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Integrated Marketing Communication - Nike


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Organization Selected : Nike


Integrated marketing communication is significant for a business organisation in regard of promoting brand effectively among their end-users in order to outshine rivalries and sustaining for longer time duration. This assist in increasing product awareness and commodities increasing their high benefits, increasing sales and revenues of the enterprise. This is a simple concept which make certain whether entire communication forms and messages are decently associated together. This is a valuable approach that assist in reducing marketing costs and deliver consistency, clarity and maximum impact of communication as pert the American Association of Advertising Agencies (Albarracin, Johnson and Zanna, 2014). Through opting distinct marketing and promotion mix elements, organisation convey their message in influencing manner. Entire communication techniques function better if they perform in harmony beside in isolated manner. Emphasised integration of business goes beyond of the basic interaction tools. Henceforth, IMC enables entire marketing mix aspects to perform together in regard of meeting the requirements of organisation and achieving their business objectives.

This report is made over Nike i.e. American MNC organisation which is involved in the development, designing, producing and globally selling and marketing of apparel, footwear accessories, equipments and other services. This is considered as one of the largest athletic apparel and shoes supplier worldwide. Report will assess distinct marketing channels types and devise numerous objectives of communication along with suitable channels integration and selection. The report look over the content suitable to the communication objectives and channels. Highlight over the strategy of communication. Creative content and chicle of channel is made in this report as well in context of Nike business and sales.


P1 Different types of marketing channels and how they serve communication objectives

IMC can be defined as the marketing strategies use to utilise interaction of a consistence malformation of organisation's recognition to stakeholder (Barger and Labrecque, 2013). Hence, the marketing communication can be termed as the means employed through organisation to convey information in regard of brands and their merchandised commodities in order to persuade consumer to purchase it. This is considered as paramount and complex part of any activities arranged in the organisation associated with this segment. Nike is extensive sports wear company that carry out deals and trade their commodities worldwide. Company's focus over numerous channels targetting wide range of consumer and potential buyers in regard of emphasising over the product promotion more efficiently. The organisation is not only able to manage their internal relationship and communication among stakeholders but also availed in ordering and managing the relations and management of external entities. Henceforth, firm use distinct means or medium in order to attain their objectives efficiently. Henceforth, in order to carry out appropriate channel for company, this is required to consider the influence of those channels in the strategy of marketing of Nike (Barker, 2012). Here are mentioned influences:

  • Create and strengthens relationship between manufacturer and buyers.
  • Set up pricing method of Nike.
  • Entire service strategy determination through plans, branding and stock willingness.

Marketing Channels

Numerous channels and means of marketing exists and employed by a business organisation. Nike is large enterprise which make certain whether their marketing methods are interactive and able enough to persuade their clients or consumer. Here are mentioned some major means of marketing i.e.:

  • Direct Selling: This is the selling and trading of service directly to clients away from determined location of retail. Hence, peddling is considered as one of the traditional manner of direct selling. Certain individual contact management, duration of time, internet sales and other demonstrations comes under this group. Often direct selling is considered as the consumer's home. This is predicted that more than 59 firms are liable for approximate $114billion in so ports apparel sells and nearby 62million representatives engagement in this (Belch and et. al, 2011). According to the direct selling, agents of sales are reached along with deal instantly tool their focused consumer to the user without their intermediaries involvement.
  • Indirect Channel: Channel of marketing encompasses to trade through engaging numerous so as in order to create service accessible in distinct sector. In some region of business, purchases are organised by entire retailers and seller. According to this, intermediaries make decision of purchase from producer as well as then sales them to consumer. Whole process can be organised through enterprise to meet proper people's number in specific time duration. Specialist and experts of service acquire numerous channels of marketing so this can develop their presence of international market. The indirect channels process to manufacturer/producer-> agent-> distributor-> retailer-> customer that deliver to achieve large services and good supply.
  • Dual Distribution: This can be termed as wide marketing arrangement range by which service distributor of Nike optimise more than one channels of marketing in order to reach wide range of customers or clients (Brunello, 2013). Dual distribution channels focus over trading directly and acquire other firms and agencies for equivalent purpose for emphasising profitability and enlarging sales. But, through utilising more than one channel of distribution in the same trade, it might lead to several issues. For e.g. Nike's dual distribution business format include franchising, where the franchisors, operation and activities are license of their franchisee units while simultaneously organising and owning few units by themselves.
  • Reverse Channel: The procedure can be termed as the backward flow by which commodities which will be optimised in the goods recycling as they can opt for another aims or purpose such as raw material. It can also be referred as the reciprocity reverse channels of marketing which is opted through those organisations who builds numerous inputs and luxuries.

