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Human Resources Management

2.1 Identifying the area

Human resources management is considered as the most important aspect for the business through which all business activities are integrated by the association of several kind of people. The major functions covered under the HRM are staffing, compensation, performance appraisal and training and development as well as building good employee relationship. It plays vital role in deriving growth of the business and support corporation to align all business related activities in the direction of higher level of development of the business. These basic HRM functions are important for the successful operation of the business because of its contribution towards the higher level of growth (Armstrong, 2009).

The current research is based on training and development and its direct impact on the employees performance. It assists corporation to determine higher level of growth with the association of highly skilled personnel and imparting good quality of knowledge among them (Ongalo and Tari, 2015). Hence, the selected areas for the research in the HRM is training and development which plays vital role in assisting personnel and providing them right kind of environment so as to ensure their 100% contribution towards the success of the business. The first study is on “Effects of training on employee performance” and the second one is “the impact of training and development on employee performance and effectiveness” and the third one is on “impact of training and development on employees performance” (Zwick, 2015). These studies are conducted on the same topic to ensure to understand the impact of training and development on performance of workforce (Malik, Ghafoor and Naseer, 2011).

Research question

What the impact of training and development on performance of employees?

Rationale of the study

The rationale behind selecting these sources or topic is importance of training in contemporary world that how it is contributing towards the success of the businesses. Without implementation of such kind of program, it is not possible for businesses to determine the growth of the businesses. However, it is the only learning program whereby workforce come to know about the new practices of completing the work and bring innovation to the organization for the purpose of creating its competitive edge in the marketplace (Khan, Khan and Khan, 2011). It leads to meet the expectations of large stakeholders and provide them better services or product as per their requirement. Owing to this, selected areas of HR is significant due to its contribution towards the long term success of the business via updation among personnel on time to time (Rahman, Ng, Sambassivan and Wong, 2013). The completion of current research would be more effective in addressing the issues which are being faced by researcher or companies in building the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Stakeholders analysis

There are several stakeholders associated with the project which affect the performance of the business to a great extent. However, shareholders play important role in determining the success of the business as they invest their financial resources so as to earn higher rate of return. The current project or report covers the influence of topic on stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, customers and competitors (Malik, Ghafoor and Naseer, 2011). For example, trained and experienced workforce contribute better towards the success of the business. Owing to this, it is important to consider the impact of training and development on performance of workforce. This would be highly effective in case workforce are provided right kind of learning program for their better performance.

In this domain, the concept of stakeholder mapping can be applied which defines the need of involving stakeholders in organization. Stakeholder mapping can be done through four simple steps:

  • There must be proper identification of stakeholders so that their interest and contribution in the organization can be ascertained accordingly.
  • Further, stakeholder analysis is essential through considering impact and influence. This can also effect organizational work processes and at the same time their contribution can also be ascertained accordingly.
  • Next is to plan and manage stakeholder communication and reporting and through this, their contribution in organizational performance can be encouraged accordingly.
  • There must be proper engagement of all the stakeholders in company’s prospects as they are entitled to hold the same position.

Hence, in this way the organization will be able to carry out all the activities in suitable manner.

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2.2 Critiquing the sources

The literature review is considered as the important section of the report which provides in-depth information related to the topic. The literature review of the current research report has been completed by considering different aspect associated with the research. The entire literature review of the report has been focusing on impact of training and development and critical evaluation of all selected articles. It has been covered one by one-

Nassazi, A., 2013. Effects of training on Employee performance. Evidence from Uganda. Business Economics and Tourism. pp. 57.

Nassazi (2013) conducted the research and found that training program of workforce is important for their continuous development of skills. It will help to improve their current level of knowledge and make them more independent so as to ensure the work is being completed on time. He further explained human resources management in the following form.

The aforementioned graph is showing that training and development is the most important section. However, instead of training and development, there are several employees and department that do not perform their activities in appropriate manner. Training needs are different for all the employees; therefore with a single training program, training could not be imparted to all the employees. It covers several things such identification of needs, program planning and implementation as well as evaluation. It reflects the structured process through which corporation can effectively meet the expectations of personnel. For example, first of all management of the business identify the need of training and then accordingly provide learning among them. He further explained that evaluation is done on the basis of accomplishment of the objectives (Ongalo and Tari, 2015). In this manner, training and development is the most important aspect through which organisational objectives can be achieved.

The research methodology adopted under the current investigation is qualitative. In the study, Qualitative methodology has been taken into account because it is based on social constructivism perspective. Moreover, this is also considered research problems have become major research question which is also based on prior research experience. This is also being selected as interpretation is based on a combination of several research perspective.

