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Podcast Cross Cultural Management

University: University of London

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  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Conclusion
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is cross cultural management?
  • Discuss the impact of cross cultural management on business operations.
Answer :
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Cross cultural management refers to study of the management in cross cultural and consist study of impact of the social culture on the management practices and management. It is dealing with or comparison among two or more than various cultural areas. It happens when manager oversees staff members from culture other than own (Brunet-Thornton and BureÅ¡,  2012). Present case study is based on the Brett Jones in Tanzania. It is related to issue of negative manager. Under given report, different issues will be discussed i.e. Organisational Culture, communication, negotiation, diversity, ethics and CSR. The solutions of these issues will be stated by using some theories relevant to them.

Podcast & Script

There is manifestation concerned with the cross cultural management team when Hydro Generation expand its business in unfamiliar culture. During conducting business in international market, this is important to aware about the policies, communication styles and some other things. Cross-cultural management consists organizing the work teams in such a way as to include variations in the procedures, culture and also consumer desires in international business background. This includes managing and working effectively in a team which takes into account preferences, cultural differences and also foreign business practices (Chanlat, Davel and Dupuis, 2013). Order assignment help from our experts! 

Culture is related to the beliefs and norms of an individual. This is important for an individual to under culture of company so that employees can focus on attaining the specific objectives and targets in significant way. There are several components such as organisational culture, communication, negotiation, ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. These all impact on the HG business during conducting the business activities at internationally. In context to Dam manufacture project, there is need to the Hydro Generation company to organise and also manage the issues which are concerned with activities effectively (Eisenberg, Härtel and Stahl, 2013).

Organisational culture

It is system of the shared beliefs and values which govern how the people behave in company. These have strong impact on people in company and also dictate how they behave and act to perform the job responsibilities. This encompasses the behaviours and values which contribute to unique psychological and unique environment of business. In context to case study, Graham Steinberg is vice president at the US based Hydro Generation (HG). In this, from  Jones work, Graham Steinberg is not satisfied and it negatively impact on the organisational culture of the HG organisation. It develops the negative impact on the employees of an organisation. 

Graham Steinberg and Jones both are not satisfied from the work of each other and it negatively impact on the working environment as well as culture of company. The way of conducting business by Tanzanian, some of them ran the counter both organisational culture of Hydro Generation and operation method in to the foreign environments (Eisenberg and et. al., 2013). There is an issue to Steinberg about actions of Jones which might have repercussions for project of company in Tanzania. On the other hand, Nepotism is a main issue and Jones has made hiring on the basis of nepotism concept. There are some employees which working at high level and Jones appointed some people which are relatives of higher authorities. Jones was too comfortable in African culture that had him assign in the same job individuals and relatives advert by them to facilitate the completion of the entire project. It is  part of the national culture that includes customs as well as traditions developed through local people living in that area or country. Get Dissertation Help from our experts!

Theory Identification

According to given case, there is a requirement to implement theory to determine the solution of arisen issue at workplace related to organisational culture. In regards to this, Harrison culture model will be applied (French, 2015). The four different categories of Harrison culture model are given below:

Power culture- Under this, culture is characteristic of entrepreneurial company. On the basis of this, power is held through some people whose impact spreads throughout company. On the basis of given case, this is identified that if power culture will be executed then high authorities of Hydro Generation will having right to take better decision to company and include Jones to take decisions quickly (Holden, Michailova and Tietze, 2015).

Task culture- It forms when team in company are formed to address the particular issue. It develops when in  Hydro Generation firm team is mainly created to ascertain issue. This will be determined by the dynamic team. Through mixing the right skills, leadership can be productive and creative. In case, if HG is having particular project in this case they need to execute this culture and set guidelines for completion of work done on particular time.

Role culture- Company with role culture is on the basis of rules. They are controlled with  each one in company knowing about roles and responsibilities. There is a need to Hydro Generation to follow this culture and also follow the rules and procedures in an effective manner.

Person culture- Company with the person culture, people see themselves as superior and unique to company. Firm with person culture is collection of people which happen to working for similar company. Such forms of culture are not officially introduced by any organization as the main focus is on people and their desires not the goals of the business. There is also no formal structure followed so HG will not adopt this culture as they will have to expand their business in Tanzania and will need employee help for this (Jackson, 2012).


In relation to solve the organisational culture issues, there is a requirement to Graham Steinberg to understand regarding the organisation culture to employees so that they can able to work effectively or in a better way.