Role of Marketing Means in Communication Management

  • Offer Salesmanship:Channels of marketing also has vital role in the agents of sales as they deliversupport to manage new services and products over the entire market. The agreement of sales are professional in the word-of-mouth trading along with promoting service.
  • Emphasise Distribution Efficiency: Channel;s of marketing such as intermediary channels provide the processes of sales along with retailers and seller which are direct linked with consumer (Chen, 2011). There are very lean hap between the service user and manufacturer efficiently and economically. Henceforth, through opting intermediaries transaction number get avoided that participate in creating products available to aimed consumer. Effective utilisation of channels of marketing support Nike to meet wide consumer range with definite period of time,
  • Provide Assortment of products:Retailer of Nike obligate for moving and transferring commodities from the retailer who sell large products number to end users. This assist customer to meet services according to the demands and requirement. Hence, these can assist in satiating wants and needs of consumer in more significant manner.

M1 How marketing channels of communication are integrated to add value and maximise resources

In the present scenario, promotional and marketing consist of integrated marketing communication, Nike include integrated marketing communication channels to carry out wide range of distinct tools of communication to render a common information as well as create a determine consumer impact, behaviour and perception (Chitty and et. al., 2011). With this, communication of marketing channels create value in services and products of organisation through disseminating awareness of brand among consumer. Although, key communication objectives is to ender whole information to the service user of Nike. This shapes capabilities of resources of organisation which is reliable of company to render translation of communication resources and their asset brand into trade-associated result, this result company will increase higher asset return.

D1 Valid judgements of marketing channels

Numerous marketing channels types are being optimised by Nike such as indirect and direct marketing communication channels. As per this, direct channels insist to trade directly to consumer and indirect marketing channels lead to an impact over performance or sales. Nike opt both types of channels to deal with their their consumer reducing their weaknesses and strengths. This assist Nike in managing their action plan to attain objectives and goals in limited time period suitably.


P2 Main objectives of communication

Intended promotion target and goals of advertisement session can be attained by suitable consumer interact and communication (Csikosova, Antošová and ÄŒulková, 2014). Key possible objectives of marketing communication are creating awareness, image portrayal, imparting information, shaping attitudes, inspiring desire and affecting sales etc. Often such objectives are defined as long-term goals which derived to manage values of brand overtime. In relation to this, promotion of sales that induced to buy and reinforce brand benefits. Communication is considered as lifeblood for each association that make certain the function and performance level of company is build in a way to attain determined objectives. Therefore, a competent and well planned communication strategy can help in boosting the recognition of brand by coherently rendering information in regard of stakeholder offerings. This assist in buying and purchasing the services and products efficiently (Hendrix, Hayes and Kumar, 2012). Nike is popular for their quality and value of their sports apparel and shoes that need to create awareness of their new services in market to get outcome, more sales and achieve key objectives efficiently. Here are discussed key objectives of communication of Nike:

