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Personal and Professional Development

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Personal and professional development can be stated as the formal way through which an individual is required to set out the goals, strategies and outcomes of learning and development. However, developing a personal and professional plan helps in defining the time frames, activities and desired results in order to meet the standardized goals (Carpenter and Stimpson, 2007). Further, the PDP plan will vary from individual to individual. For instance, it is essential for individual to prepare plans in order to undertake decisions and attain desired objectives. On the other hand, professional development encompasses varied type of learning opportunities such as coaching, consultation and mentoring etc. Further, personal development involves different activities such as training, simulation games etc., so that it helps in improving self awareness and develops talents to achieve results (Van Driel, Beijaard and Verloop, 2001).

Moreover, the main purpose of the study is to assess the personal and professional development with the aim to enhance the individual proficiency. I also aim to undertake different skills and capabilities such as leadership, communication and time management skills so that it helps me to enhance my performance as carrying out the role of HR manager within MNC. In the current study, it focuses on identifying different approaches to self managed learning. Further, different ways of life long learning has been proposed in order to encourage personal and professional development (Horn, 2010). Later, skills audit has been carried out in order to develop personal and professional skills. Moreover, it also assists in overcoming the weaknesses so that set objectives can be achieved.

Task 1

1.1 Approaches to self managed learning

Self managed learning can be assessed as the best way of learning so that individual is able to learn different things with the help of varied means. However, it mainly aims on modifying the requirements of individual through highlighting its strengths and overcoming the weaknesses so that desired outputs can be attained (Kosnik and et. al., 2000). Here, individual is required to undertake different types of learning programs that helps them in building their skills and knowledge. However, as per the current era of globalization there is tough competition prevailing within the industries and thus it is crucial for individual to enhance their skills and potential as per the requirement of companies in order to become successful managers. Individual is required to develop new ideas and thoughts in order to work efficiently within particular sector. Furthermore, individual needs to develop long term learning as compared to short term learning as it helps them to enhance their personal and professional growth up to a great extent. However, there are different learning styles that have been identified with the aim to achieve personal development such as Honey and Mumford (1992) and Kolb's learning style (1984). These are as follows-

Kolb's learning style
  • Diverging- Such individual experiences and think deeply in order to gain information and overcome the identified problems (Leask and Meadows, 2003).
  • Converging- Further, the person with convergent learning style assists in finding solutions to issues and also experiment the new ideas in order to achieve best results.
  • Accommodating- Here, the individual relies on the intuition that what can happen rather than logic. Hence, such people prefer to undertake practical approach that helps in overcoming the issues.
  • Assimilating- Here, in such type of learning style individual requires clear explanation rather than practical exposure so that results can be attained (Moon, 2011).
Honey and Mumford learning style
  • Activist- Such individuals are practical learners' means that learn things by doing it. They are open minded and learn new experiences in order to overcome the difficult situations.
  • Theorist- Here, the individual understands the actions therefore, they undertake models, concepts and facts in order to achieve best results (Tomlinson, 2005).
  • Pragmatist- Such type of learner is required to analyze the learning practices within real world. They also apply their ideas and experience into action so that best results can be obtained.
  • Reflector- In this the learner learns the things by observing and thinking regarding the previous experiences so that best conclusion can be drawn (Webster-Wright, 2009).

1.2 Different ways through which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged

Lifelong learning can be stated as voluntary and ongoing learning process that encourages individual to develop their knowledge for either personal or professional context. Further, it also provides learners a chance to build their skills and knowledge so that best results can be achieved (Marques, 2012). For instance, I can develop my lifelong learning through reading different books and articles written by varied authors on internet on HRM so that it helps me to build my managerial and leadership skills. However, through improving such type of skills it assists me to direct my efforts in regard to enhance my knowledge and attain best results while working within MNC. Further, such concept also assists workers to develop their motivational level so that they can work hard in order to attain the best goals. Also, in order to develop lifelong learning it is essential for individual to improve its own current skills that helps them to attend different training sessions, lectures, motivational speakers and workshops.

However, lifelong learning is a regular process that helps firm to develop individual skills and thus carry out best job with the aim to achieve desired objectives. Hence, through regular working it helps learners to enhance own current skills and proficiency (Romaniuk and Snart, 2006). Here, I will be able to develop my lifelong learning in context to personal and professional growth. There are varied ways through which lifelong learning can be developed in PPD which are as follows-


It is essential for learner to encourage themselves in order to attain lifelong learning. However, it is crucial for individual to become self motivated so that it helps them to enhance their skills and capabilities. For instance, if learners are not interest in enhancing their skills then there is possibility that they will not perform well (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin and Cardy, 2004).

Enhancing communication

Furthermore, it is also crucial for learner to develop communication and interrelationship within each other so that they can communicate effectively with workers within MNC. Therefore, communication helps people to build interrelationship and attain desired goals.

Continuous learning

Regular learning assists learners to develop their skills and knowledge and attain personal and professional growth. However, through attending different training, coaching and mentoring helps people to enhance their own experience so that skills and knowledge can be build. Further, it helps individual to develop team working so that goals can be attained (Johnson and Golombek, 2002).

