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Key Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Function

University: Docklands Academy

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment will manage certain questions which are like:

  1. What is the role of marketing and their functional unit.
  2. What are the elements that are being taken explain marketing mix of the Bodyshop?
  3. Evaluate the marketing plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Marketing is an important concept that helps in carrying out the different activities of business (Baker and Saren, 2016). It is a process through which the products and services are made available at the point of consumption from the point of its manufacturing. It has great dependency on the other departments of the organisation too. The following report will discuss the roles and responsibilities of this division along with other important concepts related to it.

Activity 1

Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

In order to ensure growth of the firm marketing department plays a great role. It performs different roles and take several duties through which it can be ensured that the distinct process is carried out in a way that company’s goals are achieve. Some of the most common roles and responsibilities of this section are as follows:

Research and development – This is one of the most important role performed by the concern department. In order to maximise the sales, it is important that such products and services are produces which has maximum demand. Through marketing the overall business environment is evaluated so that it can be identified that what are needs of customers and same is delivered to ensure sales (Folinas and Fotiadis, 2017).

Product development – Another core duty of the marketing team is to continuously work on innovation of product. Customers like changes and get easily bored with the similar products. Therefore, the promotion team work on identifying new features which can be added to the commodity through which interest of its user is maintained.

Creating awareness – In order to maximise sales, it is important that the product is introduced properly to the market. for same evaluation of the best marketing team is done by the promoter so that such medium is selected which has maximum capacity of reaching to more users and hence the demand is created.

Concept of marketing

Marketing in an organisation performs different roles and responsibilities which are essential to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the firm. With this concept the needs and wants of market are analysed first so that accordingly on the basis of same maximum satisfaction is delivered to the customers. The huge promotion process is divided into five broad concepts which are as follows:

Production concept – This is the idea of marketers in which it is believed that the customers will favour those products which are easily available to them and are within their budget. By using this practice maximum sales can be ensured by the enterprise and hence the revenues are generated (Zimmerman and Blythe, 2017).

Product concept – Another concept which says that buyers wants such products which are good in quality and has unique features which can offer better services to them as this give the user satisfaction against the money spent on the procurement of recourses. There must be continuous development on the feature of offering so that the interest of consumers is maintain.

Selling concept – In order to ensure the maximum sales company needs to take much efforts for the promotion of the commodity as it is crucial for creating awareness among the customers. This concept gives emphasis on selling the produced commodity instead of producing what is demanded in the market.

Marketing concept – It is different from that of the selling concept. Unlike the selling here research is done in the market area so that it can be identified that what are the needs and requirements of the customers and then accordingly the production process is carried out. This makes the possibilities of sales higher and hence the objectives are met (Lane, 2016).

Social marketing concept – last but not the least is the social marketing concept that supports the promotion practices which are socially and environmentally responsible. This concept says that while carrying out the various business practices no harm to the society should be made. It should not harm the user or surroundings in any and for this while doing the different planning’s regarding the promotion, production selling etc. it must be ensured that ethical considerations are maintained.

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Current and future customer trends

Current trends – According to the present style most of the marketing practices are carried out using green, relationship and social marketing.

Future trends – As the demand for the promotion activities is continuously increasing it is predicted that in coming time there will be more livestreaming, advertising through different mobile applications and using the locations of users.

Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

None of the departments in an organisation can continue its operations alone as there is higher dependency of distinct divisions on the marketing department. Together with the assistance of one another they fulfil the overall requirements of the firm and achieve the targets. The relationships among these elements are discussed as follows:

Production and marketing – In order to ensure continuity in sales it is crucial that the manufacturing department is provided with knowledge of what are the requirement of the society and what are the view of the users who has already purchased the products. Their feedbacks are important for making improvements in the future (Pappas, 2017). Marketing department executives conduct the survey in the market and collect the reverts of users and make them available to the production team. This way they make the modifications and hence produced such items which has more capacity to be accepted by public.

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Finance and marketing – All the process that include finance are handled by the accounting department of the organisation. There are lots of activities which are performed under the promotion process and in order to carry out same there is requirements of funds. Marketing employees gets the budgeted amount from the finance section and accordingly perform their duties. it is important that the task is completed within the limited amount and hence accordingly the dependency is high among the two section.

Hr and marketing – Human resource is one of the most important division in an enterprise and is depending much on the promotion team to continue its operations. The requirement of the personals is communicated to the marketing team and accordingly the vacancy is advertised in the market depending upon the job role (Malhotra, 2015). Choice of medium is made by the advertising team so that the best candidate is made available at the vacant position. On the other hand, to carry out the roles and duties of eth marketing there is much requirement of the personnel. This demand is kept in front on the HR team and they carry out the process of recruitment and selection so that continuity in the business operations are maintained.

IT and marketing – In an organisation use of different applications and technologies is done so that good quality of products and services are made available. There is continuous change in the external surroundings and it is important for enterprises to remain updated with the new code of conduct so that same is adopted in time and hence the competition is faced effectively. Marketing department facilitate this information to the IT sections and help them in making the required changes in its working (Fine, 2017).


From the above report this has been concluded that in any business marketing is one of the most important department. It along with the other divisions facilitates growth and helps enterprises to reach at next level. It is important that the concepts of this function are properly applied so that the resources are utilised to their maximum capacity. Marketing together with other important departments like finance, human resource etc. ensure that every section works smoothly b facilitating them with the required information and helping them in their regular operations.Need essay help? Talk to our experts.

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