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Human Resource Reflection Paper


Human resource management refers to the strategic method which help in managing peoples effectively in an organisation so that they help competitive advantage. HR department conduct various activities such as design employees benefits, design training and development activities, performance appraisal and so on (Griggs and et.al., 2015). The organisation taken in this assignment is Cadbury, it is founded by John Cadbury in year 1824. It is a British multinational confectionery company which is headquartered in Birmingham, England. Products offer by this company are chocolates, cream egg, cookies, biscuits etc. Topics covered in this project are in task 1 there is explantation about HR strategies and practices and outcome whereas in task 2 there is analysis and reflection of HRM.


Overview of Company

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company, it is a second largest confectionery brand in respective industry (Edvinsson, 2013). Its headquarter is in Birmingham, England. They offer variety of products such as bars, chocolates box, beverages, ice creams, egg cream and so on in approx more than 50 countries all over the world. Some of major countries in which they are operating are UK, India, Ireland, South Africa etc. Numbers of employees working in respective company are approx 72,000 till 2008.

Organisational activities:- The primary activity of respective company is manufacturing variety of confectionery products which attract their target audiences. The secondary activity of Cadbury is to use best technology for manufacturing, recruit appropriate employees and provide them training and development session according to requirement.

Mission statement:- “To provide innovative confectionery products with best quality”.

Role of HR:- In Cadbury HR plays major role in distributing task, they do allocation of work according to skills and ability of a staff. They also design effective training and development strategies according to requirement and situation.

Six components model

Cadbury use six components model which help them in manage and strengthen their business in effective manner (The Six Key Components of Any Business,2019.). Description of Six-component model in context of Cadbury is given below:-

Human Resource Reflection Paper

Vision- This refers to making vision statement strong which refers to getting every employees of an organisation on a same page and identify where you want to go and how you will achieve your goal and objective. Vision statement of Cadbury is to satisfy every one whether it is inside or outside of an organisation. And provide best quality confectionery products with regular innovation to attract audiences.

People- To achieve goal and objective in effective manner an organisation need great and appropriate peoples (Marchington and et.al., 2016). For this they can recruit effective peoples according to requirement and assign work according to there skills and capabilities. Respected company hire effective peoples and allocate work according to their knowledge and skills which help them in achiving vision in appropriate manner.

Data- It refers to the role and responsibilities of employees and how it can be measures. It help an organisation in maintaining score card of employees and assign duties and responsibilities respectively. Cadbury make plans and strategies by analysing score card of employees. It also help them in designing training and development activities according to the requirement of staff.

Process- This refers to secret ingredient in every organisation which help them in achieving goal and objective in effective and efficient manner. If everyone follow process in appropriate manner it will help management to run business in appropriate and smooth ways. Respective company first get every employees at the same page and discuss with everyone before making process. By this staff of Cadbury follow process and achieve vision in effective manner.

Traction- This refers to help an organisation in bringing discipline and accountability within an organisation. By this a company can manage their activities and run their business in smooth manner. Cadbury maintain effective discipline at workplace and every person is accountable for completion of their duties and responsibilities.

Issues- It refers to issues and problems face by an organisation while conducting their process. Cadbury make list of all problems or issues and discuss with their employees. After discussion their management make appropriate solutions and rule to resolve problems. This help respective company to resolve their issues in appropriate manner.

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KSP method

The refers to the method which use personnel information for purpose of management in effective manner. It is consider as useful tool for understanding situation and then set objective for HRM (Garrick, 2012). This method is based on 5 steps through through which dashboard of HRM characteristics can develop-

