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Marketing Concept of McDonald's

University: Regent College London

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Table of Content

Question :

This sample you will be knowing about:

  • Discuss about the Role of Marketing Manager.
  • Discuss about the SWOT of McDonald's.
Answer :
Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing is an essential component for every organization in order to generate satisfying value for their customers. It refers to the set of activities that are associated with buying and selling of goods and services (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). It deals with selling, advertising, and delivering the products to the final consumers. McDonald's is one of the UK fast food public companies. It was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice. Although it is known for its hamburgers and along with this they also sell French fries, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, and desserts. This report explains the role of marketing and its relationship with another functional unit of an organization. Additionally, this file also focuses on the uses of the marketing mix to achieve overall business objectives. Lastly, this project evaluates the basics of the marketing plan.

1. Marketing concept

Marketing concept is a strategy that is implemented by the company to attain maximum profit, satisfy customer needs and increase their sales level. These can be implemented by various methods such as social media marketing, B2C, and many so. However, there are many current trends of marketing and future approaches that are considered to take over the market in coming time. These are as follows.

Current trends: There are many marketing techniques that are adapted by the big or small scale companies to promote their business. Some of them are as follows:

  • Business to Customer- It is one of the strongest way of promoting the business where technology and internet market is not that strong. Hence, B2C Technique is practised to promote the business.
  • Social Media marketing- This is one of the most low budget , high influential way of promoting a business or a product that has been considered by many companies now a days where the companies educate the customers about new product launches or product through social media (Pike, 2015).

Future trends: The future of marketing is still emerging. However, some of the concepts are considered to be the future of marketing. These are as follows

  • Influencer Marketing- Bloggers, vloggers ans other influencers have quite a control on customer decision making. The customers have a belief in their influencers, due to which many companies has started cooperation with influencers and involve them in their campaigns and marketing communication.
  • Chatbots and AL- As usage of internet will probably rise in coming future. Hence, the use of more social media marketing is considered to take place (Scarborough, 2016). Chatbots can use Asking locals to guide the customer and recommend the brand which will help attain more customers and promote the company on a large scale.

2. Marketing Process

It is a process of analysing the opportunities in the market, selecting the target marketing, developing marketing mix and managing marketing efforts. The ultimate goal of marketing process is to figure out customer needs and work on to satisfy those needs. Following is the process of marketing.

  • Situation Analysis- To fulfil the customer needs, a firm must understand the environment in which it is operating and its own capabilities. Thus, the situation analysis can be stated as external influence internal analysis of the company. Hence, there are various tools that can be implemented such as PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis.
  • Marketing Strategies- After identifying the opportunities to satisfy customers, a strategic marketing plan is developed. The market research provides the data which helps the marketing team to select target market segment and position the products within the segment. At last. The result that is acquired is the value proposition to the targeted market ( Hair and McDaniel, 2011).
  • Marketing Mix Decisions- The tool of Marketing mix is composed of various factors which have the power to influence the demand of the product and many others. It is consist of Product, price, place and promotion. The organisation develops an effective combination of these factors in order to attain greater customer values to accomplish companies objectives.
  • Implementation & Controlling- After developing a marketing plan and launching the product, the results of the efforts that have been put in the marketing should be monitored closely. Thus, if there is any change in the market, marketing mix can be adjusted accordingly. In case of small changes in the market trend, small changes in the advertising can work out. Where as, in case of any big significant changes, redesigning of the product or new product launches can be considered.

3. Role of Marketing Manager

The role of marketing manager is to manage the marketing resources of a company or the product. A manager needs to be highly focused,spontaneous and detail oriented. However, there are many responsibilities that are taken care by a marketing manager. These are as follows:

  • Supervise Business activities- A marketing manager establishes effective coordination among various businesses operations such as purchase, sales, packing, transportation, advertisement and many more.
  • Identifying Potential Market- The marketing manager have to continuously explore new market in order to expand their business and increase the demand of the products along with managing the current operating market ( Malhotra and et. al., 2013). This role is fulfilled through carrying out a market research.
  • Evaluate the product- As with the changing demands of the customer and updating market trends, it is important to keep upgrading the and modifying the existing products as per the market changes in order to sustain the market share.
  • Launching new Products- To lead among the competitors in the market and attract more customers, it is important to launch new product and services to upgrade the services of the company so that demands of prospect are fulfilled appropriately. This duty is taken care by the marketing manager of the company.
  • Create market plan- As per the marketing nature of the organisation, the marketing manager creates an action plan to decide when, how and where would the marketing activities be carried out such as advertisement, sales forecast, distribution of products, etc. (Brassington and Pettitt, 2013).
  • Distribution Channels- The distribution of the products are carried out by various means and channels such as wholesalers, retailers, etc. Hence, the decision regarding the selection of the channel is taken by the marketing manager of the organisation.