Sampling is the process of selecting units from the entire population for the research study. It is used in statistical analysis wherein a predetermined number of observations are taken from a larger population. The categories of sampling are probability and non-probability and in the present study, probability sampling has been taken into account. In this regard, purposive sampling design was selected in order to gather the primary data from the respondents. It would be effective to meet the objectives of the study in an effectual manner. Also, questionnaire method has been adopted so that overall time taken for the completion of the data collection method will be reduced. In this manner, selected methodology is effective. Reliability is regarded as the measure which determines stability and consistency in the procedure. It is also an assessment tool that aids in obtaining stable outcomes after applying any process. However, on the other hand, validity refers to analyzing the effectiveness of a measure. This is usually adopted while putting it into any measure. Thus, study has been completed by considering the reliability and validity aspect. In the study, small size will be selected because that is essential in producing suitable and accurate results. However, the issue of biasness will be managed through selecting only suitable sample people. The point of validity will be measured through analyzing if correct and accurate outcomes are being acquired through applying the techniques and tools. Therefore, in this respect all the authentic and relevant sources are being utilized. The study seems to be relevant since it focuses on all germane sources.

Asfaw, A. M., Argaw, M. D. and Bayissa, L., 2015. The Impact of Training and Development on

Employee Performance and Effectiveness: A Case Study of District Five Administration Office, Bole Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies. 3. pp.188-202.

Asfaw, Argaw and Bayissa (2015) reported that importance of training has been increasing due to need of innovation at workplace. Therefore, here it can be said that because of training and development, employees can enhance their efficiency level which can aid them in contributing more in organizational success. This brings the technological development and better management of all operational activities. For this purpose, business can cope up with changing scenario. He found that effective management of people is done through the human resources management only as it consists of several practices which shed light on overall development of the workforce. At the same time, training is helpful for managing the change at workplace and addressing the issues which are being faced by workforce in completing their work on time. It is all covered under the human resources management concepts only through which quality movement are taken so as to realise the importance of training program (Zwick, 2015). Owing to this, continuous training program are implemented in the business through which firm or management both can put equal efforts for development and growth of the business. He further noticed that employee development and long term education are made possible with the help of training and development programs only. He further found that several kinds of practices used to impart the knowledge among workforce which aids to increase the productivity and profitability of the business.

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The methodology used for current study was quantitative under which simple random sampling was used. Further, the sample size was kept 150 so as to represent the entire population in an effectual manner. Furthermore, Pearson correlation and Linear Regression Statistical model are used so as to understand the impact of one variable on another. Apart from this, reliability was ensure by conducted by the piloted study so as to ensure that respondents do understand the facts and figures of the research in an effectual manner. Also, ethical aspects were considered in completing the entire study (Allen, 2010). In terms of limitations, it can be said that it might be a lengthy procedure because of involving different resources. Time was the major element that might affect the entire study. It enables researcher to bring out appropriate solution so as to derive the valid outcome. Apart from this, there was financial and time constraint and accordingly researcher had to select the small sample size.

Tanveer, A., 2015. Impact of training & development on employees’ performance in banks of Pakistan. European Journal of Training and Development Studies. 3(1). pp.22-44.

Tanveer (2015) explained that trend of continuous learning has been increasing due to technological exploitation and globalisation as well as increasing competition. It would be effective to address the issues which are being faced by workforce and provide them better work environment so they can cope up with changing scenario easily. He reviewed that successful training program must have several elements such as support from top management, assessing the learning results and hiring right people as well as integrating into all processes while focusing on the objectives of the business (Batool and Batool, 2012). In addition to this, putting the quality first and selecting the partners offering the best training providers are some of the important aspect. It contribute towards organisational success and integrating all activities. These strategies or elements support management or ensure the effectiveness of training program. In this manner businesses are introducing right kind of training program through which organisational activities can be aligned. He also found that several kind of methods are adopted for rendering training to employees such as on the job, job instruction training and programmed one as well as electronic performance support system. All these methods are applicable as per the requirement of the business.

The methodology applied under the research was quantitative under which SPSS has been applied. At the same time, convenience and referral sampling were used so as to collected the primary data by using the questionnaire method. In addition to this, 104 people were selected in the form of respondents who can provide the important information related to the study. The selection of sampling was appropriate so that entire population can be represented by using the same method. Thus, reliable and valid study was conducted with the application of suitable methods.