  • Determine domain themes- Domain theme related to the various aspects such as productivity, quality, efficiency and development. It refers to the activities which is done by management of a organisation to achieve their goal effectively. Respective company HRM design various activities to achieve goal such as attractive packaging, effective work culture and so on.
  • Determination of personnel categories- It related to the domain theme and include connection among the companies employees and customers. Respective company design various plans and strategies which help them in attracting audiences in effective manner. Which increase their sale, profit and market shares.
  • Defining HR practices- It refers to the step in which various HR practices to achieve their goal and objective in effective manner. In respective company management make various policies, rules and regulations for achieving their visions in appropriate manner. For this they hire new employees and train existing employees which improve quality of production.
  • Define HR contributions- In this an organisation identify the contribution of HRM to achieve goal in proper manner (Bratton and Gold, 2017). For this managers of Cadbury conduct meeting and discussion to their HR and assign them duties and responsibilities for achieving task. HR of respective company hire appropriate employees and train them according to their task.
  • HR objectives- it is the last step of whole process in this main objective of HR will be summarized. In context of Cadbury, Their HR hire appropriate employees who help them in achieving goal in effective manner. They also design various training and development plan which enhance skills and ability of employees.

HR Score Card

HR score card is develop for planning strategies within the lines managers and executives. The HR score card of Cadbury is given below:-

Financial- The respective company use this objective to measure shares prices and then plans strategies according to it through which they can enhance their profitability (Brewster, 2017). Focus of Cadbury HR is to make plans which is cost effective and which increase market value and profit of company.

Customers- The Cadbury use various creative techniques which attract customer. The respective company do innovation according to demand and want of customers which help them in attracting customer to purchase their products.

HR internal process- This refers to the hard-working and smartness of employees to attaining the goal in effective manner. Which help respective firm to manufacture products with high quality and innovations. By this Cadbury can attract their customers and develop loyalty in them.

Learning and growth- This objective refers to the situation in which respective company do innovation on the regular basis according to need and demand of customer (Bailey and et.al., 2018). They must do market analysis to know demand and effectively communicate with their customers for feedbacks and suggestions.

Financial Enhance profitability Cost effectively Enhance market share
Customers Advance technology Creativity technology Innovative technique
HR internal process Cost effective Achieve goal High quality and innovation
Learning and growth Skilled employees innovation Enhance productivity


In every organization HR activities is essential for achieving the goal and objective in effective manner. It is recommend to Cadbury to must concern on implementing effective HR strategies and practices. This would aid respective company to achieve goal in effective manner. For this they must adopt various strategies such as identify need of training and development sessions, motivate employees, maintain effective working environment etc. To conduct certain strategies in appropriate manner they can use practices like design training sessions according to need of employees, motivate employees by giving rewards and recognisance, develop rules and policies according to requirement and so on. By conducting all these the respective company can attain outcome in effective and appropriate manner.

Ethical Reflection

According to me HR plays an important role in an organisation. They plays initial role in achieving goal and objective in effective manner. I think every organisation must maintain their HR strategies and practices in effective ways which help them in attaining proper outcome. Some major HR practices and strategies are maintain positive workplace, improve employees motivation, maintain fair evaluation system etc. which help them in achieving goal in appropriate ways.


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Reflection on theory

To conduct assignment in effective and efficient manner we use three theories which are six-component model, Knowledge Strategy Process method (KSP) and HR scorecard. These method help Cadbury to evaluation and examine several aspects which affect work-life balance at respective company (Anderson, 2013). The six-component model help respective firm in analysing direct and indirect factors which influence Human resource management and strategies for various factors such as market, competitors, target audiences and so on. Whereas the Knowledge Strategy Process method help Cadbury to do analysis of factors which affect internal and external environment of an organisation. Through evaluation organisation managers can develop plans and strategies accordingly. This help HRM of respective company to make goal and objective for their organisation by analysis the situation and different factors. By this respective organisation also able to know the contribution of their HR in achieving goal and objective in appropriate manner. Along with this, there is use of HR scorecard method which help in analysing nature of business and challenges that stakeholder face. By this managers can develop planning strategies while considering lines managers and executives.

