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HR Policies and Theoretical Concepts of Tesco

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

  2. TASK
Organization Selected : Tesco


There are various policies that have to be considered in business to achieve goals and objectives. It is essential to know what can be done to achieve specified goals and objectives pre-determined by top-level management (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). Strategic human resource is a concept which talks about the proper analysis of change in plans and policies which help to make employees comfortable at the workplace and hence they get committed to set objectives. Through these policies, there is improvement in plans and policies which try to retain workers. There is a difference in HR policies of the various organizations (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). This report is based on Tesco, which is one of the biggest retail sectors in the UK (Crook and et. al., 2011). In this report, there is a discussion about HR policies and theoretical concepts which are effective for business, specific external forces which have an impact on HR decision making, Ulrich's model and role and challenges of line manager. 

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1. Analysis of HR policies and practices within organisation against selected theoretical concept

There are various factors which had to be considered with change in plans and policies. There is requirement of component which help to analyse market and then take actions which are effective for achieving targets. Employees are the main source through which Tesco can achieve goals and objectives. These days scope of HR manager is increasing, it is essential to frame policies which are effective to analyse market. As per requirement, there are various factors which are required to be considered and this has positive or negative impression in making factors achieve or not. There is requirement of motivation and direction, so this can be effective with change in operations. There are various alterations in business environment so they can manage operations in proper manner. There are policies which can be taken in consideration, through which it is effective to achieve goals and objectives in efficient manner. Tesco is an organisation which operates in various parts of organisation, so there must be use of policies which are competent for current status (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013).

HRM practices are- 360° degree performance evaluation, fair evaluation system, knowledge sharing, open book management style, etc. (Hamid, 2013)

HRM policies are- Compensation and benefits, workplace diversity, management information system, Resignation, overtime, probation and confirmation, etc. ( Garavan and McGuire, 2010)

Advantages of HR Practices are as under-

Good culture within organisation-

There is use of policies which can be effective to achieve good culture within organisation. It is essential to know what can be done and how to make employees comfortable at workplace. HR manager must eyes on workers and then this can be efficient for growth of business. There mus be good culture within organisation and hence they alter plan in appropriate manner (Crook and et. al., 2011).

Solution of problems-

There are many workers in Tesco and this organisation operates in various parts of world, so there are varieties of problems associated with them. There are workers from different culture, so HR manager must keep in mind this factors and then give emphasis on interacting with workers so problem which they are facing can be resolved. If you are required best assignment helper with chat support. Contact Now!

Good relation between employer and employee-

HR manager keeps eyes on activities performed by workers. It is essential that there must be good communication between employer and employees which are effective for enhancing good relation in organisation. There is requirement of team to perform activities, so through communication, duties are delivered as per skills and experience. In this case workers also prefer to work in teams.

HR policies followed by Tesco is as under-

High commitment HRM

There is requirement of policies which are effective to achieve targets. In Tesco there is requirement of policies which are helpful in performing actions in better way. Tesco has various HR managers which take care of actions performing at different outlet. There are difference in demand of every place so it is essential to alter policies which are efficient and effective to achieve goals and objectives in appropriate manner. High commitment HRM means inter-dependence of employees and they must take responsibility of task for which they are liable, this helps managers of Tesco to deliver best quality product and services.

In case of requirement of training, HR manager of Tesco has to select source which is beneficial for all and hence they can help association in making changes in effective way. So workers also feel comfortable while working (Garavan and McGuire, 2010).This approach is effective for Tesco as there are many policies such as selection of external source of training which can be done in teams and this helps to improve quality of product and services. Through this model, there is important role of employees as they are part of decision making in company. High commitment HRM helps to make good culture in Tesco. There will emphasise on team work, which help to work in effective and efficient manner.

Best fit HRM –

In this concept best candidate which is fit for position has to be selected. Different quality and experience is required for performing activities in efficient manner. Top level personnel needs experience while lower level employee does not need experience. So best candidate must be select by HR manager.

Selection of top level personnel from external source and lower level employees from internal source. This is practice of management in Tesco which help to perform activities in most appropriate manner. There are various ways to achieve targets, but through this technique best method is selected and then that will be implemented. Through best fit approach there will use of applications which are effective for making policies in efficient way. It is important to set targets which are achievable and then employee's views must be taken, so they feel important part of organization (Hamid, 2013).

