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Human Resource Management (Assignment 1)

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Assignment 1


Human resource management is considered as an important aspect in the organization. Main aim of HRM in the company is to develop human resource and to maintain long term relations with its employees. They are responsible in organizing different activities and developing polices in the organization. It also helps the entity for attracting, managing enhancing the capability of employees for the benefits of firm (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). The presents report does not specify the organization's name so taken name is ABC which is a leading hotel in Malaysia. This report gives brief description about the organization such as its establishing year, different types of operation and other activities. It also analyzes the relationship in between the health of wokers and entity's productvity. This report provides recommendations for improvements and suggests some actions.

Assignment 1

A) Brief description of the organization

ABC is an international organization which is founded in October 1993 it is considered as one of the largest hotel in the world. Entity is offering its services worldwide and has more than 5 hotels and resorts around the globe. It operate its service through franchise and also b by owned managed to independent operators. Hotel is targeted both business and leisure travelers. It is located in major cities near airports and popular destinations (Storey, 2014). Main focus of the company is to offer different types of services which are related to hospitality industry and enhancing its customer experience.

The hotel was established in year 1993 and at that time it was managed by General hotel management which is based in Singapore (Anderson, 2015). The hotel architecture is based on Brainchild architects Kerry hill. For developing the hotel, there are various types of things which are used such as of timber and elephant felled trees. The hotel was based on the different types of architectures desings which give completed information about Malaysia. The organization is situated near Datai Bay. o rooms, 54 villas and 16 suites. The hotel is famous for its beautiful architecture; blend nature, fine tradition and it further offers extraordinary services to its customers. It is built with love and imagination. In 2011, the organization was on Gold List in Conde Nast Magazine. It also offers different types of services such as spa, mbodt polishing and also content different types traditional baths which enhances discribes trule the Asian cultural.

ABC hotel is under the experienced management team and the main aim of their staff is to give world class services to its customers. Missions of hotel staff is spirit the Asian culture and traditions along with luxury. The hotel is also maintained its own club and it is suited in 360 hectares of lunch tropical gardens. The hotel is continuous expanding its services and focuses more developing different types of services in order to attracts to many customers. The vision and mission of the Hotel is promoting its services with context with Malaysia cultural and enhances its customers experience and expectations. Hotel's location is near to rain forests which ultimately expand its beauty.

The ABC hotel in also known for using of advance technology and launching different types of customers oriented programs. Entity launches different types programs for its customers who booked hotel directly through its own websites and receives special discounts in their traveling. Thy ABC is become the first hotel in history for using upgraded energy efficiency in its Malaysia. Branch, installing green controls for doors, windows and using energy in intelligent way.

Cited organization also use different types of technology in its business such as Wi-Fi. Digital check in, key less entry and choosing their rooms as per their requirement through hotel's app. Apart from its business operation the main aim of the firm in to deliver the best services in hospitality industry and maintain long term relations with its customers. At present ABC organization is focusing on developing more green projects in its hotel portfolio and encouraging more sustainability in its hotel projects. Firm is encouraging people for adopting environmental friendly practices such as reduces use of carbon emissions which assist to them for developing Eco friendly environment. For making continuous improvements in adopting healthy environmental practices ABC earned global certification (ISO 5000) for energy management.

ABC is also engaged in many others programs such as in 2014 the entity make engagement with young people with firm through its apprenticeship programs and skills development programs. It also organizes different types volunteer projects in 2015. It also recognized By Conde Nast Magazine as the hottest hotel in the world.

B) Link between health and productivity of employees

In every organization, a healthy workforce is considered as the strong asset which helps the company in improving its bottom line. There is direct relation in between employees' health and entity's productivity (Malik, Blake and Suggs, 2014). By creating healthy and safe workplace, the firm can improve its productivity and worker's life balance. Employee's health is helpful to create positive environments at workplace. In ABC firm, worker's health also affects its productivity.
Employee's turnover

It refers to numbers of employees who leave the organization and are replaced by new employees in the fix period. It is important for ABC to make sure that they provide their employees with healthy environment in which they will be able to work effectively and efficiently. There are different reasons that can be listed down due to which the workers leave the firm. In this context, reasons include de-motivation, work load, lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities, etc. From all these aspects, it is important that cited firm understand employees and deliver them services accordingly. (Nisar, and Yeung, 2015). Thus, it reduces recruitment and training costs. ABC enterprise is facing high labor turnover rate which increases its operational costs. For maintaining employees performances and improving productivity of entity it is important to consider these aspects and take decisions accordingly.


If employees of organization are not healthy, then it increases the rate of absenteeism. It refers to pattern of absences of an individual from a duty or obligation. High absence of person is the indicator of poor workplace practices and affects the entity's performances and its reduces productivity of workers, If workers of the firm are not provided with appropriate equipment to work or to perform their job effectively, then there are cases in which this affects their health negatively (Cucchiella, Gastaldi, and Ranieri, 2014). Other reason for absenteeism is when employees do not have the willingness or interest towards the work. This occurs when the work they perform is not of their interest. In such condition, it is important that the management of ABC understand the skills and capabilities which are possessed by the workers and accordingly provide them job roles.

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Reduces stress and improve workplace morale

There are different types of tasks that are provided to workers and it becomes difficult for employees to complete them on time. In such condition, it increases stress and efficiency of workers to perform in an effective manner (Qureshi, Rasli, and Zaman, 2014). It is important that the management should provide proper training so that the employees can develop time management skills. It is essential to priorities the tasks that are being provided and to select the task that has to be completed on time. This way stress can be reduced to the high extent. When the rate of stress is low, then they will be able to put on their full efforts towards their work that is being provided to them. Due to stress, workers fail to perform their work and lack in meeting the deadlines of projects.