  • Generate Awareness of Brand and Enlarge Sales:Communication with potential users and target audience of organisation consistently beneficial and aims over consumer as well as enterprise itself. This create the brand loyalty of Nike among consumer and reinforce information through understanding wide range of distinct to make consumer more confident and comfortable while making services and product purchase. Numerous promotional and advertising strategies are needed through company to deliver potential consumer. The outcome create strong PR of Nike and improve loyalty and trust among society. Hence, opting promotion channels, company can create awareness about products and enlarge sales by persuading consumer for the services and products.
  • Fostering Goodwill in Market:Numerous MNCs or firms such as Nike opt strategies of marketing communication to foster and nourish their brand recognition accordingly. It publicises charitable practices of organisation that deliver consumer faith and credibility to win. In regard of interacting with potential consumer, organisation make purchase among sponsorship of numerous events that helps in expose their recognition by global and national media means. In United Kingdom, Nike has funded themselves with distinct sports which individual can conveniently understand.
  • Maintain Brand Equity: Another goals of marketing communication in Nike to reiterate entire information or message of firm in numerous manner. Hence, modification of brand equity and understanding might be emphasised (Ivanov, 2012). This promote to develop recognition of brand and make efforts to meet the requirement asap. Although, the product's brand equity often rely over the efficiency and credibility of company, which direct to the consumer demands and requirement satisfaction in context of Nike product.
  • Drive Switching of Brand:Another key objectives i.e. closely related to inspire trail optimisation is influencing switching of brand among consumer. It is certain objectives in which other brand loyal potential are derived and persuade to switch their brand toward Nike. The company often pitted against several pother consumer brands that are already purchase within the category of service. Nike can enlarge their service uses and influence other potential buyers to be the part of association through getting their attention.
  • Aware Investment Community:Organisation deliver new releases in context of achievement and reached milestones such as profits and sales attainment a specific threshold. Company can manage main activities like acquisition, joint ventures and new products establishment or introductions (Kaplan, 2012). Despite of managing generic company awarenesses, the investment alert of community to what is attainment. It can result in encouraged company's result in the stock of organisation. If private organisation create more easier for potential partner to seek the fir, if organisation is private.
  • Expressing Competitive Edge: Merchandising and communication strategies are framed in regard of developing position of market of Nike as being more stronger and leading organisation among rivals. Hence, message of Nike needed to be presented in influencing manner capable enough to stimulate and motivate buyer to make purchase decision. On the other side, shortcoming and highlighting weakness of competitors are also fundamental methods for communication of marketing. Entire business operations and activities helps in obtaining maximum achievement if competitive edge from focused market through enlarging their share of company.
  • Cost Saving:Organise consistency by campaign of marketing assist in the practices of cost saving. In regard of this, firm are opting numerous adjustment and similar outcome for numerous channels of media which decrease the duplicate requirement of work, demonstrating cost of photography (Kitchen and Burgmann, 2015). On the different side, if organisation perform with external provider of correspondences,it can reduce the office charge demands through performing with solitary enterprise which deliver incorporated management, as opposed to differentiate major organisational objectives.
  • Increasing Benefits and Sales:Key goals and objectives of each plan of communication plan is to achieve higher profits and sales margins at marketing environment. Hence, interaction of plan is prepared through considering wants and requirements as they can conveniently attract in relation of products and brand. Proper communication and transparent with aimed audience win consumer brand loyalty and trust. This can assist organisation at certain recessions time when sales are made due to highly liability developing economic situation of organisation.

P3 Provide justifications for the selection and integration of communications channels

When organisation is delivering to form their new services and products in market. Although, interaction design of organisation serve as their road map in regard of rendering message of marketing (Luxton, Reid and Mavondo, 2015). Here are mentioned a proper plan of communication which is being complied through numerous associations of business such as:

  • Determine the situational per-forma
  • Aims should be certain
  • Major audience should be set.
  • This is fundamental to recognise channels of media.
  • Time table is framed
  • Evaluation of outcome.

