).

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It has been recommended that the company namely Tesco has been adopted product and marketing concept both as they form products according to the needs of customers. They have adopted effective marketing strategies so as to attract customers (Varey, 2010). On the other hand it has also been recommended that buyer behaviour is affected by cultural , social and personal characteristics, so the company namely Tesco should adopt effective strategies so as to attract its respective customers and get its goals and targets done.


It has been concluded from the above report that company namely Tesco has adopted product concept, selling concept and also the marketing concept for delivery of their services. There are four principles of marketing namely people, Price, product, and place. The company wants to retain its prestigious customers by implementation of effective strategies so as to achieve success. It has also been concluded that consumer behaviour are affected under various situations like . International level and national level and also they are influenced by online versus offline shopping. Thus, the company should always aim to implement strategies which are effective and  found attractive by consumers.


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