Communication is another aspect which is important in the organization to raise productivity and profitability of the organization (Harris and Yelowitz, 2016). When there is proper interation, then employees get to know each other. This way the confusion that the workers have related to work or any other aspect gets reduced. If effective communication is followed in the organization then it is advantageous for the business firm because it reduces the employee's turnover rate, absenteeism and stress. It also helps the individual to improve its own performance, enhance self confidence and create positive workplace environment (Mali, Blake and Suggs 2014). ABC firm should enhance communication or interaction among employees as it will also enable the cited organization to understand customers requirement which will help in reducing the conflict among workers.

C) Reasons of divergence

Divergence refers to how members of two groups are likely become less similar to one another over time. It has huge impact on firm's performance and reduces productivity of employees. It leads to negativity at the workplace and make unable to individuals for completing their task on time. In ABC, there are various reasons of divergence some of them are discussed below.

Differences in personality

ABC organization is one of the leading Hotels in UK. Entity brings wide range of people who have different types of attitude and values. Workers belongs to different background have different types of experience and perceptions which play an important role in shaping their personalities. In Workplace, divergence occurs when members of two groups fail to understand to each other or cannot accept personality of each other which leads to many problems in the entity (Dixon and Dougherty, 2014). It may also create many conflicts in group such as increases communication gap and make the worker unable to focus on their work.

Poor communication

Divergence occur because of poor communication, It also leads too many conflicts among employees and decreases performances of workers. In ABC organization, there is communication gap which leads too many misunderstanding among group people. Employees of the firm are not able to perform there tasks on time and this develops dissatisfaction between two group members.

Differences in cultural

Another reason of divergence at the workplace is because of different cultural background of employees. It can be defined as norms and beliefs of the individual. ABC is an international organization and there are many workers who belong to different culture (Anderson, 2015). At workplace, it is important for the employees to give respect to each other and their culture. A good cultural interaction assists to entity for managing and expanding its business activities. In ABC there are many employees which are belongs to different cultural backgrounds and management is unable to solve this problem. It helps the employees in performing their tasks in group and many conflicts arise among groups members.

Unhealthy competition

Unhealthy competition among employees is also a reason of divergence within the workplace. Workers focus more on the competition rather than performing tasks in team. Healthy competition is considered as the good motivator at workplace and improves performances of individual (Rakib and Hadani, 2015). Reason of divergence at ABC is because of unhealthy competition among team members which leads to highly competitive environment within the business firm. So the organization need to develop such practices which helps to them for improving healthy competition in entity. Through this approach employees becomes more focused on their work and able to perform their work in effective manner.

For making employees engaged it is important to understand the reasons of divergence workplace. By understanding reasons of divergence in between employees they can develop better engagements of employees in business activities. There are various reasons of divergence in ABC such as ineffective communication, differences in personality of individuals, differences in cultural and unhealthy competition among workers. All these reasons leads to difference in between persons in firm. For solving such issues entity need to identify those issues a take corrective actions for solving such issues (Nisar and Yeung 2015) For instance, for developing effective communication ABC can conduct different types of activities such as develop skills such as effective listening, giving full attentions and catching non verbals messages which leads to effective communication in between group members and solve the conflicts which arises in between them.

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D) Recommendations

The survey has been conducted from 30 employees of ABC company and following are findings and recommendation for improving health and productivity at workplace.

Most of the employees within the organization are de-motivated due to which the performance of employees is getting affected negatively. In this context, management of ABC should make use of motivational theories like Maslow's hierarchy of need. This is a type of theory that covers all the essential areas with the help of which workers can be encouraged or boosted up. More specifically, it covers needs like physiological, safety, love, self-esteem and self-actualization. These are helpful enough to make sure that the requirement of employees are being satisfied and they will be work effectively and efficiently.

There should be healthy working environment. In this context, management needs to make sure that employees are being provided with all the equipment's with the help of which they will be able to perform their role and responsibilities effectively. Further, there should be proper interaction by managers with employees. This will enable to know the problems that are being faced by them. Further, employees are the face of organization as they have direct interaction with customers. They are the one who present the services and products to customers. They know better about the issues that are faced by services. Suggestion should be taken from them so that customers get satisfied.

Majority of workers demand from the entity to provides safe workplace environment. The company should adopt the workplace and safety rules as suggested by the higher authorities of Malaysia. The company should also need to adopt different types safety feature at its workplace so their employees can work easily. At this stage organization can provides guidelines for its worker so they can understand how to control any situation and what are the corrective action which is important to take during such situations such as ways to use of medical kit such practices helps to create healthy and safe workplace's environment.

Another reason for high employee turnover is lack of understanding towards the roles and responsibilities. In order to overcome this issue, it is important for the manager to monitor their employees and identify the areas in which improvement is required. Accordingly, training should be provided so that they will be able to understand their part of role and support the firm in achieving the goals and objectives.

In this present era there are various organization who introduced stress management. With the introduced of stress managements at corporate level. It is unique concepts for reducing stress and this concept helps to them for improving workforce productivity. With the help of this management tips they can reduce stress of their employees. Many workers have suggested that ABC need to introduce stress management in it company so their workers efficiency has been improved and performances of company is also improved.


From the above report it is concluded that there is direct relationship in between employees health and productivity. ABC limited is Malaysia based Hotel firm which offers different types of services to it customers. The organization is facing many problems in it human resources departments. The entity is adopting various types of practices for improving health of its employees and also evaluates reasons of divergence at workplace so they can keep their workers engaged and healthy. However, they need to focus more on providing healthy and safe workplace environment to individuals so they keep engaged their employees and maintain their health.

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