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Developing Skills for Successful Employment

University: University College London

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This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Successful Employment?
  • What is PDP?
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    In the current competitive world, it is very necessary for the person to have knowledge of all the skills which are required to have any sort of employment opportunity. Also, it is very important for the person to know in advance what are their capabilities and weaknesses and what is required to perform any sort of work (Tattum and Tattum, 2017). However, this is important because of the fact that this will help person in identifying gap between which skills are required and which they have. Thus, for this use of SWOT and PDP will take place and it will be helpful in identifying this deviation and then working upon its improvement. Ask for assignment writing help from our experts!


    This is a tool which is very beneficial for the person in analysing all its capabilities that is areas in which they are good and other areas in which they are lacking and needs improvement. Along with these strengths and weakness the external opportunities and threats are also highlighted because they also impact the strength and weakness of person. Opportunities are some situations which helps person in outlining some areas which can help them to grow more. On the other side threats are the one which restrict or limit person from growing. SWOT of a person who is trying to find employment in hotel or hospitality industry is as follows-



    • Effective communication skills.
    • Proper time management skills.
    • Good interpersonal skills.
    • Good basic knowledge of the subject matter.
    • Logical reasoning.
    • Proper knowledge of work ethics and moral duties.
    • Effective decision- making skills.
    • Team working.
    • Low confidence.
    • Unable to manage different task at single time.
    • Not able to meet to proper deadlines.
    • Less problem- solving skill.
    • Less flexibility.
    • Not adaptable to fast changes.
    • Less patient.
    • Less attentive.
    • Coordination.



    • To adapt to the latest changes taking place and grow.
    • To increase sales within hotel and gain attention of higher authorities.
    • Work in effective manner in order to enjoy benefit of bonus and incentives.
    • To interact with consumers and understand their need and communicating same with other department of hotel to gain satisfaction of consumers.
    • Major threat is rapid changes taking place in taste and preferences of consumers.
    • Another major threat is increasing competition within hospitality industry.
    • Not able to handle too many tasks at same time resulting in low quality work.

    From the above SWOT analysis, it can be seen that there are many different areas in which person needs to develop in order to find employment in hospitality industry and hotel (Amar, Dixon and Franklin, 2017). The major areas where they need to develop is confidence, multitasking, problem- solving skills, attentiveness, patience level and many other skills.


    Personal Development Plan is a roadmap or blueprint through which the person can decide the whole process through which the person can develop the skills in which they lack. It is very necessary for person to develop these skills as in this competitive world where for every position there are many people for getting job (Evelyne, 2017). Thus, it is very necessary for person to develop the skills in which they are lacking. Hence, for this personal development plan is prepared which is as follows-

    Skill to be developed

    Activities undertaken

    Resources used


    Success criteria


    Talking with experienced people, attending seminars and lectures on improving personality and confidence, gaining complete and thorough knowledge of all the subject matter.

    Internet, presentations on laptop, face to face meeting.

    10- 15 days

    In any tough situation I am able to handle situation without support of any higher authority.


    Working on related task at same time, make a to- do- list, avoid all the distracting activities and concentrating on important activities which needs to be managed in effective way.

    The resources used for developing multitasking are internet, videos on multitasking and guidance by tutor.

    Approximately 20 days.

    When I will be able to manage at least 4- 5 task on my own single handily.

    Problem- solving

    The major activity taken for developing problem solving skill are to focus on finding solution rather than focusing on level of problem, critically evaluation the problem and also all the possible different solutions to hose problems.

    The resources used are internet, different tools of problem solving like root cause analysis, flowcharts, pareto charts and many other.

    Around 8- 10 days.

    When I will be able to solve the whole problem without assistance of any other person.


    The activities undertaken in order to develop skill of attentiveness is to concentrate on the thing currently going in market with help of market research.

    The resources used are internet, mobile phones, marker research tools.

    This will take approximately 10-15 days.

    This skill will be attained as if I will be able to know about all the latest changes taking place in environment without any other person saying.

    With help of this personal development plan it is clearly visible that these skills can be attained with little efforts made by person. Thus, this will assist the person in developing more skills required for getting employment within the hospitality industry (Yu, 2019).

    Academic and employability skills to find employment in hotel and hospitality industry

    The hospitality industry is the one which includes all the businesses which provides services like lodging, food and beverages, travelling, tourism, airlines, cruise and many other similar facilities. In current advanced world hospitality is an industry which is growing to a great extent and competition is very high in this industry. Thus, to have good employment opportunities people need to have enough skills so that they stand out from competition and get the job.

    In hospitality industry the major skills required by a person are good communication skill. This is most crucial skill as without communication no other work can be done and hence this needs to be very effective in candidate presuming job in hospitality sector (Hua and et.al., 2018). Another important skill is time management skill as the consumer wants every service on time and no delay is liked by the consumers. Thus, it is necessary for the person to work before time so that consumers are happy and satisfied. Along with this one more skill required is of attentiveness because if employees of hotel and hospitality industry are not attentive then they will not be able to know about the changes taking place in needs and preferences of consumers (Joodaki, Jamour and Sadiqi Shahdani, 2018). Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

    In addition to this another skill required to be possessed if opting for employment is team working as hotel includes a lot of people and the activities of all department are dependent on others. So, the working of hotel is a team working process and person finding employment in hospitality industry will needs to have skill of team work. also, if people work in team then they must have good coordination skills among them. This is necessary because in team work the work of one person is dependent over other thus, there needs to be proper coordination among all the employees.

    Also, there are some more skills and attributes which needs to be possessed by person at time of finding employment in hospitality industry. These are like proper knowledge of workplace ethics and moral duties, multitasking, awareness of different cultures, professional working and many other different skills.

    In comparison with the skills required in the hospitality and the skills which were outlined by SWOT analysis there is a huge difference in both of them (Pang, 2018). This is so majorly because of the fact that there are many changes taking place within business environment and many changes are there in requirements of doing job. Thus, there needs to be thorough research over all the changes taking place in the environment. With help of SWOT analysis, it was outlined that person is having many different skills like proper time management skills, good interpersonal skills, good basic knowledge of the subject matter, logical reasoning, proper knowledge of work ethics and moral duties and many other skills.

    But in comparison with the required skills it was outlined that some skills lacked like attentiveness, patience level, skill of coordination, problem- solving skills, confidence level and many other skills. Though these skills were developed with help of personal development plan but then also these need to be mastered by practicing over the job in a hotel. But then also some of the skills are there which needs to be still developed as they are still lacking like patience, coordination, market research, flexibility, not able to complete work at deadline (Roberts, 2017). All these skills need to be learnt for having good employment opportunity within hospitality industry.


    In the end from the above discussion it is evaluated and inferred that personal development is very necessary at time of finding employment. This is pertaining to the fact that at time knowledge is gained things are different and when it comes to employment the skills and knowledge required are completely different. Thus, it is necessary for person to critically evaluate their skills to present requirement. This is ascertained with help of PDP plan which helped the person in developing skills in which they were lacking.

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