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Unit 2 Assignment on Globalisation Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management

University: Bradford College

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Introduction about Globalisation impact
  • Positive impact of Globalisation
  • Negative impact of Globalisation
Answer :
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Globalisation of product and financial market refer the to increase the economic integration and economies of scale, which is given, the result in greater trade in the financial sector. This is to be focused on capital flow and cross border entity in the organisation. In this context, to be focused on the impact on globalisation in the positive and negative aspect of globalisation in economic condition (Mowforth, 2015). Further, it covered positive impact is beneficial for the social science condition. Now under formulated areas can enjoy the payment of scientific beforehand and industrial progress available in formulated countries for the change of state and growth of their areas.

Globalisation impact

There is global communication, global market and global production is to be focused on through area of global productivity on management in developing countries. It is given the direct impact and improve the market condition and relation to money. In this context, people are travelling one country to another and use telecommunication is to be used and some innovation is introduced to increase the share market. The globalisation is brought benefit to developing countries positive as well as negative impact is to be covered. This is help to improved levels of management system or economic condition is better nowadays (Wright, 2016). This is to be improve the overall market structure and make some changes as per the changes in global conditions. There are three main factors is given the direct impact on globalisation factors are an investment, technology and employment, etc. This all factors are the most important part are the most important factor is to be done by organisation. In this way some positive and negative impact of globalisation factor is to be improve market.

Positive factor :- In positive factor is to be give the direct impact on globalisation segmentation of the society. With the help of all such kind of changes is give positive impact to society and changes culture factor.

  • Global market:- The most important factor of global market in formulated countries are a result of denationalization of state owned industries. In order for these commercial enterprise to increase user demand many of them are attempting to grow and extend their value chain to a global level (Krugman, 2017). This is help to increase the business in global level and expand the business market will be changes or increase the profit will change in future time. This is to be focus on protracting some legal factor and improve the overall transformation in market. Through this they will increase their securities industry and enjoy economic system of scale as globalisation facilitates time space compaction, economies compete at all flat including that of pull capitalist. This is help to improve the level of investment in global network in work place.
  • Cross culture management:- In the cross culture management is to be focus on many products will be collected by the global market and improve the overall investment activity will be changes. Western styles, since are signalling of affluence and powerfulness, the elite often embracing western styles of merchandise and pattern of behaviour in order to impressment others (Rupert, 2016). There are some other factors is technology is to be change, mass media is changes and transformation will be reduce. In addition, society, religion and application are transformed by cultural diffusion brought by economic process. The level of economic condition will be changes and improve the market space or increase general improvement of economic factor. It is help to manage the culture activity in global level may be changes as per need of market level.
  • Foreign trade:- In this context, to be focal point on expand the level of market in international level. The globalisation factor will be help to manage such kind of import and export working condition will be change in work place. There are some development administrative districts is export their goods to other countries. The world trade organisation is help to expand the business activity and some rule will be change as per the necessity of social class share. World trade organizations come out as an omnipotent international social group capable efficaciously influencing one-on-one governments to follow global trade rules, right of first piece of work, policies on subsidies, taxation and tariffs. There are some changes in overall future improvement and more improvement in business condition will be occurrence (Obstfeld, 2015). This is help to expand the market into new level and improve market condition will be damage as per need of overall globalisation. The figure of nations that are helpless on trade, foreign superior, and the world commercial enterprise markets increased greatly. Countries engaged in foreign trade enjoy comparative advantage. The competitive advantage is focus on these strategies will help to improve for future development.
  • Foreign investment:- In this context, the level of investment will be increase in outside the boundaries of the country. Indian establishment which have been play-acting well, some in India and off the shores, will pull in a lot of foreign investment funds, and thus pushing up the reserve of abroad exchange accessible in India. This is also one of the affirmative effects of globalisation in US and other formed countries as developing countries give them a good investing statement (Cohen, 2018). The level of investment is must be changes or can say indefinite quantity globalisation level. It is to be manage work to improve investment will be made as per need of organisation. The capital investment is to be focus on monitor the level of investment in work place. This is assist to changes the condition of both the countries. The multinational firm is most important than the national firm. The customer will invest more, return is more than per the need of customer in market place.
  • Legal factor:- In legal factor is manage work at the time of investment or globalisation is to be improve and increase the current market changes. On the other hand, Accumulated media insurance coverage draws the attending of the world to quality rights violations. This leads to melioration in human rights. There some rights and law must be followed to improve the condition in internal as well external market will be changes (Wunderlich, 2016). In addition, some new law is based on investment and other legal factor must be improve for organisation. Due to globalisation, there is also a perceptive between the security federal agency and the police of two or more antithetic countries who will come together to kerb global act of terrorism. This is help and globalisation will be changes and grated the positive effective the globalisation is society. There is all about the legal factor must be changes and improve the condition of market environment at the time of globalisation.
  • Technology:- It is one of the most important part is technology will be used to improve market condition. Some method is to be used to improve the market conditions is use media for more and more promotion in market. In this way, more and more technology is to promote such kind of activity is to be used in market share. This build up a bank of cognition astir on the job in antithetical locate with grouping from different cultures and this represents a stock of cognition that could be formulated and used to benefit the organisation (Telò, 2016). This is to be improve the market share and manage work or improver the productivity and market share.