4. Influence of Marketing department on other departments

Marketing is one of the most important function of McDonald. It is an activity which is consist of buying and selling of the products. Marketing also includes advertising, delivering the products,etc. Though marketing is completely different segment, it still interrelates with the functions of other departments of the company. The relation between various department in context to marketing is given below:

  • Marketing and HR- The HR department of McDonald helps by appointing suitable candidates which are skilled enough for the marketing department. HR makes sure to select the best candidate which have similar experience and skills which helps in increasing the productivity of the organisation through improved marketing efforts.
  • Marketing and Production- The marketing department sells the products that are produced by the production department of the respective organisation. If the production department won't produce good quality products then the marketing department won't be able to sell it. However, if marketing department doesn't operate its functions, then the produced goods won't be able to reach the target customers of McDonald's (Jones and Rowley, 2011).
  • Marketing and Finance- The finance department works towards providing budget for the operational functions. The marketing operations require proper budget to conduct the activities. Hence, finance team can help them by providing adequate budget by which the market department can work towards attaining McDonald's goals.
  • Marketing and R&D- The R&D team of McDonald is responsible for collecting data and research regarding new trends and customers needs. Such data can help the marketing team to target the right market according to their preferences and attain maximum response which will help in lowering down the cost of the respective company and attain more profitability.

5. Importance of Marketing

The marketing department plays a very crucial role for a successful business growth. Many of the businesses fail due to poor marketing. No matter how good the product is, if proper awareness is not created via marketing, the business will not be able to make any major sales. If adequate marketing strategies are implemented, they can help the organisation grow very rapidly and earn good profit levels. Some of the factors which reflects the significance of marketing are:

  • Increases Awareness- Marketing helps in increasing awareness among the targeted market about the respective companies products and new launches. This helps in attracting more customers which further leads to attaining more sales.
  • Raises Sales - The market team is responsible for distribution, advertisement and buying and selling of the products. The affective marketing functions and strategies leads to increase in the sales level of McDonald's.
  • Business Expansion- It also helps in business expansions if the activities are done evenly throughout the target areas. For example, the marketing team analyses the market and its demands and further conduct distribution according to the taste and demands of the customers which helps in successful business expansions (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

6. Conclusion of Interrelation of Departments

After going through the relation of marketing department with finance, production and human resource. It has been concluded that, finance division is that which provide fund for overall marketing activities such as advertisement, promotion, events and so on. Same as in the production division also for producing goods there is requirement of resources and other raw material. The marketing department use several tools and technique for promotion of respective goods and services in market area. Apart from this, human resources department is also related with marketing because they are the one who recruit people in the company as per there skills and vacant position requirement (Purvis, 2015). Thus, all these department are related with marketing division and for them it play important role. Get the best HND Assignment help from experts at an affordable budget.

7. Marketing mix of McDonald's and Burger King

Marketing mix is a tool which is made of combination of 7 factors which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. These are the factors that can be managed by McDonald's to influence its sales positively.



Burger King


The company primarily deals in breakfast, burgers, chicken, snacks, drinks and many so. Additionally, McDonald's tries to provide more variety of options to the clients such as Egg McMuffin, Egg White Delight and various other options.

Burger King deals in various fast food products such as hamburger, coffee, onion rings,etc. Some of their products have been repetitively on and off the menu with time such as Mushroom Sandwiches, Double Whopper and Swiss cheese.


The organisation uses various pricing strategies to provide a competitive price such as value pricing, Cost discrimination,etc. Prices vary slightly between different McDonald's Outlet due to many factors. However, franchises need to provide competitive value driven price for their customers.

Burger King uses competitive pricing because of the big competitors in the market. However, the price need to be maintained to assure that it is under budget and is not low enough to raise doubts towards the quality. Hence, Psychological pricing is also used by the respective fast food company.


The concerned company have different distribution strategies among various countries. McDonald's offer home delivery services to many countries. Also, many outlets are open 24 hours a day which is a classic example of intensive distribution method (Lane, 2015).

Burger king is serving in 79 countries with an estimate of 13000 outlets. Some of the locations where the company operates its functions are Singapore, Europe, Oceania and many so. It has also established many subsidiaries and providing many franchising options to expand the business.


The company uses various means of promotion such as television, newspapers, magazines, Internet and many other means. The restaurant also gives various discount coupons and freebies on many products.

The promotional strategy of Burger king is based on two key elements which are reorganizing and revitalizing (Pike, 2016). The organisation has worked on its strategies related to advertisement, new agencies,menu and many so over time.


The total number of people working in McDonald's in UK and Ireland is near by 97,000. The company invest £40 Million on training their employees every year.

The company focuses on speedy customer services. To provide such services, the customers order are taken on continual basis. After taking the order, Customer moves down to another line where the employee if preparing the order. This leads to systematic operations of the respective organisation.


There are number of activities that McDonald's. For example, the activity of food preparation which is an important part of process for the company. This process is transparent i.e is visible to the customers. Apart from this, the delivery of the final product is quick and satisfactory.