Identify Target Audience: Focusing over the target consumer from out of generic population who has numerous choices in relation to attainment broad services and products range that are provided through company. Consumer analysis information should be set through outlining daily papers and magazines which is managed to be utilised for advertising and promoting services. The whole procedure assist in identifying wants and requirements of consumer. Off and on chance which they organise, manager can make use of power to deliver information and data. In this way, company can opt the internet to make assemble primer information. In this way, organisation can opt the assembled internet to initial data when they were thinking to enlarge their purchase (Marsden, 2010).

Evaluate Communicated Message: Channels acquisition such as email, short message, advertisement or short message through web-based media networking like Nike use social media to convey their message and on-going activities in order to achieve business objectives. Selecting a proper channel which helps in advantages of numerous services or major changes within the company's business. Understand articles involvement read through intended interested group, specialised point-by-point paper available from organisation's site or portraying industry opening to the intended group.

Compute price of impartingby numerous channels that have organised. Acquiring more publicising rates from suppliers or distributors of media, printer and architect approach for cities on the built printed archives. For e.g. certain computes and paper cost of direct approaches deal through leaders (Mihart, 2012).

Choose Communication Means: Selecting numerous channels of communication that deliver support to get screen and criticism of organisation supposition as well as their offering as well. For attaining this purpose, organisation need to determine a proper product audit or assessment on their official sites in regard of guest urge to interact the opinion or perspective. Remark reaction to assemble security and exchange is required to notoriety.

At the end, manager need to manage their communication channels with professional to actualise and create process of marketing communication. In regard of those, advisor of advertising to corporate their media relations, guaranteeing that official statement that presents in the proper scope publication increment in the compelling media (Munoz-Leiva, Porcu and Barrio-García, 2015). Managing the agency of marketing and units of promotions can deliver proper communication guidance and methodology of interaction.

M2 Application of communication objectives in relation to marketing communications mix

Nike is formed string network of communication at the working environment along with external organisation by which they are information share introducing one to another place resulting company which are able to decrease disputes among worker. Satiate employee perform effective and manufacture quality products and service which can aid Nike in achieving long term objectives. It can assist in executing objectives of communication at working environment by which firm are able to attain pre-set aims in certain time duration. The company make use of numerous objectives of communication in regard of achieving their objectives and meet the set recognition in the company.

D2 Create a valid and detailed marketing communications plans

For the purpose of creating effective communication plan, this is essential to go through numerous phases which are applied through the company (Patti And et. al., 2017). Different stages of marketing covered in the procedure such as situational and environmental analysis, determine and frame communication objectives, recognising major audience, seeking suitable channels of media and make a proper action table of their practices along with authentic conclusion efficiently. Entire phase has own weaknesses and strengths so that the manager is liable to seek whole negative disputes and issues from the working environment which can improve alternative solution ODF each and very activity of action led to longer duration of sustainability along with the assistance of high profitability level.


P4 Create a marketing communications plan that effectively meets communication objective

A Marketing Communication Plan is created keeping in mind the end goal to define and pass on the advertising message of the firm to its objective clients. It is one of the imperative segment of showcasing plan of the organization. In this way, having fresh and convincing messages helps to reverberate target clients (Percy, 2014). While setting up a correspondence design it is basic for administration to address needs or issues and get ready procedures in like manner in order to catch clients' eye. The following is characterized different phases of Marketing Communication design of Nike : -

Identification of Problem Statement : It is essential to examine and review the issues for which the communication is being organised in more efficient manner.Nike is a well recognised Brand in the Sports Apparel and footwear industry, the company is facing margin pressure due to higher competition within the market and highly established players are giving one of the toughest competition within the market to Nike and thus it have to revisit its strategy to overcome all the challenges involved (Rice and Atkin, 2012).

