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Human Resource Development


Human resource department (HRD) is an approach which helps individuals in an enterprise to develop their skills, abilities and knowledge. It plays an important role in providing training and development program. This report presents different learning styles, theories, role of learning curve and importance of transferring to actual workplace. It also represents various training needs and methods used by Sun Court Ltd. to improve its working efficiency. People R Us is a small consultancy firm which advises Sun Court Ltd. on various issues regarding HR department (Fee, 2014). Through this study learner will be able to understand process of development of training and evaluation to know its effectiveness. It will also describe the role of UK government in various training and development events of Sun Court Ltd.


1.1 Different learning styles

Learning means acquiring and modifying skills, knowledge, attitude, behavior, preferences and values. Learning styles are such methods through which above things are gained by human beings. Different styles are used by different companies to educate their staff or employees to achieve their targets. These are as follows:

Kolb’s learning styles

There are four styles which are suggested by David Kolb i.e. converging, diverging, assimilating and accommodating. These are discussed as under:

  • Converging: This learning style does not focus on people but use the abstract concepts, practical and experimental ideas.
  • Diverging: Under this people first observe things rather than implementing them in real. This focuses more on people instead of practicing it.
  • Assimilating: Here, human beings gain a logical knowledge of doing work effectively at workplace. It is used for those individuals who are engaged in research and inventions.the drover's wife by Henry Lawson summary
  • Accommodating: It is totally different from all above styles because in this learners learn things by looking and observing other persons (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). This learning

style does notrequired any practical, experimental and logical explanation.

Honey and Mumford’s styles

They also suggested four different learning styles such as activists, reflector, theorist and pragmatist which are explained as under:

  • Activists: This style is used to educate those persons who want to practice new things and are ready to face any consequences or issues involved in that.
  • Reflector: It is generally used by many organizations because it includes learning things not only collecting data from their own but also from different opinions of other individuals.
  • Theorist: Persons who want to formulate their own theories by their observations and experiments follow this style of learning. It is quite similar to assimilating learning style because here also people think logically.
  • Pragmatics: Here, new ideas, thoughts and theories are experimented and implemented. Solutions are made to overcome from various difficulties and problems.

1.2 Role of learning curve and its importance

Learning curve has a significant impact on the process of learning which reflect performance of learners. It is very important to transfer learning in real world or workplace to know its effectiveness.

Role of learning curve

Learning curve is a graphical presentation which shows decrease and increase of performance and experience of person (Sparrow and et.al, 2016). It is an important technique through which impact of learning program may be analyzed. Through this graphical representation, relationship between time spent in learning activities and competency level of individuals are shown. Therefore, this curve represents progress of people or learners. This curve is used by management of Sun Court Ltd. (SCL) to overlook at performance level of their employees.

Importance of transferring learning to workplace

Every enterprise facilitates training and development program to train their employees to perform their job efficiently. SCL also provides these learning sessions for their workforce therefore, it is necessary to transfer this to workplace to know its effectiveness. There are following importance of this transferring:

  • Optimum utilization of funds: Providing training is not so easy task for every firm because an effective learning program requires lots of funding. If learning is not transferred to the workplace then all spending on it will go in vain so it is very important to move it to business operations of Sun Court Ltd.
  • Adding value: One of the key objects of learning is to adding value of entity in market. If enterprise facilitates training sessions and does not transfer it to day to day working of firm then value of such undertaking will not increase in market place.
  • Facing and solving problems: While working in organization employees may face various problems (Gruman and Saks, 2011). In Sun Court Ltd. also staff of firm has to go through several problems related to operations and functions of business. To overcome from such difficulties, they must have prior knowledge of it. Learning sessions help people at workplace to solve such crisis. Therefore, learning is transferred to workplace to minimize business obstacles.

1.3 Contribution of learning styles and theories

Role of learning styles and theories is very important while designing and planning training sessions. Different types of styles are used by different organizations in various fields. As per the knowledge and field of person training is provided to them. It is the responsibility of organizer of learning event to use proper style or theory to make learn people with different categories. For example to train a scientist assimilating learning style is very effective and on other side to train a new or existing employee in a corporation accommodating style is useful (Khan, Khan and Mahmood, 2012). Here, both persons are engaged in different types of job so their technique of learning must also be different to each other.