It is an act of conveying the meaning from single entity to other by use of the understood signs mutually. It is imparting or exchange the information through speaking and writing. In an organisation, communication is study of the communication within business firm. The communication flow could be either informal and formal.  To develop the positive relationship, Jones was responsible for developing operating structure that intended to be spare the complexities of incoming manager of such start-up activities to obtaining the licenses and search local people to recruit for more required jobs. In regards to this,HG is powerful plant and built in 16 countries and also retained the ownership shared in half of them.

The issue is related to the changing lifestyle of Jones on the basis of Africa local people (Johnson and Cullen, 2017). It made  Steinberg worried regarding Jones not being with organisational value and capacity. Communication is better way to get aware regarding the lifestyles and also culture of Tanzanian people. It is one of the effective way to making connection with locals as it aids Jones to be convince local people to carrying out work without any hurdle. But there is a issue to Graham Steinberg from the connection of Jones to local people of Tanzania. There is a communication gap among both of them. Graham Steinberg was not comfortable with the hiring practices of Jones's. To resolve this issue, there is a communication accommodation theory is given below related to communication:

Theory Identification           

Communication Accommodation Theory is communication theory that developed through Howard Giles. It is mainly related with behavioural changes which make to attune communication to partner and also extent to which the people perceive partners as correct to them. It is related to human tendency to adjust the communication on the basis of situations and people included.

In regards to this, main assumption if this communication accommodation theory is interactant have the differences and similarities which can be in gestures, behaviour and speech on the basis of culture and experiences (Luo, 2016). Under this, people accommodate communication activities to get the approval and set positive reputation to interactant. In order to resolve the communication issue, there is a need to Graham Steinberg and Brett  Jones to communicate with each other and also realising the differences or responsibilities.


Through implementing this communication theory, there is positive communication arise in HG organisation. Graham Steinberg need to communicate with the local people and also find the capabilities in them to conduct business operations in an effective manner. To conduct the business at international level, there is a need to Graham Steinberg to interact with the local people which have understanding about the environment and local language.

Through developing the positive communication, HG company can develop the social status and also tend tend to be adopt people communication behaviour which are high in the social status. On the other hand, meeting with local people help in know about each other (Rehg and et. al., 2012). To make collaborative effort in developing something to help Tanzanians people. It is one of the better way to get local people included in dam construction through offering them jobs. They can earn the incomes and also give their contribution to establishment of dam.


It is dialogue among two or more than two people which intended to reach at the beneficial outcomes over issues where conflict exists. It is discussion aims to reaching an an agreement. It is one of the effective method to settle the people differences. This is process among the entities which comprise to agree on the matters related to mutual interests while optimizing the individual utilities. Negotiation is strategic discussion that helps in resolve issue sin such as manner that both the parties find the acceptable. Its main aim is to resolve the difference points and gain the benefit for collective. On the basis of case study, there was issue related to tribal ritual. Dam would be displace around 700 villagers. In negotiation with Tanzanians government, Hydro Generation assembled resettlement package that consists renovation of health centres and schools in new location. After arrival of Jones, two different tribes living close to site of dam proclaimed river home to the sacred spirits.

Theory Identification

Under this, there is a Win Win negotiation strategy. This is careful exploration of own position that the opposite number in context to search acceptable outcomes. This kind of negotiation strategy is integrative negotiated agreement. In context to theory, it means negotiating sided have been reached agreement before taking the each other interests. It is more successful strategy because this bundle all the problems and also negotiate them together (Thomas and Peterson, 2016).


To overcome from the issues, there is a need to apply the  Win Win negotiation strategy because its main focus on resolving the issues by developing common solution of it in an effective manner.  With the help of this,  Hydro Generation company and the local people will work together to developing a dam.


It refers to moral principles which govern behaviour of a person or conducting activity. This is a philosophy that consider defending, recommending and systematizing concepts of the wrong and right conduct. It is concerned with what is bad or good for society and people. In  business, ethics is related to executing the effective business practices and policies in context to controversial subjects. Ethics is related to moral principles and rules governing a person's behaviour at the moment some action is conducted. In this, people and company will function in compliance with rules and principles.

