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Marketing Plan and Development of Cadbury

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :
This assessment will cover the following questions:
  • Discuss about the Role of marketing.
  • Discuss about the Development of basic marketing plan




Answer :
Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing refers to the study and administration of exchange relationship & is used to develop consumer base as well as retain and satisfy them. It involves all such activities of firm that are associated with selling & buying of good or service (Functions of marketing, 2017). Marketing is the management process by which products and processes are moving from concept to consumer. In the present assignment, chosen organisation is Cadbury which is a renowned British multinational confectionery firm that offers various products to its potential customers. The report covers role of marketing and its interlink with other functional units of enterprise. Apart from this, it includes the way in which company use elements of marketing mix to attain its overall objectives. At last, a basic marketing plan is developed and evaluated that administers direction for future course of actions.


Role of marketing and its interrelation with other functional units of firm

Marketing is identified as the function which involves various activities and actions of promoting & selling goods. It consist of advertising as well as market research that assists in communicating and delivering value for customers. The concept of marketing is utilized by firms to maintain and retain large consumer base by satisfying their needs. In Cadbury, several roles and responsibilities are played by marketing manager which assists firm in communicating value & benefits of their goods to customers and satisfying them by their offerings (Baker and et. al., 2016). Roles of marketing department in Cadbury are defined below:

Selling: Under this role, firm collect all data and analyse it by using various tools in order to develop effective strategies. Execution of such formulated strategies assists in maximizing its sales and attaining objectives and goals of company. With the aim of boosting up their sales, manager of Cadbury design proper sales plan. Some distribution tools are also evaluated in order to ensure availability of goods to target audience on time. This function is performed to sell products in market and cover overall production cost.

Financing: For running operations in effective and smooth manner, it is very essential that firm have adequate funds. Proper availability of finance assists in performing day to day operations smoothly. An effective marketing plan can be developed by manger of Cadbury if funds are available in adequate amount. It encourages in doing marketing exercises in appropriate way. Directors of Cadbury organize reserves from different sources and guarantees that satisfactory assets are kept up inside firm so every one of the exercises are doing in suitable path and on ideal time. It helps in creating successful advertising designs and methodologies for advancing item (Berkowitz, 2016).

Pricing: It is one of the fundamental segment on which offers of merchandise depend. Associations charge some sum thus of giving merchandise to buyers. They set powerful costs of items keeping in mind the end goal to pick up consideration of expansive gathering of clients. In Cadbury, directors break down contenders evaluating technique and afterwards set costs of item in like manner. It helps them in creating more deals and also benefits and drawing in substantial gathering of clients. They guarantee to set right costs of item so more items can be sold in showcase.

Promotion: It is one of the major and huge capacity of advertising which helps with empowering offers of organization's items. Different limited time instruments are utilized by firms keeping in mind the end goal to impart esteem and advantages of items to clients and make them mindful about it. Individual offering, open connection, notice, deals advancement and so on are some limited time apparatuses that are utilized by head of Cadbury with a specific end goal to adequately advance its items in commercial centre. It encourages organization in creating more request of item by urging clients to get it.

Interrelation of marketing with different functional units:

Marketing is one of an essential divisions of firm which exceedingly contributes in its success and growth. This is the capacity by which firm can without much of a stretch lift up its deals and achieve set targets and objectives in powerful way (Brassington and Pettitt, 2013). Interrelation of various departments with marketing are defined below:

Marketing and operations division:

Operations department deals with procedure of assembling of items and administrations. Amazing products are delivered by making ideal use of assets in financially savvy way. Exercises of activities division are profoundly interrelated with advertising capacity. Promoting supervisors dissect showcase patterns and assemble data with respect to inclinations and requirements of clients. This gathered data is given to activities division by Marketing supervisor with the goal that merchandise can be produced by that and requirements of clients can be fulfilled in better way. This information helps activities administrator of Cadbury in settling on viable choices with respect to creation process (Brooks and Simkin, 2012).

