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Employee Relations in Global Era


Employees relation refers to relationship of an individual which they share at a workplace. Relationship can be of certain type which is warm, so-so or bad and it can formed between employees, employer, superiors and between co workers. For maintaining appropriate working environment in an organisation employers has to maintain effective relation with their employees (Anitha, 2014). Organisation taken for this assignment is Pollen Street Social which is situated in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom. They divide their menu in various sections such as A La Carte, Lunch menu, Tasting Menu, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wine list, Cocktails and Desserts. Topics covered in this assignment are principles of employee relations, rights, duties and obligation of employees and employer and related advice. Along with this, it explain role of different stakeholders and positive and negative impact of employees relation on stakeholders.


P1 The value and importance of employee relations

Principles of Employees Relation

For maintaining effective employees relation in an organisation a management has to follow some of major principles. These principles are generally developed by HR Manager of an organisation which help them in providing secure and safe working surrounding to staffs. By developing effective employees relation HR manger able to reduce conflict situation, treat everyone equal, motivate employees and many other. So HR manager of Pollen Street Social should develop principles by considering HR policies which help them in maintaining working environment in appropriate manner.

Concept of Employees Relation

This refers to efforts of an organisation which they put in maintaining relationship between employers and employees. An organisation which provide effective employees relation activities they able to give equal and fair treatment to their staffs which help them in motivating them and develop feeling of connection towards jobs or work (Carter and et. al., 2013). The respective company develop employees relation through which they treat their employees in appropriate manner and so conduct work in proper way. HR manager of Pollen Street Social develop rules and regulation for both employers and employees which help them in maintaining employees relation and reducing situation of discrimination.

Positive value of employee relations

Maintaining effective employees relation result in positive outcome because by it employees feel motivated and happy due to which they conduct their work in appropriate and effective manner. This also help in fulfilling goal and objective in proper manner. Positive values of employees relation in respect of Pollen Street Social are mention below:-

Increase productivity- If a employer of an organization have positive relation with their employees, colleges and seniors they able to conduct work or task into smart and efficient manner (Conway and et. al., 2016). Employees feel connected towards workplace which motivated them in completing their work with full efforts. This leads to increase in productivity of employees and profitability of organisation. Employer of respective company motivate their employees by using various ways like giving reward, appraisal etc. which leads to enhancement in employees productivity.

Enhance Motivation- If an organisation develop employees relation in an organisation in effective manner they will able to motivate their staff in effective manner. Such as in an organisation employees are facing issues like discrimination, overtime and many other so their employer develop rules and regulation regarding issues and problems. This will motivate employees and they feel valuable for an organization.

Impact of Negative employees relation

When an organisation not maintain effective employees relation they may face various issues and problems. This will take place at work-place due to various reasons like bad behaviour of manager, discrimination at work-place, authority not listen staff problems and issues and many others. Reason for developing negative impact which can be face by respective company if they didn't maintain effective employees relations are mention below:-

Lack of training- If employer of an organisation not provide appropriate training and development to employees, staff not able to perform their work in appropriate manner (Crisóstomo and Freire, 2015). Which leads to high wastage, delay in completion of work, conflict, accidents and many others. So the employer of Pollen Street Social design training and development activities for employees according to requirement.

P2. The fundamentals of employment law

In an organisation employment laws are develop for the welfare of staff working at particular workplace and it is essential for every organisation to develop and follow employment law which is create by government. These law defend staff from various major issues which may affect their performance such as unsafe work condition, discrimination, salary issue and many others. To protect employees from these major issues government of United Kingdom develop various employment law and rules. Some major of them which is adopted by management of Pollen Street Social are:-

Equality Act- This legal protection Act which is develop by parliament of United Kingdom in year 2010 and its major aim is to protect employees from getting discriminated at workplace and at huge society (Forth and et. al., 2013). It is essential for every organisation to develop equality act at their work-place so that they protect their employees in appropriate manner. In an organisation discrimination is major issue which is done on basis of gender, colour, age, marriage, disability, race, religions, values and many other. The HR manager of Pollen Street Social adopt equality Act which help them in protecting rights of employees at workplace. They also develop punishment for those who do discrimination or bad behaviour to others.

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Employment Rights Act- This law is passed in United Kingdom at year 1996. It is a type of written contract or information which is provided by employer to their employee when they appointed at particular company. The given document contain all necessary information and terms related to employment, duties and rights and it must be provided to employee within the activities related to Employees Welfare two working months. Management of Pollen Street Social adopt and implement Employment rights Act for their employees. According to law respective company give letter or document to their employees within 1 month which contain all information related to rights and work.

