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Critical Analysis of Unemployment

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Introduction to Critical Analysis of Unemployment

This project report contains critical analysis about different aspects like unemployment in economy which leads to less resources in economy. Large number of people are unemployed in the economy and thus they are not able to sustain their needs and their family needs. unemployment forces people to engage in criminal activities as they do not have any other sources to remove their frustrations.The project report contains the study about the examples like climate changes and their impact on the economy,impact of family breakdown on children the negative and positive effects and lastly deviance of young people residing in the organisations. Separation g of children from their families and deviance of young people.


According to Parker it is examined that unemployment occurs when a person is searching for job but the person is unable to find the job. It is linked with the health of economy. The measures includes unemployment rates which can be calculated with the help of number of unemployed people divided by the total number of people in labour force.

Unemployment is the phenomenon that happens when a person is actively search the employment and is unable to find the work. The unemployment means that the person without any work whether educated and uneducated and looking for earning the livelihood. In the unemployment rate of the UK measured by the Labour Force Survey. The unemployed people are the those people who are without a job and who are actively seeking the job. In the UK, from the last three months the unemployment rate is fell to 4.6 percent from the 4.7 percent in the previous period. The unemployment is the main problem of the economy.

The unemployment can be classified as voluntary and involuntary unemployment. Voluntary unemployment means that the person has left the job with his own will in search of other employment and involuntary unemployment means that the person has been fired from the job.

There are different types of unemployment which can be classified as Frictional unemployment, Cyclic and Structural unemployment. Frictional unemployment occurs when a person takes time to find new job so the gap that arises is known as frictional unemployment. Cyclic unemployment occurs due to business cycles and structural unemployment occurs due to advancement in technologies when people loose their jobs because they do not have desired skills to complete the job.

Effects of unemployment


Unemployed people are not able to earn money to run their livelihood and thus problems ion financial obligations. They fail to pay money if they are living in rented houses and failure to pay money leads to homeliness. Unemployment affect the health of people due to poor diet, They are more addicted to tobacco smoking and consumption of alcohol which affects their health this is all because they are in depression due to their disability to do the job.


The economy which are facing high employment are not able to make use of resources in an efficient manner. If the society employed sufficient workers for the production and manufacturing process than all the people will have an opportunity to work. If there is unemployment for longer time period than they can loose their skills and values which they have gained and that in turn leads to human capital.

High unemployment can indulge people in various activities like crime and murder as they are frustrate because they are not able to earn money to live their livelihood and fulfill their basic necessities of life.

Example of Unemployment are

Climate change

According to Bandyopadhyay it is examined that climate changes are occurring rapidly in the organisation. The impact of global warming will be mostly on the agricultures that badly affect the life of farmers in the organisations. Farmers are dependently mostly on the agricultures for their survival and for daily necessities of their livelihood. Global warming destroys the crops that the farmer grows and thus affecting the fertility of soil.

Climate change also affects the travel and tourism sector due to climate change people will not not move from one place to another, they will prefer sitting at home rather than risking their life travelling in change weather. Travels and tourism sector is the growing industry in the world and it constitutes about half percent of GDP in the economy.

The poor countries of the resources that does not have enough resources and money will be have the great effect and they will be suffering the losses to a great extent. Adaption will reduces the losses to some extent in the economy and the GDP rates will change from 5 percent to less than 3 percent in the economy but than also it will have a impact on the economy.

Family Breakdown and its impact on children

According to Dunlop and et. al., it is examined that children who are separated from their parents have an effect on the mental, physical, emotional, social and their health related activities in comparison to children's who are born in a family background and thus are living with their family. The different between the two different group is statistical significant that they are living in small size family and thus children who does have parents to take care have different experience about their life as compared to those with the infant families.

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From the viewpoint of Fairclough it is examined that transition in families place the children where the risk is more of having the negative outcomes. The children and adolescent have experience of enduring problems and most of the children's are benefited when it comes in the end with the harmful situations in families.

Breakdown in families is not a single aspect it includes a long term process that contains endless risk and protectives factors that are interactive before and after the separation of family. The factors that are interrelated include parents conflict, effect of fighting on children, mental conditions of children and constantly changes in family structure those also includes living arrangements.

Deviance of people


According to Grönroos deviance refers to the behaviour that deviates or travel away from their norm and believe of the society. It consider as abnormal situation of the people . It is said to be the unacceptable but mostly depend upon the context that are viewed by the differently to others.

It said to be an action or behaviour that violates the social norms that result in crime or informal violation of the basic norms.


These are rules and regulation that a member and the society are guided. Social norms are varies from one culture to other culture. However the deviance of violation of social norms are characterized as any thought ,feeling or actions that are faced or performed by the member and social group for their values or rules.


Due to strain generated by the culture emphasis on the wealth and the lack of opportunities to become rich that cause people to become innovators by involving in stealing and selling of drugs. Theses are mostly seen in the young people those teenagers.


The goals of the society are except which means achieving them by any means. The conformist are belongs to the middle class family who have access to the better education and attain monetary benefit through hard work.


It refers to inability to reach the cultural goals which embracing the rule at different point by losing the sight of larger goals in context of feel respectable. These are mostly found in dead end.

Retreat ism

It is rejection of both the cultural goals and means, as drop out. It reject society legitimate to achieve the common goal of the values and believes. The true deviance as they commit to get rid of their burden about their family needs and desire.

It has observed that the young people are getting more effected from these in various form like

Self -Esteem

It has been noticed that positive self efficiency and self esteem id necessary for the healthy behaviour of the .These help the people to realise the mistakes they are done the attain the norms ans values to their work. The various sociologist has considered self esteem as important cause of social behaviour that protect the derogation of the society and the you

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