Similarly, in Sun Court Ltd. various employees work at different level of management. There are three level of management is Sun Court Ltd., which are;

  • Top-level management: This includes the managers, CEO, and managing director of the company. They are responsible for overseeing and controlling of the whole company.
  • Middle-level management: All the employees of the company comes under this level. Employees are responsible for the execution of organizational plans. These plans are in the compliance with the policies of the company. This management serves as an intermediate management between the top level and low level management.
  • Low-level management: This management includes all the workers of the company which works for them. The focus is on the direction and control of the plans made by the company.

So, different learning styles help organizer to plan and design training session. Before organizing learning event, designer required to know working field of learners. After this their potentiality for respective job is analyzed. The psychology of human being should also take into consideration that how they behave and perform their job with existing knowledge and skills. After understanding all these organizer will get clear idea about which style will be suitable to train them. At last, learning event and activities are held by designer on the basis of chosen learning style. Thus, learning styles contribute a lot in designing and organizing learning event.

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1.4 Role of government in training and development

Role of government of a country is very important in relation to training, development and lifelong learning. In becoming a professional trader, the employee must have certain skills which are very essential in trading. The government of UK is providing the special training so that it can improve the skills of the employees. Few skills are;

  1. Analytical skill: The ability to analyze the collected data is a skill every trader needs to have. The training will be given to the employees so that they can recognize the ongoing trends very easily.
  2. Focus: All the trader of Sun Court Ltd. need to be focused on what they are doing. So that the company can take the advantage of the market and can gain competitive advantage over other companies.
  3. Record keeping: This is the most important key in trading. The training will be given by the government, so that the traders will keep all the records neatly and clearly. This will easily show the progress of the company.

There are following contribution made by the Department of International trade (DIE), and Department of Education (DIE) in training and development programs of Sun Court Ltd.:

  • Generate a public norm: Government plays several roles in success of a business. Although it includes various provisions, norms, rules and regulations; it helps in initiating process of generating common culture among people that assists to train and develop them.
  • Develop HR policies: The government creates HR policies for all organization in country which must be followed by all entities in the nation. It helps in improving capabilities of employees of every company.
  • Allocation of funds: The training and development events organized by an undertaking are one of the difficult and expensive functions because it required lots of funding. Government also help Sun Court Ltd. of UK by providing them money for conducting training and development program (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014). It allocates funds for human resource department for both public as well as private sector enterprises.
  • Promoting HRD: The government promotes various activities of HRD which includes training, development and lifelong learning.
  • Developing favorable working environment: To run a successful business it is very necessary to create an effective work environment within the organization. Government of UK also plays a vital role in creating positive working atmosphere. It can be done by several ways. Many laws and provisions are made by government in favor of employees working in a corporation. For example, by passing law which is consist of rights of workers and employees and law regarding violation of them.

Thus, by above discussion it is clear that government also play an important role in facilitating training and development program.

4.2 Impact of development of competency

Competency is an ability to perform a given job. This ability requires some other qualifications also which helps in finishing specific job or work. Here, competency of workforce is determined by company to know their performance level. For this, performance management program is conducted to evaluate performance of employees. The performance based on competency is evaluated by employee’s core competency. Both public and private sector is affected by this competency movement (Boxall and Purcell, 2011).

In past this movement was not considered by any company but by passing of time its importance in business increases. In public sector, competency of public servants is considered as an important factor. In order to serve public it is required to develop high competency standards. This helps in facilitating effective training programs for employees and workers to create them more competent to perform their jobs. Therefore, to maintain competitive advantage both private and public sector accepted high competency standards.

In present market, very high level of competition exist for companies due to which enterprises are more interested in performance gap. It describes the difference between current situation and future situation of firm. Enterprises in private sector generally invest in performance gap to improve various activities of entity and to get success over other institutions. This competency movement helped both private and public organizations to improve their productivity and profitability by offering quality service in market (Fee, 2014). If there is no competition in market then firms will not try to improve their activities and functions because no one will be affected by it. But if competition exists in market then each and every establishment will try to compete with each other this will enhance competency level among them.

4.3 Training initiatives introduced by UK government

UK government took many initiatives which contributed to human resource department of Sun Court Ltd. The main priority. The department of UK government which is looking after the human resource is “The Civil Service Human Resource Department”. There are following government institutions which look after in various activities of HRD:

  • Trade and industry department
  • Work and pension department
  • Education department
  • Health and safety department

The above agencies provide following services to private corporations in UK:

  • Learning and Skills Council helps in funding and planning education for children above 16 years.
  • Small and medium sized organizations receive funds to operate their businesses
  • Sector Skills Council facilitates training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge of people engaged in Sun Court Ltd.
  • Create standard workforce of specific sector by National Vocational Qualifications.
  • These departments also create skilled workforce for industrial purpose
  • Ensures good and effective practice of work by investors.

