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Apply Marketing Communication Across a Convergent Industry

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2389
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSBMKG417
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Table of Content

  1. TASK 1
  2. TASK 2
Question :


BSBMKG417 Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry 


  • What are the two features and provide key differences between traditional and convergent approaches to marketing communications?
  • How does the customer take a central and empowered role within convergent marketing?
  • What is the role of traditional siloed sectors in client requirements? Give at least one example.
  • Analyse the impact of convergence on the traditional siloed industry.
  • Explain current key technologies and distributed services that impact convergent solutions.
  • Identify potential points of integration. Provide at least one (real or simulated) business case study, marketing campaign, or marketing plan to examine points of integration.
  • What are two types of experts and business networks appropriate to a convergent marketing solution? Give at least two examples of how advice or networks can assist or have assisted you in your work, referring to a real or simulated case study campaign.
  • Examine at least three relevant Acts, regulations, or mandatory codes of practice impacting the field of marketing communication.

1. For each of the three, provide at least one example of how a real or simulated case study organisation has complied with the Act, regulation, or code with respect to convergent marketing activities.

2. Provide at least two relevant organisational policies or procedures.

Task 2: Prepare Marketing Tools and Techniques

Marketing communication allows a small business to develop avenues for reaching and interacting with customers. It helps to maintain communication and promote products and services to create awareness among the consumer.


Marketing communication connects your small business with customers. They can communicate through an informational newsletter or via a social media forum where you exchange ideas, communication mechanism keeps you in contact with consumers. This helps you establish your business, develop a sense of confidence, faith, and familiarity, and promote repeat and referral business.

Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A



What are two characteristics and at least one point of difference between traditional and convergent approaches to marketing communication?

  • Traditional: in company different sections operates independently like different businesses inside one. Each department has its own rules and regulations. It reduces the effectiveness of decision-making and strategies applied by the company.
  • Convergent: Integration of the different departments of the company in terms of its policies and procedures along with working manner (Porcu and et.al., 2019). Everyone in the organisation work together to achieve the company's objective and not just the department's goals.

Convergent is more efficient, effective and the processes faster.

1. How do customers take a central and empowered role within convergent marketing?

Company's success depends on the customer satisfaction. When they start understanding that consumers are more than numbers, they pay more attention towards the customer's expectations and demands. At the convergent marketing, consumers set the firm in a straight direction; they are behind the marketing objectives. Actually, a business mindset needs to pay more attention towards the requirements of clients to develop their business.

2. What is the role of the traditional siloed sectors to client requirements? Give at least one example.

“Siloed sectors” refers to sections which operates independently of one another, even in instances where they have the potential to communicate and interrelate with each other. But it may be more beneficial for company to collaborate, it enhances the productivity. For example, if the marketing department has no or minor communication with sales or logistics department, it would lower the productivity (Martin, Javalgi and Ciravegna, 2020). The issue with siloed sectors within an organisation is that each of these departments operate by using different rules and regulations at same workplace.

In order to potential growth of company in order to increment in number of clients and customer's feedback, it is vital that the roles of siloed sectors are identified in relation to client requirements.

For example, purchasing a pair of shoes at Nike, salesman is responsible to handle the client. If the customer want to make a change or claim after the purchase so its the duty of that salesperson to help it out.

In order to improve the products and services for the consumers, interaction and convergence between different sections of company is important. This allows to maintain the balance for better understanding of the customers demands and the market needs. It would be helpful in creating greater opportunity for innovation that meets customers requirements.

1. What is the impact of convergence on the traditional siloed industry?

The impact of convergence would be good enough for the company because the departments can establish better understanding about ideas as a same language. Exchange of information in proper manner which help, when they need information from other departments. It will be in great form that makes the things simple and easy in the businesses and help them to take potential growth.