1.3 Benefits to self managed learning

Self managed learning can help learners to undertake initiative so that individual can determine their own development requirements and thus achieve objectives. However, it is essential for person to undertake self directed learning so that it helps them to provide benefit to them as well as firm (Matthews, 2014). Further, self managed learning assists in developing own requirements so that individual can improve own skills and capabilities to achieve goals. Moreover, it is significant for me to analyze my own strengths and weaknesses so that it helps me to direct my efforts in terms of meeting the stated goals and overcome the problems effectively. Hence, it helps me to effectively carry out my job within MNC. Further, it is essential for me to carry out skills audit as it helps me to develop my learning so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified in order to achieve outcomes. However, with the help of skills audit it helps in strengthening the capabilities and overcoming the weaknesses so that I can build my ability to attain results. Also, I have observed that I lack in leadership skill after assessing the skill audit. Hence, in order to improve my leadership skills it is essential for me to undertake certain actions.

Following are the benefits to attain self directed learning which are as follows-

  • It can be assessed that it is essential for me to undertake conferences and meetings so that I can enhance my skills and perform effectively within team. However, it can be stated that it helps me to develop the performance of team and achieve success within firm.
  • Also, self directed learning helps me to enhance my own communication skills so that I can develop my confidence level and effectively communicate with each other. For instance, at the time of presentation it helps me to express my views to others so that it can benefit both individual and business.
  • However, surfing on internet is the best method through which individual can enhance their skills and knowledge. Also, it helps in collecting different information so that results can be attained. Further, it is essential for individual to regular practice of delivering the presentation so that communication and confidence skills can be enhanced. Hence, such self managed learning is significant for both individuals and business.

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Task 2

2.1 Processes and activities required to implement development plan

It can be assessed that only planning will not help in fulfilling the results until the plan is effectively implemented (Moon, 2011). For instance, it is crucial for me to decide varied processes and activities by which plan can be successfully implemented. These are the different activities that need to be considered which are as follows-

  • In order to improve my communication skills I need to take initiative to interact with colleagues and overcome hesitation. However, developing communication is the best way to build strong relationship among each other.
  • Furthermore, with the aim to enhance leadership skills it is essential for me to start inspiring and encouraging other members so that it helps me to realize my role and responsibility in order to become an effectual leader.
  • Moreover, conflict solving skill need to be improved through making critical decisions that helps me to improve my decision making power and thus help individual through solving their corporate issues efficiently (Horn, 2010).

2.2 Documenting development activities

It can be evaluated that the activities assessed need to be followed properly as per the development plan. However, it is crucial for me to develop conflict solving skills. Therefore, for this I need to attend brainstorming session and solve quiz and simulation games so that best information can be gained and obtain effective decision on my own (Van Driel, Beijaard and Verloop, 2001). However, documentation of the successive activities assists in making the process easier so that gap can be identified and required actions can be undertaken. Furthermore, it is essential for me to develop my personal and professional development plan so that desired goals can be attained effectively and efficiently.

2.3 Examining own learning against the original objectives

However, it is crucial for me to determine differences among the actual and previous situations. Also, it is significant for me to critically assess my performance and also evaluate the plan that there is required consistency or not in order to attain goals. For instance, if I am not able to fulfill the targets then it is essential for me to focus on different aspects in order to fulfill the goals. Further, the ways through which I can check my learning are as follows-

  • Developing professional and expert advice so that enhancement can be developed within me.
  • Furthermore, monitoring and reviewing the changes through obtaining feedback from my co-workers, management, peers and subordinates (Carpenter and Stimpson, 2007).

2.4 Updated PDP

It is essential for me to update the personal and professional development plan as it helps me to build my skills and capabilities with the aim to attain efficiency. My team working skills have enhanced significantly however, I am still facing issues with leadership skills so that I can effectively lead the team. Hence, I need to gain confidence and overcome hesitation so that I can develop confidence in order to attain results. For instance, it is essential for me to attend different conferences, meetings and workshops. Also, I can deliver presentation so that my communication and presentation skills can be improved. Moreover, I need to build my conflict solving skills so that individual problems can be overcome.

Sometimes, I face issues regarding making critical decisions so that I need to make effective decisions so that I can reach to certain conclusion. Hence, in order to solve the issue I need to develop my own strength and thus take decision on my own through solving corporate problems faced among individuals. Also, I need to undertake different brainstorming activities, quiz, simulation games etc. so that skills can be improved. Moreover, my team working skills have significantly enhanced and help me to work within team so that best results can be attained. Furthermore, in order to check my current progress it is essential for me to compare my performance and measure the degree of progress from the previous experience.


From the above study it can be articulated that personal and professional growth is essential as it helps individual to develop regularly and enhance performance. Also, self managed learning and lifelong learning need to be enhanced so that personal and professional approach can be developed. Also, I have assessed that it is significant for me to develop leadership, team working, communication and problem solving skill so that it helps me to attain objectives. At the end, I need to update my PDP so that it helps me to improve my skills and achieve desired goals.


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