Health and Safety Act- It is develop in year 1947. This law is related to health and safety of employees within an organisation. This law contain all information related to task or duties of employees and employer and how they will perform particular task in effective manner (Gill and Meyer, 2013). This law is mainly for construction sector, restaurant, building and many other. The respective company is dealing in hotel and restaurant sector so it is essential for them to adopt this rule and conduct work process accordingly. According to law employer of restaurant train their workers before giving them task.


P3: The different types of rights, duties and obligations an employer and employee

In an organisation both employer and employees are essential and it is responsibility of management to develop relationship between them so that everyone able to conduct their work in appropriate manner (Greenhaus, Peng and Allen, 2012). Employer is an individual who recruit employees, offer wages, train employees, get work done form others in effective manner in order to achieve goal and objective. Whereas employees is a person who follow instruction of their employer and give their full efforts in order to complete work in effective manner. At workplace both employer and employees has different rights, duties and obligations which they follow for attaining goal and objectives. Some major rights, duties and obligations of superior and subordinates at Pollen Street Social are mentioned below:-

Rights of employer and employees-



Employers of respective company have right to hire employees which is accurate for vacant position.

Employees of Pollen Street Social have right to get fair and equal wage and treatment according to situation and position.

In Pollen Street Social employers has right to develop standard for particular job or task.

In respective company subordinates has right to join trade union of they want.

In respective company employer can dismiss and promote their employees according to situation.

It is right of employees in respective company to get appropriate and safe working conduction (Gupta and Kumar, 2012).

Duties of employer and employees-



In Pollen Street Social core duty of employer is to provide safety and healthy working environment to employees.

It is duty of employees to follow health and safety instruction which is provided by employers or trainers.

It is duty of employer to listen and understand issues and problems of employees and provide appropriate solution respectively.

It is duty of employer to cooperate with their employers so that they able to conduct their duties in appropriate manner according to law and rules.

In respective company it is duty of employer to design training and development programmes for employees according to requirement.

In respective company employee's duty is to take care of goods and equipments which Pollen Street Social provided to them.

Obligations of employer and employees-



The major obligation of employer in respective company is to check and ensure holidays or leave which is going to provide to employees.

It is obligation of Pollen Street Social employees to conduct their work and duties according to rules and instructions.

It is major obligation of Pollen Street Social employers to be loyal and dedicated toward their organization and duties (Jennings, McCarthy and Undy, 2017).

In respective company it is obligation of employees to follow rules, regulation and policies of their organisation in effective manner.

P4: Advice relating to rights, duties and obligations of the employment relationship

Maintaining effective relation between employer and employees help an organisation in achieving goal and objective in effective and efficient manner. When a business company conduct appropriate employees relation they able to motivate and satisfy employees in effective manner (Men and Stacks, 2013). If staff feel motivated they conduct their work in proper manner which leads to their productivity as well as company profitability. Their are various activities a company adopt for effective employees relation, some major of them which respective company can adopt are they train their employees according to requirement. Along with this they can organize motivational session and activities, they develop rulers and laws related to duties, they can ask for feedback from employees and many more.

The manager of Pollen Street Social can develop various rules and policies for both employer and employees so that they work accordingly and effectively. For major issues like conflict they should develop rules such as employer of respective company first understand issues and problems of employees and then develop solutions accordingly. They can also conduct meeting with staff on weekly basis to discuss problems and issues of employees and resolve it on prior basis. Along with this, they must develop rules and policies related to discrimination and to protect rights of staff in appropriate manner.


P5 Conduct stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder refers to an individual, group or an organisation which has some interest or concern in particular company or project. These persons can be affected or can affect an organisation decisions, actions, goal and objective. Stakeholders can be internal or external peoples (Men, 2012). Their are various type of stakeholders such as customers, employees, directors, creditors, governments, owners, suppliers, trade unions and many others. These all peoples have both positive or negative impact on an organisation and not every stakeholder are same or equal. The stakeholder of a company generally interested in succession of a project or organisation. Some of major stakeholder of Pollen Street Social are describe below:-

