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Analyzing the Current Scale of Kemmons Wilson

University: Icon College of Management and Technology

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : Kemmons Wilson


The hospitality industry is a wide sector that is contributing a huge amount to the development of the economy. This sector is famous for its services such as accommodation facility, food and so on. The hospitality and tourism sectors both are interrelated with each other because if people are traveling they want hotels to stay and restaurants to eat food. This assignment is based on Holiday Inn which is founded in 1952 on the 1st of August and the founder of this hotel is Kemmons Wilson (Bharwani and Jauhari,2013). They are serving in 1,145 locations as well services providing by them are lodging, meeting, food, conventions, and timeshares. Below mention report below focuses on analyzing the current scale, scope, and diversity of the respective company. Along with the organizational structure of several hospitality organisation. The same highlight requirement of staff and their roles, responsibility as well qualification. Major trends and development in the same industry are also discussed.

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1.1 Analyse the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry

Hospitality sector is one of fast growing and developing as well it is most booming sector in the economy. In this industry organisations are getting popular and famous with their quality of services. Because quality matters a lot for customers and it assist in easy attracting large number of guest. Although, if an individual is spending their hard earned money then in return they want quality of food, better accommodation facility and many other.

Current Scale and scope – Hospitality sector is presenting by restaurants, accommodations, pubs and many other. The same industry is fourth largest sector in United Kingdom and they are contributing 10% in the GDP (gross domestic production) Of the nation. Hospitality sector is providing employment opportunities to large number of peoples approximately the are 3 million peoples. Scale of hospitality industry is approx 10,000 hotel in a particular country. 

Types of ownership in hospitality industry:-

  • Partnership – this is the type of ownership in which two or more than two people are owner of the company . All of them have equal rights in organisation as well they contributed amount of capital for starting business. Their profit and loss sharing ratio is as per the amount of their investment.
  • Leasing – It is also one of the famous and popular ownership as in it money is paid to the owner by the tenant for using the respective property.
  • Franchising – In this name of the company is used by another person also in same nation or can be other also. But for this some amount must be paid by them whose name and brand is using by them.
  • Contract – ownership of hospitality sector company can be on contract also in which two parties come into agreement about both the business terms financial and non-financial.

1.2 Discussing organisational structure of different hospitality organisations

Organizational structure of Five star hotel –

in these kind of organisations there are different positions of every individual which is pre-defined. Effective job specification will enhance productivity and efficiency in working environment of hotel. Structure is basically divided into six segments such as: Finance, front office, human resource, food and beverages, sales and logistics. Every department is play their crucial role in organisation which assist in achieving goals and objective in better manner.

Organisational Chart for catering department –

Structure of catering sector involves both commercial and non-commercial. This is kind of company which provides catering foods and services on the request of clients. Such organisations not only includes services and cooks but also entire management team which can handle major task such as marketing, communication with clients and many more (Radojevic,Stanisic and Stanic, 2015.). There are various departments and job roles in the respective enterprise which are divided into hierarchical manner which states that people who are at the top level having huge experience as well at lower end employees have less roles and responsibilities.

1.3 Assess the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies

There are different roles of hospitality related organisational and professional bodies are given as below:-

British Beer and Pub association –

main motive of forming this association is to deal with the problems and issues which is related to beer and pub industry. The same organisation is promoting interest of beer brewers and through stand for and campaigning for their interest. The influencing of public opinion affiliated to this section is the primary role played. Top Assignment Writing from experts.

British Hospitality Association –

This association is concerned with the restaurant, hotel and catering companies. It is an private organisation as well British Hospitality Association was developed in 1907. They are representing such enterprise over 100 years and the industry is working in five key areas for development of hotel, catering and hotel (Ruetzler and et.al., 2014). These five are economy, employment, intelligent regulation, sustainability and health.

British Institute of Inn Keeping -  

This institution license hospitality industry in entire United Kingdom as well role of the same is helping the individual in doing such roles like charitable status, membership benefits, advising.

Institution of Hospitality –

This institution was established in 1938 and hospitality is especially concerned with their aspiring manager and manager. Major roles performing by the organisations are membership, qualification & accreditation and PARN (Professional association Research Network). Although, it is the roles and responsibility of this institution to organise networking events and effective guideline at free of cost. So international hospitality benchmarks can be generated or achieved.


2.1 Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality businesses

Hospitality industry is famous for its services which can be possible only with the assistance of people with different training and education. Qualification and degree required of employees is related to their job profile that will they have direct interaction with customers or not. Staffing role is played by human resource department in enterprise and it is much important that their should be adequate as well appropriate staff should be in enterprise. Workforce of organisation will help in achieving its goals and objectives in better manner. Thus, while hiring staff members it must be kept in mind that they must be according to vacant job position and are suitable for company. For example: staffing needed in the Food production segment is the person who must be specialist in this field with experience and can fulfil desire of customers in better manner (Deery and Jago, 2015). Skills and knowledge required in employees must be according to their job specification such as an individual who is employees in area of food production is not expected from him/ her that they will have good command over English, excellent communication skills. Expert areas expected in them are maintain food quality, taste and can fulfil need as well wants of guest.

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Their is some qualities which is required in staff member in hospitality sectors are : customer services which can be carried by direct interaction with them. Client handling skills must be priority in this sector which is required in candidate while hiring. Staff members who are working in the housekeeping department should be creative and expert in hygienic so expectation of customers related to cleanliness can be fulfilled. This is the duty of management that best performance and results can be gain out of available employees. Although, make sure that better results can be gained for delivering customers better services. 

2.2 Discuss the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements for hospitality staff

There are different roles and responsibilities, qualification is required in staff member who are working in enterprise. In the education industry there are several institutions who are providing education related to hospitality organisation management so that professional requirement of every individual can be fulfilled. Qualification in this sector is mainly related to hotel management, commerce, customer relationship management and training related to specific industry so that major operation or activity can be looked after. Modification or changes take place in this segment in major and more these can be used in such manner that opportunities can be capitalised in effective manner.

For example: In organisation like Holiday Inn communication manager is responsible for all the activities which is related to communication path way. Although it is duty of their that information and data can be transfer to each and every member in the enterprise. It must be make sure that info which is transferring outside the enterprise should be in right manner so that reputation and credibility of the market can enhanced. Requirement for the same is that an particular person have to do a masters degree in hospitality management along with the minimum 5 years of experience in communication because this industry involves interaction with customers which require proper communication skills. The financial manager is accountable for managing and monitoring all the financial resources of an enterprise and also prepare budgets of particular year along with this most important provision of training to employees working in same area (Pinar and et.al., 2011). Qualification required in the same area is master's in financial management and experience of over 8-10 years so that it guarantee profitability of an association.

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