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Different Roles of Marketing in Hotel Hilton

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Role and Responsibilities of Marketing in Hotel Hilton.
  • Discuss about the Marketing plan.
  • Discuss about the Interrelationships between marketing and two other department
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton


Marketing in the hotel industry is based on maximizing the hotel's revenues and providing the best accommodations to its customers. The marketing manager of the hotel is responsible for promoting the hotel and influencing customers by providing them with the best accommodations facilities. Hotel Hilton is a full-service global brand of resorts and hotels under the brand name of Hilton. Its target is both, leisure travelers and businesses. The following report will describe different roles of marketing in the hospitality sector and its interrelatedness with the functions of Hotel Hilton. Furthermore, it will compare the ways used with elements of the marketing mix for the achievement of overall business objectives. The present study will also explain a basic marketing plan for achieving marketing objectives for a hospitality organization.

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LO 1

Role and Responsibilities of Marketing in Hotel Hilton

Roles and Responsibilities

Relatedness with hotel Hilton

Market research

It is important for Hotel Hilton to conduct market research through which various opportunities prevailing in market can be identified. Through market research, hotel Hilton can easily analyse customers' needs and choices. Also, competitors' strategies and plans can be determined and accordingly hotel Hilton can make plans about it.

Customer support service

Customers are said to be king of marketplace. To increase growth and development, marketing manager of Hotel Hilton should provide best services to their customers. This will include maintenance services provided, to handle complaints of customers, providing them credit facilities and after sales services. All these services will help hotel Hilton to attract more number of customers and increase its growth.


Customers should be made aware about the facilities and services offered by hotel Hilton. As customers are made aware, chances of attracting more numbers of customers are also increased. Through promotional activities like making advertisements on travel sites and other social media or television, people can be made aware about the Hotel. Without making people aware, potential customers cannot be attracted.

Customer relations

For improving the business it is essential to maintain a healthy customer relation. Through this, hotel Hilton is able to create a strong base for revenue(Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016). This can be done by focussing on customers which registers themselves with hotel on a regular basis and by providing them best services every time. This will force them to stay in connect with the hotel.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing in wider organisational context

Product management- It is concerned with development of product and its marketing. Its objective is to maximise sales revenues and profits for the company. Development in existing products of hotel Hilton will help in attracting customers towards them. Hotel Hilton manages and develops its product according to consumers' needs and choices and provides satisfaction to them, this helps in increasing growth of the organisation. The marketing department will develop its product according to consumer needs and demands.

Human Resource Management- HRM is responsible for placing the right candidate at right job positions. With the right candidate hotel Hilton is able to developed and can expand its business in the market. Right employee will help in increasing growth rate of the company. HRM is helpful in improving efficiency and effectiveness of employees by providing them training and development programmes. Through right persons, marketing department will identify and enhance the chances of expansion of business in market.

Purchase and Accounting- Purchasing management is related with purchasing process of an organisation. It ensures the management of goods and inventory which are needed to operate. Accounting department is concerned with preparations of financial statements of the company. The purchase and accounting management of hotel Hilton is concerned with making of plans and policies which are helpful in expansion and growth of the business. Marketing department will generate the sales and profit statements on the basis of financial statements of purchase and accounting department of hotel Hilton.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing in marketing environment



How do they Relate to each other and to the Marketing environment

To introduce new technical changes.

Implementing new techniques in working of organisation.

Marketing manager of hotel Hilton is responsible for implementing new techniques through which he is able to cope up with technological changes of the external environment.

Framing of new policies.

Using new policies for achieving determined goals.

New policies are framed according to up gradation done in government policies which can prove to be beneficial for growth and success of hotel Hilton.

Developing social culture in work place.

Making changes according to customers' needs and preferences.

Customers' choices and preferences are dynamic in nature. In order to cope up with these changes, Marketing manager of hotel Hilton make changes in its working so that they are able to meet the social factors.

Interrelationships between marketing and two other department

Interrelationships can be said as connection between groups or among different people. This can be described as how one thing is connected with other thing. The relationships between marketing and other departments of hotel Hilton can be described as-

Marketing and Food and beverage- It is concerned with convincing of consumers from one product to another. Marketing manager of hotel Hilton lays emphasis on making of strategies which are best suited for their customers(Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014). For marketing the best food and beverages, managers tries to give them a friendly environment by communicating with them on a routine basis. Facilities like easy access to products and providing them the best quality of products which are more attractive are given by marketing manager of hotel Hilton to their guests. This will help in providing satisfaction to their guests by offering them good quality and will help in gaining the trust of people.