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Human resource management and Marketing:

The division of human resource administration is deals with procuring and selection of people who are proficient to achieve objectives and focuses of organization. For this, they needs to influence legitimate ad of empty employment to position of organization. In this, promoting division assumes urgent part. They make successful ad with respect to empty employment position of firm so individuals who look for occupation can know about it. With the assistance of Marketing division, human asset department discuss to point of view applicants about employment position so they empower of take care of utilization keeping in mind the end goal to land that position.

Finance and Marketing department:

Keeping in mind the end goal to run everyday activities of business effectively, fund is required. Without satisfactory back, no exercises can keep running in fitting way. It is the division which designates spending plan and allocated assets to different departments. Exercises of promoting requires high measure of assets in this way, it is essential that firm ought to have satisfactory fund. In Cadbury, coordination amongst Marketing and fund department helps with completing all the limited time exercises in appropriate way (Caragher, 2016). Back and Marketing department are interrelated with each different as exercises of one department can not be done without other.

Sales and advertising department:

Exercises of advertising and deals department are interrelated with each other. To empower offers of merchandise and enterprises of organization, promoting director utilize different specialized apparatuses and strategies which helps with urging clients to purchase items. It helps with conveying about advantages of items to clients. Successful Marketing helps in cooperating with clients and keeping up great relations with them. This at last expands offers of organization and accomplishing focuses of firm. It additionally guarantees maintainability of firm in showcase for long haul.

Information technology & Marketing department:

IT department deals with a few programming and advancements utilized by firm to store every one of the informations with respect to items, clients, deals exercises and so forth. This helps with accomplishing business focuses of organization (Desai, 2013). Innovation renders a chance to association to collaborate with buyers and accumulate all informations related with them. Utilization of top of the line innovation in exercises of business helps with enhancing productivity of business forms and furthermore spares time and cost of firm. This gathered data is utilized by promoting directors in settling on compelling choices.


Elements of marketing mix to attain overall business objectives

Marketing mix is a set of tools that are utilized by business enterprise to pursue its marketing targets and objectives. It is the operational or tactical part of marketing plan. It helps the manager of Cadbury in formulating effective marketing strategy. Marketing mix supports managers to make strategic decisions at the time of revising existing products or launching new one. The components of marketing mix incorporates product, place, promotion, price, physical evidence, people and process (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). These elements helps firm in giving right item at ideal time and place. Utilization of marketing mix helps administrator in taking viable decisions with respect to promotion, price and different other perspectives. Therefore, it is needed by supervisor to utilize each components of marketing mix in powerful way with the goal that business target can be accomplished and more benefits can be gained. So as to achieve objectives and targets of organization, Cadbury utilize this idea. They introduce marketing mix in process of planning which can be comprehend by following points:

Elements of marketing mix




Cadbury offers variety of enticing chocolates to clients everywhere throughout the world. Their range of products involves five star, borunville, eclairs, dairy milk, oreo, perk and so on. In addition to this, Bournvita is one of their item which is extremely prevalent among youngsters and even grown-ups. Firm is pioneer in this item. With all products, organization leads the market of whole chocolate sector. Cadbury is very popular among individuals for its delectable chocolates.

The company offers sweet syrups & chocolates to their clients and is additionally one of the outstanding brands. Wide range of items areoffered by organization in particular shapes as well as size. Innovation in goods encourages in drawing in more clients and gaining high benefits. Their chocolates are delectable and healthy (Gamble and et. al., 2011).


For maintaining their top position in market, a few goods of organization needs constant marketing endeavors, for example, oreo. As their product quality are high, costs are additionally more. Costs of a few products are reasonable moreover. For example, price of chocolates like eclairs and five star is low but taste is good. Variety of items are given by organization and cost of each is unmistakable according to the sort of buyer.

Hersheys utilize premium strategy of pricing in setting cost of their items. Their chocolates costs are high when contrasted with different brands. Their primary target is individuals of upper class and prices vary from $10 to $50.


Cadbury offer its items around the world. Their items are circulated in every one of the regions in any case, due to low request in provincial territories, their advertising in such zones is frail. Right now, organization covers around 200 nations and as a result of extensive channels of dispersion, their appropriation costs are high. Nearness of firm in advertise is solid as their items are effectively accessible at all the shops of urban areas and towns.

