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BM628 Impact of Corporate Governance of Organisational Performance - Walmart

University: Bucks New University

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Homework Help
  • Course Code: BM628
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Elaborate on industry life cycle and reflect the current corporate strategy in the organisation.
  • Evaluate the corporate governance failure and recommend action that can be taken to eliminate such occurrences in the future.
  • Analyse methods of data collection with respect to conducting research into complex organisational issues.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Walmart


Corporate governance refers to combination of processes, laws and rules through which the businesses are regulated, controlled and operated. This encompasses external and internal factors which impact interest of stakeholders of company consisting government regulators. Shareholders, suppliers and others. The corporate governance gives framework for achieving objectives of an organisation (Berger, Imbierowicz and Rauch, 2016). It deals with behaviours under which suppliers of the finance corporations reassures to getting return on investment and also promoting clearness, accountability and fairness.

Background of Research

The corporate governance is system through which organisations are directed as well as controlled. It is process through which organisations are accountable and governed to owners. This is enhancement value of long term stakeholders and also protecting stakeholders. Walmart is multinational retail corporation that operated chain of the grocery stores, hypermarkets and discount department stores. It is a leading retailer and famous for low cost and merchandise breadth. Walmart company is committed to operating the business with proper integrity. It deals with the practices of Corporate governance with regards to board committees, directors responsibilities and compensation (Davies, 2016). These are the responsible and creative leaders to possess the ability for risk taking to govern firm.

Purpose of research

Present research is based on Walmart through which research can gain the better understanding about concepts. Main purpose behind conducting this investigation is to determine the issues which Walmart faced related to the corporate governance. It develops impact on performance level of business and on the stakeholders.

Research Aim

“To determine impact of corporate governance on performance of organisational performance.” A study on Walmart.

Research Objectives

  • To understand concept of the Corporate governance.
  • To identify impact of the corporate governance on performance level of Walmart.
  • To determine the issues related to corporate governance in Walmart company.
  • What is corporate governance?
  • What is the impact of corporate governance on performance level of Walmart?
  • What are different issues related to corporate governance in Walmart company?


Corporate governance

As per opinion of Osmond Vitez (2020) Corporate governance is framework of practices and rules through which board of directors assures fairness, transparency and accountability in relationship of company with stakeholders. This is an act of guidance direction owned enterprises toward cultural, social and economic success. It deals with way that investors assure that they can get the fair return on investment. The corporate governance deals with identifying the ways to take better strategic decisions. It provides the complete responsibility and authority to Board of Directors. It assures transparency that assures balanced and strong economic development. In relation to this, corporatise governance is views as structure and relationships which identify corporate performance and direction (De Haan and Vlahu, 2016). It is based on regulatory, ethical and legal environment of community. The main purpose of the corporate governance is to monitor parties which can able to control resources owned through investors. It continues to make improvement in corporate performance as well as accountability in developing shareholders value for long period of time.

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Impact of corporate governance on performance level of Walmart

According to opinion of Ben Geier (2019) there is a positive relationship among performance of company and the corporate governance. The good corporate governance helps in minimize imbalance of information among company and different stakeholders which may enhance market value of company. Main objective of execution of corporate governance is to act the value for stakeholders and shareholders in long run. The corporate governance mechanism combine policies, guidelines and regulations that can compel company toward achieving objectives and satisfying needs of stakeholders. Main type of the corporate governance applied through Walmart is auditing. This includes reviewing of financial transactions of Walmart company. This make sure that business operation are in the tandem with established guidelines of national accounting. Auditing is helpful for management to collection as well as assess information related to investors and stakeholders. The other corporate governance of Walmart is board of directors (Hong, Li and Minor, 2016). They comprised of stakeholders which meet criteria for the independence needed through New york stock. They are mainly responsible for managing and reviewing overall performance of company.

Different issues related to corporate governance in Walmart company

On the basis of Jane Muirn (2016), Corporate governance mainly used to balance between participants in corporate structure which have interest in manner in which company is run like community members, executive staff and shareholders. The corporate governance impacts directly on profit and the goodwill of form and having the poor policies which can expose firm to fines, capital investment loss and lawsuits (Jacoby, 2018). Under this, Walmart corporate issue is related to failure of leadership. This company has compliance system in order to detect and respond to corruption. The issues was decisions of corporate management to override compliance system and look other way.


This part of research is related to collecting relevant information on particular subject area. It uses different methods to gather information and gain positive outcomes (McCahery, Sautnerand Starks, 2016).

Data collection

It is process of collecting and analysing information on interest of variables in systematic manner that enable answer to research questions in an effective manner.

Primary method- Under this, researcher gather the fresh data so that authentic information can be collected. Collected data is reliable in nature. Different sources to collecting the reliable and authentic data from primary methods are questionnaire, observation, interviews and many others (Lau, Lu and Liang, 2016.).

Secondary method- In this, information has been collected through using the external sources such as books, articles, journals and some other methods. It is easier and cheap method of collected information by using secondary method (Yermack, 2017)).

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It has been concluded from above information that there is a positive relationship among company performance and corporate governance. The issues related to corporate governance of performance of an organisation has been discussed here. Instant Assignment Help Uk is a leading company providing online assignment help in the UK. Our writers have completed 1000+ assignments and are well known for every aspect of assignment writing. We guarantee 100% plag-free assignments and provide on-time delivery along with 24*7 assistance at cheap rates.

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