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App Design in Whitepot Ltd.

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the ethical and securities issues related to app design.
  • Explain the research method techniques requires for designing an app.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whitepot Ltd


App denotes a program or a computer software which is small and is being utilised for mobile design. Basically, it implies any desktop or mobile application and are made available within the store either free or at some charges (Asensio-Cuesta and et. al, 2019). App design comprises of user experience as well as user interface and designers are liable for styling the app. This report comprises of research method techniques, collection of data, its analysis, ethical issues and security aspects related with app design.

Research method technique

The processes, technique or strategy that is being utilised for collecting data for analysing as well as enhanced understanding of topic is referred to as research method. This comprises of qualitative as well as quantitative research. Qualitative research implies gathering of data related with live experiences and meaning attached with it. For this face to face interviews have been merged with online mediums. Along with this, focus groups is customers of Whitepot Ltd. On the other hand, quantitative research collects numerical data that can be measured by making use of statistical analysis (Behrang, Reiss and Orso, 2018). This will aid within uncovering of certain patterns with respect to behaviour of individuals with respect to this app. With respect to this observations can be made like how many times specified user has login within their account to access peculiar information.

Research design

The framework of techniques and methods which are being selected by researcher for combination of different aspects related with research in logical way so that research problem can be handled in an impelling manner is referred to as research design. Basically, this will throw insight into how research can be carried out. Within descriptive design, the emphasis will laid on description of situation for which app is being developed and why it is being needed. In experimental research design, relationship among cause as well as effect will be established with respect to entities which are being observed (Bragg, Huynh and Ladner, 2016). This involves dependent as well as independent variables for analysing focus groups and impact which is created by them. Exploratory design is carried out with respect to research problem when there exist little or no studies with respect to this the topic. Like within app development the various applications have been developed with respect to different aspects and can be utilised within this also.

Data collection

When literature review is completed through the usage of secondary collection, then primary function of app is to carry out primary research collection. The two processes have been identified with respect to this and quiz was utilised within design selection. Emphasis will be laid on selecting customers of Whitepot Ltd for gaining the data. App will prompt for making use of stratified random sampling for this focus group. It will be needed to occur outside the capabilities of application due to setting nature (Kitio and et. al, 2018). Along with this, it will furnish advice via generated options and suggestions with respect to how to proceed.

The primary benefit that will be rendered by this app is unique capabilities for furnishing effectual as well as efficient method for carrying out research interviews online for enhancing cost as well as time effectualness of interview process and broadening probable interviewee base. For this case study, semi-structured interviews along with Open ended questions and Likert scale are recommended. The applications research design have prompted for usage of exploratory questions along with its evaluation that will fit as per specified specifications with respect to research design (Levinson and Belton, 2017). For this, chat rooms and online forums can be utilised for carrying out in depth interview. The analytical tools of coding and thematic analysis are being employed in app for gaining in depth view of information.

Data Analysis

The outcome of the interview which have been carried out online are organised automatically via algorithm in DatApp which will allow each question to illustrate list of response with respect to specified subject thereby providing researcher with collated data for analysing with inductive approach. This system will render detailed exploration of information along with acknowledgement of opinions of participants while being unbiased for previous trends and themes which are being carried out (Asensio-Cuesta and et. al, 2019). The restriction associated with online interview is that there is lack of transcription of speech and body language that will render insight within perceptions. By inclusion of face to face focus groups this restriction can be minimised.

Due to qualitative research as well as nature of online interviews, effectualness of attempts that are being made can be used for maximising validity as well as reliability of research. There is probability that difficulties will be faced while applying standards to these responses.

Ethical Issues and Security

In context of research ethics, DatApp will furnish each interview respondent with appropriate written description for having overview as well as details of rationale of research and deliberate results through adherence to Ulster University Code of Ethics. This document comprises of nature of information which is needed for carrying out study and policy of confidentiality as well as anonymity (Behrang, Reiss and Orso, 2018). This can be accessed by the usage of app within any stage for both researcher and respondents.

The data which is gathered will be stored securely in an application along with this, access will be provided to respondents only who have submitted information. Furthermore, login details will be provided to only authenticated users so that they can make appropriate use of information. By making use of security mechanism, like data encryption and keychain enhanced security features will be rendered. Encryption algorithms can be utilised like AES, DES, etc. for ensuring that key for decryption is not stolen and can either not be decrypted (Bragg, Huynh and Ladner, 2016). This will make app to ensure the confidentiality of information as well as render highly secured environment with respect to Data Protection Act, 2018.

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From above, it can be concluded that DatApp is being designed with intent for improvisation of effectualness along with efficiency for carrying out primary research for individuals. Along with this, there are certain restrictions and must be utilised in conjunction to carry out face-to-face research for enhancing validity as well as reliability of outcomes which have been collected. If you are looking for Assignment Help services in the UK contact Instant Assignment Help, We offer all types of Assignment help services for UK students. We have the best writer who can solve all your educational problems at a reasonable price.

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