2. What are the current key technologies and distributed services that impact on convergent solutions?

These are some key technologies that have an impact in the convergent solutions

  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Viral ad campaigns like online and offline surveys
  • Blogs, posting blog about the current changes, new products of the company (Porcu and et.al., 2017).
  • User Generated Content
  • Company's website.
  • Application

1. What are potential points of integration? Refer to at least one (real or simulated) business case study, marketing campaign or marketing plan to illustrate points of integration.

Potential points of integration are the departments that can work together because their activities are interdependent and interrelated in the system. So, with support of other section can perform better (Falahat and et.al., 2020).

For example: New IPhone is launched in the market, if anything goes wrong and customer feedback is recorded, so the sales department can say to the marketing department about it. It helps them to work as a team to improve the weaknesses. It will be more helpful for future references, like improvement in device, for the next generation according to the budget of the firm.

2. What are two types of experts and business networks appropriate to a convergent marketing solution? Give at least two examples of how advice or networks can assist or have assisted you in your work, referring to a real or simulated case study campaign.

Expert networks

  • Sector specialists
  • Technical specialists
  • Opinion Leaders

Business networks

  • Collaborators
  • Entrepreneurs


A current main technology is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that allows consumers to find the business with priority (Keogh, Gordon and Marinovic, 2018). This helps the business, as website appears on the first places when people write some keywords related to the website or product or company in the search engine like Google, connecting customers with business.

Another current main technology is the Smart-Phone, helping all the world to communicate with each other and have access to the information 24/7 for an interconnected world with tools like the calendar, translator, web browser, etc.

  • What are at least three relevant Acts, regulations or mandatory codes of practice impacting the field of marketing communication?
  • For each of the three, give at least one example of how a real or simulated case study organisation has complied with the Act, regulation or code with respect to convergent marketing activities.

1. ACMA (Australian communication and media authority) is the main regulator of communications system and media convergence for Australian companies.

Example: “In December 2004, a businessman found the subject of complaints to the ACA in order to get unsolicited emails. After investigation completed, the investigators revealed that the sender of emails was located in South Australia and the ACA issued search warrant to capture the respondent (Mikolic-Torreira and et.al., 2017). Also, order searching on the sender's premises. Analysis of the records seized during the search which revealed that the person was having email addresses up to 20,000, software for email address harvesting and mass-mailing. The respondent had bills for the purchase email addresses from the internet about 5.5million.

Those email message was set by the respondent in which he offered the opportunity to register to a pyramid-style of marketing scheme. The information embedded in the messages clearly fell into the category of commercial electronic message as defined in section 6 of the Spam Act. The respondent took the responsibility for sending large numbers of unsolicited commercial emails to different email addresses and purchasing these email address lists from the internet.

It was not the creator of the pyramid scheme of marketing, but had joint randomly through an offshore website. In this case, ACA investigators explained that the most appropriate course of enforcement action, and they seek that the respondent was enforced do this. So undertaking him and releasing him with some assurance that would not engage in sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages in the future. Respondent entered into the enforceable undertaking, and was issued with an infringement notice and paid a $660 penalty”.

1. ComLaw (governmental legislation search engine in which the users can identify which are applicable terms and items of legislation through searching keywords)

Example: During the development of the website and it is necessary to know what kind of information should be included in it. Person which engaged in it, can find the relevant information using the search engines (Oleinik and Yevseytseva, 2016). Also, the keywords related to the topic in relation with the website and the laws should be considered before launching the website.

2. Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code

Example: Ruth signed up to a $49 cap plan for the telecommunication. Then she noticed that it would be the maximum amount she has to pay each month. It wasn't the case and ended up with getting unexpected high bills.

Saying what they mean and meaning what they say

According to TCP Code, telecommunications providers don't need to use terms in their advertising and promotional activities that would mislead the consumers. For example, ‘cap' it should not be used for giving new offers unless it is a hard cap that cannot be exceeded.

Many print advertisements that mention ‘included value' for mobile bill plans which imposes that it will include standard charges in the bill like a two-minute national call, a standard SMS and using1MB of data (Nozdrachova and Chumachenko, 2016).