Marketing and Rooms Division- Room Division is related to two more other divisions which are Housekeeping and Front Office. Housekeeping is concerned with cleanliness at every levels and every place of the hotel. Front Office of hotel Hilton is responsible for attending the guests and creating the best impression on them which will influence their decisions regarding visiting the hotel for next time or not. Guest's main aim of visiting a hotel is concerned with lodging which is influenced with room division. Facilities and services given by hotel Hilton will influence the decisions and experience of guests with the hotel.

Key elements of marketing

Marketing elements are essential for success of marketing which are explained as follows-

Research- This is concerned with understanding of market before introducing any new product in the market. In marketing, research is important for understanding the needs and preferences of customers and helps in targeting the audiences. Research will help in determining the next action to be taken and data for analysis can be gathered through research(Pirani and Arafat, 2016). Research will help marketing manager to know about the customers needs and preferences and accordingly they will frame their strategies.

Strategy- After completing the research work, marketing manager of hotel Hilton frame strategies based on its research. Strategies regarding facing competition, making changes in working of hotel and to introduce new services or facilities can be made after conducting proper research. After completing the research, marketing manager will frame strategies according tom consumer needs and demand which will help in increasing success of hotel Hilton.

Planning- This involves planning regarding forecasting, strategies for communications and financial planning of hotel Hilton(Steenkamp, 2017). Through marketing planning, marketing manager of hotel Hilton can continuous keep a check on its working whether it is on track or not. Strategic planning regarding working of organisation will help in determining the stated objectives and aims. Proper planning will help in proper implementation of strategies to attract more new customers in market.

Tactics- They are used for achieving the short term goals of company like increasing sales, facing of competitors, attracting more number of customers. Tactics used like decreasing the prices during festive season and giving them discounts and offering them different and attractive offers are helpful in achieving these short term objectives. Tactics used by marketing manager of hotel Hilton will help in determining the chances of growth and expansion of the business.

These four elements will be helpful in planning future working more appropriately.

LO 2

Comparison using elements of marketing mix

Elements of Marketing Mix


Hilton Hotel


Product mix of McDonald’s is made of food and beverages. This consists of Hamburgers, Beverages, Chicken and fish, Desserts and shakes, Salads and sides which are design on basis of consumer's choices and preferences to satisfy them. Various discounts are also offered to its customers.

It provides services like wedding, meeting, banquet facilities to its guests. Other facilities also includes swimming pools, gifts shops, restaurants and retail facilities with its core product of rooms for customers to stay in for a specific time. Improvement in facilities is done for attracting new consumers like service quality is improved and staff training is provided.


Psychological price strategies are used by McDonald’s to ensure that customers are choosing their products. In India, they have reduced 25% of its prices so that people considers McDonald’s, a place for lunch and dinner. This strategy also focusses on lower middle section of customers. Young teenagers are targeted who are brand conscious to increase its sales.

The price in marketing mix of Hilton is concerned with premium price policies for its services. Price is decided by experts and researchers on the basis of their market research. Services of five star and four star in provided not only on basis of dining and stay but also because of maintaining luxury and status in market.


McDonald’s operates more than 36000 restaurants throughout the world. High quality standards are maintained by them(Helm and Gritsch, 2014). They also offer outdoor and indoor seating facilities to their customers at their restaurants. Digital ordering and free mobile charging facilities are also offered by them.

Hotel Hilton had established near airports so that people can access them. They are serving both as business destination and travellers' delight. Surroundings are well selected to give the best experience to its customers.


Promotional activities like use of advertisements in newspapers, sponsorship in events like Olympic games, FIFA world cup are used by McDonald’s for promotion of their restaurants.

Hilton chooses unique promotional activities to attract new customers. Membership facilities are provided by them and new marketing strategies are formed by dedicated staff and team members.


People of McDonald’s have a standard uniform and focuses on providing friendly environment to their customers. Negative responses are also handled by trained employees.

Employees working in hotel Hilton are well dressed and wears a decent uniform at their work place(Pike, 2015). They are well mannered and polite to their guests so that they can provide a pleasant environment to their customers. They resolve their customers' problems and provide them satisfaction so that they can visit again.

Physical evidence

Providing hygienic environment is main concern and responsibility of McDonald’s. They provide attractive interiors of their restaurants and cleanliness is maintained by them to give best experience to their customers.

Hotel Hilton provides a luxurious looking of their hotel to their customers. This luxurious looking is helpful in attracting more new customers and are gaining trust of their guests. Facilities like clean swimming pool, attractive dining area and pleasant garden helps in attracting more number of customers. People who are brand and quality conscious get attracted by these luxurious facilities of hotel Hilton.


Customers can clearly see the whole process of manufacturing the food. They allow their customers to view and make their decisions regarding quality and hygiene standards(Hanssens, and et.al.,2014). To check the materials used in product, customers are invited by them.