Their items are essentially accessible on extensive supermarkets. Viable circulation channels are utilized by organization keeping in mind the end goal to supply their items around the world. Real urban communities and zones of different nations are secured by them which guarantees simple accessibility of their item (Hsu, 2011).


Cadbury utilize distinctive channels so as to promote their item adequately in market. For example, bournville isn't purchase by an individual, however they get it shape others. Festivities pack of Cadbury is utilized by individuals to gift along these lines, it is situated by firm as that. It is a standout amongst the most offering mainstream item. Bournvita is situated as wellbeing drink. Organization utilize blend of above and beneath the line advertising. Their promotion is extremely powerful and it is the primary reason of high brand reviewing of firm. Before acquiring chocolate, singular first considers Cadbury.

Harsheys advance their item by the help of TV includes, magazines and boards. Principle point of organization is to deliver solid and scrumptious chocolates in this way, individuals can appreciate it. One of the result of organization, Milk supporter situated as solid useful for kids (Illing and Anders, 2016).


Powerful and simple process is trailed by firm to manufacture items. They client top of the line innovation for creating top notch chocolates and offering them to clients.

They took after successive system in assembling chocolates. Most recent innovation apparatuses are utilized by firm to make great quality chocolates.


Employees is the one which encourages organization in accomplishing foreordained gaols and focuses of organization. Representatives, by their compelling aptitudes and learning contributes in accomplishment of organization (Jones and Rowley, 2011).

Firm have talented and equipped labor which underpins in getting advancement items and offer chocolates to clients with new and additionally extraordinary taste.

Physical Evidence

Firm assemble and store pertinent information from clients which helps them in creating and offering chocolates according to their taste and inclinations in better and compelling way.

Different endeavours are made by organization keeping in mind the end goal to make their item alluring and individuals urge to get it more.


Development of basic marketing plan

Marketing plan alludes to an itemized report that incorporates techniques, destinations, mission, vision, spending plan and so on of the organization. It is a composed record that gives way to promoting supervisor to achieve objectives and focuses off the firm (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014). It includes every one of the exercises of business that will be performed by individual for coming year. Promoting plan of Cadbury are as per the following:

Overview of firm:

Cadbury is one of the renowned organization and a best chocolate store brand of UK. Its central command are situated in Uxbridge, London and serve its item around the world. Promoting plan is for the most part figured by the firm with a specific end goal to present its new item in the market. It is a vital advance that is trailed by the organization to pass on data of item to clients. Choose the best assignment helper with chat support.

Vision and Mission:

Vision of organization is: " Working all in all to make marks that individuals cherish ".
Mission of the firm is: "Cadbury implies quality" this is our guarantee. Notoriety of the organization is expand on quality; duty to consistent change will guarantee that guarantee is conveyed.

  • Its fundamental goal is to wind up world's best and greatest chocolate shop firm.
  • To expand brand.
  • To improve chocolates quality.
  • To perform superior to rivals in market.
  • Enhance revenue by 20%.

Situational analysis:

It is an imperative pace that is taken by organization so as to get appropriate comprehension of the market. Through this progression, directors can comprehend interior and outside state of the business. For legitimate examination of organization's circumstance, SWOT investigation is directed with the goal that qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers to business can be recognized.



Firm is continually keeping up its development and manageability in the market.

Great picture of organization in brains of clients.

Top most chocolates provider in the market.

Positive view of clients about brand.

Strong marketing and also distribution channels.

Least costs of chocolates and different items.

In rural market, organization don't have great entrance.

Loads of substitutes are available in the market.

Abundance utilization of chocolates prompts experience the ill effects of different diseases, for example, high cholesterol, diabetes and so forth (Mihart, 2012).

Clients exceedingly incline toward the brand on events, for example, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, Holi, birthday events and so on.Numerous new chocolates are developed that gives chance to make new items.Creation of sugar free chocolates is the best opportunity.

  • High dissemination cost of organization because of increment in fuel and transportation cost.
  • Change in purchasing conduct of clients is a major danger for organization.
  • More assets are required to enhance execution in advertise.
  • Contenders are the greatest danger for organization.


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