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Mobile Computing For Multimedia

University: Kensington College Of Business

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the XML technologies in mobile computing and web.
  • Discuss about the Advantages of X-Forms of  traditional approach.
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Web based multimedia is considered as the broad variety regarding internet all over the world. A site that contains more than one media known as the multimedia. It contains such as video,sound,animation as well as various images within this category. Present report focuses on the XML languages and reasons developers uses XML technologies in mobile computing and web. It also focuses on the X-Forms and give an overview of how it works and furthermore focuses on the Major advantages of X-Forms compared to the traditional approaches and related examples or diagrams to support your arguments (Vassilev and Anthony, 2016). Ask for programming assignment help UK from our experts!    

1. Explain reasons developers uses XML technologies in mobile computing and web?

XML is considered as an International data standard. It is a method that can be used to structure the electronic documents. The aim is to detach the structure, presentation as well as meaning from the effective content. Web pages within an application can be designed by the XML. It is known as Extensible Markup language. It has various tags to define the data. Tags can be used within the language by having the specific meaning of content. It assists computer to transfer various data to the system called heterogeneous system. For example if a firm can invest within a handheld device regarding employees within the field to gather the information. Information is always gathered within the same way every the through the system called ERP system. To find devices and application able to bought that can be utilized through the closed proprietary data format which can be also utilized in various other context. Individuals able to lock their data and themselves into the way to permanently working (Zeinali, Karsinos and Moradi, 2017).

There are various Importance of the XML within web applications such as

Web Publishing

It enables user to create the interactive pages that able to display the information that can be stored within a structured that able to styled to meet the properties of the display information that can be stored within the structured as well as styled to meet the properties regarding XSLT or XSL. Those pages can be altered by the viewer or reader as per according to their need.


This language used to define the tags that helps in searching. Such as XML have contained the information of various books such as name of the author, year of publishing and many more (Choi and Lee, 2018). Now if someone wants to do search the pages with writer or author name than this can be searched through tagging the author as well as retrieve the information retaliated to the data needed.

Independent data interchange

This language can be parsed within very programmable languages hence XML able to generated by the human as well as parsed into the various other languages. This language is highly adopted as well as utilized regarding the information interchanging between the web application through APIs. Thus, an API able to return within various formats for example JSON, but at the same time XML is broadly popular and used.

Helps in Data Assessment as well as Aggregation

This language can be designed within such a way that the documents can be analyzed efficiently and combined part by part. Other advantages of the XML is that it has the ability that can featured any kind of the data. The information can be ranged form the active components such as multimedia data (image, video and sound) and Java applets and also ACTIVEX (Plagemann, 2019). Need example assignments, Talk to our experts! 

2. Describe what are X-Forms and give an overview of how it works.

They are considered as a declarative XML based programming language. It has W3C standard as well as use various firms all over the world. It has W3C standard that assist firms around the world. From the experience it represents that it decreases the time to produces application through an order regarding magnitude such as what would takes within a morning or week. Earlier computers were so expensive that no one able to bought them. And rent for the computer is around $1000 per hour that is more than their annual salary of the individuals (programmer). When someone leased computer within those days it is a kind of the sweetener than various number of the programmer made to becomes the part of that deal. It was considered as the useful due to the computer were very differentiated as was good have someone within their home. They are already aware how to program it as well as who can train others. Hence, the computer line is costly so the programmer can write the program on paper then copy it into the special paper and then give to the typewriter so that they could type it (Mastorakis, and et.al., 2018).

X forms are considered as the W3C standard within the worldwide, various government websites such as UK and dutch government. As from the experiences there are various X forms that represents that it enables to produce application within less time with more traditional methods. Such as a firm can makes the one-off matches as it can decided within one year by the help of the X forms. They can create the user interface within their machines that was demanding as they required normally around 5 years and 30 people to do it but with the help of Xforms it becames 1 yea within 10 people involving leaning time. While in other words, it assumes that one individual cost around 100k a year. It is also goes around 16M cost to a 1M cost as through this they can saves around 14 million and 5 years.

Current X forms data able to poster child within the national health services of the British. As they begin a project for records of the national health records. It includes the 100 people that cost around billions of the pounds. The cost regarding hardware cost alone for the resulting system as it cost around £5 per patient. Thus this project is failed as a non performant. Here the one individual. By using the X forms only one person working alone, where the cost of the hardware is around 1p per individual (patient). It can run around the Raspberry pi's is now running within the 5 hospitals of NHS (Wang, 2017).

Xforms ,the high- level view

As the name suggests Xforms 1.0 suggest that it was designed form the online forms. Thus, it was experienced that designed had followed HTML as well as some slight generalization. It must be more useful to born the Xforms 1.1 a declarative, Turing complete programming language. It can be implemented within France, Belgium, Germany, NL, UK, Germany as well as USA. Also, there is a next version of the Xforms 2.0, is going to be ready.

Xforms is considered all about the state as it means that the data can be utilized for the internal and external sources.

How XML works

Forms are known as the collecting data as it is considered as the most crucial concept within Xforms as it is considered as the internal representation regarding data that able to mapped and also instance data may be based on the XML as well as defined as Xpath's internal tree representation as well as processing of the language XML (Zeinali, Karsinos and Moradi, 2017).