Process regarding working of hotel Hilton can be observed by their guests. They provide their customers the best quality products like food and beverages which give them satisfaction. Satisfied customers will be attracted to visit the hotel for the next time.

Tactics used for achieving business objectives

Tactics can be said as plans or system used for achieving a determined objective of the organisation. Tactics used by hotel Hilton for achieving specific goals are-

Providing training to employees- Training is helpful in increasing employees' efficiency and productivity. Increased productivity will help in reducing wastage of company's resources and improving production process(Bauman, McFadden and Jablonski, 2018). Trained employees of hotel Hilton will work efficiently and this will help to attract more number of customers and increase in growth and success of firm. This will also help in planning of expansion of business. Trained people working in hotel Hilton will contribute more towards organisation.

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Innovation- Bringing of new ideas in the organisation will prove to be beneficial for the business. New ideas in services offered will help in attracting more number of customers. Innovation will bring better development in working of the ideas and achievement of determined objectives and more chances of expansion will be generated(Dekimpe, Peers and van Heerde, 2016). Innovation of new ideas will increase the growth and success of hotel Hilton and trust of people will be gained.

These tactics are helpful in achieving organisation goals and helps in development of business and increase the chances of expansion.

LO 3

Marketing plan

It can be referred to as overall plan of a business. It includes the marketing strategies and policies used for meeting the organisation's set objectives and goals. Hotel Hilton popularly known for providing luxurious accommodations facilities with attractive interiors and best services and facilities. In the following marketing plan the marketing mix essentials used by hotel Hilton to achieve organisation's goals have been described. The SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis of hotel Hilton have been explained, Also, Budget of marketing plan and different market strategies are been determined(Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). The marketing plan is helpful in framing of required policies and plans for achieving growth and success of organisation. A proper marketing plan is helpful in increasing productivity and efficiency of business.

Coherent, evidence based marketing plan

Executive summary- The following plan will describe the over view of hotel Hilton along with its situational analysis of SWOT and PESTLE. It will also determine the market strategies that is STEP strategies. Furthermore, it will represent a budget of overall services and facilities offered by them. Get the best assignment help oxford at the best price. Contact us.

Company overview- Hotel Hilton is a luxurious-based hotel providing the best accommodations facilities to their guests. They provide the best and friendly experience to their customers with attractive facilities.

Situational analysis- Swot analysis

Strength- The scope of organisation is vast with the best experience.

Weakness- Deficiency in flexibility proves to be a weakness.

Opportunities- They have an opportunity for International expansion.

Threats- Key personnel is lost which are becoming threats for business.

PESTLE analysis


Hospitality industry is affected by terrorism and political turmoil.


There are more movements of currency.


Consumers prefers more of travelling.


Robotics and artificial intelligence is used more.


In some countries ban is imposed on travel.


For reducing impact of environment, initiatives have been taken.

Market strategies STP model-

Market segmentation- This refers to identification of profitable customers in the market. Through proper research of market gainful customers are identified and their needs and choices are determined.

Targeting strategy- It is related to target the audience which are helpful in increasing the success of hotel Hilton. This will help in framing the promotional activities to attract targeted customers(Ogilvie and et.al., 2016).

Positioning strategy- It is refereed to as ensuring of hotel in a profitable position for increasing success. In this, the strategies made for targeted audience is implemented. Its main focus is to provide luxurious experience to their guests.


Promotional activities


Distribution cost


Stationary cost


HR cost




Marketing plan of hotel Hilton to achieve objectives

Business Objective

Marketing Mix & Strategy


Monitoring & Evaluation

To reduce employee turnover


Offering super rooms facility to their customers.

Evaluation is done by giving continuous training to their staff members.

To expand business


Giving discounts during festive seasons.

A regular check on working of company's plans that whether they are working according to strategy or not.

To attract more number of customers.


Establishes their hotels near the airport.

Analyses is done on end results to know any differences present or not.

Optimum utilisation of resources.


Providing membership facility to consumers.

Evaluation of financial statements on the basis of working of framed strategies and policies.

Increase growth level.


People working in it are well dressed in a uniform.


Gain a larger share in market.

Physical evidence

Providing attractive interiors for their customers.


To provide luxurious and friendly experience to their guests.


Collaborations with multi national companies for expansion of its business.



From the above report different roles and responsibilities of marketing in achieving organisation's goals and objectives are described and also its relatedness with marketing environment is described. From the above study the interrelationships between marketing and other departments of hotel Hilton have been concluded. Also, comparison between McDonald’s and hotel Hilton on the basis of marketing mix essentials have been concluded(Ottman, 2017). Furthermore, the above study have concluded the tactics used by hotel Hilton to achieve the organisation's objectives.

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