Situational Analysis : Subsequent to evaluating issues, it is basic for firms to direct a situational investigation so as to decide quality, shortcomings, openings and dangers. It should be possible by SWOT examination of the firm which depicts as under: -

Strength Weakness

Nike acknowledges to being a pioneer in the Sports Apparel industry for a long time. This was made a believability since it was advertise pioneer in this manner achieved key destinations of the general business before the contenders came in. The thing in like manner has a varying general framework that incorporates a couple of assistants that are all around made. This associates in moving items wherever finished the world and getting constructive reactions of individuals. The association is centred around campaigns, progressions and sponsorships. All these are critical in broadening the brand and making care of customers in an effective way.

The significant shortcoming of the firm is that the costs required with items are superior to different items which are being offered in business sectors. This may influence the achievement of item development and makes low proficient position of the brand. Being an exclusive business in like manner obstructs the wellsprings of capital open, which is to a great degree essential for general expansion. The thing is also losing its motivation in view of progressing prosperity discusses included. Having benefits that are initiated on old examples moreover act like a weakness since it disappoints future prospects. This occasion gives contenders, for instance, Adidas with their Products a front line.

Opportunities Threats

Increase in interest in sports activities around the world has created various kind of opportunities for Nike. The company can capture emerging markets like India and China for their footwear and apparel business. The company should focus on building a brand image that will enable it to grow and reach out to customers in an effective way.

The current competition in the sector is quite high and thus it is inevitable that company might loose market share going forward if it will not focus on improving its production system and at the same time reducing the cost of operations of the company. It shall also focus on spending necessary funds for Research and development so that competitiveness can be gained at the market place.

Market and consumer behaviour analysis :The market of footwear and apparel is increasing quite rapidly and it is estimated that the company will have to incur heavy expenditure on its business expansion to grow its customer base and have a sustainable future going ahead. The company shall target Youth in a more focused way to gain the advantage of being in a youth oriented industry (Shah, 2011).

Competitive analysis: The main competitors of the company are Adidas and Puma, Both are having a good enough market share in the industry and is expected that the business of the company can be captured by these competitors if the company will not focus on its Research and development, thus it is essential that company makes necessary investment in improving its its operational efficiencies and at the same time taking care of Research and development as well.

Product analysis :Product analysis is one of the essential stage in which the strengths and drawback of products is evaluated and categorised in regard of to present in more efficient manner. Nike uses high quality materials for the purpose of manufacturing its products. The high quality materials used can help in effectively building a brand image that will enable a company to build a image of trust within the market (Thackeray, Neiger and Keller, 2012). The company's products are seen with trust and hence it do have an competitive edge over the others.

Target market audiences :Nike is attempting to wind up best in African and centre eastern countries on the grounds that in these zones there is high development of utilization of sports apparels and Footwear. In these business sectors, none of the key players are accessible at there. The brand needs to enter in new markets with Enthusiasm in order to wind up unrivalled from its rivals. According to previously mentioned, target advertise division of the organization depends on new age and the company is focusing on new target markets for the purpose of expanding business. It is thus quite important for the management of company to organise its target market in an effective way that will enable them to make products based on their needs and demands and thus customer loyalty can be gained over period of time (Wallnöfer and Hacklin, 2013).

Goals and objectives: The advertising targets of the organization depends on short and long terms destinations. In which, Short Term target of the firm is to exploit by giving medical advantages of individuals through creating new items, in which some of are sans sugar and contains less fat. Aside from this, long haul goal of Nike is to set up client dependability in this way items can be turned out to be first selection of clients while the need of extinguishing their push.

Formulation of strategies and programmes: With a specific end goal to increase high market development and achievement, Nike has obtained promoting blend strategies. In setting of item, all advantages which are included with it must be laid out and their must be rolled out important improvements in bundling so as pull in huge gathering of people.

Hence, through complying these stages, organisation can achieve their proper marketing communication plan which is assisting to carry out proper communication among competitive marketplace along with the public. It is essential to understand and outline while launching and updating any activities that is assisting for organisation while achieving business o

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