2. External forces and its effect on HR strategies decision

Business runs in society and it is essential to consider all factors which are effective for changing business. R&D department has important role in knowing what is happening in society and then apply activities. There is difference in culture of workers so external factors may have negative impact on business if HR manager of Tesco does not give importance to it. There are various sources of training, so it is essential to know what can be done to achieve targets and then this will help company to improve quality of goods and services. If quality of raw material is not good then it affects qualirty of product and services. It is important that workers must give chance to work under modified environment, so organizational goals can be achieved.

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Unionised and Non Unionised

Unionised workers are part of worker union. They can share problems which help of union leader. Union leader is the person who bridges gap between employer and employees. There are 476000 workers in Tesco, it is not possible for them to take their every problem individually, so in this case, unionised workers are most can forward their problem to union leader which pass it to management of company,. There are some common problem faced by workers such as salary issue, safety and security issue, etc. in this case Tesco trade union help them to coop up with it.

Non-unionised workers do not have any leader and they have to take their problems on their own. There is direct relation between employer and employees. In case of non-unionised workers there are chances of less problem solution as compared to unionised workers. This c rates dissatisfaction among workers (Jabbour and et. al., 2013).

Tesco has proper trade union at various outlets, so problems get resolved frequently and this helps to know what more can be done to satisfy employees. In case of Tesco, through unionised medium employees can talk about their salary and other related queries.

High skilled and low skilled workforce

There are various designations in Tesco, which requires skills to perform job responsibility. It is essential to know which post can be filled frequently and which take time. E.g. post of sales personnel can be filled easily but at the same time vacancy off finance minister take time.

There are some positions in Tesco which require more skills while at the some do not need (Messersmith and Guthrie, 2010). In this case training is the substitute with which manager can able to deliver duties and responsibilities of workers. Tesco is big brand in market,and it is responsibility of manger to maintain that dignity. This can be done when they employees are satisfied and hence cost of recruitment and selection will be reduced.

Employment market

Tesco is the brand where many departments are working to achieve profits. As scope of this organisation is very big, so around 5% workers left organisation due to some reasons. In this case there is requirement of new workers at their place, through employment market they can gert more new workers as per requirement. There are many options through which candidate can be hired at reasonable cost. There are various online sources such as indeed, linked-in , etc., several organisations which provide recruitment services, other online sources. Employment market helps to satisfy need of other employer of good candidate while of candidate of good job satisfies (Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011). 

3. Organisation and performance of HR policies

Ulrich's Model

This model works for performing HR activities in better and effective. There are many operations which has to be by HR manager to get good quality of workforce.

This model was propounded by David Ulrich. Its aims is to provide HR faci9lities through which they can analyse market and apply best policies. Through this model HR can motivate workers by giving benefits as per their perception, so operations can be done in effective way. (Jabbour and et. al., 2013) This model is more suitable for Tesco, through which brand image gets polished. There are four approaches of this model, they are discussed as under-

HR Business Partner-

There are some or the other factors which affect business operations. It is essential to work as per requirement of society. Employees work as per other employees, in other words in Tesco gaols can be achieved while working in team. So there must be good and ethical relations among them.

Change agent-

Change event works as whistle blower for Tesco for employees. While there is expansion or launching of new product and services then these agents help to communicate within association (Nickson, 2013). This role is also played by Human Resource manager of Tesco.

Administration expert-

Tesco is big organisation, so there are various role which has to be played in operations department. In this case it is essential for HR personnel to do this job also. Monitoring employees, updating software, file management, etc. are some administration work which can be performed by HR manager as per Ulrich model.

Employee champion-

This is main responsibility of HR manager to work as per requirement of workers as they are source to achieve goals and targets. In case of change in interest of workers then HR manager must analyse them.

Role and challenges of line manager in HR Policies

There are some roles, responsibilities which has to be performed by HR manager of Tesco. With duties there are some problems also which has to be handled by manger and tries to overcome them. (Messersmith and Guthrie, 2010) These help to keep eyes on operations of workers. HR role is essential in Tesco to make long term relations with workers. At the same time, HR manager has to face some challenges too.

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