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Marketing Situation of the Woolworths

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Organization Selected : Woolworths


The report is about the marketing concept of an industry. The company Woolworths has an effective decision-making process for the company. It will help the customers to achieve the best facilities of the company. The report is only for the marketing situation of the company. The Woolworths group affects the marketing plans and the position to a very strong level.

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The term marketing refers to the situation where various sellers and buyers get together and make exchange of things which will satisfy their needs. The marketing may also define as the term pr process which develops the customer relationship with the companies and create the values for the customers which can increase the customer satisfaction. The term starts refers to the situation of creating the different factors which enhance the customer needs and provide the benefit both to the customers and the sellers. The customers and sellers of a market are both willing to take the things and they want to engage in the activity of selling and buying. The marketing process may include the management, social, individual, desires and demands of product or services. It includes the customer values, customer satisfaction and quality of the products. The customer value is the situation of providing for the customers demand for some value. It is the measurement whether the value provided is good for customers or not. The next point is about the customer satisfaction. It includes the measurement of the factor that the customer is satisfies by achieving the access to the products. The growth of the company depends upon the customer satisfaction. The quality of the product refers to the situation where the measurement is about the quality of the product. It is related to the factor that the customer must provide with the better quality products for the growth of the business. These are the important factors for the growth of a business.

Woolworths Group

The report will talk about the marketing concept related to the Woolworths Group. It is an Australian Company that is listed on the ASX. It is a retail company which operates in the both countries Australia and New Zealand. If we look at the revenue factor of Australia, then we can say that the Company Woolworths group is at the second number. It is the second largest company both in the Australia and New Zealand. It is the liquor retailer of Australia. It is one of the largest operator in gaming poker machine. In the point of view of world comparison, it can be termed as the 8th largest company of the world. The company was founded in the year of 1924. The founders of the company were Percy Christmas, Stanley Chatterton, Gorge Creed. The company is currently working in many cities and countries. The Headquarter of the company is located in Bella vista. It is located in the New South Wales of Australia. The Company works at the global level with great number of branches of the company. It has many workers in the industry who are interested in the working of company for achieving the objectives of the company. The company needs to pay the proper salary to the workers. It is the base for the working of staff members. The organization is the place where it is connecting through different persons of the world.

Role of Marketing

The marketing function has wider role in the organization. It is the function that has the potential for the growth of an organization. The people of an organization must take look at the functions of the marketing process. The today’s business is only competing for the market of the organization. Every small or large business is competing for the share in the market. The company Woolworths has great market share in the industry. It can defeat the other businesses also. The role of marketing in the Woolworths Company can also be defined by the organization with the various other functions of the organizations. These functions are listed as below:

Distribution channel may be defined as the process of the distribution of the products of the Woolworths Group to the customers of the company. Woolworths group distributes the liquor products of the company to the different areas. The marekting function has the responsicbility of marketing the products to the different areas of the organzation. The marketing helps the rganization by providing the product to the access of the cutomers.

Product Management channel of marketing is reesponsible for the availability of the pructs for the custimers. It provides the custmer the access to the products of the company. It defines the total production of the management. The total value of the products must be fulfiled with the valus of th products.

Pricing department is the part of the organization revenue. The setlement of the price must be according to the cost occurred to the orgaization. This is the responsibility of the company to settke the apppropriat price of the product. The marketig function also responsible for the same.  If you want to get the authentic paper as per the prescribed deadline, then consider seeking help from our assignment helper.

Promotion is the part of the organization which does not lead the company to go for the promotion of the products of the customer satisfaction. The promotion helps the company to increase the sale of the company products. It requires the cutomers of the company to have the access to the products by promoting the products offered by the Woolworths group.

Selling is the part of an organization which requires the procuction and seelling of the products offered by the company. The sale of the products must be on the value or selling price determined by the department of the company. It needs to make the sale of the customer goods in differeny areas of te world. The department must take care of these different cases of the organization. The sale departnent of Woolworths Group must make the adequate procedure to makr the sale.