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  • Employees- It refers to a person or an individual who is working in an organization and help them in achieving goal and objective. Employees of respective company play as major role of stakeholder because by them respective company able attain their goal and objective in effective manner. Pollen Street Social make policies and procedure according to which employees work accordingly and effective manner in attain goal.
  • Suppliers- It refers to a person or group of persons who provide raw materials or essential product to the company so that they can conduct their manufacturing or production process in effective manner. So respective company make healthy relation with their suppliers so that they provide appropriate good or products at effective price so that they achieve goal in effective manner.
  • Owner- Owner of a business is consider as first stakeholder because they contribute equity and capital and have major interest in running business in effective manner. So owner of Pollen Street Social invest capital or fund in their business so that business operation and function will conduct in effective manner. Respective company owner and manager effectively communicate with their employees so that they fell motivated and conduct their work in appropriate manner.
  • Customers- Customers of a business play a major role in succession of a company (Morris, 2012). So it is responsibility of an organisation to develop products and services according to customers by which they fell connected toward company. In context of Pollen Street Social their management develop menu of their restaurant according to the customers demand.
  • Press and Media- For purpose of advertising every organisation has to face press and media and they also play major role in promoting business in both negative or positive form. So managers of Pollen Street Social develop effective relation with press and media by which they promote their business in positive manner. Through which customers get attracted and visit their restaurant.

So managers of Pollen Street Social develop strategies and plan according to need and demand of their stakeholders so they help in enhancing business in effective and appropriate manner.


P6 Impact of both positive and negative employee relations on different stakeholders

Employees relation status of an organisation impact on different stakeholder in positive and negative manner (Welch, 2012). In context of Pollen Street Social impact of employees relation are describe below:-

Managing Conflict-

Conflict management refers to process by which conflict is handle and resolve effectively and efficiently. Manager of every organisation must identify conflict in proper manner so that they can develop solution according to problems. Arising conflict at workplace is normal because employees come from different part of country and they share different believe, nature, values etc. which leads to conflict and argument. Conflict can be result in good or bad it total depend upon situation and outcome. In respective company conflict is result in both manner positive and some time negative.

how negative relationship influence employees relation-

  • Increase in employees turnover: If respective company not maintain effective employees relation, they not able to motivate them which leads to increase in employees turnover (Wilkinson and et. al., 2014). Situation of employees turnover arise when employees feel demotivated, not satisfied with working environment, employer behaviour is not good and so on.
  • Less job satisfaction: When there is low employees relation it will leads to less job satisfaction among employees (Anitha, 2014). If Pollen Street Social restaurant not develop appropriate relationship with employees employees feel less motivated, less connected toward company and less job satisfaction.

So employer or superior of an organisation develop strategies and plan which help them in developing effective relationship among employees and employer. By this they plan various activities like providing appropriate training session according to requirement, assign work according to skills and ability. Along with this, they develop activities like rewarding and appraising employees for good work, promote them, enhance responsibilities and many others.

how positive relationship influence employees relation-

  • Increase productivity: If an organisation conduct employees relation activities in effective manner it will leads to employees satisfaction and motivation (Gill and Meyer, 2013). Which leads to enhance in productivity of employees. In context of Pollen Street Social they maintain appropriate employees relation in their restaurant which help in motivating employees in effective manner. Along with this, it enhance employees productivity and reduce turnover ratio of staffs.
  • Enhance employees commitment: When an organisation maintain appropriate and effective employees relation in an organisation. It will leads to employees satisfaction and loyalty towards company. So when Pollen Street Social do activities related to employees relation they able to enhance staff commitment, towards their work and restaurant. Their employees feel motivated and satisfied so they enjoy their work and conduct it in appropriate manner.

So it is essential for the respective restaurant to maintain effective employees relation so that their employees feel connected toward their work and workplace. It is beneficial for both employer as well as employees. Employees able to conduct their work in more appropriate manner which leads to their productivity. Whereas when employer conduct effective employees relation they able to achieve their goal and objective in effective manner.

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Employees Welfare-

It refers to the activities which is conduct by an organisation to develop and maintain healthy and safety working environment for employees at a workplace. Through this employers able to motivate and satisfy employees. Which leads to staff satisfaction and they able to conduct their work in appropriate manner. Employees welfare is also known as fringe benefits and services which is provided by an organization to their employees (Men, 2012). Some of major activities which is conducted by Pollen Street Social to do employees welfare are they maintain effective and clean working environment. Along with this they develop safety measures for employees, ask for feedback, provide rest room and reading room facilities and many others.


From above discussed point it can be conclude that in every organisation their should be effective relationship between employers and employees so that business operation and functions will conduct in smooth manner. Employees relation is important and valuable for every organisation. Their are various fundamentals law which is develop by government so that business operation and activities will conduct in appropriate manner. Their are different duties, rights and obligation which employer and employees play in an organisation. In a company there are number of stakeholder such as consumers, employees, press etc. which play essential role in succession of business. Employees relation in an organisation influence stakeholder in positive and negative manner.


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