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Marketing Concepts of Ralph Lauren's Women Customers

University: Bloomsbury Institute London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1053
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LSBM101
  • Downloads: 576
Organization Selected : Polo Ralph Lauren


Polo Ralph Lauren has introduced a new range of polo t-shirts, basic tops, and leather leggings for their women customers, as Lauren wanted to sell chic and sophisticated products that he can offer to his valuable buyers (Amatulli and et.al., 2017). These polo products have been designed by using aesthetic elements such as plaids, florals, and ruffles that give a vintage and bohemian look. They will be retailed by using marketing concepts so that they can aim at delivering their products to customers in a successful manner by understanding their buying patterns and making effective marketing decisions. This assignment will identify and define those marketing concepts and buying decisions of Ralph Lauren's women customers. There will be recommendations for improving their applied strategies will be provided as well.


a) Identification and definition of key marketing concepts used for Ralph Lauren women products

As per the views of Kennedy (2017), Ralph Lauren can use various marketing concepts so that they are able to attract their women customers to buy the new line of polo products, especially their t-shirts, tops and leggings. A key concept that is used by the organisation is product orientation, as they have to give emphasis on the new Polo t-shirts that they have designed for women customers. Ralph Lauren uses this marketing strategy as it helps them in creating products of the highest quality with the best price. D'Souza (2015), on the other hand stated that societal marketing orientation is a key concept that will effectively help the brand to market and sell their new Polo products. Women customers that purchase from luxury brands have specific wants and it is hard for them to find products that they like. Therefore, this strategy can help Ralph Lauren in determining their designs for the new line, so that they can attract women buyers.

Kapferer, Klippert and Leproux (2014) argued that Ralph Lauren has been using production concept of marketing and must continue to do so, because their customer base is fixed . They will purchase products that is sold by the brand, regardless of how their designs are. This can help them in selling their new Polo line, but it might not be as successful as opting for other concepts of marketing. While The Five Marketing Concepts Explained (2017) stated that a mix of all marketing strategies can be used by Ralph Lauren, as there are different aspects that need to be focused on while selling their products and each concept can be specifically used to attract women customers to buy their new Polo products.

b) Buying decisions made by women customers when purchasing Polo Ralph Lauren products

According to Kessous, Roux and Chandon (2015) women generally have the urge to buy new products, regardless of the fact that they need it or not. This can occur due to seeing something that their friends have recently purchased or on social media. Women's desire to make decisions while purchasing products consists of a complete process. Once they find out about the new launches at Ralph Lauren, they decide to gather more information about it. They either search the Polo products on the brand's website or go to the store. They look at all the t-shirts, tops or jeggings and decide one which products they would prefer to buy.

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Bonaldi (2014) states that women customers buy more than one thing when they go for shopping. When they recognise their needs, they decide to go fulfil them. There are many options available at Ralph Lauren, which makes it a difficult task for women to make a purchase decision. They continuously evaluate their choices before finally making the purchase. Ralph Lauren Polo has designed many t-shirts, tops and leggings, making it even more tough to make a choice. While shopping on online websites, women get confused as they are unable to evaluate alternatives. They do not know which option would be best for them and take time in making a purchase decision.

As per the view of Moreno-Gavara and Jiménez-Zarco (2018), post purchase decision is a very important factor of buying decisions, especially in women customers. If they are not happy and satisfied with the products of Polo Ralph Lauren, they may not want to recommend them to their friends or families and might stop purchasing from the brand. Sometimes, needs are not fulfilled of women customers and this makes them unhappy about their purchase decision. This can cause them to return those products and give negative reviews about the new line. Ralph Lauren will too, feel sad that they were unable to satisfy customer needs with their Polo products.

On the other hand, Kapferer and Bastien (2017) stated that post purchase decisions can help Ralph Lauren in understanding their weaknesses or strengthens, so that they are able to successfully make changes in their marketing strategies. It will aid them in analysing women customer preferences, which will enable them to design better Polo products as well as adopting different marketing concepts. They can effectively achieve their goals of satisfying their customers, so that women will come back to shop for more products from the Polo line and recommend them to their friends and families. Therefore, buying decision plays an important role in the area of luxury brand products and their marketing.


This report can conclude that Ralph Lauren has been successful in implementing marketing concepts such as product and societal marketing orientation to sell their new Polo products such as t-shirts, tops and leather leggings. They have created designs that attracts their main customer target base of women. There are different buying habits of women and they generally tend to make decisions of purchasing polo products that have been recommended by friends or when they see these products on social media. Some recommendations for Ralph Lauren include enhancing their social media marketing, so that they are able to attract even more customers towards the Polo line. They can take feedbacks from their customers during purchase, so that they can design products according to preferences of women buyers.

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