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Training By Organization On Employee Motivation

Chapter 1 

Introduction For Training Opportunities By Organization

Globally, the role of employees is an important aspect in most organizations. It forms the basis for maintaining and sustaining the competitive advantage of an organization over others in the same market segment as well as to retain the core competence of their products and services.

In the hotel and leisure industry, small scale enterprises are being stressed to the limit recently in face of global economic recession and competition from large-scale enterprises such as the Marriott Hotels, Holiday Inn, Hilton and Novotel Hotels that have both technological and financial advantages over the small scale ones in the industry.

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Aim Of The Study

The primary aim of this report is to carry out analytical evaluation of Dome Hotel and identify how employees’ training opportunities and commitment are included in the business process of the company to motivate its employees and in the process obtain competitive advantage over others in the same small scale hotel industry.

The Research Objectives

The research objectives centers on analysis and critical evaluation of the concepts and theories of employee training and engagement based on the following factors:

    • To measure employees ‘training opportunities and commitment’s current level in Dome hotel and identify its effect on the hotel’s competitiveness in the industry.
    • To analyze Dome’s current practices and policies aimed at improving employees ‘training opportunities and commitment in the company.
    • To conduct critical evaluation of employee employees ‘training opportunities and commitment’s as sources for motivating the employees and measures its effect on the company’s core competence.
  • To provide proper conclusion and recommendation that is based on the research theories and findings.
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Background And Scope Of The Study

Increased global competition in the early 80s brought about extra flexibility needed for deploying complete control of benefits that are derived from wages and cost on the part of employees which will results in lower wages (Welbourne, 2007).

Human resources strategies as recognized by literatures might impact upon the performance of the organization directly or indirectly through the result of Human Resources Management.

There are also other studies which explores the best practice of HR and most of them conducted by Bamberger &Missoula (2000), Boxal & Purcell (2003) and Gerhart B (2005) all laid focus on three tools under which the universal practice of the HR will impact upon the performance of the business:

  1. Human Capital: This involves human capital-based or human resources collection such as the experience, knowledge, skills etc., which the organization must work with and which will be influenced by the organization’s training, selection, and internal development of the base quality (Gerhart B, 2005).
  2. Motivation: This will be affected by the policy of Human Resources, which includes recognition as well as rewards towards the performances of the organisation’s employees (Gerhart B, 2005).
  3. Opportunities: This is an avenue for contribution and can be influenced by the involvement of the organization and strategy of empowerment (Gerhart B, 2005).
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The Study Rationale

Always on the fore-front of employees’ training and engagement is the organization’s HR department despite existing controversy between the HR management and the performance of the business. This happens as a result of practices and policies of Human Resources Management’s current role in the business strategic partnership (Saks, 2011).

The Researched Organization

Dome Hotel Ltd is a small scale enterprise based in Camber well South East London providing temporary accommodation to tourists and leisure seekers in that area of London. In today’s global competitive world, hospitality industries are fast growing within the Hotel sector.

Chapter 2:

Literature Review

In order to remain competitive in the market environment an organization operates under, it is vital to offer training opportunities for the employees. Global technological implementation and adaptation of different work concept by several companies in the hotel and leisure industry has given rise to increased competition within those involved in the industry.

Techniques and Areas of the Best HRM Training Practice

Where there is commitment on the part of employers for providing training and development , the employees will reciprocated the employers action by increasing their organizational commitment, as employees become more skilled as their performance increases and will be committed to their profession which results in a win-win situation for all the parties.

Work Motivation and Incentives in the Hotel Industry for Needs

The turnover of employees has always been the hospitality industry’s largest problem and some reasons cited includes inadequate benefits, low compensation, poor employees moral, poor conditions of work and attitudes towards job.

According to Byrne (1986) “The hotel industry as well as its high turnover of labour and the intensive nature of the labour force is overloaded with low job security, shift duties, lower pay and limited opportunities needed for promotion.”Simon &Enz (1995) and Riley &Dodrill (1992).

Employee Training and Commitment Measures Levels

In today’s competitive global working environment, the challenge is not entirely about retention of talented individuals, but it is about training and engaging them fully at each stages of their working life by capturing their hearts.

The Gallup Study (2006) splits the trained employees into three levels namely:

  • Those trained committed employees that are passionate about their work and connected thoughtfully to the company by driving innovation and moving forward the organization (Gallup Study, 2006).
  • The basically checked out untrained committed employees who normally sleepwalk during official working hours’ time without energy or passion for work processes and procedures (Gallup Study, 2006).
  • The actively untrained ones who are never happy during working hours and too busy displaying the degree of their unhappiness and always challenging the accomplishments of trained and skilled colleagues (Gallup Study, 2006).

Chapter 3:

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The Research Methodologies

Research methodologies involve the processes and methods that can be applied and followed to carry out suitable research on a given area of study. There are two popularly known research methods that use various techniques for undertaking the research process depending on factors such as the type of data collected, the data supplier and result’s provision after the data analysis.

The two types of known research methods are primary and secondary research methods.

  1. Primary Research :This type of research is undertaking in order to locate original data or current facts that has never been identified or retrieved by anyone. This method tries to identify unknown common data about a study area for assisting the development of personal knowledge when undertaking the research.
  2. Secondary Research :The secondary research method involves written and published data and information collection or the collection of data for other purposes by another person. However, secondary data needs to be re-evaluated and re-analyzed for providing result specifically related to a particular subject area under investigation.

Data Collection Techniques

There are various data collection techniques available for conducting a research of this nature and they are interviews, questionnaires and observation techniques and all will be explained in detail. The method chosen for this report will also be explained with the reason for choosing the method.

Chosen Research Method

The method that has been chosen for the case study of this report will be through personal interviews that will be conducted on the employees and management of Dome Hotel with the expectation of positive response from them.

Research Strategy

Research strategy is the strategies or the guide map which the researcher will follow while commencing the research. It is basically the whole plan where the researcher follows all the required strategies and processes for the accomplishment of research. Here in this research the researcher had made use data collected from both primary and secondary sources.

Chapter 4:

Data Analysis And Findings

Data analysis is the process where the researcher analyzes the findings from primary and secondary sources and thus concludes general findings. After the data analysis process, researcher comes to know about the fact whether pre decided aims and objectives are fulfilled or not.

Details of Information from Secondary Sources

Following information has been gathered by the researcher from the secondary sources, the main aim of each HRM. practice is to develop and increase the employee’s commitment so as to improve the performance of the organization and gain competitive advantage.

Chapter 5:

Conclusion And Recommendations


In order to remain competitive in market it is essential for the organization to impart proper training to their employees, so that they provide proper services to the customers and gains a competitive advantage. Competition at the global level in hotel industry has increased due to implementation of different technology and also due to different work concept by several companies (Tourism Affairs, 2013). Apart from these there is a strong impact of imparting training to the employees, as it increases the skill and performance of the employees.


Following are the recommendations to the managers of the dome:

  • They must try to fulfill all the basic requirements of the employees, and must also focus on improving the communication between the employees and management. They must also practice a performance based pay.
  • They must listen to all the employees’ grievances and must try to fulfill their requirements so as to increase their job satisfaction level.
  • Dome’s management must also try to provide, better growth opportunity, proper increments and rewards, avoid salary discrimination so as to reduce the employee turnover.
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