Financig is situation of taking the finance for makig the sale of the company. It defines that Woolworth company must take the procedure and efforts to create the finance. The finance may be from individual, companies or banks. This may be refered as the procedure for creating funds for the organization. the actvities of the company resulted in the creation or availability of the finanace for the working of the organization or the woolworh group’where.

The marketing management functio requires the managemnt to market the product of the company It makes it necessary for the marketing management to have the access to the every market of the industry. It needs to market theproduct smal araes as well as in big cities. The marketing management is of the maiun freatures of the company.

B2C & B2B

The company Woolworths Group is oprating at the level that it affects the both B2C and B2B sale of the company. The B2C sale refers to the treatent of sale transatios withteh customers of the company. The Woolworths group make the sale to the cutomers of tehorganization. It nees them to amkr the strong relations with them and attract the new customers with some efforts of attracting the customers and retaianing the old customers of the company. The B2C sale is important for the market position of the company. The B2B sale refers to the situation of treatment of the sale transaction with the other businesses. The oter business may require the products for thir own work. It will increase the market position of the other product. It works at the wholesale and retail both the levels. The Woolworth Group has become the important factor of the marketing industry.

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Strategies of the Companies

The company has the strategy of making the marketing of the products to the every level organization. it increases the position of the company by creating the strong relation of the customers with the company. The wolworth group is increasing the revenue due to the great marketing process of the organization. It increses te process by making the important decision of the organization. The company provides various facilities to the customers for achieving the market position that will help the company to be the top level company of the organization. The comoany has te strategic planning of making the sale of the company products. The strategy of marketing ay be term as the situation of achieving the competitive position of the organization. It incrase the sale of the company by increasing the position of the company in the maeket. The strategies of the company Woolworths Group has increased the position of the company in the marjet by increasing the profits of the comoany in the first half of the yaer 2016 in the company. One of the move taken by the company for the achoievement of the market position is the introduction of the Assuie animal Trading Cards. The company works in various products which helps to increase the arket position of the company. The company also participates in the public events and competitions, it makes the company to achieve the level of profit that company wants to achieve in the organiation. The company wants to achieve the highest position in the market. for tism it is working hard and taing the new strategic decisions in the industry. It makes the industry best suitable for the customer to achieve the highest level of profit in the industry. The profits may be termed as the basic need of an organization.

Interrelationship with other functions

The Woolsworth group’s marketing startegy has some relation with other functions of the group. There are different functions and departments in every organization. But it s important to have interrelation with all the functional unit for making the success of the business. It is important to understand the situation and making the decision that wil help the company to achieve specific position in the industry. It is the most importa t factor of the organization. The project is al about the marketing function of the orgaization. The relation of the marketing funtion with other functions is an important part in the organization. It has the requirement of iterrelatig the tasks of every organization and creating the best position of the market by achieving the success due to the better relations with the management. The company needs to provide the best position in the market by mainataint the strong and ethical relatiosn with all these departments of the company. The followeing are the some important departments of the company Woolworths group:

The customer service department is the department that helps the customers to achieve the required information or service from the management. It helps the customers to take the responses of their questions from the department. The department of the customer relationship provides different and attractive facilities to the customers.

The human resource department refers to the department which deals with the employees of the organization. The marketing function deals with the human resource function in order to take the effective offers to the company (McCarthy, Jerome E., 1964). it requires the employees of the organization to behave ethically. It helps to take the important decisions in the organization.

The production department of the Woolworth group describe the department that it is the main department of the company. The functions of the management depends upon the production departments. Evry other function of the company can’t take any step unless there is no production. Thus production is also the basic factors of the success of the Woolworths Company.

Research & Develement department is the departet that reaserch in the specific fileld. In the Woolworth company, the department of research of the company helps the comoany to achieve the required products after the develooment of the products (Bhatt, Ganesh D; Emdad, Ali F , 2001). It needs to specify that the reaserch and development both are different fators. Reaserc is the common expenses and the development of the company.

