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Process and Procedure of Human Resource Management

Introduction Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is defined as a process of recruitment, selection of individuals followed by performance appraisal in order to enhance employee’s performance and achieve organization objectives (Amos and et.al., 2009). It is very crucial for a manager to give job description and personal specification before moving on to the process of recruitment procedure. The present report entails job description and selection process required by a firm for launching its branch in a new country. It is followed by all rules and legal regulations which company needs to comply and provide suitable working conditions to employees. At last the report ends up with discussion associated with leadership skills and proper evaluation of work efficiency of employees.

Preparation of a documentation for recruitment and selection of new staff

Job description is a format that describes general task and responsibilities for a post or position. It involves all specifications such as qualification or skills needed by an individual for that job (Cartwright, 2005). The branch manager needs to conduct job analysis primarily that entails examining the objective and a sequence of steps to perform that particular job. A job description can be widen-up to personal specification in which firm is able to outline the type of a person it needs.  Some specification that is required for sales job can be included that is skills and knowledge, past experience in same field, attitudes and personal characteristics (Alam, 2009).

Analysis for impact of legal, ethical and regulatory consideration on selection procedure

An employer needs to comply with all the legal, ethical and regulatory considerations for following selection and recruitment process. Similarly branch manager would also include all consideration in recruitment as well as selection process in order to minimize any sort of risk to organization (Armstrong, 2008).

Ethical consideration: Primarily for delivering information sessions, should not be near labor day i.e on 1st Monday after labor day. Secondly, interview must not be conducted on 1st business day during October. For job offers the company should provide them with full-time job offers only for two-weeks and deadline until first business day in November. Along with this an employer must follow all regulation of employment contract. For selection process also follow same ethics by employer.

Legal considerations: For recruitment process, it involves job postings, job offers, interview questions and checking references (Roberts, 2000). As per norms of BC Human rights Code job advertisements should not include any discrimination such of race, color, religion and age. During interview sessions questions must be designed with an intention or any discrimination provisions of employment. The manager has framed questions keeping all employment provisions in mind so as to offer a fair chance to all individuals.  For checking references questions related to disability to candidates. It is included in schedule that the person would not be discriminated on the basis of wages while making a job offer as per BC Human Rights Act (Discrimination in wages).  

Selection process for post of sales officer

Selection process is selection of those individuals from a group of applicants which are suitable for that particular position. The selection criteria for post of sales manager personnel entail formal education, managerial experience, working environment along with technical computer skills (Clarke and  Doyle, 2000). Selection process of company is designed including all above points in procedure along with maintaining rational such as each point is given equal weight age  and decision choice are represented mathematically. Moreover each criterion is given certain rank order and cut-off limits so as to measure each individual on certain parameters (Bhattacharya, 2009).

Evaluate contribution of manager in selection process

The manager contributes to both selection and recruitment process and designed them by anticipation of all parameters required for a suitable process. The selection process has included all legal and ethical considerations while formation of these procedures that is essential for protecting the company from any discrepancies. Selection process is designed where each applicant is assessed on certain parameters and makes company capable of choosing the eligible as well as skilled candidate out of all those who have applied. Before formation, manager has calculated the cost and benefits associated with the process and proper evaluation of process along with its consequences (ÇALIÅžKAN, 2010).

Description regarding skills and attributes required for leadership

Leadership is a purpose of knowing him/her by constructing trust among subordinates and effective measures taken to know own leadership potential. Leadership needs some skills to perform a job.  It is necessary that the person makes some difference to their subordinates, company and environment. Sales personnel require some attributes such as intelligence, experience and excellent character (Chen, 2009). Moreover the person must take initiative for accomplishing projects and helping subordinates in every situation. There are six styles of leadership i.e.

Coercive: this style is used while obtaining compliance from subordinates/colleagues. For accomplishing this manager would emphasize on offering clear objectives and controlling varied situation effectively (Christopher and et.al., 2003).  

Authoritative: in this style a leader mobilize toward a vision through development of apparent vision and obtaining perspective of employees. along with this standards are set to monitor performance.  

Affiliative: affiliative style is one which is used to promote collaboration and harmony between employees. This can be performed by promoting friendly relations among all employees and by identifying opportunities for positive feedback.

Democratic: in democratic style the leader builds group consensus and commitment by managing groups in decision making (Gannon, Doherty and Roper, 2012).

The following are styles and manager would use affiliative style in management process as this style is fruitful in promoting collaboration and accord between employees. The respective style is helpful in encouraging friendly interactions between manager and  employees that reduces any gap and employees can freely discuss any problem regarding management of company and several other issues of related to subordinates.

Difference between management and leadership

Management and leadership are two different entities and achieved accordingly. Manager concentrates on system as well as structure and leader focus on individuals. Manager depends on control while a leader motivates trust among employees so that they achieve their targets and trust management.(Gloet, 2006). The perspective of management is short-range whereas leader has long range perspective.  The manager does everything right instead of it leader always perform right work. The leadership skills are inborn in individual and are original not like management which copy everything. Management are set of procedures that keeps a company functioning and leadership is alignment of people with company’s vision and mission through motivation, communication and inspiration.  

For an organization to run its operation profitably it should make use of suitable leadership style so as to sustain and retain its employees. Here in company the branch manager would use teamwork style of leadership in parallel to management procedures in order to achieve objectives of company with simultaneously satisfying employees with environment of firm (Cornelius, 2001).

Comparison of leadership styles for different situations

Different leadership style is followed in different situations so as to maintain that situation and restrict any problems to management and employees. Branch manager would deploy above defined leadership styles for resolving different situations. In case when manager requires obedience and avoids discussions and employees are not able to complete projects on-time then autocratic leadership is being followed (Hall,2003). In this leader explains and makes employee understand what need to be done and at what time it should be performed. This strategy is pursued during strict situations of management. Free-rein leadership is used by managers in time when employees are able to complete their task on deadline. In it employees prepare policies as well as take decisions without input of manager. In participatory style leader needs it at time when employees need support or help from manager and require their involvement in decision making process. A leader uses coaching style in situation when employees complete a strategy in difficult conditions with help of manager (Price, 2011).

All these styles differ with each other from perspective of conditions associated with them and employee’s viewpoint. The branch manager would employ all these styles in different conditions so as to support and sustain employees and satisfy them. Manager uses coaching and participatory style for new employees as well as existing

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