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Marketing and Operations

University: CECOS College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define and compare role of manager and characteristics.
  • What is Change management?
  • Explain System leadership.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Starbucks


Operational management is considered as business practice that able to create the highest level of the Firm. It focuses on the converting materials into finished products and services . Present report focuses on the Starbucks as it is a American coffee firm founded within Seattle ,Washington within year 1971. This report will describe about role of leader and function of manager in Starbucks. Also, it will describe about various leadership theories and concepts. Moreover, approaches of operational management and its importance will be explained. At last factors affecting decision making of leader and manager will be discussed.

Define and compare role of manager and characteristics

Role of leader and manager in different situational context of Starbucks

Change management

Managers are considers to be closest to the employees, managers adopt the new behaviours as well as new process that are crucial for the project. here manager role is to supports the employees as well as prepared so that they are able to help their team members through change is vital.

Leaders of the Starbucks needed to help the employees into the vision for the future. It is a type of the communication that needs to done on the daily basis no matter different issues are facing by the firm. The leaders must be stay connected with the employees as when its times to explain the vision it could be difficult for them to explain their vision to the employees. At the time of change leaders must be responsible for working and non-working tasks. They are responsible for all the operations functions properly and also admits the gaps as well as they have to take the actions that needs to address the failures.Need Assignment Samples.Talk to our Experts!

Conflict management

The role of the leaders have a significant impact about how they are going to solve the issues of the workplaces. As per the report leaders of the Starbucks solves the issues and spend their of the time to resolve the conflicts. Here timing is everything hen its comes about the conflict management. It is the best time to take the actions that are required to take actions is considered to be hard evidence that the staff members has record of doing wrong things that can impact on their performance.

Role of managers in conflict management

Managers are closer to the employees as compare to the leaders, so they know more about what is going between the employees during the conflict arises, they listen the problems of the employees and becomes the mediator to identify the solutions of the problems of the workers.

Different theories and approaches of leadership

Situational leadership

As per the situational leadership leaders can adjust their behaviour as well as skills level to the staff members able to matches the four leadership style as per the level of development regarding the staff members. Situational leaders and managers also gives supports to the employees while motivating them as they assist to morale among employees, they provide support to the staff members at all levels. According to this theory Starbucks's leaders take actions that are completed based on the challenges and issues face by the firm. Such as if the firm goes through the failures because of the low motivation and employee performance issues than approaches of the managers and leaders rely on the approach that assist to boost the morale of the employees. In order to encourage the staff members they can make the public and personal communication sessions and this is how they can handle the challenges that are related to the staff members (Dai, Ke. and Ryan, 2019).

Strength of situational leadership

  • It is consider as a practical approach that can be easy to understand.
  • It is more frequently used for training leaders.
  • It focuses on flexibility that depends on situations that how to react leaders and take appropriate decisions.


  • Not good enough to take long terms goals for the firm.
  • It cannot be utilised within task orientation operation.

Contingency theory

As per this theory there is no suitable to lead any organization as the approach changes with the situation as it is crucial for the leaders to take the effective approach regarding for specified problem. As per this theory there is no constant style regarding leadership o keep it successful in target market and other statement is the approach used by leader will be successful in only one condition if it is effectively fits to the situation. Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!


  • Highly flexible for firms
  • Good for the workers of firms


It is difficult to learn the all skills that are needed for various approached regarding leadership

Traits theory

As per this theory it believes that individual is born or made some specific qualities that assist them to excel their leadership roles as these are intelligence, creativity, sense of responsibility as well as other values. As per this theory it focuses on the analysing physical, mental as well as social characteristics in order to make the good understanding. As per researchers there are various perspectives that focuses on the physiological attributes such as weight, appearance, demographics (education, family background, judgement as well as knowledge).

Transactional leadership

These are the style that maintain the normal flow regarding operations. Leaders able to handle all the operations that comes together in order to build a strong reputation within marketplace while making the employees more productive. They are significant for the strategic development especially for the small business (Klotz. and Neubaum, 2016).

Transformational leadership

These are the leaders who taps with followers. They focus to raise the significance regarding particular outcomes and high order needs within new ways where the new outcomes might be accomplished. This style focuses on the motivation, team building, collaboration with staff members at various level of a firm to achieve change. Leaders regarding this approach focuses on the incentives and goals so that they are able to push their co-workers at the higher level as well as also provides the opportunity regarding professional and personal growth regarding each staff member (Sawicki, 2016). Get Management Assignment Help from our management experts!

System leadership

As per this theory it is used to improve the performance of the staff members of the firm as well as enhanced the operational management if Starbucks. It is crucial for the leaders and managers to meet all the criteria which are necessary for the operational management regarding firm within target market. It represents all about the creating system as well as structure to the employees who works at the different level of the Starbucks. By creating this leaders are able to meet the future goals of the firms with high quality and performance. Strength of this system is that it assist the leaders to design better system of the staff members. It also assist leaders to make the necessary as well as effective changes within firm so that they can meet the long term goals of the firm. One of weakness of this theory is that it is unable to define the internal as well as external factors of the firm. It also gives a general solution to all the problems not the specified solution that will not applicable to all the situation (Van Nguyen. and Nguyen, 2016).