The finance deparment of the compaby also get affected by the finance department of the company. It needs to make the success of the company by creating the finance for the organiation. The Woolworthd group make this effect on the position of the company. Finanace can be arranged from anyone in the organization or from outside the organization. it helps to provoid the inetrest of the company .

The administration departmemt also get affected by the marketing functions of the company Woolworth company. It needs to make the effective decisions of the company. It requires the competitiors to have access to the company imformation. The administrative department stores the information about the company.

The distribution and the sales department starts the work. It need to make the competetion in the industry to have the accurate position of the company. it makes the situation of having the process of distributing and selling the products of the company. Both of the departments are different. The Woolworth Company’s marketing position affects the position. It requires the customers have the acces toteh prodicts of the company. The people making the sale must have the duty to sell the product to every market in the organization.

Evaluation of Different ways ways to achieve objectives

Every organizations must have the different ways to achieve objectives of the organizations. It must have the opportunities to achieve the success in the organization by taking the necessary decision in the organizations. The Wolwrth company needs to achieve the best market position in the environment. It requires the company to evaluate the microenvironment of the company. The micro evironment of the company includes the customer market, copetitors and the pubic related to the organization. It needs to maintain the conditions of the company that will help it to have a competitive position in the market. The Woolworths company is taking the different ways which will help the compay to have effective sale by differenyt and unique methods of the organizations. It requires the company to achieve the high position by having the different requirements of the company. There are many organizatiosn who ae using the same strategies for the market position of the company. The comoanies like Commonwealth Group, The National Banking Group BHP Billiton etc have the factors that help them to achieve the high market position in the country ( Cummins, Carolyn, 2017). All these companies use the process of marketing mix in the company. They make the marketing mix compultion for acquiring the high positions. The companies requires the management to have the strategies of SWOT analysis also. The marketing mix includes various types of services for the rganizations.

The marketing strategoies also includes the strategies of internal marketing of the company. The service of the Woolworths Group helps to increase the contact of customers and employees that supports the relations of the employees with the company (Bitner, M.J., 1992). Internal market also take the factors into effect that are of the external market. The position of the market depends upon the effective decision of the buyer seller decision of the quality of the interaction of the company. The service quality and the the productivity affects the postion of the market.

Marketing Mix

One of the main strategies of the company includes the factors of the marketing mix of the company. The Woolworths group also make the marketing mix strategies to achieve the success in the organization. It requires the management of the company to apply the strategies of the company to have the access to the market position (Dominici, G , 2009). It will increse the profits of the firm by making the best positions of the market.

The marketing mix may also termed as the factor of 7P’s. These 7P’s make the strategy of marketing mix for the company. These factors includes the best of the strategies of the company. The marketing mix of the Woolworths Group is defined as follows:


The Woolworths company describe the process of th products of the company. the company is an Australian company which deals with the retail products of the company. It provides every type pf grocery services to the country (Booms, Bernard H.; Bitner, Mary Jo , 1981). The company has also started the sale of magazies, stationery, vegetables and fruits. The customers of the company are satisfied from the services of the company. The products of the company is approved and tested by the experts of Woolworths Group. This process has helped the cutomer to achieve the best services of the company.

Price :

The price of the products are main factors for the customers. The price of the Woolworths Group are higher than the prices of the market. It wants to maintain the prices and fix the price fluctuations. The prices of the products are competitive in the market due to the company prices. The company also provides the shopping cards of their own. These cards may used for the shopping from the company.


The place of the business affect the position of the company in the market. The more branches of the company leads to the more success in the industry. The Woolworth company has many branches in the country. it is operating in more than 1000 stores in the country (Knight, Elizabeth Knight, 2015). It is also operating from the online sources of the company. It have the private bands of the company to increase the sale of the company.


The Woolworths Group always look for the promotion of the company in the every place. It offers various types of services to the customers for increasing the sale of the company. It includes the service of increasing the sale through online media (Kotler, Philip, 2012). It helps the online media to increase the sale of the services and products. The accessability of the loyal customers is the main feature of the company. They want to provide the best of their services to the customers.


