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Hotel Industry Laws & Regulations | Expert Assignment Help

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Importance and needs to analysis legal legislative risk.
  • What is Health and safety?
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Hotel industry is the section of the service's industry which deals with guest accommodations or lodging. The laws and regulations are plays an very important role within the hotel industry. It is important for industry manager and employees to know these laws to promote employees welfare, ensure adequate services to guest, manage businesses for exposures to taking risk and maintain complete compliances with the state and laws. In respect of this, the report is going to discuss on the laws and regulations which have important for industry and needs. This has covered liability, data protection, health and safety, food hygiene, risk management, licensing and key provisions within the hotel proprietors act 1956. Ask for assignment writing help from our experts!

Importance and needs to analysis legal legislative risk.

The laws and regulations are plays an important role for a society for its services as a norm of conduct for citizens (Bijlsma and et.al., 2017). Those are act are guide as to is accepted in the society. Those are help to protect company and its management in effective and valuable manner. Legal legislative has important for promote employees welfare, ensure adequate services for the guest. Hotel proprietors act 1956, defines a hotel as an establishment held by the proprietor as offering food, drink and requirement, sleeping, accommodation, without special contract. As per this, manager and employees have need to considers in the hotel industry. This creates more effectiveness for working in better and effective manner to manage work and risks are mentioned at workplace. Legal legislative risk is the potential which regulations by the government could significantly after business prospects of one or more companies. Those risks are changed in legislations will be affect a security company (Williams, 2017). Those are very important and effective to understand those situations to manager and employees of the company.

Liability: in the hotel industry employee and manager have various liabilities which they are need to considers as norms and regulation. Manager have liability to maintain privacy between their and employees talking. They also have liability to managed employees for working as well as complete the task as per organizational structure (Dietz, 2018). On the other side, liability of employees to follows all the important policies to working in better and in effective manner. Employees have role to consider working ability as per management and hotel industry. In respect to customers employees and manager have liabilities to provide better services to them if they are not provided to them than customers are moved towards others side.

Data protection: Data protection within the hotel industry is much important. This is not related to customers perspective and also important within the management because this can create the negative impact on hotel and whole industry (Grenfell and et.al., 2016). For example: discussion between the manager and employee in completed on the serious topic need to protect and hidden with other because of creating any negative impact of the business. On the other side, employee need to work on those discussions and suggestions in their working are help to maintain work. This is because of the reason if this discussion is leaked than it create negative impact on the hotel industry. This loss the trust level of employees and manager with each other and next employees are not trust on manager and not share anything with them. This demotivate to employees for working in better manner (Brown and et.al., 2018). In respect of customers, manager and employees to protect data of customers.

Health and safety: the health and safety is another important and effective act which is need to consider within the hotel industry. In respect of that, manager and employees have to provide safety environment to customers which is creates positive impact on the hotel industry (Bonsignore and et.al., 2019). This is because of the reason if manager and employees are not provided safe environment to customers than they are not feel comfortable and moved towards another side. On the other side, in respect to employees, manager have to protect their employees from any risk and provide complete safety to them from the work place. Employee safety is more important and effective for hotel industry which is need to considers with manager. Like: if manager are not provided any safety and healthy act to employees then they are not able to give hard contribution for achieving goals and objectives of company in effective manner (Meacham and van Straalen, 2018). Employees safety is more important for the business which is to create negative impact on the business.

Food hygiene: good food ensures that the food prepared for customers in safe to eat. This prevents harmful microorganisms which can cause serious illness from contaminating food (Vasileiou and Samitas, 2019). This is important for management to considers food hygiene for manager and employees for working in better and effective manner to considers effective working ability. Food hygiene authorities visit business premises to inspect them for check to compliances with the legal requirements. It can include sampling for the specific analysis of working for considering growth factors for business. This standard need to considers with employees and manager at the workplace for consider within the hotel industry. Complete hotel industry is based on the food hygiene. They need to provide safe and healthy foods to employees for eating. This is because of reason to attract customers and maintain their loyalty of business to creates in more effective manner (Bijlsma and et.al., 2017). Like: if hotel industry not managed food hygiene then this affect to whole industry because customers wants hygiene food to eat.

Risk management: risk management is another important aspects in which employees and manager have need to consider this for maintain growth and sustainability of business. This is very important for hotel manager and employees to solve problems and any risk which is generated at the working place (Williams, 2017). Like: in any case of risk, manager have to give direction to employees for working in better and effective manner. This help to solve risk and problem at working place with proper management. This created various effectiveness for working in better manner. Like if manager and employees are not considered risk and its proper management then it creates negative impact on the hotel industry because this can create the biggest issues for business and its management. This decrease productivity of hotel industry and affect employees and their performance because through that performance and ability of employees towards working is decrease and customers are decreases. This creates negative impact on the business and hotel industry (Dietz, 2018). Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Licensing: every hotel manager and employees have need to work with proper licence of hotel and food manufacture otherwise this can create negative impact on the business and its image. This is very important to consider within the business for the manager to protect hotel from any legal issues. Like if customers are created any issues within the business then they faced by hotel industry. This an important for manager and employee to managed works with proper licence. Licence within the hotel industry is important to consider in proper manner. This an important for hotel industry to keep protect from any issues which are created from outside the business. There have different type of licence which are important for hotel industry like FSSAI, food hygiene licence, customers security licence and various. Those are very important licence for hotel industry (Grenfell and et.al., 2016). Those helped to protect from any issue which are important and effective for the businesses to considered in appropriate manner.

Hotel proprietor act 1956 which is defines a hotel as an establishment held out the by the proprietor as offering food, drink and appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for services and facilities (Brown and et.al., 2018). Many states have passed laws which have limit liability of hotel if a guest property is stolen or destroyed while at the hotel. So, the hotel is at fault for the loss of property, may not be required to repay full dollar value are loss.


From the above study it had been concluded that the legal legislative has important for the hotel industry. This has created various responsibility for hotel manager and employees for working in better manner. Thus, legislations have created security for business to consider working and its importance for working. Legislation has important for hotel industry to working by following norms and regulations of company to complete legal work within the business. Those legislative such as risk management, licence, food hygiene, liability and data protection at working place. This a created good working environment for the business to considers those works and effectiveness to growth of hotel industry.

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