It can be seen as strange at first associated Xforms and Xpath. Where Xpath is also known as he best layer between the Xpointer and XSLT. As Xforms also becomes needs to be greater structure as well as possible with the simple value pairs needs to be structured data that reaches the Instance data to connect or binds to form the specific parts regarding data structure. Hence XSLT and Xforms are related by the Xpath. As Comparing them There are two technologies XSLT that is describes the three trees may be produced within parsing XML documents (Wang, 2017).

From the above input sources a stylesheet tree or source tree are parsed within memory.

Through the ending of the completion ,the result tree is also serialized to the new XML document.

The input and output of the system consists of the XML files. For the compatibility form it can submitted data as a form-data.

3. Advantages of X-Forms compared to the traditional approach.

Unicode can be supported by the XML. As Unicode consider as an international standard of encoding regarding the use of various scripts and languages through each digit, letter, symbol that can be delegated at the numeric value which has unique value that implies various programs and platforms. It can enable XML to transfer any kind of information that can be written within any human language.

The Unicode defines the set of the universal character. The main goal is to offer an encoding that is unambiguous of the plain text and covers all-the languages within the world. It is known as the Sixth major version as it has various character that covers almost all the scripts that can be used scripts all over the world. Unilever gives specifications regarding all the characters.

For the data interchange and document, the world wide web and internet contains various number of the characters that can used the current scripts as well as also contains additional characters with the older characters control like functions and encoding that involves because of giving unambiguous interpretation regarding plain text. Various other special characters category gives through Unicode are known as the characters such as compatibility characters. There are valid reasons to support these specifications and characters by using the marked up text that arises conflicts within the languages called markup languages.

  1. It enables validation using schema and DTD. This assures that the XML document is free from any errors regarding syntax.

Validation is a process through which document of the XML is Validated. It is said that it can be valid as its contents matches with attributes, elements as well as associated document type declaration(DTD) as if the document assembles with constraints expressed within it. Validation can be dealt within two mention below ways such as

  • Valid XML document
  • well- informed XML document.

Well -formed document- It must follow the tag ordering such as inner tag should be closed on before the outer tag (Zeinali, Karsinos and Moradi, 2017).

Non DTD XML files are not using predefined characters entities for apos (single quote), amp(&) ,quot(double quote), gt(>), lt(<). Each and every of its opening tags can be closed before the closing the outer tag.

Each and every tags such as opening as well as closing tags must be considered as self ending tag.

It should be only one attribute within the beginning tag that require to be quoted.

Lt(<), apos(single quote), amp(&),gt(>) quot(double quote) entities must be declared.

From the above example it can be said that

It involves the root word element titled as address. It focuses on the type of the element while the type of document is consider as the element type. Every child element among the firm, name as well as phone can be enclosed within the tag called self-explanatory tag (Zhao and et.al., 2018).

Orders regarding the tags is also maintained here.

Valid XML Document

It is considered as the well -formed document type declaration that can be said as valid XML document. It is commonly known as the DTD that is document type declaration. It is a way to explore about the language as it assist to check the validity of the structure ans check vocabulary of XML documents as per against the rule of the suitable language XML. It can be either kept within the separate document or specified inside document.


As mentioned above the syntax.

The DTD starts with the

It is consider as the element the focuses on the parse to parse the document from particular element .

The identifier of DTD focuses on URL regarding a file within the internet as well as path to a file regarding on the system. Here it is also known as DTD pointing regarding the external path is known as External subset.

The brackets such as Square brackets [] encloses an optional list known as subset called internal subsets.

Simplification of data

XML language able to share the data among various systems as XML platform is an independent within nature and unable to need any conversation when transferred among various systems. The shape regarding technology successful is not imagined form its starting. It was envisioned as SGML for the web as it is a way that can represents as well as process documents more richly that can be possible with the HTML (Byun, Sung and Park, 2018). It is process where specifications regarding unabated data has resulted within the Sprawling XML. Within the perfect world it would be the standards for XML to regroup, makes the XML Stack going forward. The users of the XML makes its very clearly to simplify various matters. As beginning from the basic concepts it makes sense to simplify various matters. Through starting within the basic concepts regarding text, elements, attributes, text. It can majorly cut the cost of the XML adoption as well as keep it within the relevant areas that can be suitable to fit in. It could also benefit regarding the reduction cost all over the developer quality and training assurance. It must benefit through the decrease cost around the developer regarding quality and training assurance. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Changed information at any point

The data can be transported and stored by using the XML that can be changed within the any point of time without affect the presentation. For examples such as HTML utilized for the data presentation as well as it also gets the data within the GUI ( Graphical user interface). It is one of the Updated within XML as it does not reflect within HTML while not making any change within it (Zhang and Zhu, 2018).


From the above report it had been summarized that XML can be used to structure the electronic documents transfer various data to the system called heterogeneous system. Various Importance of the XML such as Web Publishing able to styled to meet the properties of the display information Independent data interchangeable to generated is highly adopted well as utilized regarding the information interchanging between the web application Helps in Data Assessment as well as Aggregation documents can be analyzed efficiently and combined part by part. It also focuses on it enables validation using schema and DTD. This assures that the XML document is free from any errors regarding syntax. Quality and training assurance over majorly cut the cost of the XML adoption beginning from the basic concepts can represents as well as process documents more richly that can be possible with the HTML. It is well -formed document type declaration assist to check the validity of the structure specified inside document and majorly cut the cost of the XML adoption relevant areas over the developer quality and training assurance.

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