This is all the positive impact of globalisation to the management and other factor. There are global communication, global market and global production is to be focus on through area of global productivity in management in development countries. This is to be help the business management in development countries are handled with al such kind of situation is to be handle or improve market carrying into action. Now, some negative impact of globalisation are as follows :-

  • Job insecurities:- In this context, globalisation factor which is give direct impact for job insecurities in work place. In the development countries people are losing there job and reduce the level of benefit to organisation. This means the less job such kind of people in development countries. They have communicator to developing territorial division like China and India (Coker, 2014). Most group like accountants, programme, editors and scientists have lost jobs due to informant to cheaper locations like India. It is give the bad impact of society and poor performance is reduced the level of such kind of people. In this way, Grouping are losing their jobs. Developed normality have outsourced commercial enterprise and white neckband jobs. That means fewer jobs for their multitude person. This is one of the most important negative impact on globalisation and give direct impact on profit and reduce the rate will be managed in work place.
  • Changes in prices:- There are some changes in price is give the negative impact on internal or investment people. There are those who have direct investment of internal as well as external factor or reduce the market performance as per the need of market (Robinson, 2014). There are continues ever-changing in price is reduced the level of customer in market price. This is a disadvantage to them because it cut down the ability to sustain social financial aid in their countries. This is give the direct impact and many country will be suffer for such kind of activity in work place.
  • Unemployment:- There are unemployment is give the negative impact of all the economic conditions. The most important factor to determine the plane of employ during 1980-2000 was political unit or location economics policies which were enforced and sustained (Lindberg, 2016). This is all such kind of activity is give direct impact of macro environment and national income will be occurrence. In macro environment national income will be changers and overall development is to be based on the national income of society. There are different counties is not use law, education policies to improve the higher level employment activity. This is to be inform that education level or law must be used and improve market condition of employment law.
  • Education:- Globalization impacts on the education system in both positive and negative manner. Due to internationalization people are moving towards other nations in order to gain more knowledge so that they can get more career development opportunities (Impact of globalization in education, 2017). But this impacts negative on the education system, as it become difficult for the learners to understand culture, language of other people. In such condition they fail to get quality education their that impacts negative on their learning and future as well. As globalization is increasing competition for the youth and creating lots of pressure on them. Now due to increasing level of education students have to compete with high league table ranked schools. This is creating pressure on the teachers as well. Now educator has to maintain this standard which impact on quality of education to great extent. Furthermore, this is reducing power of sovereign (The Impact of Globalization on Education Policy of Developing Countries: Oman as an Example, 2011). Local citizens are moving towards other nations in order to get more equality education. This impacts negative on the local education system because local places are unable to develop their system and compete with the highly developed universities.

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Form the above report is based on globalisation in positive and negative aspect of globalisation in economic condition. Further, it covered positive impact is beneficial for social science condition. As per the above report globalisation factor will be help to manage such kind of import and export working condition will be change in work place. There are some development administrative districts is export their goods to other countries. In this report, Accumulated media insurance coverage draws the attending of the world to quality rights violations. This leads to melioration in human rights. In order for these commercial enterprise to increase user demand many of them are attempting to grow and extend their value chain to a global level.


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