The company is concentrating to adding new restaurant and market strategies. It has added approx 400 new outlets in last 3 years (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Burger King is seeking future growth with the help of its creative market promotional activities such as Television commercials which will help in attracting more consumers for the respective company.

Physical evidences

McDonald's have many outlets across the globe which can be considered as a physical evidence. Also, the Staff working in the organisation are the witness. The building is maintained, hygienic and clean. Also, interiors of the restaurant is quite appealing and welcoming.

Burger king has an internet presence with it official website where the history of the company and other information is uploaded. The company is also planning to make certain changes in its interior décor. The new outlets will showcase modern lines and industrial building material.

8. Marketing Plan of McDonald's

A marketing plan is consist of overall business plan. It should be based on the future perspective of the McDonald's. There are various elements that are considered while making a business plan of the respective company. These are market research, competition, market strategies, budget, goals and Monitoring the results (Nguyen and Simkin, 2012).

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External and Internal Environment of McDonald

Executive Summary

McDonald is a fast food chain that is operating in more than 100 countries across the globe where 80% of its outlets are based on franchise model. It serves approx 69 million customers daily across 36,900 outlets all around the world. They sell variety of consumable products such as cheeseburgers, salads, fish, soft drinks and many so. The organisation earns its revenue from rent, royalty, sales and fees that is paid by the franchisees ( Pappas, 2017).

Vision- McDonald have a vision to provided the quickest service and best restaurant experience by enhancing the quality, services and values.

Mission- The mission of the respective company is to be the customer's most preferred place for dining. There global strategy focuses on providing exceptional customer experience.

Goals and objectives - To introduce McVeganwrap so to enhance business profitability in by 20% within 1 year..

SWOT of McDonald's - To identify the influence of internal as well as external forces, SWOT analyses can be practised on the company. This analysis studies the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and strength of the respective organisation which helps in making various decisions in the operations of McDonald.



1. It is the second largest chain in the world having a big market share and turnovers.

2. Adequate staff training is provided which ensures the quality and standardisation of food.

3. It also sponsors many international sports events like football world cup and Olympics which helps in developing high brand values.

1. The products that are served by the company contains high calories due to which the customers are unable to increase the amount of consumption.

2. Due to different franchise schemes, the level of services also varies which affects the quality of operations of the company.



1. The respective organisation needs to opt for better technology solutions for it delivery service and communication with the consumers.

2. McDonald can also increase its sustainability by providing suitable recycling facilities.

1. Due to lack of franchise friendly framework in some countries, the strategies and business expansion of the concerned company gets restricted.

2. The growing concern of obesity may lead to raise in taxation which will hamper the profit margin of McDonald.

STP model- The segmentation, targeting and positioning of McDonald's is one of the important component of its marketing strategies. It is one of the most common tool of marketing that has been practised. The STP model is helpful in creating marketing communication plans as it helps the marketer to prioritise proposition and furthermore develop and deliver relevant message to engage different customers.

  • Segmentation- The Segmentation for McVeganwrap includes dividing the population as per different characteristics such as Geographical i.e region and density, Demographics i.e age, gender, income, etc. , Behavioural and psycho graphics.
  • Targeting- It is consist of choosing the specific groups that is obtained from segmenting the groups in order to sell the McVeganwrap of McDonald.
  • Positioning- This involves selection and practising 4 p's of marketing mix and concluding which element would be most suitable for the targeted customer (Griffitts, 2016). The respective company practices adaptive product positioning and accordingly, the product like McVeganwrap is modified or re positioned as per the changes in the segment.

Ansoff Matrix-

It is used to develop business strategic options for the organisation. Also, it is one of the most commonly used tool due to its ease of use and less complexity. It is consist of four elements which are market penetration, product development, market development and Diversification.

  • Market Penetration- This element of strategy focuses on increasing the amount of sales of the existing product in the existing market. McDonald practices various schemes to penetrate the amount of sales such as family combos, Discount and various other schemes.
  • Product Development- This strategy can be described as introducing new product in existing market. Hence, McDonald increased the variety of burgers and ice creams in order to attain more market share.
  • Market Development- When a new market is approached with an existing product, it is called market development. McDonald have been approaching various new market.
  • Diversification- Reaching new market with new product describes the diversification strategy. Mc Cafe and The Golden Arch Hotel in Switzerland are some of the examples of diversification of McDonald.

Thus, in order to promote and increase the number of sales of McVeganwrap , the concerned company will adapt Product Development strategy in order to introduce its new product in the existing market.

Marketing Budget

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay








Sales publicity






Direct selling













From the above report, it can be concluded that this fast food company is one of the biggest company in fast food industry. Along with this, various current and future marketing strategies of the respective company can also be understood such as Social media marketing, influencer marketing and many so. From the brief study above, it can also be concluded that all the department of an organisation works towards attaining the final goal of the company. Additionally, the impact of external and internal factors can also be seen on the company. The role of marketing manager is critical and requires to make lot of strategies to attain higher level of sales and income growth.

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