The Woolworths is currently working with the staff of 2000 employees. They are thinking to increase the staff by 1600 more employees. It requires them to find the effective people for thr industry. The employees effect on the sale by tehir way of talking and treating the customers. The company have the best assisstants for the sale of the products of the company. Employees of the company are well educated and competent of the company.


The company has the fast processes for the sale of the pruducts of the company. It uses the fast billing facility for the customers. It have the processes that are customers friendly and the processes have the only focus on the customers. The company have the efficient staff for making the processes of the company faster. The feedback from the customers help the customers to have the efficient processes.

Physical Evidence:

The stores of the company are clear and best. The company attracts the customers by attracting them due to the clean stores and effective facilitirs. The website of the company is also attractive It is simple and easy for the operating purpose. It makes the use of various billboards for the customers.

Shift from The 4P’s to 7P’s

The marketing mix was first only of four P’s. It includes only four activities of the marketing mix. But with the increasing time, the market requires the three more factos for the measurement for the planning process ( McLean, R., 2002). The company Woolsworth also take the step of going to the marketing mix of 7 P’s. It helps the company to take the effective decision of planning for the organization. The planning process includes the four processes which are the analysis, planning, implementation and control. The factprs of the planing process must take into effect the planning process of the company. The strategy of the market also get affected due to the changing market conditions of the company. It is also an important factor in the context of management.

Marketing Plan for the Company

Mareketing plan refers to th situation where the customers have the value that will effect the vlue of the products of the company. The factors must increase the value of the increasing growth of the company. The market plan of the company includes the different strategies of the company. It makes the plans to build the culture and the relation of the customers of the company. The company also generates the sale in the specific field. The specific field that the company has taken is the food industry of the company. It helps to increase the sale through various different methods of the organizations. The company is also looking for the increment in their business of Drinks. It will provide the more values to the customers. The customers will be able to take the more important and great covenience for the purchase of the companny requirements. The company is also looking for the portfolio business of the company. it want to deliver the shareholder value by making the portfolio business of the company. The company wants to be the main retailer of the country. It also helps the company to achieve the best position in the industry. It requires the comoany to make the process of the comoany that will achieve the highest position and places in the company.

Structure and Development of Marketing Plan

The company wants to make the development in the marketing plan of the company. It wants to achieve the higher position with the help of new marketing plan of the company. The strtaegies of the companies includes the strategies of brand value business. The Woolworths Company wants to achieve the growth by using their brand and values which will help to understand the facilities of the management. It will help the company to ahieve the best position in the country. The strategy of making the customer centric business ios also a great strategy for the company. The Woolsworth is ytaking the strategy that will inform them about the needs and wants of their customers. It will help them to take the thing into the strategy that which customers are the regular for the company. The company also take the strategy of marketing strategy of marketing segmentation. It inckudes various strategies of the company. The strategy of the company is to makr profit for the company making the customers relation strong with the company. it will help the customers to achieve the best facilities of the company. The company is also taking the effect of multi channel world. It want to offer various products from the company. The company is ineterested in making and providing the various products of the company. The company is also thinking to expand the business in the Afria where it will work as the retail company (Shostack, G. L., 1984). Tte strategy of the company also includes the feature of decreasing the cost of the business. It wants to achieve the low cost business for the company. The allocation of resources of the company will be as per the requirements of the specific departments. It monitors and controls the measure that will help the company to achieve the best results of the company.


The above reoort describes about the market process of the Woolworths Group. The report provide the various strategies of the company. Te Woolworth Company is one of the famous companies of Australia. It can be concluded from the report that the company can achieve more succes by making the new strategies of the company. The company will effect the ways of the marketing process by achieving the higher maret position.It will affect the competition in the market. The Woolsworth Company is one of the best and top compaies of the world. It is common that it will have to face more competition in the country.


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