Government of UK adopted simultaneous training methods which are facilitated to small and medium size organizations that help in promoting development activities of such firms. It also promotes the economic growth and stability of country (Luthans, et.al., 2010). Training and development program provided by Sun Court Ltd. are very much effective which facilitate a competitive advantage to this entity. Training and development program set by UK government for employees of Sun court Ltd. helped workforce to adopt energetic changes of market environment.


2.1 Training of staff at different level

In an enterprise training need for all employees, workers and management are different to each other. In Sun Court Ltd. there are three types of department exist namely finance and accounting, production and marketing (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014). HR management of Sun Court Ltd. must design training sessions for these department as per their requirement. Mangers of this entity should monitor training needs of employees in these departments. Training needs for these are explained below:

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  • Finance and accounting department: In Sun Court Ltd. learning needs of managers are different from needs of their subordinates. In this department, managers must be given training to analyze total availability of funds and other resources from which company can get funding. While subordinates should be given training for crediting and debiting amount for various operation of business. Therefore, as per the job of persons their training is decided.
  • Marketing department: In this, managers are trained to become effective leaders and decision makers. Employees must be facilitates training program so they can execute decision made by higher authority for effective working of firm.
  • Production department: Training is provided to managers so that they can make effective decisions (Wang and Noe, 2010). For this experts are hired by management to train such managers of Sun Court Ltd. employees and workers in this department must be trained so they can conduct better production process which helps enterprise to become successful in market place.

Therefore, from above discussion it is clear that different departments of Sun Court Ltd. have different training needs according to their job and responsibility they hold.

2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of training methods

Sun Court Ltd. follows various methods of training and development of staff, employees and management of it. Every technique has some positive as well as negative impact on functioning of business. These are as under:

  • Classroom training: It is one of the most common and effective method of providing training. Here, all trainees are selected and placed at one place or classroom where they are trained by one or more than one trainer who trained them by using audio and visual source of learning. This method has a great advantage that it is cost and time effective because through this a large number of people are trained at a time. It has a drawback that it does not provide a practical knowledge which reduces its effectiveness.
  • On the job training: In this method, knowledge and skills of persons are enhanced by performing their actual job at workplace. In some fields theoretical knowledge is not enough, implementation of their knowledge, skills and expertise is required to perform their job effectively (Guest, 2011). It has an advantage that, it is very much suitable for such job where practical experiment is necessary to work. It has a disadvantage also that it does not include theoretical knowledge for those who are new to a particular job because it is necessary for new comers to be facilitates theory knowledge before performing it practically.
  • Off the job training: According to this method, trainees are trained by trainers away from actual workplace. In this various ways of training is used like, enhancing skills and knowledge though meetings, seminars, lectures, business tours, etc. This type of training does not required much money to spend over it because by participating in meetings, seminars trainees may get ideas for future benefits of Sun Court Ltd. It does not include a practical experience which is the main disadvantage of this method.

2.3 Approach of planning and development

Before setting up a learning session every undertaking required to make an effective plan. It is very important for Sun Court Ltd. to follow a systematic approach for planning and developing learning event. People R Us plans a following training event for Sun Court Ltd.:

  • Aim of organization: It is first step in setting up training event for Sun Court Ltd. Aim of this entity is to maximize profits and minimizing cost (Jiang, et.al., 2012). To accomplish this objective organization need to focus on reducing its costs.
  • Setting up training need: Here, management of firm identifies their efficiency in achieving their goals effectively. To achieve organizational targets employees of Sun Court Ltd. need to perform their work with full efficiency. Therefore, managers of entity decide to conduct different learning and development programs for various department of enterprise.
  • Designing strategy of training: Multiple strategies must be made by different type of worker, employees and managers of Sun Court Ltd. By developing different strategies management may be able to run its business effectively. With the use of lecture method various fact and plans of company are shown by power point presentation.
  • Implementation of training event: It is final step where Sun Court Ltd. implements its various training and development events at decided place and date.

3.1 Preparation of training event evaluation

Evaluation of training program facilitated by Sun Court Ltd. play an important role in determining success and effectiveness of training at workplace. It is the final process in training approach. Management must have a knowledge about evaluation means what, when and how should be evaluated. It is very necessary for Sun Court Ltd. to evaluate its training (Avey, et.al., 2011). For this first of all management should know what the evaluation is. Evaluation is the feedback which is collected by researchers from individuals who are related to training events. This feedback plays an essential role further planning and development of organization. So it facilitates many advantages to Sun

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