When Ruth goes to choose next plan, she will get a ‘Critical Information Summary' in which information about the additional and standard charges along with key terms and conditions.

Telecommunication companies have to send consumers like Ruth, about usage and expenditure notifications for voice, data and SMS, with necessary information about standard and additional charges alerts.

1. Identify at least two relevant organisational policies or procedures.

The emails about a particular campaign will be sent, only to those people whop are interested and provide their details along with accepting the terms and conditions. It should not acceptable to purchase or use private information of people who are not authorized to receive information of the company.

All advertising things should clearly include the specification regarding prices, its availability, place where it is available and mention all the condition to reduce conflicts with the customer.


Prepare Marketing Tools and Techniques

Marketing communication drives the small businesses to enhance their reach towards potential consumers. This improves interaction and communication with customers. Maintaining communication with the public creates an avenue for promoting products and services to build brand awareness in the marketplace (Hänninen and Karjaluoto, 2017). Any type of contact companies used to establish relationships with the customers, leads towards success in order to generate high revenues and securing the business the position in market for the future.


Marketing communication helps to connect the small business to the wide range of consumers. It can be different types of communication included informational newsletter, social media platforms, where exchange of ideas is easy, communication vehicles help to maintain in contact with potential buyers. This helps in building businesses, establishing sense of trust and increases familiarity, and encourage repeats with referral of business.

Businesses can receive feedback from their customers suing marketing communication tools such as questionnaires, surveys and focus groups. Obtaining the opinions of customers, makes them feel invested in the company because it shows that their opinion is important. The reviews, feedbacks and many other kind of inputs received by the consumers may help them to improve in their services, differentiating product from other and better serve to the buyers according to their needs.

Marketing communication tools helps to educate and aware the target audience regard to the products and services of the company. For example, website-based product demo or instructional videos are the types of marketing communication tools which are designed to motivate to change their purchase decision of the consumers and get familiarize with products. This also helps establish the business as leading and authority by marketing communication vehicles. For example, dedicating web-page to collect relevant information by analysing the feedbacks and asking questionnaires about the business or sector.

Effective marketing communication is very important in order to attain higher levels of customer satisfaction by improving in customer services. Use of email, early sales advertisements and direct-mails for distributing discount vouchers (Wang, Pauleen and Zhang, 2016). Interactive blogs helps to increase more answers to customer's questions, providing information and keeping consumers surprised with happenings in the company.

Cost Effectiveness

The main objective of marketing communication is to enhance the sales of the company's products and services. When businesses stay communicated with buyers, treating them as valuable assets and inviting reviews and feedbacks from them, this develops foundation for profitable and long term relationships. This leads to repeat products by the consumers, increase business and referrals from satisfied customers.


Traditional Tools

Such as Advertising, Direct marketing, Public Relation, Direct Sales are defined as to be expensive, mainly when businesses advertise in large market. TV advertisement for example can be costs up to thousands to millions, according to the reach (Keogh, Gordon and Marinovic, 2018). When putting an advertisement in a newspaper, it is possible to know how many customers bought the newspaper, but it is not possible to know how much people actually read it. This is the similar in case of other marketing tools such as billboards.

Targeted marketing

If businesses only want to target audience, its easier. Like Facebook advertising allows you to send messages to specific group and broad range of people. If they want top cover the large part of market then instead of sending particular group of customers, send it to all, also this helps to create multiple messages according to the target groups as well. With a billboard or TV ad, companies conveys their messages to audience (Porcu and et.al., 2017). However, with digital marketing use, it helps to develop two-way communication. This helps in building better relationship with customers, receiving feedback instantly helps to improve in the products..

Relevant legislation

  • Facebook Page of ‘WORK' business will follow the rules and regulations related to laws of the country: Privacy legislation in Australia.
  • Intellectual property in Australia: Patents, Trademarks and copyright.
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