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BU7006 International Marketing Strategy - McDonald

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1292
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BU7006
  • Downloads: 585

Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Critically evaluate the difference between international market environment in the context of the importance of culture differences and consumer behaviour.
  • McDonald is a fact food chain. Explain the cross-culture analysis and how to make market decisions.
Answer :
Organization Selected : McDonald


International marketing strategy involves planning and executing marketing efforts across different countries and regions worldwide. The goal is to harmonize marketing activities in various markets. This report focuses on an article titled "Cultural Influences on Entry Mode Choice in International Business" by Bonoli (2017). The company selected for this analysis is McDonald's, an American fast food chain established in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The investigation will discuss cross-cultural analysis and the market entry decisions made by the company.


Strengths and Weaknesses of article

From the plenty of some other article, there is a article selected on internet related to the Cultural influences on the entry mode choice. There are some strengths and weaknesses of this article given below:


  • The main strength of this article is that it consists detailed analysis of various factors which are concerned to the cultural and also market entry techniques company in a better manner (Christensen, Ball and Halskov, 2017).
  • This article states the joint venture as market entry technique.
  • It represents the risk related to decision making of market entry and also mainly link among cultural backgrounds for the successful joint venture.


  • Weakness of this article is that it only provide joint venture as market entry strategy but other than this, there are some other techniques such as franchise, exporting and others.
  • It does not state about the cultural issues which company face in expansion of business (Davidov and et. al., 2018).

In literature review there is a gap that mention about adopting single market entry techniques but not mention more which can be more effective for the company to enter in to the international market (Wales and et. al., 2019).

Methodological approach

In context of methodology, present article consists the qualitative research methods related to international business area. For an example, Uppsala model developed in range of the techniques consisting the qualitative methods as main party of theory generations and also presentations related to new insights. The qualitative investigation inspires certain stigma in context of giving serious pinion on specific area. Present article focus on techniques which adopted through primary property and also liability to enter in to global markets. On the other hand, methodologies consist questionnaire survey and structured interviews. As result, there were 21 interviews obtained and survey consists the responses from 271 organisations which operating in 47 countries and performed around 216 foreign market entries (Hagaman and Wutich, 2017).

In given article, this has been stated that multinational organisations are select from considerable variety of the methods and techniques in to foreign markets, mainly on outcomes of questionnaire survey and structured interview, article mentions that interview were conducted with 21 executives which accept to take participation in interviews. Answers of interviews were basis for elaboration of survey questionnaire sent to around 423 firm in 63 countries. The process came up with the 271 responses which gotten from the 47 countries (Kim and Stepchenkova, 2017).


Culture is a necessary factor that necessary to be contain while conducting the business at international level. Selected article emphasized requirement to valuing new business environment and also diverse workforce in business. It concluded about the culture of international market and also market entry mode that helps in expanding the business globally. The outcome is logical and it can go with contradict it. The article states regarding the impact of cultural factors on market entry decisions at global level (Stoian, Rialp and Dimitratos, 2017). This is mainly emphasized on significance of the global strategy on way the company will make better decisions on the operations at global level. From this article, it has been analysed that this is possible to determine and depending on cultural distance level. This mainly impacts relationship among countries in procedure of deciding an effective entry mode.

Market entry method

Under this, business problem is related to selecting the market entry mode which firm should be adopt while expansion of business. In relation to this, market entry strategies are setup directly in market by using different methods. McDonald is largest chain of the fast food restaurants. It operates around 32000 restaurants serving more than 60 million people on daily basis. While this company can not export its goods but this can select between various operation modes in global market. It recognised in life that the overseas market needed more degree of the local responsiveness and also required to manage the business spread across various regions in an effective manner (Thomas and Peterson, 2016). In relation to this, investigation level that McDonald commits to markets differ across various modes but thus exerts the proper control over various outlets and growth in the each market. McDonald restaurant internalize expansion cost to large extent that depending on governance kind in each market and also set expansion part across the other markets. McDonald uses the franchise as the market entry method. Franchise is cheap way to expanding the business into other countries while giving control over e of brand as well as operations (Watson IV and et. al., 2018).

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It has been concluded from above mention information that articles provides information regarding cross cultural and market entry techniques. There has been examined the strengths and weaknesses of articles which selected on particular area. Through using article, more information has been collected and gain better understanding regarding the specific subject. In present report, there has been discussed about the methodologies which used in the articles like interviews and survey. For the market entry method, this article provides the option related of joint venture which is effective in expanding the business at global level and also make it successful. We provide the best online assignment help to students who are struggling with their academic writing. Our expert team of writers, editors, researchers, proofreaders and quality analysts make sure that your work is completely error-free, authentic and of the best quality. If you want to score the best grades in your academics without undergoing the stress of deadlines, plagiarism or missing any guideline, then turn to our experienced writers.

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