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When Cadbury conducting evaluation of all three theories they analysis that all theories have some advantage as well as some limitations which hamper the work of managers (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Respective company face limitation while conducting evaluation through these three theories which are by using KSP method and HR Scorecard method it is difficult to analysis intangibles factors whereas Six-component method is very wide if it is conducting for large company like Cadbury. But there various advantages of all theories which help respective company in making decision and analysing situation. Some advantages which Cadbury analysis are by six-component method they able to manage and strengthen their business operations and functions in effective and appropriate manner. Whereas with KSP method manage their management in effective manner by using personnel information and with Scorecard they able to planning strategies within the lines managers and executives.

On the basis of all these theories and model, recommendation is given which help respective company to identify appropriate HR strategies and practices which help them in getting effective outcome. Reflection of HR strategies and practices which is recommended for Cadbury such as strategies are they can identify need of training and development sessions, motivate employees, maintain effective working environment etc. to make effective working environment. Practices for it are design training sessions according to need of employees, motivate employees by giving rewards and recognisance, develop rules and policies according to requirement and so on. By doing all their respective company can get appropriate outcome which help company in maintaining proper working environment.

Reflection on the group process

I done this assignment with my effective and knowledgable team members. The whole project is done with proper scheduling which include planning, gathering essential information, analysis of informations and theories and in last recommendation is given which is come up as huge success for our team. While conducting project there is proper cooperation among all team members through which all plans are executing in appropriate manner. According to me the main reasons behind succession of this project is cooperation among team members, proper planning, dedication of all members and team spirit in group. I feel great while working with my team members and I also able to enhance my knowledge and skills. All of my team members are highly knowledgable and experienced. I learn various other things during working with them that are learn values of teamwork, dedication towards work, and so on. Along-with this I learn that outcome of working in a proper team is more effective then working alone or an individually. The whole experienced which I gain in during project is very helpful for my career life time.

Reflection on the recommendations

I think that recommendations which are given above help respective company to in achieving their goal and objective in effective manner. For every organisation it is essential to develop and design appropriate strategies and practices which help them in attaining their vision in appropriate manner. Such as if Cadbury develop strategy to provide training and development session to employees they have to do evaluation of every staff after that they make group according to their skills and ability. Then they design training and development sessions for every employees according to group which help them in enhancing their productivity and quality. Which help them in achieving goal and objective in effective manner. I think there are various other strategies which help respective company to attain their vision that are they can motivate employees by doing practices like giving reward, providing motivation sessions, do appraisal for good work and so on. The management of respective company maintain positive environment within the workplace which help them in attaining goal in affective and appropriate manner. According to me managers of respective company must hire effective employees and allocate responsibilities according to the skills and ability of their staff so that they can complete the work in effective and appropriate ways.

Ethical personal reflection

Respective company use Van Luijk's Steps method which help them in analysing situation in effective manner. Their are following questions of respective method is given below:-

1- What is the main moral issue?

The various moral issue in respective company such as employees have to work more than 9 hours a day, employers didn't motivate or appraise their employees, sometime employees have to work on Sunday also and so on. All these issues and problems decrease moral of employees which affect their productivity and efficiencies.

2- Who are the participants in the case?

In respective company case there are two participants one is internal stakeholder another id external stakeholder. Internal stakeholder are employees, management and owner of Cadbury whereas external stakeholder are target audiences of respective company.

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3- Who has to make a decision?

In respective company decision is taken by HR department, owner and managements of company.

4- What information is needed?

Their are various information are required to take effective decision that is about competitors, recent technology, economical rate, skills and ability of employees and so on.

5- What arguments can be provided?

The argument which is provided to employer while working in respective company are like motivation level is low, productivity level of employees decrease, employees satisfaction is low and many more.

6- What is the conclusion?

From above mentioned point it can be evaluate and conclude that their are various issues and problems which an organisation face when they operate their business this will directly affect productivity of employees. If a company want to analysis they will do it by using six-component method, KSP method and HR scorecard method. After that they can make effective and efficient decision.

7- How do I feel?

Above discussed issues affect me and other on huge level, I feel discriminated on the basis of respective issues. The similar reaction will be expected of me if similar situations will come up in future, in that I can defiantly try to do discussion and participation.


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