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Local Versus International Graduate Recruitment in Hospitality

Graduate Recruitment in Hospitality Management

Human resource management is a set of various activities that is aligned with human capital and depicts information to the management about workforce in a corporation that mainly contributes in the achievement of organizational goals. Human resource management is one of the vital business practices that need to be well devised in order to manage the ever changing needs of employees and it assists in mangers to attract and retain people within the company (Billsberry, 2008).

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In the modern era of corporations in which organizational environment is highly competitive and retaining the best talent in the management has become a crucial task. It is a practice which has acquired in much of credibility over the time period and is comprised of numerous process that must be interconnected with each other in order to ensure that adequate developmental activities has been accomplished with a design for probable recruitment and selection of employees in the company (Mayhew, 2012). In the changing business scenario organizations needs to design in HRM practice in a flexible manner so that it can fulfill requirements of changing business conditions and manage the unfavorable situations of business.

Recruitment process has acquired in much of significance specifically in hospitality industry as it brings in new members in a corporation. The process of recruitment includes a sequential step within it and incorporates a heavy task of human resource in marketing to select and attract in most suitable candidate from the external market (Emelike, 2011). Recruitment is an internal process that promotes in range of employment opportunities for people and workforces is considered as the most valuable asset in any business.

Research Aim and Objectives

The main aim of the research is to analyze local versus international graduate recruitment in hospitality industry of Lagos, Nigeria. Here, in focus will be given to evaluate the reason behind preferences given to international graduates in hospitality sector of Nigeria mainly in Lagos. In this context certain objectives designed for the study are as stated below;

  • To evaluate the recruitment policies of hospitality industry in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • To assess the factors responsible behind international graduate recruitments in hospitality sector of Lagos, Nigeria.
  • To recommend prominent strategies for recruitment in hospitality corporations.
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Research Questions

The research questions designed specifically for the study are as mentioned below;

  • What is the reason behind recruitment of international graduates in hospitality sector of Lagos, Nigeria?
  • How an international graduate program does provide assistance in recruitment in hospitality sector of Nigeria?
  • What are the factors essential to analyze while accomplishing recruitment in hospitality sector?

Literature Review 

The role of human resource is crucial in the industry and as it is blooming in this sector, human resource team requires in focus in their employees and staffing systems. With increased demand and rising number of staffs recruitment has become an important factor in the industry. Recruitment is the process to attract in pool of candidates for a particular vacant position and it gives in attention to find and engage the people in the organizational needs and selection which is a part of recruitment process (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline, 2003).

The main purpose of recruitment process is to choose in right candidate for the job and in hospitality industry people are considered as the most important asset. People are a critical component in hospitality sector as they have the maximum interaction with guests and in this respect many successful hospitality leaders had perception that by providing outstanding services an organization in hospitality sector can lead with excellence and profitability. Consideration should also be given to point that there is a need to identify the talented skills in the corporation and bring in novel methods to retain them in business (McGee, 2009). For this employees must be kept satisfied and committed towards the organizational goals.

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In current global economic environment hospitality industry has become a large source of employment as it is rising and employees are facing certain issues. With respect to different factors that contributes in recruitment and selection the hotel industry and human resource management is managing issues to resolve problems with respect to recruitment and selection (Richason, 2013). Historically, hospitality industry has drawn out heavily from the youth labor pool in order to fulfill the needs of employees and in recent years the sector has been left with an inadequate pipeline of new employees to fulfill demand.

International graduates in hospitality industry of Nigeria

The hospitality industry is experiencing growth even in times of recession and it is being anticipated to add 17 percent in wages and salary employment. With rising demand of hospitality employees there is an increasing need of hospitality educational programs in order to adequately prepare the employees to fulfill present and potential demands in the enormous growing industry (Kusluvan, 2003). In this context international graduation programs provides in skills for employability for the hospitality graduates and convincingly demonstrate in skills and competencies which is needed in the corporation.

Nigerian Hospitality Industry

With the launching of a minimum of one hotel every next month, high capacity of employment and inflow of global hotel brands, the hospitality industry appears to be the only flourishing sub-sector in the tourism and travel sector of Nigeria. However, in the last few years, there are seemingly more challenges than fêtes. While there is a noteworthy development in the sector (which is a latest progression), all is not fine as confrontations, particularly in import of most of the products and furniture, electrical power supply and lack of skilled people and most recently, security issues pose problems to this industry. Some of the stakeholder groups cast their intellects back on those fetes, how to work upon them and plausibly offer solutions to the impending challenges which have given Nigeria a spot in the infamous list of highly-priced hotels across the globe (Highlights on Hospitality Industry in Nigeria, 2013).

In the last 51 years, the hospitality industry got shocks like all the other industries of the nation's economy and yet managed to thrive with novel hotel properties opening up in distinct cities of Nigeria. In spite of the ruthless business and economic climate, the likes of Golden Tulip, Protea, Best Western and others added a range of their repertoire for their preparation to compete against the transnational brand and big players like Le Meridian, Sheraton and above all the most awaited InterContinental Hotel which is soon to open in Lagos. A number of three-star and two-star hotels have opened up all across the country with big renowned hotel properties expanding facilities and adding more rooms. However in 2013, more hotel groups are expected to open up their properties in Lagos and other areas of Nigeria with the room rates declining as a consequence of shrinking economic activities (Emelike, 2011).

Research Methodology

The ensuing paragraphs offer a succinct outline of the research strategy which will be employed for undertaking the research.

  • Research Design - Exploratory research design will be implemented in the current study. The main rationale behind employing this design is that the area of the research is quite novel plus the research problem ought to be properly explored and elucidated. New premises need to be formulated to gain deeper understanding about the subject. This is the primary reason why exploratory design has been selected for the current context (Bryman, 2008).
  • Research Approach - For the present case, Inductive research approach will be utilized. The very nature of this subject matter does not entail the formulation of any kind of hypothesis. Rather, there is a requirement for collecting relevant information, observing the accumulated data scrupulously to outline the existing pattern and then build a theory on the basis of the deduced pattern for the topic in hand. Hence, inductive research approach is the most ideal for this context (The four main approaches, 2012).
  • Sampling - The present research will involve systematic sampling technique for selecting the HR professionals of big hotels of Lagos. In addition to this, simple random sampling will be used to select the sample of graduate students. The primary reason behind using this lies in its representativeness and the element of no biasness. Collection of samples is also very fast as well as inexpensive and thus renders it a justified choice for choosing samples (Linderoth and et.al., 2006).
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