According to given case study, unemployment is high in local life and the job searches are conducted by word of mouth mainly from the family members. Jones had developed practice of the mentioning openings to the local people and after hiring the recommended relatives. In Tanzania country, family connections could come handy. Company hiring niece of the high rank custom officer when this comes to getting the import clearances. To Steinberg, these practices are legal and normal in the business dealing in Tanzanian, they fringed on unethical in US company (Thomas, 2015). Steinberg worried about the long term basis practical consequences. It is unethical to give the job opportunities to the relatives of the high authority as comparison to give chance to the other people which have the better understanding and knowledge. On the other hand, there is an ethical dilemma for firm if they will follow the legislation of Tanzania can found illegal in the US country. In case if they will follow the Tanzania regulation then they will break the legislation of the domestic nation.

Theory Identification

Under this, there is a theory related to ethics and provide the proper explanation regarding the arisen issue and also ways to overcome from it. The ethical theory is necessary to establish strong foundation for the challenging conditions (Tjosvold, 2017). Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that promote the actions that increase the well being and happiness for impacted people. The various kinds of utilitarianism admit the various characterizations to enhance ability.

It is one of more powerful approach related to to philosophy history. It is held to view that the right cation morally is an action that develops better. There are several ways to spell out the general claim. In context to the case study, there is a need to HG company to give the employment opportunities to local people of Tanzania so that they can work effectively and also help in manufacturing the Dam.


Through applying Utilitarianism theory of ethics, Hydro Generation company can able to focus on connect with the people and use ethics while hiring the people other than the relatives means local people which have the better understanding regarding the business because they are well known about the local culture and values and also able to communicate with the local people in an effective manner.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to kind of the international private business self-regulation that goal is to contribute to the societal objectives of activist and philanthropic nature through engage in support the volunteering practices (Zhu and Bargiela-Chiappini, 2013). Corporate Social Responsibility is business recitation that unified sustainable development into business model of firm. This has the positive impact on economic, environmental and social factors. It is how the organisations manage business processes to develop the positive impact on society.

This covers the social impact and sustainability to conduct the business in significant manner. The Corporate social responsibility is management concept where organisations integrate the environmental and social concerned in business operations and also interactions with stakeholders. It is wider concept that take the several forms depending on an organisation as well as industry. With the help of conducting CSR programmes, forms can benefit the society while enhancing brand. In context to mention case study, government of Tanzania is corrupt and follow nepotism policy. HG firm follow the Corporate Social Responsibility but the vice president Graham Steinberg is not be ready to be comprise the ethical standards. According to Graham Steinberg, government of Tanzania is not goods and do the unethical things (French, 2015).

Theory Identification

As per the mention problem concerned with the case, there is a political theory of Corporate Social responsibility. The main focus of their theory is on communication between the society and business. The two different concepts of political theory are given below:

Corporate Constitutionalism-In this, company has an impact on the market for equilibrium. Businesses have social power that is externally and internally designed to destroy power.

Corporate Citizenship- It is explained as potential business roles and cooperation in an organization. Similar to this, several ideas similar to corporate citizenship are associated with the philosophy of the opposite society (Johnson and Cullen, 2017).

There are several ways through which one can be meet with the requirements. Graham Steinberg can fulfil the requirements and demands through implementing the political theory that aids in understanding major aspects of company to resolve problems related to the ethics through implying Corporate Social Responsibility in significant way. This can depicted that the Political theory will assist for Hydro Generation to deal with problems which are facing culture.

There is a need to management to understand single policy that can not applied in whole country. In case if HG is begin the new project in various countries then its legal responsibility is to adopt culture as they will work peacefully. So, it is necessary to Graham Steinberg to understand that the culture of US can not applied in Tanzania because people face the complexity in adapting different culture and the working environment will be hampered. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!


To minimize the consequences concerned to future, this is important that Hydro Generation company should make rules which are related with US and the business policies will be developed to guiding the staff members related to conducting business operations globally. Culture differences develop negative impact on employees performance as well as working environment of country. In regards to this, there are some issues related to acceptance of the host society, differences in cultural degree and others. In order to overcome from them, there is a need to management to neglect these differences and should have the better knowledge regarding the policies as well as regulations (Thomas and Peterson, 2016).


From the above mention information, it has been concluded that cross culture develops the positive impact and negative impact on business operations. As per the case study, some issues has been studied related to the organisational culture, negotiation, communication, ethics and Corporate social responsibilities. To overcome from the issues, there are some theories has been applied and find the effective ways to resolve them. There has been various kinds of components has been studied which were assist in developing a podcast report most appealing.

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