2.3 AnalySing the findings

The findings of first article represent that companies provide different kind of training program for personnel. Also, it has been found that majority of participants are participating in the training program conducted by the organisation. From the sample of 120, approximate 72.5% respondents are taking part in the training whereas remaining 27.5% people are not taking part in the training program which are being conducted by the business. Furthermore, majority of people get selected in the training at the time of joining the organisation. Apart from this, 47% respondents stated that schedule of training is not fixed as it can be organised as per the requirement. On the other hand, 86.7% respondents found that the impact of training methods on their skills. Moreover, majority of the respondents stated that quality of training program is very good and they are updating themselves by learning (Hameed and Waheed, 2011). In this manner, workforce found that positive impact of the training but at the same time they also feel the need of further training.

The findings of study conducted by Asfaw, Argaw and Bayissa (2015) revealed that training and development do affect the employee performance. It is because mean score of training and development with standard deviation was found as 11.98 ± 4.34 whereas the mean score for standards deviation in context employee effectiveness. Accordingly, it was found that there exist positive correlation between both the variables. Thus, if the workforces are provided right kind of training and development program then company can easily notice the kind of improvement among their personality. It leads to determine long run success and well-being of the business. It proves to be effective in deriving the valid outcome and supporting corporation in meeting the long as well as short term objectives.

The findings of Tanveer (2015) study reflected training and development aids to improve the job knowledge of workforce and contribute towards increasing the performance of workforce. It has been found that approximate 39.4% respondents strongly agreed and 50 agreed that knowledge gained from training and assisted them to improve their performance. Majority of workforce also stated that skills and knowledge derived from training contributed towards delivering good quality of services to end users. Not only has this but workforce found drastic changes in their functional skills with the help of training and development (Training in HRM: Importance, Process, Methods, Essentials,2017). This facilitates to enhance their performance and ensure the collaboration and integration among workforce.

2.4 Conclusion and recommendations

On the basis of entire study, it can be said that human resource management is a vast topic that covers range of organizational aspects. It is also identified that stakeholders play crucial role in the organization; hence they need to get proper information about organizational aspects; hence direct as well as indirect mode of communication will be selected at the same time. With the help of meetings and emails, appropriate information will be delivered to the stakeholders. Moreover, in order to inform the stakeholders, the business could use direct communication method such as meetings and conferences.

The mentioned recommendation will be beneficial for stakeholders since such aspects will improve overall performance and productivity of the organization. For instance- when an organization earns greater profits, it is directly beneficial for the stakeholders and investors. Providing suitable training facilities to the employees will not only assist them to deliver suitable services; but also it will assist in encouraging organizational performance standards. Herein, stakeholder mapping can be used for the purpose of aligning all roles and responsibilities. This is also crucial in terms of meeting specific organizational objectives. Interest of organizational stakeholders will also be maintained through the same.

The article first concludes that training and development methods of organisation do have positive impact on the performance of the business. It has been found that workforce are frequently taking part in the learning program so as to implement the same into the practices and bring out the valid outcome. It enables corporation to build the competitive edge. By using appropriate training practices it becomes easy for business to support the organisation activities in the upward direction. Furthermore, huge participation of workforce in the training program is helpful through which company can secure the competitive edge in the marketplace.

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The article of Asfaw, Argaw and Bayissa concludes that on the job training is the most effective so as to increase the expertise of personnel. This training methods derive the most effective outcome in order to ensure the betterment of the business. Apart from this, application of Pearson Correlation could be more effective so as to understand the impact of training methods on performance of the workforce. However, it is very important to assess the training needs effectively whereby personnel can be provided right kind of guidance so as to incorporate highly qualified personnel. It can also be concluded that training and development activities are highly important for the growth and success of the business without it company cannot determine the higher development.

Study conducted by Tanveer (2015) concludes that training and development is very important for the growth of the business due to assisting personnel in delivering their good quality of services. It enables company to motivate employees and show them upward path so as to create competitive edge in the marketplace. However, impact of globalisation can be considered that how it is making it necessary to update the workforce with new knowledge and learning. This is the only means whereby clear link is set between the performance of employees and skills obtained through training and development. Though the support of management is also important to make the training program successful.


The recommendations provided for report related to HR topic have been mentioned as follows. It will be beneficial for all stakeholders such as customers, employees and shareholders etc. This is because when employees get learning then they apply the same into practices so as to ensure the well-being of the firm. It contributes towards the organizational success and accordingly higher rate of return can be determined in the business. Thus, cost and time require to implement the suggestions have also been mentioned.





Assessing needs of training

5 days


Employees will get their issues resolved related to work

Hiring expert to offer training

10 days


Impart right kind of knowledge among participants.

Involve all participants in the training who require the same

25 days


Productivity and profitability of the business will be increased with the impact of involvement of all participants.


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