Approaches of Operational and role of leader and manager play

Lean production- It is considered as the process that do produces on reducing waste as within the system of manufacturing and at the same time maximizing the profit and productivity. It is also known as the lean production. Principles of the lean production is mention below

Recognizes the value from the point of the customer - Here Starbucks needs to understand that value regarding the consumer places as well as their services and products..

Map the value steam -Here the recording as well as analysing the flow regarding material and information that are needed to produce the particular goods or services in order to identify the waste as well as methods regarded to the improvement (Dai, Ke. and Ryan, 2019).

Create flow- It focuses on the barriers that can identify ways regarding improve the barriers and assures the process that are necessary for smooth process. The role of leader

Create a pull system- It focuses on the there is only to start new work when there is need a demand regarding it. Here within the lean system instead of the pull system, it can utilised the pull system the can be used through manufacturing process(MRP) system.

Pursue perfection with continues process such as targeting the root causes of issues regarding quality and at the same time waste across value system.

Here, manager role is to develop plan and strategies. He discusses it with leader. the leader role is to execute plan and process. he guides employees to bring change in lean production.


It is a process that focuses on the continues process regarding detecting as well as able to reduces the errors within manufacturing ,supply china system ,assuring the employees to speed up within training enhance the experience of the customers. The main aim of this is to hold the particular that are involved within the process regarding production that can responsible for the final goods and services. Principles involved within the process such as Customer focused, Involvement of the employees, Integrated system and Process centred and many more.

The manager identifies errors and weak areas and then develop plan. Whereas leader role is to execute that plan and bring continuous change within process.

Just in time

It is considered as the inventory method where the materials are only received and orders as per the requirement within the production process as through this approach Managers of the Starbucks reduces the costs through saving money. Here the Starbucks need to employ the strategies that can increases their efficiency as well as decreases their waste by receiving products as per the requirement of the production process (Hirunyawipada. and Xiong, 2018).

In this manager do proper planning that how production is done. whereas leader encourage staff to increase their efficiency.

Importance and value of operation management

It is considered as the mentioned that gives the tools within profits ,quality of products as and workers morale. In simple words it improves the quality and the of the wide process of the firm. Mention below are the principles of Six sigma.

Focuses on the consumers- It is focuses on the popular belief that Customer is the king as the first and foremost goal of the Starbucks is to provide the maximum benefits to the consumers for this they need to understand customers as well as their requirements. This enable in meeting customer needs of Starbucks and retaining them (Hirunyawipada. and Xiong, 2018).

Measure the value stream as well as find the problem - Analysis the provided prices so that it is easy to determine the areas regarding waste as to collect their information as well as discover the particular area of problem ha can be easily addressed.

Got rid of Junk- Once the issues of the firm can be identified that it can be make the changes that can be eliminating the defects for that eliminate the activities within the processes that are unable to add the customer values (Dai, Ke. and Ryan, 2019).

Keep the Ball Rolling- It involves to adapt the structured process where team members uses their skills regarding various problem solving it impact a lot within the firm so the team has to be proficient within methodologies and principles used. Therefore, there is a need of the knowledge and training that able to reduce the risks regarding re design of the project.

In this way Starbucks goals are achieved and customer loyalty is retained.

Factors of business environment that impact of operational management and decision making by leader and manager

Within the success of the sustainability the leaders must believes that to do business within the right way as it needs to have the courage as well as foresight that are consider to do things. Moral convection of leaders must be strong enough so that it can easily convenience to the employees. Most of the staff members wants to follow the sustainable path that leads to a great source regarding satisfaction of many people. The leaders must follow a crucial while assuring that the government processes and Management structure are within a place as well as leadership styles regarding executive teams (Morgan, Feng. and Whitler, 2018).

Leaders of the Starbucks needed to executive the changes taken place as for hat they will need to be knowledgeable regarding issues of sustainability, processes, communication and communication and performance management. If the Starbucks needs to change than there is time to avoid negative such as environmental, social as well as business .

Social factor is another factor that impact on operation. Here, the social trends that prevail within the United Kingdom represents an opportunity for firms so that it can easily market its products. Mostly people of the UK spends their most amount within coffee as according to the reports around 511 million cups of coffee assumes by the people every week within UK (Dai, Ke. and Ryan, 2019).

Moreover, legal factors also impact on operation. Any change in government laws and regulation impact on company laws. So, organisation overall values are affected which forces manager and leader to change their decision (Morgan, Feng. and Whitler, 2018).


From the above it had been summarized the significance of the managers and employees within Starbucks. Within this report it focused on different aspects of leadership as well as management that can be evaluated in order to boost the performance of the employees. The role of the leaders as well as managers can be evaluated in detailed form so that to find the basic requirements to becomes the leaders of the firm. Furthermore, it focuses on the characteristics of managers and leaders to understand their suitability in different conditions. contingency theory of leadership, Situation theory of leadership, and system theory of leadership had been focused to understand approaches that are used by managers and leaders. The significance of the operational management had been analysed so that various factors that can impacted operational management as well as decision-making process of the firm . Furthermore, it focused on the Six Sigma that enhances the capability of the business process as it can increase performances as well as decreases within the process variation that can leads to improvement same time reduces the defects within the process.

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